Season 33: Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches
Posted on Nov 16, 2016 11:00pm


The Vinaka tribe enters camp on night 23 after just voting out Michelle. Jay comments, “I just lost one of my most loyal and trustworthy people.” He feels the Gen-Xers are now going to wipe out all the remaining Millennials, even the ones like Zeke, Adam and Hannah that were foolish enough to vote with them to get out Michelle. Meanwhile, Chris is happy that his plan worked and that people are following his lead. Jay and Taylor are shocked that they were blindsided. Taylor admits, “Me and Jay have to work our way somehow into the alliance that was solid tonight.” Taylor checks in with Adam to make sure that he will continue to keep his secret about the food he stole and hid at the time of the merge, in exchange for him keeping Adam’s secret about his advantage. Even though Jay and Taylor tried to vote Adam out tonight, Adam still vows to keep Taylor’s secret. Before going to bed, Taylor goes to his stash of food and has a little snack. He reveals, “I stole like half of the food and no one even noticed.” Taylor is confident that Adam will not tell anyone, since he feels he has more leverage by knowing about Adam’s advantage in the game.

The next morning Jay checks in with Hannah to find out why she betrayed him and voted for Michelle. He hopes to find out what happened last night and try to rebuild his alliance. Jay comments, “Even though I have the immunity idol in my back pocket, I’m in trouble.” Hannah explains to Jay that voting for Michelle with the Gen-Xers allowed her to take control of her game, instead of being a goat. Jay congratulates Hannah for making a big move and asks her to include him in her next move. Hannah comments, “I’ve taken my game into my own hands.” She is a long time fan of Survivor and is playing to win it.


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will be divided into two teams of six. First they will race through a series of obstacles attempting to retrieve a key. They key will be used to unlock a box. Once unlocked, they will drag the box underneath a net to the finish. Next, they will open the box and retrieve the five bolos inside. The last step is to land all five bolos on their target. The first team to do so wins reward. The reward is a trip to a resort where they will lounge poolside while dining on cheeseburgers, fries, cocktails and soft drinks. Jeff informs them that they will do a schoolyard pick to select the teams. They draw for captains and Chris and Hannah are the winners.

In the schoolyard pick, Chris chose Bret, Ken, David, Taylor and Sunday to be on his team. Hannah chose Adam, Will, Zeke, Jay, and Jessica to be on her team. The challenge begins and both teams get through the first obstacle quickly, which is to go over and under bamboo poles. Next they have to boost someone up to get a key. Chris’s team lifts up David who proves to be very fast at untying the key and then unlocking the box. Adam takes more time to get the key for Hannah’s team, which puts them behind. By the time Hannah’s team has unlocked the box and started dragging it under the net, Chris’ team already has their box halfway through. Chris’ team extends their lead by getting their box through the net and having Ken open the box by using a machete to chop through the ropes. Meanwhile, Hannah’s team is struggling to move their heavy box through the net obstacle. Taylor starts throwing the bolos for Chris’ team. He proves to be very good at this as he lands all five bolos on their targets right away. So, Chris, Bret, Ken, David, Taylor and Sunday easily win the resort and cheeseburger reward. Hannah’s team had only made it a little over half way through the net. Jeff congratulates Chris on his wise choice of teammates. Hannah feels so bad about picking the wrong teammates. She admits, “If I want to stay in the game, I have to prove that I can handle this.”


Chris, Bret, Ken, David, Taylor and Sunday arrive at the resort and are thrilled to see a table full of food waiting for them. They immediately fill their plates with burgers, chicken, fruit and drinks. Taylor reveals, “Luckily my body been a little bit more adapted to food than these other guys because I’ve been sneaking food.” He figures he will be able to eat more than the others before he feels full, which might help him to win the next challenge. A waiter brings out a tray of cocktails. Bret has been looking forward to these. He jokes with the waiter and says, “Keep these coming until I drop.” Pretty quickly, Bret becomes the life of the party. When everyone takes a break from eating and enjoys a dip in the pool, Sunday takes time to think about her game. She completely trusts Chris and Bret, but not David, Ken and Jessica. Sunday admits, “Moving forward, what I want to make is a pro-active move, because I definitely feel like I need to take control of the game.“


Back at the Vinaka camp, Jay feels like he is on a losing streak after losing his ally Michelle and now losing a Reward Challenge. He comments, “I’ll talk to Adam, maybe we could make something happen.” So, Jay and Adam go into the ocean to wash off all the sand from the challenge. Adam admits that he voted with the Gen-Xers to avoid being voted out himself. He comments, “I have a much stronger bond with Gen-X, then I certainly ever will with Jay at this point.” Adam tells Jay that Taylor is the reason that he, Will, and Taylor are at the bottom. Jay doesn’t appreciate Adam rudely telling him that he is at the bottom. He comments, “There’s going to be Immunity tomorrow, hopefully it’s a challenge I can win, but if not I’m in trouble, because it looks like they’re gunning my way.” Next, Jay goes back to camp and tells Zeke, Hannah and Will that Adam told him that he and Will are at the bottom. Zeke admits that he would like to get Adam out of the game. Zeke comments, “Adam don’t be an idiot and make people feel like they’re on the bottom, because that’s when they vote against you.”


The next morning the Vinaka tribe enjoys a beautiful sunrise and is proud that they have made it to day 25 in Survivor. Sunday is thinking about her strained relationship with Jessica, which has been that way ever since she tried to vote Jessica out back on the Gen-X tribe. She admits, “I just think, because I voted for her, I feel like she really is going to want to get me out.” Sunday wants to make sure she gets Jessica out first. She decides to talk to Jay, since they worked together well on the Ikabula tribe. Jay is happy to vote for whomever Sunday wants him to, so he can stay in the game. He promises that he, Taylor and Will will vote with her to get Jessica out at the next Tribal Council. Jay comments, “I’ve got to stay positive and I’ve got to give good energy and the universe should be alright with giving it back.”


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. They will each stand on a narrow beam, while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. At regular intervals, they will move farther down the beam making it more difficult. If at any point their ball drops or they fall off the beam, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the ninth person voted out of this game and the second member of the jury. Jeff then gives them the option to sit out of the challenge and give up their shot at immunity to eat grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, with chips, beer and soft drinks.

Zeke and Will decide to sit out of the challenge to enjoy the sandwiches. Will admits, “I opted to eat, because I knew I wasn’t going to win that challenge against surfer guys.” The challenge begins and the ten people who opted not to eat step on their beam and attempt to balance their ball on their wooden bow. Hannah is the first one out as her ball falls. She joins Will and Zeke on the bench, but cannot join them in eating. After five minutes have elapsed, the remaining nine players move down to a narrower beam. Bret is the only one who drops out of this round. Now the remaining eight step down to the narrowest portion of the beam. Very quickly Jessica, Sunday, David and Chris are out of the challenge. Jay, Adam, Taylor and Ken are the only four remaining fighting for immunity. After a couple minutes, Adam and then Jay drop out. So, Ken and Taylor are the final two competing in the challenge. In the end, Ken stays on the longest and wins immunity. As he leaves the challenge, Jay admits, “My life is in Sunday’s hands at the moment.”


The Vinaka tribe congratulates Ken as they return to camp from the challenge. David reveals, “Now we have a choice to vote out Jay or Taylor.” He worries that one of them has an idol, which could cause someone unexpected to be vote out instead. So, David meets with his alliance of Chris, Bret, Sunday, Zeke, Hannah, Adam and Jessica and recommends they split the votes between Jay and Taylor. Everyone agrees. David admits, “Because we’re splitting the votes, I feel confident that one of them is going to go home.” Next, Sunday takes a walk with Bret and tells him that she does not want to vote for Jay, but she will go along with it. She tells Bret that she prefers that Jessica go home instead. Sunday comments, “Because of the way the numbers are, I don’t think there’s anyway that I would be making the move.” Later, Sunday tells Jay that the majority wants him or Taylor out and she can’t stop it. Jay appreciates hearing the truth, but is upset that he and Taylor are being targeted tonight. He admits, “I’m still in the ring. I’m still throwing punches. I’m not going to give up.” Taylor takes Jay to the spot where he has hidden the food from the merge feast. He wants to share the food with Jay, since they know that one of them will likely be voted out tonight. Jay reveals, “My closest friend out here is Tayls, but I’m not going to tell Taylor that I have an idol.” Jay and Taylor open up a mason jar of food and feast until it is empty. Jay knows he can use his idol in three ways tonight. He can either use it to save himself, or use it to save Taylor or not play it at all. Taylor tells Jay about Adam’s advantage that can be used to steal someone’s reward won at a challenge, such as a loved one’s visit. Jay encourages Taylor to tell everyone about Adam’s advantage tonight at Tribal Council to ruin Adam’s game. Taylor agrees that revealing the secret about Adam’s advantage may help everyone turn against Adam. Taylor knows that Adam can then inform everyone about him stealing food, but he doesn’t feel that the tribe will be as upset about that as they will be about Adam’s advantage. Taylor comments, “Figs told me to fight as hard as I could and get to the end of this and so that’s what I’m trying to do.


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the first jury member Michelle to Tribal Council. Jay admits that he did not like being blindsided at the last Tribal Council when Michelle was voted out. Adam fires back that he and many others have been blindsided before. Jay feels that he, Taylor and Will are vulnerable tonight, because they are in the minority. Chris encourages them not to give up, but to find a way back into the numbers. Taylor feels this is a perfect time to let everyone know that Adam helped him steal and eat two large mason jars of food from the merge feast. Everyone is shocked to hear about this stolen food. Adam quickly denies stealing or eating the food, but does admit that he knew Taylor had it. The tribe wants to know what food was stolen and where it is at now. Taylor tells them it is too late to recover, since he and Jay ate the remaining food today. Everyone is upset to hear this. Taylor tells them they should be more upset about Adam’s advantage, since it gives him the power to steal a reward, including the opportunity to see their loved one. Adam admits that he has the advantage, but reminds everyone that it is only a reward advantage. Taylor points out that a loved one’s visit is not an insignificant thing. Adam regrets ever trusting Taylor with his secret. He invites everyone to vote him out, if they feel his advantage is so terrible. Everyone is stunned to that Adam said this. Taylor explains that he stole the food to help his game. Adam reminds everyone that he did not steal the food nor eat any of it. Jessica feels that she and the other Gen-Xer’s would not have stolen food. Jay chimes in that he felt it was wrong also, even though he is a Millennial. Bret points out that a lot of errors where made and people should concentrate on which one is the most serious. Jeff then calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 11 votes. Adam receives 1 vote. Jay receives 4 votes, while Taylor receives 6 votes. So, Taylor Lee Stocker, a 24 -year old Snowboard Instructor from Post Falls, ID is the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the second member of the jury.