Season 33: Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble
Posted on Nov 23, 2016 11:00pm


It’s night 25 and the Vinaka tribe returns to camp after a lively Tribal Council where Taylor was voted out. Adam apologizes to his tribe for not telling them about Taylor stealing the food and explains to them that it was because Taylor was keeping his reward advantage secret. Adam is upset that Taylor and Jay revealed his secret and made him look bad at Tribal Council. He vents, “I want Jay out of this game so badly, I can taste his blood in my mouth.” David wonders if any of Taylor’s stolen food is left. Adam volunteers to show everyone where Taylor hid it. Jay admits that Taylor moved it, because he didn’t want Adam to have anymore. Adam is so frustrated that Taylor and now Jay lie to everyone about him eating the stolen food. Jay is not happy that Taylor told the tribe about him eating Taylor’s stolen food. In an attempt to repair the damage, Jay goes out to the beach and digs up Taylor’s remaining stash of stolen food and returns it to camp. Jay does see one positive thing after tonight’s Tribal Council. He explains, “Considering the fact that I haven’t used my idol this whole time, it’s perfect, because now they really don’t think I have one.” Chris takes a walk with Bret to the water well. He is happy that Taylor is gone and now wants to target Jessica to be voted out next. Chris comments, “It’s got to be Jess. Ninety percent of it is that she is a strategic player. Ten percent of it is I owe her one for blindsiding Paul and my alliance.” He is confident that Jessica will vote him out if he does not vote her out first.


The next morning many conversations are going on amongst the Vinaka tribe members. Hannah and Ken are on the beach watching the sunrise. Hannah admits, “In Survivor, you’ve got to find a way to connect with someone who’s drastically different from you and I do flirt with Ken.” Hannah feels like Ken would not be interested in her, because he is a handsome model, but she still hopes to have him on her side. Meanwhile, Will is taking a walk with Zeke to gather information, since he was blindsided in last night’s Tribal Council. Will reveals, “I’m done working with Jay. It’s time to jump off a sinking ship onto a life raft and that life raft’s name is Zeke.” He wants to gain Zeke’s trust, so he tells him that Jay has a hidden immunity idol. Will asks Zeke not to tell anyone else about this. Zeke thanks him for the information and assures him that he won’t tell anyone else. Later, Zeke breaks his promise to Will and tells David that Jay has an idol. The information spreads like wildfire after that with David telling Chris and Ken and Zeke telling Hannah and Chris and finally Chris telling Bret. Zeke’s goal in telling his alliance about Jay’s idol was to build power. He comments, “There’s no better way to build trust with an ally than revealing the location of a hidden immunity idol.” He also hopes that spreading the word about Jay’s idol will make it less powerful. Chris and Zeke talk about plans to flush Jay’s idol and get Jessica out of the game. Zeke admits, “The war is about to get bloody.”


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will be divided into two teams of five. They will start on a platform in the water. Then they will then swim out to a raft and work together to use a rope to pull themselves and the raft to another platform. From that platform, they will climb up a ladder; retrieve a key and then slide down a pole into the water. They will then race the key to shore. Once a team has all five of their keys, they will unlock a set of blocks. The blocks then need to be stacked, so there are no repeating colors on any side. The first team to finish wins a floating pizza restaurant reward, where they will enjoy pizza, chicken wings and beer. The restaurant will be anchored 50 yards away from their camp beach, so the losers will be able to see and smell what they are missing. A random drawing will be used to create the two teams. One person will be left out. David immediately volunteers to be that person left out, since he does not want to hurt a team’s chance of winning with his weak swimming ability. His tribe mates encourage him not to quit the challenge and be part of the random drawing. When Jeff asks David how it feels to get the support of his tribe, David starts to cry and tells everyone how grateful he is.

The resulting Orange Team is made up of Ken, Jessica, Chris, David and Will. The Purple Team is made up of Bret, Zeke, Sunday, Hannah and Adam. Jay picks the odd rock, so he will neither compete in this challenge nor enjoy the reward. The challenge begins and both tribes are even as they swim to their rafts and start pulling them to the platforms. The Orange Team arrives at the platform first and keeps their lead as they collect all five keys. The Purple Team still has one key to retrieve as the Orange Team starts unlocking their blocks. The Orange Team unlocks all four blocks and David and Chris start stacking their blocks. The Purple Team has two more locks to go before Zeke and Adam can start stacking. In the end, Zeke and Adam prove to be faster at stacking the blocks with no repeating colors on any side. So, the Purple Team of Zeke, Adam, Bret, Sunday and Hannah win the pizza restaurant reward.


Zeke, Adam, Bret, Sunday and Hannah arrive at the floating pizza restaurant and immediately start enjoying the pizza, chicken wings, salad and beer. Hannah comments, “This reward was my first reward and I couldn’t help it, my body just reacted with elation.” Hannah stops screaming and yelling for joy, when she realizes how close they were to camp. Bret enjoys the food and beer and gets a chance to talk to Zeke. He admits, “It was good, because Zeke and I really bonded and I think that’s really going to be a big help down the road.” When a tray is brought to them with letters from their loved ones, they are all filled with emotion. Adam is especially touched. He comments, “To get a letter from home, I don’t know that anyone will really know what that meant.” Adam’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, so Adam is so glad to find out how she is doing and to get renewed commitment to his game. After everyone has read their letters, they decide to have some fun and jump off the side of the floating restaurant into the ocean below.


Meanwhile, Ken, Jessica, Chris, David and Will are all back at camp looking at the floating pizza restaurant and occasionally hearing the fun that their tribe mates are having on the reward. David has been craving pizza and beer. He tells Ken that he appreciates everyone helping him work through his fears. Ken compliments David on how well he is doing and how much he is growing. David admits, “I’m on a journey and it’s about coming out of this game as a better person than the person I walked in as.” He wants to take control of his life and tame his fears. David feels being on Survivor is the perfect way to do that. He misses not being on the reward, but he makes good use of the time by reconnecting with Ken and telling him that he would like to be in the final three with him. Ken assures David that he can trust him. David would like to break up Chris, Bret and Sunday. So he talks to Ken and Jessica about voting Chris out next. Jessica agrees with that plan, since she has not trusted Chris ever since they were in the Gen-X tribe together. David feels he can get Zeke, Adam and Hannah to vote with them. Ken is not so sure that Zeke can be trusted. David agrees that Zeke is a dangerous player, but feels they can still use him for this vote. Jessica admits, “As far as I’m concerned, Chris needs to go home.”


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. They will each stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue with a long pole. At regular intervals, they will move farther away from the statue making it more difficult to balance. If at any point, they fall off the beam or their statue drops, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the tenth person voted out of this game and the third member of the jury.

The challenge begins with everyone standing on their narrow beam, while balancing their statue at the end of their pole. Everyone survives the first five-minute round and now they are starting the second round a little further back on the pole and on a narrower part of the balance beam. Ken, Adam and Jay all complain that ants are crawling on their bodies making it harder to concentrate. Hannah is the first person to drop her statue. So, she is out of the challenge and has no chance of getting immunity. Ken also drops out during this second round. Next, the third round begins with the remaining nine people further back from their statue, which makes it harder to keep their statue from falling. Sunday, Chris and Will drop out shortly after the round begins. Jay and Bret drop next. Jessica, Adam, Zeke and David are left in the challenge as the final round begins. They are now standing at the end of their beams and holding the end of their 10-foot bamboo pole. Adam and Jessica are the first two out, which leaves Zeke and David as the final two. In the end, David is the last person standing and wins immunity. His tribe mates applaud his win. David tells Jeff that he is trying to be positive and thinks that he can do things instead of thinking that he can’t do them. As he leaves the challenge, David comments, “If I have anything to say about it, Chris is going to go home.”


The Vinaka tribe congratulates David on his win as they return to camp. Jay wishes that he had that immunity necklace tonight to keep him safe. He admits, “Now I’ve got to go to Tribal without immunity and it freaks me out, because I have no idea what’s going on.” Jay asks Hannah what she knows about the vote tonight, but she won’t tell him anything. If Jay feels at risk tonight, he is ready to use his hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Chris, Zeke, Bret and Sunday are planning to vote for Jessica, but they want to make Jay feel like they are voting for him, so he plays his idol. Sunday is happy with this plan, since she was hoping to vote Jessica out at the last Tribal Council. Chris comments, “Tonight is the night that we finally make a move on Jess.” Next, Zeke talks to David. David encourages Zeke to vote for Chris tonight. Zeke comments, “Chris wants to go after Jess and David wants to go after Chris. So, this is what I’m deeming the Gen-X civil war.” Zeke likes being in the middle and wants to pit the two sides against one another. So, he tells David that Chris wants to vote Jessica out. David relays this information to Jessica and Ken. Knowing that her name is going to be written down tonight, Jessica is worried. She admits, “I’m a fighter and I’ll do whatever I have to do to survive.” So, Jessica talks to Adam and tells him that Chris is voting for her. Adam wishes they could just all vote out Jay tonight, instead of going against one another. Adam and Jessica hope that they can trust Zeke and his allies tonight to vote for Chris. Jessica admits, “Tonight I have to trust an enormous amount of people.” Zeke talks to Hannah and lays out their options of voting with Chris’ group or with David’s group tonight. Zeke comments, “This next vote is all about amassing the soldiers I need to march my army down the field.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the two jury members Michelle and Taylor to Tribal Council. Jay admits that he feels on the outside and therefore not in a good position in the tribe. David points out that everyone will either unite and target one person tonight or they will split and target different people. Hannah feels the voting groups are neither alliances not voting blocks, but trust clusters. Jeff likes that term, which delights Hannah. Bret is focused on getting rid of people that he cannot trust. Chris feels trust will not be a problem in the vote tonight. Adam reveals that Jay is one of the people being targeted tonight. Sunday feels that past actions are the best way to determine if you can trust someone. Jeff asks the tribe who has done something in the past for which they may get a vote. Adam and Jay raise their hands because of being linked to Taylor’s stealing food. Jessica raises her hand and admits that she ruffled some Gen-X feathers in the past when she voted out Paul. Chris assures Jessica that she has nothing to worry about. David, Zeke, Sunday and Chris are confident that tonight’s vote will go as planned. Jay says that has no idea what is going to happen tonight. Zeke feels appearances are very deceiving in this game. Jeff then calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first 10 votes. Jessica receives 4 votes, while Chris receives 6 votes. So, Chris Hammons, a 38-year old Trial Lawyer from Moore, OK is the tenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the third member of the jury.