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Season 33: Episode 11 - Million Dollar Gamble
Posted on Nov 23, 2016 11:00pm


It’s night 28 and the Vinaka tribe returns to camp after voting Chris out at Tribal Council. Jay is happy that he did not get voted out tonight did not have to use his idol to save himself. Jessica is also happy with the results of Tribal Council. She admits, “Sending Chris home solidifies things with the group that I trust, because we had a plan and everybody stuck to it.” She would like to get Jay out next. Zeke apologizes to Bret for voting out his ally Chris and not letting him in on the plan before Tribal Council. Bret tells Zeke that he understood that Chris was a threat and needed to go eventually. He is still willing to work with Zeke. Zeke comments, “It was necessary to see Chris go, because Chris was in a major power position. He controlled Bret and Sunday.” Zeke now hopes to take over control of Bret and Sunday and use their votes to help him get rid of David.

The next morning David watches the sunrise with Bret and Sunday. He assures them that even though he voted for Chris, he is not gunning for them next. Bret and Sunday understand that Chris was a threat. David recommends they vote out Jay next. David admits, “I want to make Jay the next vote, but the fact is the person winning this game right now is Zeke.” David asks Bret and Sunday if they realize how dangerous Zeke is. Bret comments, “Unbeknownst to David, I’ve signed on with Zeke, because David, I know he can’t be trusted.” Bret now feels they need to get rid of David next. So, Bret takes a walk with Zeke and tells him that David will soon be targeting him. Zeke comments, “Wouldn’t you know I wake up this morning and David has already started to come for me.” Now Zeke has no doubt that he should go after David and so he tells Bret that David has a hidden immunity idol.


Ken is cooking breakfast for the Vinaka tribe. David comments, “The thing about Zeke and I, I think we’re chess players in this game of Survivor.” Like good chess players, they can anticipate each other’s next moves. David hopes that the rest of the tribe will see Zeke as playing harder than him, so he can persuade the others to vote Zeke out. Zeke is thinking similar thoughts as he is waiting for breakfast to be served. He knows that people see both he and David as threats in the game, but he feels David is a bigger threat. Zeke admits, “This is the war that everyone has been alluding to. Now it is a scramble for who has the troops.” Next, Zeke fills in his allies Adam and Hannah about David having an idol and wanting him out of the game. Hannah thinks that Will and Jay are more dangerous as a couple than David is right now. Zeke points out that Will and Jay are not targeting him like David is. Hannah reveals, “I want both David and Zeke to feel like I’m in their corner and they are both two extremely threatening players.” She feels closer to David because they are so similar, but she has voted more with Zeke. Hannah is not sure whom to choose at this point.


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will be divided into three teams of three. Their feet will be tied together and their arms will be bound to their sides. One at a time they will slither through the sand through a series of obstacles. Finally, they will work together to solve a snake puzzle. First team to finish wins. The winning team will be picked up by helicopter to get an aerial tour and a Survivor picnic, which includes fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, pie and drinks. The twist to this challenge is that only nine people will compete, so one person will have to sit out and not participate. They will draw for teams and the person who draws the white rock will sit out, but go on reward.

The Purple team is made up of Hannah, Jessica and Adam. The Green team consists of Will, Ken and Jay. The Orange team is Sunday, Zeke and Bret. David is the lucky person to choose the white rock, so he sits on the bench and waits to see which team will win and go on reward with him. The challenge begins. Hannah, Will and Sunday are the first ones on the course. With their feet tied and arms bound they slowly move their bodies along the sand face first through the first set of obstacles. Will is the first one through to the first relay point. So, his teammate Ken starts his journey slithering up a sand hill for his Green team. Hannah gets to the relay point next and so Jessica starts up the sand hills for the Purple team. Next, Sunday is done and sends Zeke up the sand hills for the Orange team. Ken gets up the sand hills quickest which keeps the Green team in the lead. Now Jay has to slither through the sandy zigzag course. Before, Jessica or Zeke gets through their sand hills; Jay is already at the end of the obstacles. So, now the Green team of Will, Ken and Jay start working on the snake puzzle. Jessica is really struggling, which puts her Purple team in last place. Bret is now on the final part of the course for the Orange team. He pushes hard to get through it, which results in him losing his pants along the way. Adam is now in the final zigzag portion for the Purple team. Finally, all three teams are working on the puzzle. Ken, Will and Jay have had a big head start to solve it, but have not made a lot of progress. In the end, The Orange team of Sunday, Zeke and Bret solve the snake puzzle first and win the reward. A helicopter arrives and picks up Bret, Zeke, Sunday and David to take them on a tour and to a picnic lunch. Adam thinks about using his advantage to steal someone’s reward. He comments, “I felt like it was the best decision for me to hang on to my advantage and save it for another day.”


David, Bret, Sunday and Zeke enjoy their helicopter tour of Fiji. Sunday admits, “My dream was not only to get on Survivor, but to win a helicopter reward.” The helicopter touches down on a deserted island set up with all the things needed for a delicious picnic. As the four of them sit down to eat, they start with a celebration toast. As they both enjoy the cold beer, Zeke comments, “My new drinking buddy is Bret.” In reality, Zeke does not especially enjoy beer, but he wants to strengthen his relationship with Bret. When David and Sunday leave them alone, Bret reveals to Zeke that he is also gay. Bret hopes that this will help Zeke to trust him more, so they can play the game together. Bret comments, “I didn’t grow up in a time when it was normal to talk about being gay, and the millennials do not care.” Zeke is happy that Bret is being open with him. He admits, “I owe a lot to Bret’s generation. I would not be able to come out at 15, were there not the pioneers that paved the way.” When Sunday comes back to the table, they talk about David. Zeke is sure that he can get Will and Jay to join them in voting out David next. He is happy to hear that Bret and Sunday are willing to work with him.


Hannah greets David, Bret, Sunday and Zeke when they return to camp from reward. She immediately takes David aside. Hannah comments, “I’m playing between David and Zeke, but I’m going with my gut and my decision is to go after Zeke.” She reveals to David that Bret told Zeke that he has an idol and that he wants to get him out. David is so upset to hear this and is sure that his game is ruined. Hannah points out that Zeke trusts her and so she will know when Zeke is coming after David. David appreciates Hannah’s loyalty and tells her that he will use his idol for her, if she needs it. He also tells Hannah that they should let everyone vote for him and then he will play his idol and send Zeke home instead. Hannah suggests that they wait and see what Zeke’s next move is before making any decisions.


The next day, the Vinaka tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. They will each stand behind a cage door where they will maneuver a handle through a maze. Once their handle is free, they will unlock the door and race to complete a slide puzzle. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council where somebody will become the fourth member of the jury.

The challenge begins. Everyone races to untie their handles, so they can work it through the maze on their cage door. The maze is on the other side of the door, so they cannot see the maze and must feel their way through it. Each person is trying to move their handle through different paths until they hit a dead end, then they head in another direction. They do not know where they are at in the maze, until they are out of it. Jay gets through the maze quickly. He pulls out his handle and is able to unlock his door and proceed to the slide puzzle. Before any of his tribe mates get through their mazes, Jay solves the slide puzzle and wins immunity. Jeff calls it an official Survivor blow out.


Jay is so proud to have won the Immunity Challenge and be safe tonight. He is also happy that this means he will not have to use his hidden immunity idol tonight either. The tribe scatters to discuss the vote, leaving David alone in camp with Jessica. He admits to Jessica that he told Bret and Sunday that Zeke is the biggest threat and now Zeke is coming after him. David asks Jessica to join him in voting for Zeke. Jessica reveals, “I have to protect David and vote for Zeke, because David actually played a hidden immunity idol for me.” Jessica and David then ask Ken to vote for Zeke too. Ken agrees, since he considers David a trusted ally. Meanwhile, Zeke is meeting with Hannah and asking her to vote out David. Hannah hesitates to agree with Zeke that David is the biggest threat. Zeke comments, “As we’re talking it becomes very clear to me that Hannah does not have my best interest at heart.” He asks Hannah point blank whether she is going to play the rest of the game with him or with David. When Hannah doesn’t answer him, Zeke realizes that Hannah is no longer with him. Zeke reveals, “If Hannah wants to become one of David’s numbers, she becomes my enemy and I have no problem voting her out of the game.” Since, Hannah doesn’t have an idol, like David does, Zeke feels it is the best time to go after Hannah tonight. Zeke spreads the word to Will, Sunday, Bret and Jay to vote for Hannah. Zeke is confident that the five of them will vote together to get out Hannah. Since, five is not a majority, he knows the vote may result in a 5-5 tie. Hannah talks to Adam about voting for Zeke. Adam admits, “Hannah is a nervous girl and it makes me nervous.” He is not sure if he should vote with Hannah for Zeke. Before they leave from Tribal Council, Hannah reports back to David. She feels pretty sure that Jessica, Ken and Adam will vote for Zeke with the two of them. Hannah is worried that if it is a 5-5 vote tonight, then she will be the target. She tells David that she will likely need his idol to keep her safe. David admits, “I hope I play the idol for the right person. This is really the scariest part of the game for me thus far.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the three jury members Michelle, Taylor and Chris to Tribal Council. Unlike last Tribal Council, nobody raises their hands when Jeff asks who is certain which way the vote is going tonight. David feels that Tribal will be the most chaotic one yet. Jay admits that everyone is playing hard this season, because they are such big fans of the game. As he is talking, Hannah starts whispering to Adam. David is worried that his trust cluster is breaking down. Bret reminds everyone that this game is really everyman for himself. Bret and Zeke start asking David if he is going to have an anxiety attack or is going to cry over this. David is offended by this personal attack. Adam admits that he is nervous and unsure which way to vote tonight, because things are changing as people whisper to each other. Jessica and Ken are upset that people are proposing changes at the last minute. Bret feels that this is all an act and people know exactly whom they are voting for tonight. Zeke says, “You know Tribal Council is theater Jeff and I think we’ve proven that tonight.” Bret is ready to vote and the others agree. So, Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. David gives his idol to Jeff and before he can say whom it is being played for, Adam says that he heard whispers that they were voting for Ken tonight. David thinks about it and plays his idol for Ken. Jeff reveals all 10 votes. It is a tied vote with five votes for Hannah and the remaining five for Zeke. Jeff instructs them that everyone except for Hannah and Zeke will re-vote. The others can only vote for Hannah or Zeke. The re-vote is done and the results are read. Once again the votes are tied four for Hannah and four for Zeke. Jeff tells them that since they are deadlocked, the eight of them will need to unanimously agree on either Hannah or Zeke. If they cannot agree, then everyone except Hannah, Zeke, Jay and Ken will draw rocks and the one with the odd rock will be out of the game. After much heated discussion the tribe cannot come to a unanimous decision. So Will, Bret, Sunday, David, Jessica and Adam draw rocks to determine who is out. Jeff passes around a bag with five white rocks and one black rock. The person who picks the black rock will be out of the game. Everyone opens their hands and reveals their rocks at the same time. Jessica immediately starts crying when she sees the black rock in her hand. So, Jessica Lewis, a 37-year old Assistant District Attorney from Voorheesville, NY is the eleventh person out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the fourth member of the jury. Jessica passes on her legacy advantage to Ken. She hopes that he will still be in the game on day 36, so he can open it up and use it to his advantage.