Season 33: Episode 12 - About to Have a Rumble
Posted on Nov 30, 2016 11:00pm


The Vinaka tribe returns to camp on night 30 after a difficult Tribal Council, which resulted in Jessica pulling a black rock and being out of the game. Will comforts an upset Hannah. She admits, “I feel guilty and I feel thankful and I just feel awful.” Sunday and David remind Hannah that they all took a gamble tonight. David is upset because he played his hidden immunity idol for Ken, but nobody even voted for Ken. He comments, “I burned my idol at Tribal for no reason.” David now feels vulnerable, because his alliance of Ken, Hannah and Adam is in the minority after losing Jessica. Zeke thanks Jay, Bret and Will for staying loyal to him tonight. Jay wants David out next. Zeke comments, “This vote was all about David and I going to war together and I definitely won the battle.” With his strong alliance of five, Zeke is confident that he will make it to the final five and David will not.


The next morning, Ken find’s the legacy advantage the Jessica willed to him in his bag. He takes it to the water well to read it without the others around. It tells him that if he is still in the game on day 36, he will receive an advantage in the game. Ken appreciates Jessica being true to her promise to give it to him, if she left the game before day 36. Ken admits, “There is something to be said about the power of authentic and genuine relationships in this game.” He looks forward to finding out what it is and hopes that it will help him get to the end. Ken comments, “I feel like I got a really good shot to give my daughter and I a new life and a better life and maybe walk away with a million dollars.”


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, starts out by telling everyone that it is a perfect time for love. The castaways immediately realize what this could mean. It is confirmed when Jeff calls out Sunday’s husband Jeff to greet her. Sunday starts screaming and runs towards her husband. The rest of the tribe gets emotional too as they anticipate seeing their loved ones. The love continues when Jeff briefly reunites Bret with his father Don, Jay with his sister Melanie, Hannah with her mother Liz, David with his father Doug, Ken with his brother William, Zeke with his father Sam, Will with is mother Irene and Adam with his brother Evan. After his tearful reunion with his brother, Adam promises everyone that he will not use his advantage to steal this reward from anyone. He says, “I can’t take you guys away from your loved ones.” Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each be attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. The goal is to race through the obstacles to the end towards love. The first person to finish wins a day at camp with their loved one and a barbeque feast.

The challenge begins in the water. The castaways run with their ropes to the first obstacle which requires them to go over and under wooden bars while threading their ropes in just the right way as not to get tangled up, but also to have enough slack. Ken, Jay and Zeke take the early lead, while Adam, Sunday and Will slow down when they get tangled up. The second obstacle is a hitching post they need to jump over and then go under. The third obstacle is a log lying in the sand that they need to dig around and get themselves under. Bret and Adam have now caught up. So, Ken, Jay, Zeke, Hannah, Bret and Adam are all in this challenge. Sunday and Will are still struggling with the first obstacle. David is now at the second obstacle. The third obstacle really slows down Ken and Adam as they get stuck in the sand as they are trying to get under the log. Jay gets through it easily and is now at the final obstacle, which is a post wrapped with the rope. Zeke, Ken and Hannah finally join him at the final obstacle and give him some competition. In the end, Jay wins the challenge and the chance to spend time and enjoy a meal with his sister Melanie. Jeff lets Jay choose three other tribe mates to join him in this reward. He chooses Sunday and her husband Jeff, along with Will and his mother Irene, because he had promised them early on that he would take them, if he won this reward. Finally, he chooses Adam and his brother Evan to thank him for not stealing the reward.


Jay, Will, Sunday and Adam and their loved ones sit around a picnic table and enjoy their bbq feast. Will thanks Jay for including him and his mom on the reward. Even though Jay has not always gotten along with Adam, he does respect him for not using his reward advantage today. That’s why he included Adam and his brother on the reward. After they finish their meal, Adam takes a walk with his brother Evan to talk about how things are going with his mother who has cancer. Evan tells Adam that unfortunately the latest treatment was ineffective and has been stopped. The good news is that their mother is getting stronger. Evan admits, “Me and my parents love Survivor as much as Adam does. Having him out here is such a boon for us.” Evan tells Adam that their mother is getting joy and strength from Adam being on Survivor. Adam comments, “I have to use this as inspiration to continue fighting out here.” Later, Adam and Evan meet up with Jay and Melanie. Adam once again thanks Jay for taking him and his brother on this reward. Adam then gives Jay the reward advantage with no strings attached. He admits, “I’m playing for so much more than a million dollars and the title of sole survivor.”


The sun is now rising on day 33 and the Vinaka tribe is already talking strategy. Jay, Sunday, Bret and Zeke are talking on the beach, which leaves David, Will and Adam back at camp. Will reveals, “Seeing my mom made me realize that I need to start playing this game.” Although he has already played an important role in many of the moves that have been made, Will does not feel like he is getting any of the credit. So, Will tells David that he wants to work with him to get Zeke out next. David is elated to hear this, since he was worried that he would be the next one to go. Will knows that this move is risky for him, but he admits, “I didn’t come here to be dragged as goat. I came here to play.” Adam also agrees to vote for Zeke.


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. They will each have two handles that they will use to keep tension on a steel bar. If at any point, they release the tension, the bar will drop and break a tile below them, which puts them out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in eight shot of winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council where they will become the fifth member of the jury.

The challenge beings with everyone picking up their handles to put tension on the steel bar to keep it elevated. David is the first to drop his steel bar and break his tile, so he has no chance of winning immunity. Hannah, Will, Bret are Sunday are the next ones out. So, now only four people are left, which are Adam, Jay, Ken and Zeke. Jeff reminds them that strength, concentration and the right finesse will keep them in the challenge. Zeke drops next, which makes David happy to see that he did not win immunity. Only four minutes have passed since the beginning of the challenge, but it feels like so much longer for the remaining three. Jay’s bar starts to slip, but he recovers. The same thing happens to Ken. So far, Adam seems steady. Ken drops, which leaves only Jay and Adam in the challenge. Jay drops, so Adam wins immunity. As Jeff puts the immunity necklace around Adam’s neck, he says, “Dream come true.” Will is happy that Zeke did not win the challenge. He comments, “This is my time to make a big move, so that people realize that hey, this 18 year old kid from Jersey, he’s here to play.”


The Vinaka tribe congratulates Adam for winning the Immunity Challenge as they return to camp. Winning an Immunity Challenge is a dream come true for Adam. He admits, “I only have one checkbox left and that’s winning this game.” Adam is feeling good with the immunity necklace around his neck, an idol in his pocket and Will’s plan to vote out Zeke tonight. David feels vulnerable tonight without an idol, so he encourages his alliance of Ken, Hannah, Adam to stick with Will’ plan to vote for Zeke tonight. If the five of them vote together, they will have the majority and David will be safe. Jay gets nervous, when he notices how calm David is. He alerts his allies Zeke, Sunday and Bret that something is wrong, since David should be nervous about going home tonight. Zeke admits, “There’s something amiss at the Vinaka camp. It does not make sense that the four should be as calm as they are. He fears that David has an idol, so he suggests that they vote for Ken tonight instead. Zeke’s alliance of Will, Ken, Sunday and Jay agree to vote for Ken. Later Will and Ken hunt for snails together. This gives Ken a chance to talk to Will and see if he can be trusted. He comments, “I’m trying to win for my little girl and I want to make sure that I’m safe.” Ken questions Will why he wants to flip to their alliance and vote out Zeke. Will explains to Ken that he wants to work with people that respect him and will listen to him. He reveals, “Working with Ken is like getting your finger and toe nails ripped out at the same time.” Will keeps his patience as Ken is grilling him with questions, because he needs Ken’s vote to get Zeke out. He even tells Ken that Zeke and his alliance are targeting him tonight. Ken is surprised to hear this and decides to confirm it with Jay. Jay is upset to hear that Will revealed their plan. Next, Ken meets with Jay, Bret, Will, Sunday and Zeke. Will is upset that Ken exposed his plan and tries to explain things to Zeke, Jay, Sunday and Bret. Jay admits, “We all knew something was up. He’s just a young kid trying to prove himself to the whole world, but I still need him.” When Ken is gone, Will’s old alliance encourages him to stick with their master plan to vote out Ken, David, Hannah and Adam. That will ensure they make it to the final five together. Will agrees to rejoin them. Meanwhile, Ken is back at camp telling Hannah, Adam, and David what just happened with Will. They are all upset at Ken for stirring things up and potentially ruining their plan. Hannah vents, “Ken just screwed up everything.” Worried that David may play an idol for Ken, Sunday recommends they vote for Hannah tonight instead. Will knows that he is the swing vote for this Tribal Council. He admits, “This is my time to make a big move, but I am so angry with Ken. I would love to blow up his game.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the four jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris and Jessica to Tribal Council. David tells Jeff that there are two groups vying for a single swing vote right now. Sunday identifies Will as the swing vote. Will updates Jeff on Ken spilling the beans about his plan to flip alliances and vote out Zeke tonight. He is tired of being seen by the others as an 18 year-old kid. Will says, “I want to be treated like an adult, because I am here to win and play just as hard as the rest of you.” Jeff points out that Will is in a very powerful position tonight. Zeke reminds Will that they have worked together many times and have protected each other from being voted out. Jay sees Will as an equal and appreciates them working together to take out Michaela. David assures Will that his alliance is ready to make good on their promise to Will to carry out the big move that he proposed to them. Bret warns Will that David’s alliance will just work with him on this vote and then vote him out. Adam disagrees with Bret, because he feels his alliance has an equal say in the voting decisions. Jay advises Will to go with his gut. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Adam surprises everyone when he plays his hidden immunity idol for Hannah. Jeff then reveals the first 7 votes. Hannah receives 4 votes, which now do not count. Zeke receives 3 votes. So, Zeke Smith, a 28-year old Asset Manager from Brooklyn, NY is the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the fifth member of the jury.