Season 33: Episode 13 - Slayed The Survivor Dragon
Posted on Dec 7, 2016 11:00pm


It’s night 33 and the Vinaka tribe is walking in from Tribal Council, where Zeke was voted out. David congratulates Will for making the big move to get out Zeke. Will comments, “I came into this game a kid and I feel like I’m leaving this Tribal, the man.” He likes the fact that he is in a power position and plans on working with anyone he needs to in order to make it to the end. Bret and Sunday get away from the tribe to discuss things. Bret is upset that Will was more concerned with making a big move, then keeping his alliance together in order to get to the final three. He admits, “This is getting to be a crazy game and there’s a lot of people really playing it. So, there’s got to be a way for me to stay alive in this game.”


The next morning Adam meets with Bret and Sunday at the water well. Bret recommends that they work together and target the three biggest threats in the game, whom he sees as Will, Jay and David. Adam is happy to hear this from Bret and Sunday. He comments, “If they want to put themselves in a position where they’re left with myself, Hannah and Ken, I love that.” Adam, Bret and Sunday agree and shake hands to get Will, Jay and David out next.


The Vinaka tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. The will each race out to a group of disks. They will stack them on a pole and transport them over a balance beam and through a wire maze. Once they have all ten disks at the finish, they will attempt to roll them into a target. The first to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote and is guaranteed a one in seven chance of winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the sixth member of the jury.

The challenge begins and everyone races towards their ten disks. Once they get there, they have to untie their pole and then stack as many disks as they think they can carry on the platform on top of their poles. David, Ken, Bret and Jay are the first ones to get their first load of disks stacked and across the balance beam. David is not far behind. Sunday, Will and Hannah have trouble keeping their disks steady and getting them across the balance beam. David, Ken and Jay are the first ones to get all their disks across the beam and start on the second big obstacle, which is the wire maze. For this, they have to put the disks on either side of a staff and maneuver them through a wire maze. Will is in last place, because he keeps falling off the balance beam in the first obstacle. Everyone else has now joined David, Ken and Jay on the second obstacle. Bret and Jay are the first ones through the maze with their first load of disks. David, Ken and Adam are not far behind. Sunday and Hannah are now falling out of the challenge, because they are so far behind. Jay and David get all ten of the disks through the wire maze before the others and start working on rolling them into a target. Jay gets one in the target, before Bret joins them at the final phase. David lands two in the target. Jay gets the hang of it quickly and ends up getting his ten disks in the fastest. So, Jay wins immunity and is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council. He feels great walking back to camp with both the immunity necklace and a hidden immunity idol.


The Vinaka tribe gets back to camp from the Immunity Challenge and congratulates Jay on his win. Jay is happy to have the immunity necklace, since he likely would have been targeted in tonight’s Tribal Council. Will and Jay walk out to the beach to strategize. Jay points out that David is not likely to win challenges, but Ken could. Will feels that David is a bigger threat to win the game. Jay is fine with voting for David tonight. Will passes the word onto Bret, Sunday and Hannah that David is the target. Will comments, “David is the kind of guy where if he gets to the end, he will beat anybody and that includes me.” He is happy to be calling the shots for tonight’s vote. David notices all the conversations going on without him and this worries him. He admits, “Will is looking to pad his resume a little bit more, so if Will is smart, the thing to do is follow up a big move with yet another big move.” David worries that Will is organizing the vote to target him. Adam checks in with Will and Jay and assures them that he will vote with them against David tonight. He sees that Will is gaining power in the tribe, which worries Adam. He comments, “I do not want to put myself in a position where Will is controlling my fate in this game.” So, Adam starts a campaign against Will. He starts by talking to Bret and getting Sunday and his support to vote for Will. Next, he talks to Hannah. She admits, “I’m torn up as I always am emotionally.” Hannah feels bad voting for Will, since he saved her from going home at the last Tribal Council by voting out Zeke. At the same time, she remembers when David went to a rock draw for her at another Tribal Council. Adam likes the fact that he and Hannah are in a power position for this vote, since they get to decide whether Will or David goes home. He comments, “This is the moment that I start making the moves that I need to make to win this game.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the five jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica and Zeke to Tribal Council. Will admits that there was a lot of discussion around camp after the last Tribal Council, where he made the big move to get out Zeke and Adam played a hidden immunity idol. David feels he might be voted out tonight. Adam says he thinks about not only whom to take to the end with him, but also his best way to get there. He points out that many of the jury members made big moves, but that also helped them to get voted out. Jay admits that everyone left is a player and he is not sure who will be the one to make a big move tonight. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idols are played. Jeff then reveals the first 7 votes. David receives 2 votes. Will receives 5 votes. So, Will Wahl, an 18-year old High School Student from Long Valley, NJ is the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the sixth member of the jury.


The remaining seven Vinaka tribe members get back to camp after Tribal Council on night 34. David thanks his tribe for not voting him out. Jay was once again on the wrong side of the vote and just lost his ally Will. He comments, “I’m not going down without a fight. I still have an idol and there’s still more immunities on the way.” Adam apologizes to Jay for lying to him about whom he was voting for at Tribal Council. Jay assures Adam that he still respects him, although they often end up on opposite sides. He comments, “Me and Adam have this, it’s kind of like a ying yang relationship where we love each other, but we hate each other.” Jay warns Adam not to take David to the end. Adam assures Jay that he will not. Jay pledges to take Adam to the end with him. Adam reveals, “He has a hidden immunity idol and we have to take every opportunity we can to take a stab at the guy. If he doesn’t have immunity, he needs to go home.”


The next day, Jeff welcomes the Vinaka tribe to another Immunity Challenge. He explains the rules of the challenge. They will work on solving a block puzzle, which has the MILLENNIALS vs. GEN-X logo on it, but there’s a twist. They will have a timer in the form of a SURVIVOR pinball table. They will roll their ball up the pinball table to start the timer. As long as the ball is making its way down the table, they can work on solving the puzzle. When the ball reaches the bottom, they must catch it before it drops and roll it again to restart the timer then go back to working on their puzzle. If however, the ball drops before they catch it, there is a time penalty because the ball will very will slowly makes it way to the bottom of a maze. Before the ball reaches the bottom of the maze, they cannot work on their puzzle. So the challenge is to split their focus between solving the puzzle and keeping track of their ball on the pinball table. The first to finish their puzzle wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the seventh member of the jury.

The challenge begins and the castaways all roll their balls to the top of their pinball table to start their timer. Next, they run to their block puzzle, which is not far away to start solving it. Jay is the first to get a time penalty as his ball drops to the bottom and enters the slow maze, before he can catch it. Meanwhile, Jay stands and studies his puzzle without being able to move the blocks. The same thing happens to each of the remaining players before long as they start to spend too much time working on their puzzles and not enough time watching their balls on the pinball tables. They are all making progress on their puzzles, but Ken, David and Jay are getting the closest to solving them. Ken thinks he has solved it, but Jeff says it is not right. So, Ken starts moving his blocks around. Adam has not made much progress on his puzzle, so he decides to stop working on it and help Ken safe by watching his pinball table and warning him when he needs to come back and prevent his ball from dropping off. This allows Ken to truly concentrate on his puzzle. Jay is upset with Adam for doing this. Ken ends up winning immunity by solving his puzzle first. Ken admits, “I felt good wearing the idol around my neck as opposed to Jay.”


The Vinaka tribe returns to camp and congratulates Ken on his win. Adam reveals, “My biggest fear going into the challenge was that Jay or Dave would win immunity.” Although he would have preferred to win himself, Adam is happy that Ken won. Adam explains to Jay that he helped Ken, because he didn’t want David to win. Jay asks his tribe to vote for David tonight and not him. Adam admits, “My plan tonight is that in the case that Jay does play his idol, Dave would go home.” David suggests to Ken and Hannah that they vote for Bret, because Jay might play his idol tonight. If they all vote for Jay and he plays his idol, then David fears that he could go home instead. Hannah suggests they target Sunday instead of Bret, since she is an attractive goat for someone to take to the end. She fears that Adam may flip on one of them and take Sunday to the end instead. David and Ken agree to vote for Sunday. Hannah admits, “I’m very scared that someone who works less hard will get a spot that I worked really hard for.” Later, Adam strategizes with Ken and Hannah. He suggests that the three of them vote for Jay tonight, in case he doesn’t play his idol. Adam feels confident that Jay, Sunday and Bret will vote for David. Ken comments, “I definitely want to be walking back here after Tribal Council with David, who has been my closest ally and my closest friend.” Adam’s goal is to get out Jay if he doesn’t play his idol and to get out David if Jay does play his idol. He prefers not to vote out Sunday, since that would leave both David and Jay, who are dangerous players in the game. Adam reveals, “The worst thing that we could have is tomorrow morning Jay is still in this game with an idol in his pocket.” Next, Adam talks to Jay and tells him that he has to play his idol tonight to stay in the game. Jay is not sure if Adam is being honest. He reminds Adam that he wants to go to the end with him and asks Adam to make sure that he gets there. They both admit how much it means to them to win this game. Adam confides in Jay and tells him that his mother has stage 4 lung cancer. Jay knows that Adam is telling the truth now. Tears come to Jay’s eyes as Adam tells him about his mother’s battle. Jay too has worries about his own ailing mother dying. Jay comments, “Me and Adam are both out here for our families, for our moms. He’s not a weasel in my book anymore. He’s a good freaking dude. He’s a warrior.” Before going to Tribal Council, Hannah tells Adam that she is going to vote for Sunday tonight, because she wants to make sure that David does not get voted out. Adam wants a bigger threat like David or Jay to go home, instead. Hannah understands where Adam is coming from. She admits, “The kind of person that makes a decision and convinces other people of that decision is the kind of person that wins Survivor.”


Jeff welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the six jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke and Will to Tribal Council. David feels that friendships and bonds are very important at this stage of the game and have helped him to still be in the game. Jay points out that no one from his alliance is left in the game. He feels that he is less threatening than other people that also do well in challenges and have a strong alliance. David calls Jay a free agent that might be useful for someone wanting to make a big move. Adam reminds everyone that David has a strong alliance and is well liked by the jury. Hannah reveals that much thought has been put into identifying the biggest threats to win in the end. Sunday admits she is not a physical threat, so people may want to take her to the end with them. She feels that people underestimate how many votes she may get from the jury. Adam points out that everyone has been playing their own game and the trick is to figure out whom the jury admires most. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Jay plays his hidden immunity idol. Jeff then reveals all 7 votes. Jay receives 1 vote. David receives 2 votes and Sunday receives 4 votes. So, Sunday Burquest, a 45-year old Youth Pastor from Otsego, MN is the fourteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the seventh member of the jury.