Season 33: Episode 14 - I'm Going For A Million Bucks
Posted on Dec 14, 2016 10:00pm


It’s night 35 and the Vinaka tribe returns from Tribal Council after voting out Sunday. Jay is very upset that he played his hidden immunity idol when he didn’t need to. He admits, “They flushed my idol and now they have left me barren and naked in this fricken’ jungle to fight for myself and it sucks.” Jay has no plans of giving up though and he hopes to find another hidden immunity idol to keep him safe. Bret talks to Hannah down by the beach. He is upset that she did not vote with him to get David out tonight, since David is a huge threat to win the game. Hannah does not feel that tonight was the right time to get rid of David. Bret comments, “I’m working with complete morons. Jay and Dave are going to win this thing. We have to vote them out.” Later that night, after everyone else had fallen asleep, David sneaks out of camp to build a fake hidden immunity idol. He admits, “I need to do everything I can to survive. So, I need to create a little chaos.” David strings together various beads and shells that he has collected from tree mail, water bottles and torches. He doesn’t think anymore legitimate hidden immunity idols exist in the game, so he hopes someone will find his fake one and it will mess up their game. David paints a tribe symbol on a hollowed out coconut and puts his fake idol inside of it. He reveals, “We are barreling towards the end of this game and I’ve got to do everything I can to make sure that I end up in the final three.” David sets the coconut beside a tree and hopes that someone spots it.


The next morning, Jay goes out looking for a hidden immunity idol to replace the one he used last night. While searching, he sees Ken and David out hunting for coconuts. So, Jay quickly picks up a few coconuts and heads back to camp with them. Jay’s eye search along the path for an idol as he walks back with Ken and David. Just off the path he spots the coconut that David left the night before with the tribe symbol on it. He comments, “Luckily these two fools didn’t look down and they just kept talking about coconuts, while your boy Jay has got his eyes on the prize, which is the golden coconut.” David actually does notice Jay looking towards the coconut and hopes that he goes back later to get it. This is exactly what Jay does. He goes back and opens up the coconut and is sure that he has found another hidden immunity idol. Jay admits, “I’m going for a million bucks.”


Since it is now day 36 in the game, Ken can finally open the Legacy Advantage that Jessica gave to him, when she was voted out of the game. He opens the advantage and reads the note inside, which tells him that he or whomever he gives it to is guaranteed immunity at the next Tribal Council. Ken is so thankful to have this safety and power at this crucial point in the game. He admits, “No one is going to know about this until tonight at Tribal Council.”


The six remaining members of the Vinaka tribe arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will race through a series of obstacles while collecting a bag of tiles. They will use the numbers on those tiles to solve a combination lock, which will release a key. Next, they will crawl under a net and up a wall to get to a set of puzzle pieces. The key will unlock the pieces. They will then race to assemble a bat puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the eighth member of the jury. In addition, the first to finish wins a steak reward.

The challenge begins. Ken and Jay are the first ones to clear the first obstacle, which is to climb a wall and slide down. Bret, David, Adam and Hannah are not far behind. Ken and Jay maintain their lead as they grab their bag of tiles and crawl through a bamboo structure. Jay gets his bag of tiles untied first and starts trying the three numbers on them in his combination lock. In his second attempt, Jay is able to open the combination lock and release his key. Everyone else is now working on their combinations. Jay makes a big mistake when he leaves his combination lock uncovered for everyone else to see. So, as Jay heads to the next obstacle with his key, David, Bret, Adam and Hannah all run over to look at the correct combination to use in their locks. They now don’t have to take the time to try all the combinations to see which one works. Ken is the second person to release his key and head to the puzzle. The others are now right behind him. So, Jay got a slight head start in putting his bat puzzle together, but David quickly catches up with him. In the end, David solves the bat puzzle first winning him immunity and reward. As Jeff is giving David the chance to choose two of his tribe mates to join him on the reward, Jay interrupts him and plays his reward advantage that Adam gave him in the past. This allows him to steal a reward won by someone else. David is relieved when Jay picks him to still go on the reward. Jay also picks Adam to go on the reward to thank him for giving him the reward advantage in the first place. As he walks out of the challenge, Jay admits, “I fricken’ blew it. I was so close to sitting in final four for sure.” He hopes to use the reward to convince David and Adam to keep him safe tonight.


As they arrive back at camp, Jay, Adam and David are thrilled to find a beautifully set table with a plate of steak, potatoes, vegetables and a glass of wine waiting for each of them. Jay admits, “Rewards are important, because of the fact that if you pick the people correctly, you can change your fate.” He hopes to talk David and Adam into voting for Bret tonight. If he can, then Jay will keep his idol tonight and save it for the next Tribal Council. As they are enjoying their steak meal, Jay points out to David and Adam that if they keep him around, then the others will target him and not them to get out of the game. When Adam asks what happens if he keeps winning Immunity Challenges, Jay promises to take both of them to the final three with him. Jay then proposes that they vote for Bret tonight, since he has a lot of friends on the jury, which makes him dangerous. David finds Jay’s offer attractive. He explains, “Jay is not only offering final three, but also serves as a shield for myself.” David feels once Jay is voted out, the tribe will target him next.


Bret, Hannah and Ken agree to vote for Jay tonight at Tribal Council. Ken is happy to be safe tonight because he has the Legacy Advantage to play. Later, David, Adam and Hannah discuss the vote. David encourages them to vote for Bret tonight and not Jay. Hannah is okay with that, but Adam prefers to get out Jay. Adam admits, “He could very well win two more individual immunity challenges and end up in the final three and win this game.” Bret gets worried when Hannah and David ask Jay to come talk with them. He comments, “The crazies could send me home and cost me and themselves a million dollars.” Hannah and David tell Jay that while they are willing to vote for Bret tonight, Adam is not. Jay realizes that he needs to talk directly to Adam and convince him not to vote him out tonight. He comments, “Even if these fools don’t want to flip with me, I’ve got my idol and I can take out whoever I want.” Jay pleads with Adam to give him one more chance. He also reminds him that he will definitely take him to the final three with him. Adam is having a hard time with this decision, because he genuinely likes Jay and believes that he will take him to the end. Adam admits, “The question is could I beat him.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the seven jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will and Sunday to Tribal Council. Jay explains that he stole the reward from David today, so that he could have the chance to talk to Adam and David about keeping him in the game. Bret hopes that Jay did not sway Adam and David. He reminds everyone that Jay is a big threat. Jay follows that up that reminding everyone that Bret has many friends on the jury. Jay wishes that he had remembered to pull the cover over his combination lock at the Immunity Challenge, since he might have been the one wearing the immunity necklace tonight. Ken points out that after 36 days on Survivor, your mind doesn’t work as well. David admits to feeling more clear headed after enjoying the steak reward today. Hannah feels this is an important vote tonight with only six people left in the game. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Jay plays the hidden immunity idol that he found. He is devastated when Jeff tells him that it is not a real immunity idol and throws it in the fire. Ken then plays his Legacy Advantage to keep him safe. Everyone is surprised to learn of this advantage. Jeff then reveals the first 4 votes. Ken receives 1 vote, which does not count. Jay receives 3 votes. So, Justin “Jay” Starrett, a 27-year old Real Estate Agent from Fort Lauderdale, FL is the fifteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the eighth member of the jury.


The next day, Jeff welcomes the Vinaka tribe to another Immunity Challenge. David admits, “I feel like I’m going to be voted out next if I do not win today’s Immunity Challenge.” He is disappointed when he sees the beginning of the challenge is in the water. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles. Next, they will use two handles to transport puzzle pieces across a teeter-totter. Once they have all the pieces, they will use them to solve a word puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the ninth member of the jury.

The challenge begins with each of them standing on a floating platform in the ocean. First they have to move their buoy along a rope that is wrapped around a post. They all get through this part quickly with David in a slight lead. Next they jump in the ocean and swim with their buoys to another platform where they weave them through a bamboo ladder. Hannah is starting to fall behind the others. Next, they jump back in the water and swim to another bamboo structure that they have to maneuver their buoys through. Ken is the first one to get his buoy to the beach and start untying his puzzle pieces, so he can begin transporting them across the teeter-totter. Bret, Adam and David are not far behind Ken. Although Ken is in the lead, he quickly loses it as he has a hard time getting across the teeter-totter without dropping his puzzle pieces. They all finally get their puzzle pieces across and start laying out the letters to solve the word puzzle. In the end, Ken solves it before anyone else and creates the phrase NOT A PARTICIPATION TROPHY. So, Ken wins immunity and is safe from being voted out at the next Tribal Council. As he walks away from the challenge, Bret admits, “I am very nervous that it could be me tonight, but I’m extremely happy because I didn’t want Dave to win.”


The Vinaka tribe returns from the challenge and congratulates Ken on winning immunity. Adam wishes that he had won the challenge, but he is happy that David didn’t win it. He comments, “I need Dave to go home tonight.” Adam tells Bret to vote for David tonight and heads out of camp to look for a hidden immunity idol. He wants to make sure David does not find one. Adam admits, “I know that Bret’s on my side and I know that Hannah’s on my side, but an idol can screw everything up.” David meets with Hannah and Ken and encourages them to vote for Adam tonight. He feels Adam has a better shot at winning the next immunity challenge than Bret and he feels like Adam is coming after him tonight. David comments, “Tonight’s Tribal is absolutely a battle between me and Adam. I need to get rid of him before he gets rid of me.” Adam is elated when he spots a piece of driftwood with the tribe symbol on it. He opens it up and reveals just what he was looking for … a hidden immunity idol. Adam is so proud to have found a second hidden immunity idol and dedicates it to his ailing mother. He admits, “To have some feeling of joy here and to know that my mom is going to share that and get to do it twice, that’s the best.” Meanwhile, Ken and David ask Bret if he would be willing to vote for Adam tonight. Bret tells them he is happy to vote for anyone, so he can stay in the game. He is happy that David and Adam are targeting each other tonight and not him. Bret reveals, “Tonight’s vote is about taking out the biggest threat of the game who’s Dave.” Next, Bret tells Adam that David is going after him. Adam shows Bret his idol and assures him they are both safe tonight. Adam admits, “I have total power over tonight’s vote.” Later, Adam talks to Hannah and confirms that David is voting for him and that Bret is being loyal to him. He also tells Hannah that he has a hidden immunity idol. Hannah congratulates him, but is amazed by his arrogance in telling her. She admits, “There’s some sort of arrogance that blinds some of these boys to not seeing what I can do to them.” Hannah now having knowledge of what both sides are doing is pleased to be the deciding vote. She will make her decision based on who will get her further in the game and who she can trust. She comments, “All the boys have opinions, but at the end of the day I want a lady to make the choice.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the eight jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will, Sunday and Jay to Tribal Council. Hannah admits after the challenge that everyone started talking strategy or hunting for idols. David feels everyone has been planning for the best two people that they should take to the final three with them. Bret is focusing on making it to the final four first. Hannah and Bret both see David as the biggest threat left in the game. David feels that Bret is also a threat. He hopes that he can trust his allies tonight or else he feels he will be the one voted out. Jeff asks David what the end of his Survivor story will be. David responds by saying that he hopes to be the sole Survivor, but if he isn’t, he feels he has already won, because of the confidence he has gained during the game. Adam believes that David’s success story is why he is such a big threat. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Adam plays the hidden immunity idol that he found, so any votes cast for him will not count. David receives 2 votes. Bret receives 3 votes. So, Bret LaBelle, a 42-year old Police Sergeant from Dedham, MA is the sixteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the ninth member of the jury. Before he leaves, Bret congratulates David and tells everyone else they just lost a million dollars.


The final four return from Tribal Council on night 37. Adam tells Ken, David and Hannah that he is amazed how loyal they are to one another. David comments, “Ken and Hannah saved me.” Ken explains to Adam that Bret was too dangerous, because of all the friends he had on the jury. Adam feels that David is too much of a challenge threat. Later, Adam asks Hannah why she voted for Bret and not David. She explains that it was the only action she saw that could get her to the final three. Hannah does not believe that Bret would have wanted her at the final three. In addition, she feels if she voted out David, then Ken would not support her anymore. She comments, “So, this move was a move I had to make to try to win.” Adam is worried that Ken will win the next immunity challenge. Since, Ken is so loyal to David, he will likely not vote him out, so either he or Hannah will go. Adam comments, “We just put Dave, the biggest threat in the game, one challenge away from the final Tribal Council.” Adam tells Hannah that one of them has to win the next challenge.


Ken, Hannah, Adam and David arrive at the final Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will each use a long pole to maneuver a bowl through a wire structure. When they get to the top, they will place the bowl on a platform and head back for the next one. The entire structure sits on a spring, which means if they hit it too hard, it wobbles and the bowls will drop. If this happens, they have to start over. The first person to stack thirteen bowls or the person with the most bowls at the end of thirty minutes will win immunity and is guaranteed a spot at the final Tribal Council.

The challenge begins. Everyone quickly picks up their first bowl with their long pole and moves it through the wire structure. Adam drops his bowl just before he gets it to the top, so he has to start over again. David, Ken and Hannah all successfully get their first bowls to the top without problems. A few minutes have passed now and Adam, Ken and Hannah have ten bowls at the top of their structure, while David only has eight. As David is working on his ninth bowl, his structure wobbles and they all come tumbling down. So, now he has to start from scratch. Before long, the same thing happens to Hannah and she goes back to the start. At this point, Ken has eleven and Adam still has ten. As the wind picks up, Adam decides to not risk dropping his stack by trying to place more bowls. So, he just waits beside his structure. Ken keeps going and places his twelfth bowl. Adam’s strategy works as the wind knocks down Ken’s stack of bowls as he goes back to get his thirteenth bowl. So, now Ken has to start over. The wind does not play favorites though, as Adams bowls drop too after a gust of wind hits them. So, now everyone is rebuilding their stack of bowls. With only two minutes left in the challenge, Hannah is in the lead with ten bowls. Ken is trying to catch her with nine bowls. David has six bowls. Adam has eight bowls and once again he decides to stop adding more and just watch the others. David loses his whole stack with just one minute left. With only ten seconds left, Ken places his tenth bowl and ties Hannah. This forces a showdown between Hannah and Ken. Whoever has the most bowls stacked after five minutes wins. If one of them gets to thirteen bowls before the five minutes are up, they automatically win. Ken and Hannah stay neck and neck with each other during the showdown. In the end, Ken places his seventh bowl just before the end of the showdown and before Hannah can place her seventh bowl. So, Ken wins his fourth immunity challenge and is guaranteed a spot in the final three. He drops to the ground and begins to cry. As he walks away with the coveted immunity necklace, Ken admits, “Now who do I want to sit by? It’s going to be the absolute toughest decision.”


The Vinaka tribe arrives back at camp and congratulates Ken on his win. David is disappointed that he did not win. He admits, “I’m happy about the fact that Ken won, because I have such faith in Ken’s loyalty and trust towards me.” David feels if he can count on Ken to vote for Adam at Tribal Council, then the worse case is a tie vote between him and Adam. This would result in a fire making challenge to determine the winner. Adam confirms with Hannah that the two of them are voting for David tonight. Hannah tells Adam that she will talk to Ken about the vote tonight. She reveals, “Tonight we have to convince Ken to vote out David.” So, Hannah goes out with Ken to collect food. She reminds him of how loyal she has been to him, just as he has been loyal to David. Hannah points out to Ken that he will still be considered loyal if he doesn’t take David to the final three, since he will beat both of them. Ken comments, “I understand where she’s coming from. David has played a hell of a game, but my whole game has been based on loyalty and friendship.” Ken asks Hannah to trust that he will make the right decision at Tribal Council. Back at camp, David and Adam admit that they are voting for each other. Adam knows that if Ken votes for him, then the vote will be tied and he will have to beat David at a fire making challenge. So, Adam takes a flint and the machete and practices making fire. He admits, “I’m so nervous. I shouldn’t be, because tonight should be a no brainer.” David trusts Ken, so he does not feel a long conversation is needed to discuss the vote. He thanks Ken for his loyalty and says that he will be voting for Adam tonight. Ken assures David that they are good.


Jeff Probst welcomes the Vinaka tribe and the nine jury members Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will, Sunday, Jay and Bret to Tribal Council. Jeff reminds everyone how important their decisions are tonight as they determine who will be the final three and who will be the final member of the jury. Jeff then compliments Hannah on her performance in today’s Immunity Challenge. He comments on how much she has grown during her time in the game. Adam admits that his only goal in the challenge was to make sure that David did not win immunity. David points out that he has played a better game than Adam. Adam is glad that David admits this, because so many people have not recognized this when they failed to vote David out and then were voted out themselves. David compliments Ken’s loyalty, honor and integrity and feels he can count on him to honor the pledge they made to each other early in the game to go to the final three together. Adam reminds Ken that now the decision is not about loyalty, but about who he needs to go to the end with to win the game for his family. Hannah agrees that there are things more important than just loyalty tonight. Ken thinks all three of them have made valid points. He also feels all three of them have played well and grown during the course of the game. Now, he has to decide what is most important to him for tonight’s vote. Jeff calls for the Vinaka tribe to cast their votes. Jeff reveals the votes. Adam receives 1 vote. David receives 3 votes. So, David Wright, a 42-year old Television Writer from Sherman Oaks, CA is the seventeenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X and the tenth and final member of the jury. Adam thanks Ken as they walk out of Tribal Council and head back to camp.


The sun rises on day 39 and Adam, Hannah and Ken are enjoying the view. Ken is proud to be the last one from his original Gen-X tribe to make it to the end. He did it by playing an old school style game, which included working hard and being loyal. Ken admits, “At the end of the day, there’s one motivating factor behind every single thing that I do and that’s my daughter.” He wants to win Survivor, so he can give he and his daughter a better life. Adam, Hannah and Ken check tree mail and find what they have been waiting for, which is an abundance of food to cook up for their final breakfast. Hannah immediately eats a bagel and has a sip of orange juice. She is so proud to have grown from a nervous to a confident player. Hannah admits, “This journey has been about learning to be resilient and strong and learning to hold my own.” She feels she has played a better game than Ken and Adam and hopes the jury will reward her with the million dollar prize. Adam, Ken and Hannah enjoy eggs, bacon , wine and more on this final morning. Adam is proud of the game he played. He found two hidden immunity idols, won an immunity challenge and blindsided others, all without making himself a target. Adam admits that it was hard to leave his mother and family while his mother is battling cancer. He admits, “I have to do everything that I possibly can tonight to win it for her.”


At the final Tribal Council, Hannah, Adam and Ken sit before the jury of Michelle, Taylor, Chris, Jessica, Zeke, Will, Sunday, Jay, Bret and David. The jury addresses the final three, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Taylor asks each of them to pitch why they should win the million dollars. Hannah points out that she put each of them on the jury and played a very strategic game. Ken feels that it was important to make moves with loyalty and recognize the human element of the game. Adam feels he played the best game of the three, by keeping himself and the people he wanted to take to the end safe. Sunday asks them if they played more like a Millennial or Gen-Xer regardless of their age. Ken admits he is old school and therefore more rigid in his ways. He feels this is better than being a flipper. Adam feels he is somewhere between the two, by being more flexible than Ken, but less of a flipper than Hannah. Hannah points out that she was adaptable to the changing game and did what she needed to in order to get to the end. Jessica asks Ken why he betrayed his loyalty to David at the last Tribal Council. Ken gets emotional as he explains that he did it for his daughter. Will asks Adam why he was often on the wrong side of the vote for big moves, like when Bret versus David was voted out. Adam points out that it was one of the time that Hannah made a bad decision in his opinion and didn’t follow the plan. Hannah counters with the fact that she made the decision that was best for her game. Zeke feels that Survivor has evolved in this season and the winner should reflect that. Since, he feels Ken played a traditional game, he asks Adam and Hannah how they evolved Survivor. Adam points out that he stayed under the radar by keeping more dangerous people around until the very end. Hannah feels she used trust clusters and was the one to get rid of the dangerous people at the appropriate time. Michelle compliments Hannah for being on the right side of all votes except the Michaela vote. She asks Adam how his victories outweigh his many blunders. Adam explains that his blunders were due to the blunders of his alliances. Hannah feels that the blunders he refers to were really her strategic moves. Bret asks Ken when he started playing the game. Ken feels he started playing early on when he made the alliance with David, CeCe and Jessica. Adam once again brings up the mistake that Hannah made when she voted out Sunday instead of David. Jay asks Adam why he didn’t use him to take out David when he had the chance. Adam reminds him that they had a crazy relationship of being both rivals and friends. He starts crying when he tells Jay that he was in the way of him getting to the end. Chris compliments Adam for talking Ken into voting out David. Ken disagrees with Chris and tells everyone that it was his choice and no one elses to vote out David. David asks each of them how Survivor has changed their lives as it has his. Hannah feels she has pushed through the many fears she has at the beginning of the game. Ken admits that it was difficult for him to play Survivor with all the social interaction that is required, but he did it all to better his daughter’s life. Adam breaks down when he admits that his mother has cancer and that in this journey he is just trying to bring joy to his family. Jeff then calls for the vote. The ten jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Host Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with ten out of ten votes cast for him, Adam Klein wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.