Season 34: Episode 1 - The Stakes Have Been Raised
Posted on Mar 8, 2017 11:00pm


Jeff Probst, the host, points out that the game of SURVIVOR has evolved over 17 years and 33 seasons. This season players that have changed the game will compete against one another for the title of Sole Survivor. Tony Viachos from SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN admits, “I created the spy shack. I found the special idol. I voted out my closest ally and just when you think you have seen it all, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” This season’s castaways are sailing on the ocean in Fiji in a majestic white sailboat. Malcolm Freberg from SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES comments, “I have a reputation to uphold and I’m going to keep making big moves.” Everyone is checking out their competition as they journey towards the beginning of the game. Sandra Diaz-Twine from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS says, “I’m the only person to ever win SURVIVOR two times and it wasn’t just luck.” As they continue on their voyage, Cirie Fields from SURVIVOR: EXILE ISLAND remembers when she got Erik to give up his immunity necklace and then voted him out. She comments, “The only next step for me is to win.” Jeff says that these 20 castaways will battle it out on the islands of Fiji as SURVIVOR kicks off its 500th episode. 

The captain of the sailboat directs the crew to drop the anchor and take down the sails. Jeff welcomes the castaways to the 34th season of SURVIVOR. He tells them that they were hand chosen to be on this season, because they are willing to make the kind of moves, which change the game. Some made moves, which were bolder than others, and some made moves, which were more successful than others, but they all impacted the game. JT from SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS is happy that he is not the only winner this season. He comments, “Sandra is not going to be the only two time winner, I don’t think.” Jeff identifies the Mana tribe as those people with the orange buffs. The Mana tribe is made up of:

Aubry Bracco from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG
Caleb Reynolds from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG
Malcolm Freberg from SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES
Michaela Bradshaw from SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS. GEN-X
Sandra Diaz-Twine from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS
Tony Viachos from SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN
Troyzan Robertson from SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD

Jeff identifies the Nuku tribe as those people with the blue buffs. The Nuku tribe is made up of:

Brad Culpepper from SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATER
Debbie Wanner from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG
Sarah Lacina from SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN
Sierra Dawn Thomas from SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART

Jeff tells everyone that the boat is loaded with supplies and a raft for each tribe to get to their new home. He encourages everyone to grab as much as they can. Jeff points out that the first season of SURVIVOR started the same way with one game changing twist. Out in the water, there is a life ring floating on the surface. On either side of the life ring there are two sets of color-coded ropes. The first person to untie their knots will release a massive tool kit for their tribe. Jeff declares that SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGES has just begun. Ozzy immediately jumps off the boat and heads towards the buoy to get the tool kit for his Nuku tribe. Everyone else frantically scrambles to untie their tribe rafts and load them with supplies from the boat. No one from the Mana tribe heads out to the buoy. Malcolm comments, “Ozzy’s here. No one else can get the tool kit.” Caleb is willing to give it a try though, so he jumps in the water and goes after the tool kit for Mana. The rest are quickly gathering fruit, vegetables, chickens, tools, rope and other supplies and throwing them onto their tribe rafts now floating in the water below. Sierra grabs an envelope on the deck with the words “Secret Advantage” on it, so she quickly tucks it in her pants. Ozzy unties the knots quicker than Caleb to release the massive tool kit for his Nuku tribe. Jeff calls time and everyone jumps overboard to their rafts with the last supplies they can grab. Now both tribes follow their maps and paddle towards their new homes. Andrea admits, “This is going to be an epic season. So, game on!”


The Mana tribe arrives at camp with all the supplies they collected off the boat. They immediately start gathering bamboo and palm fronds to build their shelter. Hali admits, “Everyone here is like a snake in the grass and I’m like the cobra that you don’t know is sitting underneath you and all of a sudden it strikes and you don’t know what hit you.” When the tribe is gathered back at camp discussing the best place to put their shelter, Tony announces that he is going to look for the idol and runs out of camp. Sandra recommends they vote him off first. Tony is surprised that no one immediately runs after him. Finally, Sandra and Caleb follow Tony to see if he actually finds an idol. Malcolm comments, “I think it’s more important for me to get a foothold with alliances and making relationships and not be pulling a Tony.” Tony looks for the idol at the spot tree mail is delivered. As Sandra and Caleb search for Tony, Sandra admits, “I don’t know that we can hurry up and take Tony out because we need him. He is a physical player.” When they find Tony, he invites them to join him in his idol search. Then he realizes it is probably better to just grab some bamboo and head back to camp to help the others with the shelter. 


The Nuku tribe arrives at their camp and give each other a big hug. As a fan of SURVIVOR, Zeke is so excited to be on the same tribe with legends like Cirie, Ozzy and JT. At the same time, he is proud that he has been deemed a game changer too. He admits, “I want to get my hands dirty. I want to lather myself in the blood of my enemies.” Andrea and Cirie notice three goats near their camp. Tai assures them that the goats are too fast to be caught. JT and Sarah are excited to see all the tools that Ozzy won for them to use. As a police office, Sarah plans on using her social and observational skills. She comments, “I feel like somebody will get anxious and feel as though they need to make a move, which will put a target on their back and then I’m going to be the silent assassin.” Sierra takes a moment away from the others to look at the secret advantage that she found on the boat. It tells her that won a Legacy Advantage that grants her immunity only once when there are either 13 or 6 people left in the game. If she gets voted out, she must will it to someone still in the game. Sierra admits, “The Legacy Advantage opens up a lot of doors for me.” Being a cowgirl in the rodeo, she spends most of her time around guys. She comments, “My comfort is hanging around with the guys, so I’ve got to keep them close.” Sierra comes back to camp and starts up a conversation with Brad. Brad hopes that this season will be easier than his last, since last time he played with his wife Monica, which made things complicated. He trusts his wives advice about SURVIVOR, so he admits, “I find myself saying WWMD – What would Monica do?” Brad feels confident that Monica would be telling him to take things slowly at first. Next, Sierra takes a walk with Ozzy to try and see if he would be willing to work with her and Brad. Ozzy tells Sierra that he is not sure of Cirie, because she voted him out when they played on the FANS VS FAVORITES season together. Ozzy says, “This time around as a game changer, I need to be the master of blindsides.” So, he plans on targeting Cirie, if they lose an immunity challenge.


The next morning the Nuku tribe is busy working on their shelter and doing chores. Cirie worries about Ozzy holding a grudge against her for participating in a blindside that got him voted out when they played together on FANS VS FAVORITES. She comments, “I knew it was a problem when I saw Ozzy on the same tribe as me.” Cirie decides to ask Ozzy if they are okay. Ozzy shakes her hand and assures her that he is not upset about being voted out 8 years ago. Next, Ozzy, Tai and JT take a walk. Ozzy tells them that while he isn’t mad at Cirie for past votes, he is worried that she is not a physical player. Tai likes Cirie, so he doesn’t like Ozzy talking negatively about her. Later when Cirie and Tai are down at the beach together cleaning out the chicken cage, Tai warns Cirie that she needs to work things out with Ozzy. Cirie is surprised that Ozzy is talking about her after she checked in with him earlier. She admits, “What difference does it make if the war starts tonight or tomorrow. There will be blood either way.” 


Over at the Mana tribe, Tony heads over to the water well, while the rest of his tribe is back at camp. Tony comments, “When all these bums are talking, Tony’s always working.” At the water well, Tony starts digging to create a spy bunker under the ground. He figures that they already know about his spy shacks from his first season, so now he has to go underground to spy on them. Tony is on the ground digging, when Troyzan comes around the corner. Tony quickly gets up and heads over the well to get water. Troyzan admits, “Tony is probably the number one game changer and look I’ve already caught him digging in places like the idol weasel.” Troyzan decides not to question Tony about what he was doing, but he makes sure to tell Malcolm about Tony digging for an idol. The news spreads as Malcolm tells Hali and Hali later tells Ciera, Michaela and Aubry. Ciera comments, “Tony’s played one time and he’s won. So, I know he’s coming in extremely arrogant and he’s already pretty close with Caleb and I am so excited to teach him a little lesson.” Later, Hali, Jeff, Aubry, Malcolm, Michaela and Ciera are gathered at the water well. Ciera proposes that they get rid of Tony or his ally Caleb first. Malcolm says, “It’s open season on who the first target for this tribe is.” He doesn’t want Caleb or Tony to be voted out this early though. Aubry feels that Ciera is playing hard so early in the game. Malcolm wants to put the target on Ciera.


Jeff Probst welcomes the Mana and Nuku tribes to the first immunity challenge. Jeff describes the challenge to them. Each tribe will race to a raft and paddle out to a platform. One person from each tribe will then swim out to retrieve a set of keys. They will all then make their way over a series of obstacles in the water to get back to the beach. Next, they will dig up two bags of puzzles pieces, which are buried in the sand. They will then use the keys to unlock a chest, which has the third bag of puzzle pieces. Two tribe members will then use the puzzle pieces from all three bags to form a ship’s wheel puzzle. The first tribe to solve their puzzle and raise their flag wins immunity. Jeff then uncovers the immunity idol, which is a diver’s helmet and explains that whichever tribe has it cannot be voted out. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where someone will be the first person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS. In addition, they are playing for fire in the form of flint. Jeff then informs them of a twist for this season. In the event of a tie vote at Tribal Council, there will be no re-vote. It will go immediately to a tiebreaker. So, if there is a tie, they will have an open discussion at Tribal Council. If they can unanimously agree on which of the tribe members who are tied to send home, then they go home. If they can’t unanimously agree, the people who are tied are now safe and everybody else draws rocks to determine who goes home. Andrea says, “Now splitting the vote is very dangerous, because you could be the one pulling a rock.” Jeff then gives the tribes a minute to strategize for the challenge.

The challenge begins and seven people from each tribe race to their raft at the end of the beach and put it in the water. Once the rafts are in the water, they start paddling towards their platform. Both tribes arrive at their platforms around the same time. Ozzy is the first one in the water swimming to retrieve the key for his Nuku tribe. Hali jumps in the water for Mana. Ozzy retrieves the Nuku key first and that tribe starts going through the water obstacles. They are through the first obstacle, when Hali returns with the Mana key and they start going through the obstacles. Nuku maintains their lead as they dig up their two bags of puzzle pieces before Mana even finds its first bag. Debbie works on unlocking the third bag of puzzle pieces for Nuku. She is unable to match up the keys with the first lock before Mana catches up and Jeff Varner starts working on their locks. Debbie gets the Nuku locks open first, so Zeke and Cirie can start on their puzzle. Varner gets the Mana locks open next, so Ciera and Sandra begin working on their tribe puzzle. Mana works quickly and completes the first section of the puzzle at the same time as Nuku. Ciera has done this puzzle before against her mom but lost. She wants to win this time. In the end, Zeke and Cirie complete their puzzle first, which wins immunity and fire for their Nuku tribe. Ciera is so disappointed to lose this challenge a second time. She admits, “I’m nervous, you know. I don’t want to be the first vote out on the game changing season.”


The Mana tribe returns to camp disappointed with their loss at the challenge. Varner comments, “Even though Tony is a snake, my gut is telling me to keep the tribe strong.” Malcolm, Aubry, Varner, Tony, Sandra and Caleb discuss the vote at the water well. Caleb feels that Ciera is the weakest person on the tribe. Aubry points out that Ciera is the only person that has named specific people to be voted out. Malcolm tells Tony and Caleb that Ciera suggested one of them be sent home. Varner admits, “When you talk about game changing, you talk about Ciera. She voted her mother out.” He agrees that it would be smart to get rid of Ciera. When Ciera joins the group at the water well, they lie and tell her that they want to send Michaela home, because she is the outcast. Ciera agrees to vote for Michaela. She says, “At this point, I’d be fine with anybody but myself.” Next, Sandra informs Troyzan, Hali and Michaela that they vote is going Ciera’s way. Michaela asks Tony whom Ciera is voting for tonight. When she hears that it is her, she is not happy and her tribe mates can see that. After cooling down, Michaela admits, “I reacted in a way I shouldn’t have, because I’m not trying to let them see how big Michaela can be, but you can’t contain greatness though.” Tony, Caleb and Aubry are concerned with Michaela’s temper. Sandra comments, “If Michaela is somebody that we need to take out, we need to take her out quick, fast and in a hurry.”


Jeff Probst welcomes the Mana tribe to Tribal Council and instructs them to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Tony feels he can’t get away with all his usual craziness because he is surrounded by these game changers. Aubry points out that they are all trying to see whether each person is the same person they were in past seasons. Michaela hopes she has made a good impression with her tribe mates and hopes they do not take the easy route and get rid of her as one of the newest. Sandra assures Michaela that she is well liked by the tribe. Jeff points out that Sandra would be an easy vote, since she has already won the game twice. Sandra feels she is an ideal person to take to the end, because it is unlikely that anyone would vote for her to get another million dollars. Hali tells it like it is and admits that they are targeting two people. One who is weak in challenges and the other who has ruffled some feathers around camp. Michaela says she will be surprised if she survives the night without at least one vote against her. Ciera feels nervous and hopes she is still in the majority. Jeff then calls for the Mana tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reads the first seven votes. Michaela receives one vote. Ciera receives six votes, which is enough. So, Ciera Easton from SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATER is the first person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS. Jeff gives the Mana tribe flint to help start a fire.

The sun rises on day 4 on the Mana tribe. Last night the tribe voted Ciera out at Tribal Council with a vote of 9 to 1. As the rest of the tribe is sitting around the fire waking up, Tony is anxious to jump into action and take control of the game. He admits, “It’s time for me to make some moves.” Tony meets with Aubry at the well to talk strategy. He encourages her to work with him, since they are both seen as powerful people in the game. Aubry comments, “I want to play with people that are threats, because I think that’s the best thing for me right now.” Together they decide to get three more people to join the two of them, which would make a majority alliance of five. Malcolm, Caleb and Sandra are the three people they target to join their alliance, since they too are threats in the game. Next, Tony meets with Sandra and tells her his plan. They both agree that people that have not won the game before will not past winners win the game again. Sandra says, “The only way a winner can win is three winners at the end.” She tells Tony that she will work with him as long as it benefits her. Sandra comments, “As long as our interests line up, there’s no end to the damage we can do together.”
Over at the Nuku camp, Tai is tending to the chickens. He ties up the rooster and lets the four hens roam freely, since they will all stick together. Debbie remembers how attached Tai gets to chickens from being on the SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG season with him. She comments, “There’s just going to come a point where those chickens start looking like Angus cattle, you know. So we should not be getting too attached to them.” Tai encourages his tribe mates to help him name the chickens. Debbie names one Gloria, while Brad names one Monica after his wife. Tai admits, “I’m the chicken guy. It’s like a burden, but it’s a responsibility I don’t mind taking on.” JT gets annoyed with Tai when he tells him to share some of the corn with the chickens. He loves animals too, but JT wants to make sure he and his tribe mates get enough food too. When he see Tai feeding the chickens more corn. JT comments, “He’s got to decide what he’s here to do … win a million dollars or marry these chickens.”
The sun has gone down and everyone is now asleep at the Mana tribe, except for Tony. He is anxious to know what everyone is thinking and planning. Tony comments, “I need to finish my spy bunker and get control of this game.” So, he leaves camp and heads towards the water well to work on his spy bunker. Tony digs a big hole and fills it with branches and leaves, so he can hide in it and listen to what people say when they come to the water well. Meanwhile, Troyzan wakes up and invites Sandra to get away from camp and talk strategy. Tony hears them coming towards him, so he hides behind some bushes. Troyzan asks Sandra whom she would like to vote out next. He does not feel that Tony is a big threat. Tony cannot clearly hear what they are saying, but he is upset when he hears his name. Tony admits, “People are just trying to stir up things. They’re trying to plot against me.” Next, he approaches Troyzan and Sandra and asks them what they are talking about. Troyzan tells Tony he is checking out the tide. Sandra tells him they are talking about the crate being too close to the fire. Tony is angered by their feeble answers and assures them that he can be trusted. He comments, “I’m starting to think that Sandra’s against me.” Sandra tries to assure Tony that he has nothing to worry about, but Tony doesn’t believe her. She does not appreciate his attitude and the fact that he is interrogating her like a police officer would. Sandra vents, “There’s no telling what this dude would do for a million dollars. Tony needs to go home.”
The next day at the Nuku camp, Ozzy and JT are talking in the shelter. They agree that the first few days of SURVIVOR are the toughest. JT tells Ozzy that he trusts him and that they have nothing to worry about. Ozzy agrees. Cirie is not happy to see that Ozzy and JT are getting along so well, since she knows that Ozzy is not on her side. She admits, “I have to try and weed out who I can work with and who I can’t.” Cirie knows that she cannot win without people on her side. She meets with Sarah at the water well and tells her that she has no intension of voting her out. Sarah assures Cirie that she is with her. Truthfully, Sarah plans on doing what is best for her. Sarah admits, “This time I’m playing like a criminal and we’ll see where it gets me. My word is not my bond in this game this time.” Back at camp, Cirie tells Zeke that everything is good between them. As a fan of the game, Zeke is honored to be playing with Cirie, but he knows she is a powerful player. He comments, “Cirie is arguably the most dangerous player here. So, my gut tells me that it’s too early in the game to align with someone who everyone is gunning for.” Later, Cirie takes a walk with Debbie and warns her that she is in danger, because people feel she is scrambling too hard. Debbie has a military background and is trained in surveillance. She does not believe what Cirie and feels Cirie is just trying to manipulate her. Debbie admits, “It’s going to take a lot to outwit me.” Cirie encourages Debbie to vote for a guy if they have to go to Tribal Council. Debbie assures Cirie that she will work with her. In reality, Debbie feels Cirie is just trying to protect herself from the next vote.
Over at the Mana camp, Sandra is building an army to take out Tony, since she does not trust him anymore. She asks Hali if Tony has invited her to be in his alliance of five. Hali tells Sandra that Tony doesn’t even talk to her. Sandra then invites Hali to work with her to get Tony out, since he is trying to run things. Sandra comments, “You know that saying, ‘You’re only the king until the queen arrives?’ I’m here.” Sandra and Hali then talk to Troyzan and fill him in on their plan. Sandra admits, “I was born to play this game. It’s so natural to me that I really don’t feel like I have to put too much effort.” Next, Sandra takes a walk with Varner and tells him Tony’s plan to have an alliance of five and take out the other four. Varner is not happy to hear that Tony is excluding him for the alliance. Meanwhile, Troyzan talks to Michaela about joining forces with Sandra, Hali and Varner to get out Tony. Varner comments, “Sandra put together an alliance of five in just fifteen minutes. I mean that’s scary.” He now sees how she was able to win the game two times before. Varner says, “When two winners of SURVIVOR go after each other for another million dollars, it gets ugly fast.” He is anxious to witness the battle ahead.
Tony senses that Sandra is coming after him, so he gathers his troops to plan an attack on her. He admits to Aubry that he can no longer trust Sandra. He suggests that the two of them join with Malcolm and Caleb and find a fifth person to pull into their alliance. Tony admits, “I think it’s time for me to start getting ruthless.” Tony talks to Malcolm about Sandra. Malcolm agrees with Tony that the strong people should stick together. He sees how dangerous Sandra is and is fine with getting rid of her. Although Malcolm doesn’t fully trust Tony, he agrees to work with him. Malcolm comments, “It benefits me to have all the strong players there as long as possible. I need camouflage and the more targets around the better.” Next, Tony checks in with Caleb. He agrees that Sandra needs to go and the strong players need to stick together or they will be picked off early. Caleb admits, “For challenges, we need to keep the tribe strong. It might be a blood bath later, but for now we’ve got to win.”
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Mana and Nuku tribes to the immunity and reward challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge to them. Six members of each tribe are going to race out into the ocean and cross a balance beam to a cage. They will crawl up and over the cage where they will untie a very long and very heavy snake. They will have to push it back up over the cage and across the balance beams to shore. Next, they will put the snake in its cradle, where the three remaining tribe members will untie numbered tiles from the snake. The numbers on those tiles will be used to solve a combination lock, which will release a series of rings. They will then attempt to land those rings on targets, which contain letters. The first tribe to spell IMMUNITY with those targets will win immunity and a fishing gear reward that includes a raft. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will become the second person voted out of this game. Nuku has one extra member, so Cirie volunteers to sit out of the challenge.
The challenge begins. Caleb, Aubry, Varner, Hali, Tony and Troyzan run to the ocean for the Mana tribe. Ozzy, Andrea, Zeke, Brad, Sarah and Tai race for the Nuku tribe. The tribes are even as they get to their cages and climb up and over them to get to their giant snakes. Varner hangs onto the side of the cage for the Mana tribe giving direction to those diving down to untie the knots. While, Nuku has all six people attack the knots. This method works best and Nuku gets their snake untied quickly and start lifting it out of the cage. They find it takes a lot of effort and teamwork to get the over 400 pound snake up and over the cage. Meanwhile, the Mana tribe is still struggling to untie their snake. Nuku gets their snake out of the cage and over the balance beam, before Mana gets their snake untied and out of the cage. Nuku continues to pull ahead as they put the snake in its cradle and JT, Sierra and Debbie quickly untie the numbered tiles. Debbie then starts using the tiles to open their combination lock. Mana is now having a hard time getting their snake over the balance beam. They drop it in the water a couple times and have to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Debbie has solved the combination lock and Sierra start tossing the rings to hook onto targets that spell “IMMUNITY”. By the time Mana gets their snake to the shore and Sandra, Malcolm and Michaela untie the numbered tiles; JT and Sierra have already hooked half of the letters needed. Malcolm solves the combo lock and starts tossing the rings for Mana. He proves to be a good thrower and quickly catches up to Nuku by the time they get to their sixth letter. There are only two more letters to go. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Michaela ask Malcolm if he needs a break. He wants to keep going. In the end, JT lands the final two rings before Malcolm. So, Nuku wins immunity and the fishing reward. Mana will once again have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out. As he leaves the challenge defeated, Malcolm comments, “We need to keep the strong people, who are good at challenges around as long as possible or else we’re doomed.”
The Mana tribe is back at camp devastated by once again losing an immunity challenge. Michaela is frustrated that her athletic ability was not utilized in the challenge. She vents, “To be standing there doing nothing, while weaker players lose it again, pissed me off.” As soon as Tony leaves the camp, Sandra tells Hali, Troyzan, Michaela and Varner to vote for Tony tonight. Michaela is worried that Tony will find an idol before Tribal Council. Sandra recommends that they split votes just in case Tony does have an idol. Hali suggests they get two more votes. So, Sandra suggests they target Caleb and Malcolm. Sandra, Hali and Troyzan talk to Caleb about splitting the votes between Tony and Aubry. When Tony walks up on the group, Sandra tells him they are voting for Aubry tonight. Tony admits, “If Aubry goes home, Sandra takes control of the game.” He is not willing to let that happen, so Tony knows he has to get Sandra out tonight. He reveals, “When I set my sites on a target, I’m a heat seeking missile.” He starts by talking to Caleb. Caleb does not want a strong player like Tony to go, since he will then be more vulnerable. Tony, Aubry, Malcolm and Caleb need one more person to give them a majority of five. Tony recommends they talk to Michaela. Caleb comments, “There’s one thing about Michaela, she hates to lose challenges. So, maybe she’ll be down with getting rid of the weakest link.” Caleb talks to Michaela and Varner and encourages them to vote for Sandra instead of Tony. Michaela does not want to lose any more challenges. Varner admits, “I’m in heaven. Having two winners going at each other is Christmas. And the best part of it is we get to decide which one is going home.” Sandra hopes that her plan to get out Tony works. She comments, “No one has a track record like me and we’re going to put that in perspective tonight when Tony goes home.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Mana tribe to Tribal Council for the second time. Tony points out that his tribe worked hard in the immunity challenge and needs to keep the strong players to have a shot at winning the next challenge. Malcolm agrees that physically strong players are very valuable to the tribe right now. When Jeff ask Michaela about today’s challenge, she tells everyone that she is in this GAME CHANGERS season, because she is a strong physical player. She supports the idea that strong physical players should not be voted out at this point in the game. Hearing this, Sandra admits that now she is feeling nervous, since she is not a physically strong player. She points out that the physically strong players have not won a challenge for the tribe yet. Troyzan feels that the tribe will be less paranoid after tonight’s vote. Tony knows that that comment is directed at him. So, he fires back by reminding Troyzan that he was the one whom he caught sneaking off and talking to Sandra in the middle of the night. Sandra insists they were having an innocent conversation, but Tony interrogated them anyway. Tony knows that he has a history of lying and not being loyal from his prior season, but he insists that he is playing an honest game this time. Varner, Caleb and Malcolm tell Jeff that they believe Tony is playing a different game. Varner says that the tribe is a round hole and it’s time to get rid of the square peg amongst them. Jeff then calls for the Mana tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reads the first seven votes. Aubry receives two votes. Tony receives six votes, which is enough. So, Tony Viachos from SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS. As he goes to get his torch snuffed by Jeff, Tony says, “Sheep being led to the slaughter. Good job Sandra.” Sandra replies, “That’s what you get for plotting against me and the queen stays queen.”