Season 34: Episode 4 - Dirty Deed
Posted on Mar 29, 2017 10:00pm

The Nuku tribe is back at camp on night 11 after being blindsided at Tribal Council. They intended to vote out Sierra from the Mana tribe, but instead had the Mana tribe vote out their tribe mate Malcolm. This was all made possible because Tai gave his hidden immunity idol to Sierra, which saved her from the vote. Sandra wonders how Tai knew that Sierra was the one they were targeting. She suspects that JT revealed their voting plans to Brad. JT insists that he did not. He comments, “Tribal Council tonight went about as bad as it could have for me.” In fact, JT did tell Brad that Sierra was the target, but he wanted them to vote out Sandra and not his buddy Malcolm. JT hopes to smooth things over with his current Nuku tribe. He has no problem lying to Sandra and swears to her that he did not tell Brad that Sierra was the target. JT admits, “I’m here to win a million dollars.” Sandra does not believe JT though. She vents, “I’m pissed. JT’s hands are all over this.” Sandra plans on paying JT back by voting him out next.
The next morning, JT knows that he is in trouble and that he needs an immunity idol to be safe. So, he intensely searches for an idol, while the others are still back at camp. After searching around many trees, he is thrilled to find a clue to a hidden immunity idol in the trunk of a tree. The clue shows him the location that the idol is buried, which is at the intersection of four landmarks around his beach. He waits until his tribe mates are bathing in the water to find the intersection and starts digging with a shovel. JT reveals, “Low and behold, I found the idol and no one knows.” He covers up the hole and his tracks. JT comments, “I’ll never tell a soul and that idol will keep me in this game.”
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Tavua, Mana and Nuku tribes to the Reward Challenge. The Tavua tribe is shocked to see that Malcolm was the one voted out last night at Tribal Council. Ozzy says, “Malcolm is a huge, huge player in this game and for him to be gone at this point, it definitely changes the game.” Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Each tribe will use a grappling hook to retrieve a bow. They will then dig up a bag containing a ball. One person will balance the ball on the bow through a series of obstacles and deposit the ball at the finish. Now it’s back to the start where the grappler will hook a bag containing a handle. Another ball will then be dug up. The ball will need to be balanced on the handle through the same obstacles. Once both balls are at the end, one person will race to finish a slide puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win reward. The first tribe to finish wins a peanut butter and jelly sandwich feast, which includes cookies and milk. The second tribe to finish wins a plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The last tribe to finish wins nothing. Tavua has one extra member, so Troyzan sits out of the challenge. Jeff gives the tribes a few minutes to strategize before the challenge starts. Debbie insists she has a good sense of balance. So, Brad assigns Debbie to a balancing position for Mana.
The challenge begins. Sarah, Varner and Sierra start throwing their grappling hooks to retrieve the bows for their Tavua, Nuku and Mana tribes. Sierra is the first to hook the bow, which puts Mana in the lead. Tai starts digging for Mana’s first ball. Sarah hooks the Tavua bow next. Cirie now digs for Tavua’s ball. Tai retrieves the ball. So, Hali starts out on the obstacle course while balancing Mana’s ball on the bow. Varner finally hooks the bow for Nuku. Michaela digs furiously to get Nuku’s ball in record time. Cirie finally digs up Tavua’s ball, so Ozzy heads out on the course balancing their ball on the bow. JT is the balancer for Nuku. Ozzy flies through the obstacle course without dropping the ball. So, now Tavua is in the lead. Sarah quickly snags the handle and Cirie starts digging for the second ball. Hali is the next one to successfully get through the obstacle course. Sierra and Tai retrieve the handle and ball quickly. So, Mana now takes the lead. Cirie is still digging for Tavua’s ball. Debbie is now on the course trying to balance the ball on the handle over the obstacles. She drops the ball on the first obstacle and goes back to the start. Meanwhile, Andrea s now on the course for Tavua and proves to be very good at it. JT is still trying to get through the obstacle course for Nuku, but keeps dropping the ball off the bow. Andrea has now finished the course for Tavua, so Zeke starts working on their slide puzzle. JT finally gets through the course, so Nuku can start working on getting their stand and ball. Debbie is still struggling for Mana to keep the ball on the stand through the obstacles. Aubry is now out on the course for Nuku. She gets the job done quickly, so Sandra starts working on their slide puzzle. Zeke had a big head start, so he solves the slide puzzle first and wins his Tavua tribe the first place PB&J feast with cookies and milk. Sandra solves the Nuku puzzle next to win second prize. The Mana tribe gets no reward. Debbie vents, “Once again we lost and we don’t strategize. It’s a dictatorship with Brad just telling people what positions they are going to take.”
The Tavua tribe is back at camp enjoying their peanut butter and jelly feast. Sarah is happy that her tribe has done so well in recent challenges. She admits, “In the event that something crazy happens, I need options.” So, Sarah has a conversation with Troyzan, since he has no allies at Tavua and that gives her an alternative to her alliance with the other four. She tells Troyzan that if he tells the others that they talked, they will both in trouble. Sarah admits, “I’m completely playing this game like a criminal this time. I know how criminals lie to me, so I know how to lie to these people.” She reveals to Troyzan that she is looking for an idol. He promises to keep her secrets. Troyzan is happy that someone on Tavua wants to work with him. He admits, “If I could work with Sarah and keep my idol, I mean that would be the golden ticket.”
Over at the Mana camp, Debbie gathers her things and storms out of camp. She tells her tribe to give her things to Hali when they vote her out. Brad thinks that Debbie is upset, because she had difficulty at the challenge on the balance beam after she assured everyone that she was good at balancing. He comments, “The only predictability of Debbie is that she is unpredictable.” Sierra and Hali find Debbie at the beach. She tells they that she is upset because she is at the bottom of the tribe and Brad is not listening to her or respecting her. Debbie has the perception that she did well on the balance beam and Hali did not. She is tired of Brad not respecting her, while he caters to Hali. Debbie vents, “It’s fricken’ nauseating, frustrating and I’m pissed.” Hali listens to Debbie and lets her blow off some steam. Hali feels Brad is actually a good leader and helpful in challenges. She comments, “She thinks that I’m the princess and I get whatever I want and she’s the ghoul that gets nothing.” Tai tries to talk to Debbie next to calm her down. Debbie just continues to complain about how Brad treats her. Tai comments, “Watching Debbie get upset like that, I got really scared. I think Debbie is just different. She’s like a crazy lady.” Next Debbie starts doing push ups to diffuse her anger. She admits, “I’ll make a strategic, calm decision and it may be him.” Brad apologizes to Debbie. She tells him that he is a dictator that crushed her heart. Debbie comments, “May the best man be left standing. Bring it on Brad, bring it on.”
The next morning at the Nuku tribe, JT is making coffee. Michaela wants only seven drips of coffee with a spoonful of sugar. JT is losing his patience with Michaela. He comments, “Michaela is starting to kind of lose her bearings out here. She’s a little out there already.” Sandra notices that JT is annoyed with Michaela over the fact that she uses one scoop of sugar for only seven drips of coffee. Sandra sees this as a perfect opportunity to increase the tension between them. She reveals, “So I had a sweet idea to eat what’s left of the sugar.” Sandra feels confident that JT will blame Michaela, when he sees the sugar jar empty. Sandra’s plan works perfectly. JT tells Varner and Aubry that he is sure Michaela not only ate the sugar, but licked the jar clean. He then confronts Michaela, who points out that he also eats a lot of sugar. Michaela is angry that JT wrongly blames her for the missing sugar, but works hard to keep her temper in check. She admits, “I wanted to kill him.”
Over at the Mana tribe, everyone is eating breakfast in silence. Tai comments, “I can feel the tension in the Mana tribe. I don’t’ know where I’m fitting.” Since he played the hidden immunity idol at the last Tribal Council, Tai feels confident that another one is out there to be found. So, he starts his search. Tai looks through many trees, until he finally finds a clue stuck in the crack of a tree trunk. The clue tells him to soak a wooden board, which will reveal his tribe’s motif and the location of the idol. Tai feels he has been away from the others for too long, so he decides to search for the wooden board later.
The Nuku, Mana and Vanua tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge to them. Each tribe will race over a tall wall. They will then work together to roll a massive wooden cube to a post, where they will unwind a ring of keys. The keys will unlock a chest full of sandbags. They will then transport the sandbags across a balance beam. When they get to the finish, they will use a giant slingshot to knock down five targets with those sandbags. The first two tribes to finish win immunity. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of this game. Cirie sits out of the challenge for the Tavua tribe, since they have one member more than the other tribes. Jeff gives the tribes time to strategize before the challenge. During this time, Brad recommends that Hali and Tai should take the sandbags across the balance beams for the Mana tribe. Debbie wants to navigate the balance beams too, since she is positive that she is the best at it. When Brad doesn’t immediately agree, Debbie gets mad and decides for herself that she will not go across the balance beams.
The challenge begins. Mana has a slight lead, since the tribe gets over the wall the quickest. Debbie points out that she was the first one over the wall. Mana keeps their lead after Brad, Sierra and Debbie get their wooden cube to the key post first. Tavua is in second and Nuku in third. Sierra, Sarah and JT are the ones to climb on top of the wooden cubes and unwind a ring of keys for their tribes. Sierra keeps Mana in the lead by releasing her keys first, but Sarah and JT are not far behind. Tai, Ozzy and Michaela start using the keys to unlock their sandbags for their tribes. Michaela unlocks the Nuku box first and grabs an armful of sandbags to get across the balance beams. Michaela and Varner team up to get 100 sandbags across for their Nuku tribe. Ozzy and Andrea navigate the balance beams for Tavua, while Tai and Hali do this for Mana. When a person drops a sandbag, while on the balance beams, they have to start over. Tai has trouble getting over the beams without dropping the bags. Debbie yells at Brad for not choosing her to do this instead of Tai. Ozzy and Andrea get their 100 sandbags to the slingshot before the others. Ozzy starts using the slingshot to launch the sandbags to knock down their five targets. Mana and Nuku now have all their sandbags and start firing their slingshots. Ozzy has not hit a target yet, so Sarah takes over at the slingshot for Tavua. Sierra knocks down two targets for Mana before anyone else lands one. Sarah then knocks down one for Tavua. JT knocks one down for Nuku. Brad takes over for Mana and knocks down their third and forth targets. They are one away from immunity. Ozzy and JT start feeling the pressure for their tribes. Ozzy connects with a second target, just as Brad gets Mana’s fifth and final target. So, Mana is the first to win immunity. Now it is a showdown between JT and Ozzy. In the end, Ozzy knocks down the targets first for Tavua winning them immunity. So, Nuku will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. Michaela reveals, “The last time I played, the challenge that got me to the Tribal Council that sent me home ended with slingshots and today it ended with slingshots, but this is GAME CHANGERS. So the same thing can’t really happened to me twice. I hope.”
The Nuku tribe is back at camp discussing the vote. As Michaela leaves camp, JT pleads his case to the others that he is more valuable and more pleasant than Michaela. Aubry comments, “I feel like Michaela has to be the next person to go.” She feels JT has proven his worth to the tribe. Varner tells JT that he agrees with him. Sandra laughs when JT reminds everyone that Michaela stole the sugar. JT remarks, “I can’t think of not one reason why anyone would want to keep Michaela in this game versus running with me.” Sandra tells JT not to worry. JT is willing to use his idol to save himself, but he feels pretty confident that his tribe recognizes that they need him for challenges. He comments, “It’s sad that the sugar is going to be gone, but nothing is going to be sweeter than watching Michaela walk home tonight and get her torch snuffed.” Sandra has other plans for Tribal Council though. Since, JT did not help them win the Immunity Challenge, she feels it is his time to be voted out. Sandra explains, “I need to get vengeance for what happened to Malcolm and I think that between Varner, Michaela and I, we make a good team.” Sandra meets with Michaela to get her support on the idea of voting out JT. Michaela is happy to work with Sandra and Varner to vote out JT and keep herself safe. She comments, “I’m ready for him to go home. He’s just irritating.” Michaela hopes that she can trust that Sandra and Varner will vote with her and not against her. Next, Sandra meets with Varner to confirm that they will vote JT out tonight. Varner likes having the option of voting with Sandra and Michaela or with JT and Aubry. He remarks, “It is get rid of an attitude problem or get rid of a big threat.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Nuku tribe to Tribal Council. When Jeff brings up the last Tribal Council, Sandra admits that they suspected JT had told Brad whom Tai should play his idol for, which resulted in Malcolm going home. JT is not happy that Malcolm went home and regrets giving any information to Brad. Michaela dislikes JT being the boss around camp. JT agrees that camp life is tough right now. He is happy to be at Tribal Council, so he can vote Michaela out. Sandra explains to Jeff that JT feels that Michaela finished off the sugar and licked the container. Everyone laughs at this, including Jeff and Michaela. Michaela assures everyone that she did not and would not want to lick the sugar jar. Sandra tells Jeff the tribe is going forward with their strongest player. JT is tired of babysitting Michaela whom he claims does no work. Michaela takes offense at this and lists the chores she has done, which Sandra verifies. Varner and Aubry confirm that they support JT. Sandra admits that she does listen to what JT says, but they he doesn’t speak for her. Aubry does respect Michaela, but wants things to be calm back at camp. Varner feels that tonight’s vote is complicated and confirms that camp life is uncomfortable with both JT and Michaela around. Jeff calls for the tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reads the all five votes. Michaela receives 2 votes. JT receives three votes, which is enough. So, JT Thomas from SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS is the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS. As JT’s torch is snuffed, Aubry congratulates the others for blindsiding her and JT. Michaela laughs when Sandra admits to stealing the sugar.