Season 34: Episode 6 - What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile
Posted on Apr 12, 2017 11:00pm

It’s night 16 and the Nuku tribe returns from Tribal Council after voting out Sandra. Debbie got to attend the Tribal Council and then joined the Nuku tribe after being on Exile for three days. Sarah and Tai ask Debbie about Exile. She tells them she is glad to be back, because Exile was pretty rough and that she didn’t even have a flint. Debbie comments, “What happened on Exile, stays on Exile. I have no intention of letting myself or Mr. Cochran down.” Ozzy admits that he was worried at tonight’s Tribal Council when Tai recommended that the tribe vote him out instead of Sandra. Tai admits he panicked at Tribal and threw out Ozzy’s name when he was afraid that he was the one going home. Tai reveals, “I’m terrible at Tribal and that worries me a little bit.” Varner is happy to be back at camp, but upset that he was blindsided by the tribe when they voted out his strongest ally Sandra. He comments, “I’m mad, but I can’t show it, because I need them.” Zeke takes Varner aside and apologizes for blindsiding him. Varner tells him that he understands and would have voted for Sandra, if they had wanted him too. Zeke assures Varner that he wants to go to the end of the game with him. Varner is happy to hear this. He admits, “Zeke and I have bonded and I think he genuinely feels bad about what he did to me. So, I’m not done just yet.”
The next day, Jeff Probst, the host greets the Mana and Nuku tribes on their mats. The Mana tribe is surprised to see that Sandra is gone from the game. Jeff explains the rules of the Reward Challenge. Each tribe will work together to unspool ropes and release a key. They will then build a ladder and climb to the top to use the key to unlock a bag of balls. Next, they will squeeze through a net sling to the finish. Here they will attempt to land the balls in a series of targets. The first tribe to get one ball in each of the five targets wins a pizza and soda reward. The winning tribe will share 10 pizzas and a bucket of ice cold soft drinks. The castaways are anxious to get started and win the pizza reward. Sierra, Michaela and Hali work to unspool the ropes and release the key for Mana. Ozzy, Andrea and Sarah unspool for Nuku. Nuku gets their key released first. So, the entire Nuku tribe proceeds to the ladder. Tai unties the ladder rungs. Mana gets their key, so Aubry starts untying their ladder rungs. Varner and Zeke build the ladder for Nuku. Brad and Troyzan build the Mana ladder. Nuku is still in the lead as Debbie uses the completed ladder to unlock and release the bag of balls. Now the entire Nuku tribe heads up and over the ladder and through the net sling to the ball launcher. Mana has now finished their ladder, so Cirie climbs to the top and unlocks their bag of balls. Nuku is now at the ball launcher. Ozzy starts launching balls for Nuku as Mana is working their way through the net sling. Ozzy lands three balls in their targets, as Sierra starts launching for Mana. Sierra is not successful, so Brad takes over for Mana. He lands one on his first try. Ozzy answers that by landing his fourth ball. Nuku has only one more target to hit for the win. Ozzy lands the winning shot on his next try. So, the Nuku tribe wins the pizza and soda reward to be enjoyed back at camp. Cirie wishes her Mana tribe had won the pizza. She comments, “It’s been 17 days and it’s rough. It’s taxing on you physically and emotionally.”
The Mana tribe sits back at camp starving and wishing they were enjoying those 10 pizzas. Sierra is especially tired and hungry. She comments, “It is 100% real right now.” Sierra admits to her tribe mates that she cried before she started the game. Aubry says that she did too, as she thought about putting herself through such a difficult game again. Aubry reveals, “When you get home, it’s really, really hard to explain what you’ve been through.” Brad and Troyzan get emotional and start crying, since they can relate to what Sierra and Aubry are talking about. Brad only played 12 days in his first season, but his wife, Monica made it all the way to the end. Now, Brad is starting to understand how tough it was on his wife to be on SURVIVOR for so long. He comments, “For her to do what she did, she’s a tough cookie and she’s kind of been a guide for me.” Later, when Brad is down at the beach washing his clothes, Aubry thanks him for being so honest and open with everyone. She comments, “Brad is to me, the most genuine person that I’ve met out here and it’s first time I feel like I think I have a person working with me.” Next, Cirie compliments Brad and tells him that she would like to work with him. He shakes her hand and admits that he is impressed with her too. Brad now feels like he has four people that he can work with in Sierra, Troyzan, Aubry and Cirie.
Over at the Nuku tribe, they carry their 10 pizzas and bucket of sodas in from the challenge and immediately sit down to enjoy them. Ozzy boasts, “We dominated the Reward Challenge. It was epic.” He is so happy that the food and drink will boost his tribe’s morale, since things are getting harder at this point in the game. Varner enjoys the pizza, but he is not as happy as the rest of them. He knows he is at the bottom in the tribe. Varner comments, “If I want to save my own butt out here, I’ve got to find a way to throw the shade on somebody else.” He decides to target Ozzy, since he is such a big threat in the game. So, Varner starts talking to his tribe mates about getting rid of Ozzy next. He starts with Sarah and assures her that he has connections with people on the other tribe that will work with him and her after the merge. He recommends that they vote out Ozzy next. Sarah reveals, “I need to be careful, because that’s a huge move, but I’m ready to prove, why I am a game changer.” She listens to Varner and considers joining him in voting out Ozzy.
The Nuku and Mana tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Four members of each tribe are going to swim out to a raft. They will then pull themselves and the raft to a series of stations. At each station, someone will dive down and release a set of buoys and place them in a bag. Once they have collected all the buoys, the three remaining tribe members will solve a 13-letter word puzzle. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where someone will be the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS.
The challenge begins and four members from both tribes jump in the water and race to the raft. The Nuku tribe with Tai, Zeke, Sarah and Ozzy arrive at their first marker before the Mana tribe. Ozzy jumps in to release their first set of buoys. Brad, Troyzan, Aubry and Hali from Mana are not far behind. Brad dives down to release their buoys when they arrive at their first marker. Ozzy unties the first bag of buoys quickly. So the buoys then rise to the surface where Ozzy, Tai, Zeke and Sarah round them up and put them in the bag on the raft. Brad needs a couple dives to get Mana’s first bag released. So, Mana gets further behind Nuku. Ozzy is just as fast as he releases and gathers the second and third set of buoys. Aubry releases the second set of buoys for the Mana tribe. Varner, Debbie and Andrea are already working on the 13-letter word puzzle for Nuku. Brad brings in the third and final set of buoys for Mana, so Michaela, Cirie and Sarah can now start working on their puzzle. Although Nuku has had quite a lot of time to work on their puzzle, they have not made much progress. So, Mana still has a chance. Hali tells them to start the letters META and this is just what they needed. They solve the puzzle by spelling out the word METAMORPHISIS with the 13 letter buoys they collected. So, Mana wins immunity and sends Nuku to Tribal Council. Varner comments, “I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure that I’m not the one going home.”
The defeated Nuku tribe arrives back at camp disappointed by their loss. Varner requests the chance to talk to each person individually, since he is the one likely to get voted out tonight at Tribal Council. He admits to everyone that he does not have a hidden immunity idol and asks that they do not lie to him. Ozzy joins Varner on his trip to the water well, which gives the rest of the tribe a chance to talk about the vote. Debbie suggests they vote out Varner tonight. Sarah feels they should vote out Ozzy instead, because she feels Varner is more trustworthy and loyal. Zeke likes Varner, but he feels it is better to keep Ozzy. He explains, “I don’t want to lose Ozzy, because the way I’ve set it up is to have bigger threats out there than myself.” Varner talks to Zeke next. Zeke admits to Varner that he is likely to be the one voted out tonight. When Varner asks him about voting for Ozzy instead, Zeke tells him that Andrea and Sarah will likely lie to him and make him feel safe. Varner comments, “A little light bulb went off. Ozzy and Zeke may be working together. I wonder if the girls know that?” So, Varner talks to Sarah next and alerts her to the fact that Zeke is working with Ozzy more than with her. He also lets her know that Zeke told him that she and Andrea would lie to him. Sarah does not like hearing this. Varner then relays the same message to Andrea. He warns her that Zeke is not being honest with her and Sarah. Varner admits, “If I have to go to Tribal tonight and raise mortal hell, I’m going to do it. I’m not going quietly off this island.” Sarah and Andrea are both upset that Zeke threw them under the bus with Varner. Sarah worries that Zeke and Ozzy have a stronger alliance with each other than they do with her and Andrea. She comments, “Maybe we need to get rid of Ozzy and keep Varner.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Nuku tribe once again to Tribal Council. Varner tells Jeff that he is sure that he is the one going home tonight. Varner warns the tribe that Zeke and Ozzy have a secret alliance. He recommends that the rest of them join him in voting for Ozzy tonight. Debbie is impressed with Varner’s argument to stay in the game. Varner then tells everyone that there is deception going on at a deeper level. With that, he asks Zeke, “Why haven’t you told anyone here that you’re transgender?” The entire tribe is shocked to hear this and shocked that Varner said it. Zeke sits quietly with his eyes looking down. Debbie points out that revealing that Zeke is transgender is personal and has nothing to do with the game. Andrea and Tai are angry with Varner and get emotional. Varner doesn’t understand why everyone is upset with him, when Zeke was the one that was deceiving them. He assures everyone that he has nothing against transgender people and advocates for them all the time in North Carolina. Tai, Andrea and Debbie yell at Varner for outing Zeke in front of everyone. Varner then begins to realize that Zeke had not revealed that he was transgender to everyone in his life. Zeke admits that he really liked Varner and told him that he was likely going to be voted out tonight, so he wouldn’t be blindsided. Varner says, “It’s a game for a million dollars and I clearly have made the wrong choice tonight.” He thought Zeke was out to the world, but was keeping it secret to his allies on SURVIVOR. Varner now feels horrible for what he has done. Tai understands that Varner was desperate and therefore crossed the line. He feels strongly that no one should ever out another person though. While wiping away tears, Varner says, “It never dawned on me that no one knew and so I’m just devastated.” Zeke admits that many people do know that he is transgender, because it is a long and difficult process. Now that he is through it, he doesn’t tell people as much, so they will identify with him as Zeke and not a transgender person. Zeke feels that his time and accomplishments on SURVIVOR have helped build his confidence. He says, “I am a changed, stronger, better man today than I was then.” Varner once again apologizes to Zeke. Sarah shakes her head at hearing this because she feels that Varner was being malicious when he revealed to the tribe that Zeke was transgender. She cries as she admits that she has never known a transgender person before, but that she loves and respects Zeke. Sarah feels that she has grown so much and that is worth more than a million dollars. Zeke hopes that maybe him being outed on SURVIVOR, will help someone else struggling with the issue. Jeff then confirms with everyone in the tribe that Varner is the one they would like to go home tonight. Everyone agrees. So without a formal vote, Jeff Varner from SURVIVOR: AUSTRALIA is the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS. Before he goes, Zeke and Varner hug.