Season 34: Episode 8 - A Line Drawn in Concrete
Posted on Apr 26, 2017 11:00pm

It’s night 24 and the Maku Maku tribe has just arrived back at camp from Tribal Council, where Ozzy was voted out. Debbie used her extra vote advantage to make sure that Ozzy was gone. She comments, “We have complete control of this game.” Debbie is confident that she and her alliance of Sarah, Troyzan, Sierra, Brad and Tai will pick off the other five one by one. Andrea is upset that she was blindsided by Ozzy going home instead of Zeke. She admits, “I guess I’m screwed. I’m in the minority.” Andrea tries to explain to Zeke why she voted for him at Tribal Council. Zeke feels that neither she nor Cirie ever had intentions of taking him to the end. Andrea accuses him of being shady, so Zeke ends their conversation. Seeing that Andrea and her group are not happy with him, Zeke comments, “I feel like I don’t have any choice, but to stay with the majority alliance.” Later, Sarah talks to Zeke and assures him that he is with the majority alliance and they can vote Andrea out next. Sarah admits, “I want to work with Zeke. Having Zeke opens up options for me.”
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to the Reward Challenge. He then tells them the rules of the challenge. They will be divided into two teams of five. One person at a time will race through a series of obstacles to the platform. Then the next person goes. Once all five are at the end, the will dive down and retrieve a grappling hook, which will be used to retrieve five rings floating in the water. The first team to finish wins the best reward of the season. The winning team will be taken by seaplane to the stunning Yasawa Islands where they will have a picnic. A schoolyard pick will be used to select teams, which means that one person will not participate and will not get the chance to go on the reward. They will draw for captains and get started.
Brad is captain of the blue team and he chose Debbie, Sierra, Andrea and Aubry to be on his team. Cirie is the captain of the orange team and she chose Tai, Sarah, Zeke and Troyzan. Michaela was not chosen and is upset, because she has to sit out of the challenge and has no chance of going on the reward. Brad and Tai are the first ones to jump in the water and tackle the obstacles. First, they have to swim to and climb a ladder and go down a slide. Next, they swim to and go over a rope net. Finally, they swim to and cross a narrow balance beam. Brad beats Tai through the course and waits for the rest of his blue team to join him on the final platform. The blue team maintains their lead as Sierra gets through the obstacles quickly and almost catches up to Tai. Troyzan makes up time for the orange team, but they are still behind. Aubry and Sarah are now on the obstacle course. Aubry falls off for the blue team, which gives Sarah the opportunity to put the orange team in the lead and she does. Debbie takes back the lead for her blue team as she beats Zeke through the course. Zeke is still trying to get across the balance beam, when Andrea passes him by and creates a bigger lead for her blue team. Now Brad dives down and unties the grappling hook for the blue team. Cirie is the last person for her orange team to start on the obstacle course. She gets up the ladder and down the slide, but struggles to get up on the next platform. She is exhausted. Meanwhile, Sierra has already retrieved 3 of the 5 rings for the blue team. Sarah jumps in the water and swims back to her teammate Cirie to help her. Sarah helps get her up on the second platform, so she can run through the rope net. Brad snags the fourth ring for blue as Cirie tries to get over the balance beam. She falls in the water just as she starts over the beam. Brad gets the fifth and final ring for his blue team. So, the blue team wins the Yasawa Islands seaplane reward. Jeff sees that Cirie is still struggling to get over the balance beam. Even though the challenge is over, he gives her the chance to finish the challenge to prove to herself that she can do it. Her team swims out to encourage Cirie. When Cirie finally makes it over the balance beam and gets to the finish line, everyone applauds as she cries. Cirie wanted to prove to herself and her children the importance of not giving up. Jeff admits, “One of the most powerful moments on SURVIVOR.” Brad, Aubry, Sierra, Andrea and Debbie head out to their reward. Jeff brings a boat in to pick up the losers and Michaela. As Sarah looks over at Michaela, she notices a roll with the words “Secret Advantage” on it below the bench that Michaela is sitting on. When the boat arrives, Sarah quickly retrieves the advantage without anyone noticing. Sarah admits, “To be a game changer, you’ve got to be looking constantly for idols and clues and now I have a Secret Advantage. So, this is a huge win for me.”
The losing orange team and Michaela return to the Maku Maku camp. Sarah tells Cirie how proud she is that she completed the challenge. Cirie reveals, “I just couldn’t let fear or exhaustion stop me or beat me this time.” Tai starts crying when he tells Cirie how proud her kids will be of her. Cirie really appreciates how kind and supportive her tribe mates have been, especially since they are all competing for the million dollar prize. She plans on doing better at the challenges, since she proved to herself that she could complete even the most difficult one. Cirie comments, “I want to do everything I can to try to solidify my relationships in the game. It’s going to be what’s necessary for me to win this thing.” Sarah gets away from camp to take a look at the Secret Advantage she found at the challenge. When she opens it up, it tells her that she has the right to steal a vote from someone at Tribal Council. The last time she can use this extra vote is when there are 5 people left in the game. Sarah comments, “Having this advantage opens up options for me. I can completely flip the game.” She plans on being the first one in SURVIVOR to play this advantage correctly.
Brad, Sierra, Aubry, Andrea and Debbie are in a seaplane flying over the beautiful Yasawa Islands. Debbie admits, “I am a captain in the Civil Air Patrol, the Air Force auxiliary. So, I am a huge fan of airplanes.” She has fun watching her teammates enjoy the flight as much as she does. The seaplane lands on the water and brings them to a huge feast complete with brownies, coleslaw, egg roll, French fries, salads and a variety of meat and drinks. Sierra, Aubry, Andrea and Debbie thank Brad for picking them to be on his team. Brad comments, “SURVIVOR 101 – Don’t ever take your whole contingency on a reward.” He left Troyzan and Sarah back at camp to keep an eye on what’s happening with the rest of the tribe. Sierra asks Andrea what is going on with her and Zeke. Andrea explains that she feels betrayed by Zeke. Sierra is glad to hear that Andrea and Zeke are not getting along. She explains, “At this point, there’s 11 people in the game and it’s kind of great to watch the five people that are free agents get mad at each other and fall apart.” Sierra is happy that her alliance of six is getting along well and committed to going to the end together. She boasts, “As of now, I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat and it feels great.”
Back at the Maku Maku camp, Sarah is in the hammock talking to Cirie. She asks Cirie who is running the show. Cirie feels Sierra is running the show with Brad and will pick them off one by one. Cirie comments, “I had a conversation with Sarah trying to get her to see that she doesn’t want to be on the bottom of Brad and Sierra’s little group.” Sarah asks Cirie is she could win if she went to the final three with Brad and Sierra. Cirie thinks she wouldn’t win, because Brad and Sierra would just use her as a loyal vote and then tell everyone that they carried her to the end. Sarah doesn’t want to make the same mistake that she did the first time she played SURVIVOR by going with the safest route to the end without making big moves. Sarah then confirms with Cirie that they could form a group of six with the two of them, Michaela, Aubry, Zeke and Andrea. Sarah comments, “There are small windows of opportunities in this game and if you miss them, you are not going to win.” Now she just has to figure out if now is the right time to make a big move.
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to the Immunity Challenge. Each of them will pull on a rope balancing a wobbly table. They will then race to stack wooden blocks on that table one letter at a time, which will spell the word IMMUNITY when they are all done. If the table wobbles and the stack of letters falls, then they have to start over. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed safety at Tribal Council. One of the losers after 26 days will be voted out and become the third member of the jury.
The challenge begins and everyone races to untie their bag of letters. Once they have their letters they can take the first letter and put it on their wobbly table. Tai takes the longest time to organize his letters before putting his first one of his table. Andrea quickly takes the lead when she is the first one to place her second letter. When she is halfway done and places her fourth letter, Troyzan, Brad and Sarah are the closest ones to catch her. It is still anyone’s game though, since you don’t know if someone will drop all their letters. Sarah has four letters on her table now and she is the first person to drop. So, she picks up her letters and starts again. Andrea and Troyzan are now working on adding their sixth blocks to their stacks. Aubry drops next with five letters on her table. Troyzan catches up to Andrea as they both place their seventh letter. Now, it is a race to see who places their final letter first. Andrea starts to rush and drops everything. So, now it is Troyzan’s game to win or lose. Brad is the only one who could possibly catch Troyzan. As he tries to pick up the pace, Brad drops his stack. No one else is close, so Troyzan takes his time getting back to the start after he places his final letter. In the end, Troyzan wins his first individual immunity of the season. So, he is safe tonight at Tribal Council. Sierra comments, “Luckily one of my power six won immunity.” She plans on voting out Andrea tonight.
The Maku Maku tribe congratulates Troyzan on his win when they get back to camp. Troyzan is happy to be safe tonight. He admits, “Now there’s a tight alliance of 6. We just got to figure out who is going home.” Brad encourages everyone to get more coconuts, since they are running out. Aubry and Michaela head out of camp to do so. Sierra tells Brad that Michaela is driving her crazy. Brad comments, “At this point, I think six of us are so sick of Michaela that it’s very tempting to vote her out.” Brad, Sierra and Debbie meet to discuss the vote. Debbie throws out Michaela’s name, but Brad recommends that they vote for the more threatening Andrea instead. Even though Debbie prefers to vote for Michaela, she feels it’s important to stick with her alliance and go after Andrea, since she didn’t win immunity. She admits, “You take the shot the moment you get the opportunity. The best time is right now.” Next, Debbie, Brad, Tai, Sierra, Sarah and Troyzan meet. Brad tells everyone to vote for Andrea. Sarah is not happy with being told what to do without discussing it first. She comments, “I realized at that point that I’m not high on the pecking order in that six some. So, it might be time for me to make my move.” Sarah starts by talking to Zeke. He is willing to go after the alliance of six. Zeke admits, “To do this we’ve got to bring in Andrea, who I have no desire to work with, but I’m going to have to deal with it at least for one vote.” Sarah talks to Andrea next about voting out one of the six. Andrea is happy to hear this and agrees to work with Sarah. She comments, “I’m willing to work with anyone that is willing to play.” Sierra and Sarah talk next. Sierra tells Sarah that she would like to be in the final three with her and Debbie. Sarah is surprised to hear this. She admits, “Maybe I’m not on the bottom of the six at all.” Debbie meets with Aubry and tells her that Sarah does not trust her and that she should vote for Michaela tonight. She figures if Aubry votes for Michaela, then this will protect them, if Andrea has an idol. Debbie comments, “Even though she screwed me over the last time I played, I want Aubry to think I’m with her.” She assures Aubry that if she proves that she is trustworthy, then there is a way into the majority alliance. Debbie wants to keep Aubry on her good side, in case she needs her in the future. Next Aubry meets with Michaela and Andrea and spills all of the information Debbie told her. She warns Michaela about being on the chopping block tonight. Aubry admits, “Debbie reminds me now, as she did around the time I voted her out of SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG. She starts to get cocky and then makes mistakes.” Aubry then tells Sarah that Debbie told her that Sarah did not trust her. Sarah is mad that Debbie is spreading lies about her and now she feels unsure about being in the final three with her. She admits, “Whatever I do, it’s going to determine how far I go in this game.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the jury members Hali and Ozzy to Tribal Council. Jeff reminds the remaining castaways that Tribal Council is their opportunity to inform the jury of what’s going on in the game and to build their case for winning the game. When asked about the Reward Challenge, Cirie explains that she did not want to end the challenge by failing to get over the platform. She so credits the help and encouragement of her tribe mates to helping her finish the challenge. Sarah admits she could not let Cirie struggle without helping her and is so proud of Cirie for proving to herself and others that she could do it. Andrea feels vulnerable tonight and wishes that she could have won the Immunity Challenge. After being blindsided at the last Tribal Council, when Ozzy was voted out, Andrea knows that she is not part of the majority alliance. Zeke identifies the majority alliance members as Tai, Debbie, Brad, Sierra, Troyzan and Sarah. Andrea points out that the rumor has Michaela is being voted out tonight, but everyone was cheering when she and not Michaela was out of the Immunity Challenge. Sarah knows that is important to be on the right side of the numbers to have security in the game. Debbie is happy that her strong alliance of six respects each other and gets along. Troyzan feels it is smart to stay with the six to get further in the game. Zeke points out that each time someone gets voted out the deck reshuffles and provides opportunities. Michaela has no plans of going home tonight and encourages her tribe mates to make a big move with her to upset things. Jeff then calls for the Maku Maku tribe to vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. None are played. He then reveals all 11 votes. Andrea gets 5 votes and Debbie gets 6 votes. So, Debbie Wanner from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG is the tenth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the third member of the jury.