Season 34: Episode 10 - It's Not a High Without a Low
Posted on May 10, 2017 11:00pm

It’s night 29 and the Maku Maku tribe is back at camp after Andrea, Cirie, Aubry, Michaela and Sarah voted out Zeke at Tribal Council. Tai is surprised that Zeke is gone and that his own alliance of Brad, Sierra and Troyzan voted for him tonight. Brad admits, “I thought myself, Sierra, Troyzan and Tai were on the bottom and one of us was going home.” He regrets the fact that they all voted for Tai and fears that he has lost him as an ally. Michaela got emotional at Tribal Council when Zeke was voted out. So, Andrea asks her if she is okay now that they are back at camp. Michaela says she is fine. She comments, “The majority turning on each other after one vote, just means there’s nothing solid in a big group.” Cirie recommends that she, Andrea, Sarah, Aubry and Michaela encourage Tai to join them, since his old alliance was willing to vote him out. She also recommends that they go after Brad or Sierra next to break up their strong alliance.
The next morning, Sierra feels very vulnerable because she is in the minority alliance and received two votes at the last Tribal Council. She feels betrayed by her former friend and ally Sarah, because she jumped alliances and voted out Debbie in the past. This resulted in Sierra losing power and ending up on the bottom. At the same time, Sierra admits, “She might be a key person to get me further in this game.” So, Sierra meets with Sarah and tells her about the Legacy Advantage that she found on the first day. She explains that it is an immunity idol that she can play when six people are left. Sierra offers to use it to help the two of them, if Sarah can help her get to the point where only six people are left in the game. In addition, Sierra tells Sarah that she plans on willing it to her, if she gets voted out before then. Sarah admits, “When Sierra told me about this advantage, it actually makes me want to keep her now, because she’s giving me information and she wants to work with me.” Sarah is ready to target Brad at the next vote.
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to the Reward Challenge. He lets them know that the winners of the challenge will enjoy an American barbeque with burgers, hot dogs and cupcakes. Jeff then tells them they are also playing for their loved ones. Immediately everyone gets emotional. Sarah drops to the ground and starts sobbing. So, Jeff calls out Sarah’s boyfriend Wyatt who gives Sarah a much needed hug and let’s her know that her son Wyatt is doing great. Andrea then gets to see her mother Linda who tells her how proud she is of her. Linda admits that Andrea’s deceased sister inspired her to be on SURVIVOR. Next, Aubry sees her sister Carrie and receives love and encouragement. Sierra gets to see her father Dan, as she did on her last season. He encourages Sierra to keep going and be thick skinned. Next, Michaela gets emotional as she greets her mother Candy. She is so happy that her hard working mother is getting a chance to enjoy a trip to Fiji. Troyzan is so happy to reunite with his brother Todd and through him feels the love and support of his whole family. Tai gets to see his partner Mark and get an update on his cats. Both of them are so happy to see each other. When Brad sees Monica, he runs towards her and tells her that he now realizes how strong and tough she was to make to day 39 in her season. Cirie is so happy to see her son Jared, whose high school graduation she missed by being on this season of SURVIVOR. Jeff tells the castaways that whomever wins the barbeque reward gets to enjoy it with their loved ones. He then explains the rules of the challenge. They will be tethered together in groups of three. They will race through a series of obstacles to a table where they will untangle braided ropes to release a key. The key will open a chest full of sandbags, which they will use to knock down a series of targets. The first team to finish will go with their loved ones back to camp to enjoy a nice barbeque. Next, they draw to determine which teams they will be on.
Brad, Aubry and Andrea end up on the red team. Cirie, Troyzan and Sierra are on the green team. Tai, Sarah and Michaela are on the blue team. The challenge begins and all three teams jump in the water and run to their first obstacle. The loved ones are watching them from the sidelines. Each team has to work together, since they are tethered to one another. The three teams are dead even as they climb up and over the first obstacle. The second obstacle requires them to crawl from the ocean to the beach under bamboo poles. The teams are still very close to each other as they reach their third obstacle, which is a log in the sand that they have to dig under to get by. Andrea, Aubry and Brad get through this obstacle quickly, while the others struggle. Brad’s team works on the next obstacle, which requires them to unwind a rope and release a set of keys. They speed through this too and get the keys to unlock their box of sandbags. The other two teams are just starting to untangle their keys. In six throws, Brad clears the targets and wins the reward for his team before anyone from the other two teams even gets to throw one sandbag. The loved ones of Brad, Andrea and Aubry join them to go on the reward. Before they go, Jeff gives the winners a tough decision to pick two of their tribe mates and their loved ones to join them for the barbeque. They choose Cirie and Sarah. The rest are heartbroken, especially Michaela as they head back to camp without their loved ones.
Brad, Aubry, Andrea, Cirie and Sarah are all back at camp enjoying burgers, hot dogs, steaks and cupcakes with their loved ones. Cirie’s son Jared is surprised to see the difficult conditions that his mother and the other castaways live in. Just like his mom, he is used to the comforts and conveniences of a big city. Cirie is so happy that her son is there to experience Fiji and visit with her. She admits, “The only thing that would be better than that is for me to make it to the end and win for him.” Brad and Monica are cooking up the food for everyone at the barbeque grill. This gives them a chance to talk away from the others. Brad fills her in on what has been going on in the game and he appreciates her opinions as a former SURVIVOR player herself. Monica warns Brad that Michaela was very upset at not being chosen, so she will be likely to flip. Brad comments, “Hopefully Troyzan and Sierra are back at camp trying to convince Michaela to flip and be in alignment with us. Otherwise, I have to win immunity in order for me to make it another day.”
Meanwhile, down by the beach Michaela is talking to Tai. She admits that she really wanted to spend time with her mother and is disappointed that she was not chosen to participate in the reward. Michaela tells Tai that she is worried that her alliance is taking her for granted and will not take her to the end. She comments, “I saw a huge opportunity to move myself forward in the game.” Michaela sees Tai as an ideal person to bring in, since his alliance voted for him at the last Tribal Council. She tells Tai that she trusts him and would like to work with him. Tai is definitely willing to work with her. Over by the fire, Sierra and Troyzan are talking. Sierra tells Troyzan that she is still loyal to him and Brad. Troyzan recommends that they reconnect with Tai and add Michaela to their numbers. Sierra has never really worked with Michaela, but is willing to try. She admits, “It’s a great opportunity, because she’s the type of person to get upset, feel disrespected and flip.” Next, Tai, Michaela, Troyzan and Sierra all meet by the water. Michaela tells them that she is tired of being told what to do and how to vote by Andrea. Sierra, Tai and Troyzan promise Michaela that they will vote for Andrea at the next Tribal Council. Michaela feels like she can vote with her old alliance for Brad or with her new alliance for Andrea. She comments, “At the end of the day, this is about Michaela and what Michaela is trying to do in this game.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to the Immunity Challenge. He explains the rules of the challenge. They will each balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy between two handles. If at any point, the buoy drops or they fall off the perch, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe at the vote. One of the losers will be the twelfth person voted out at Tribal Council and become the fifth member of the jury.
The challenge begins. Aubry quickly loses control of her buoy and is the first one out of the challenge. Sierra is out right behind her. Andrea, Sarah, Cirie and Troyzan are the next ones to drop. So now only Tai, Brad and Michaela are left in the challenge. After 18 minutes have passed in the challenge, Michaela loses control of her buoy and is out. Brad and Tai are left fighting for immunity. In the end, Brad keeps his balance and buoy the longest, which wins him his first individual immunity. Michaela comments, “I think Sierra is in trouble. I think Andrea is in trouble and it’s funny because everybody thinks I’m voting with them. So a couple people are going to be blindsided tonight.”
The Maku Maku tribe gets right to discussing the vote when they get back to camp. Andrea and Aubry encourage Tai to vote for Sierra tonight. He tells them that he will. Tai admits, “Sierra, Brad and Troyzan want to vote Andrea, so I’m weighing my options.” Next, Tai and Michaela get together to figure out if they want to vote for Sierra or Andrea. They decide to vote for Andrea, because they feel she is a bigger threat. Michaela and Tai warn Sierra that some people are voting for her tonight and invite her to vote out Andrea with them. Sierra is nervous about tonight and hope people will vote how they promised. She comments, “I hope people are looking at the big picture right now and I’m not the biggest threat, it’s Andrea.” Sarah tells Aubry that she will vote with them to get Sierra out tonight. She admits, “If Sierra goes it is not all bad, because Sierra has told me about this legacy advantage and that she would will it to me if she leaves.” Sarah checks in with Sierra to make sure she is still on her side. She wishes she did not have to vote Sierra out, but Sarah is determined to win the million dollar prize. Sierra tells Sarah that she has hope tonight, since Michaela and Tai are going to vote with her and Brad to get out Andrea. Sarah is surprised to hear this and realizes she needs to encourage Michaela and Tai to vote Sierra out instead. So, Sarah tells Michaela that Sierra is dangerous because she has the legacy advantage, which gives her immunity. Michaela comments, “Tai and I need to decide which way to go tonight.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the jury members Zeke, Debbie, Ozzy and Hali to Tribal Council. Andrea admits that choosing whom to go on the Loved Ones reward with them was very difficult. Since everyone wanted to go, she worries about the consequences of not selecting someone. Sierra admits that she, Troyzan, Tai and Michaela did talk about working together, when they were once again excluded from a reward. Aubry points out that every action that someone does impacts their future in the game. Brad is proud of his first immunity win, but worries about the other people on the bottom with him. Sierra admits that she feels vulnerable tonight without the immunity necklace around her neck. She reminds everyone that Andrea is a bigger challenge threat than she is. Andrea points out that Sierra is also a threat because she is an underdog that could win the game, if she made it to the end. Sarah admits that it’s an every changing game, but hopes that she can count on her group to vote with her tonight. Michaela knows the importance of sensing when your group is going to turn on you and vote you out. Jeff asks Andrea what to do when you can’t trust anything you hear at Tribal Council. Andrea admits that she has heard many things tonight that trouble her. She hopes that people will hold true to what they told her they were going to do before they came to Tribal Council. Sierra hopes that she can count on her people too. Andrea points out that since they talked to many of the same people, then those people either lied to her or Sierra. Jeff then calls for the Maku Maku tribe to vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. None are played. He then reveals the first 8 votes. Andrea gets 3 votes and Sierra gets 5 votes. So, Sierra Dawn Thomas from SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART is the twelfth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the fifth member of the jury.