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Season 34: Episode 11 - Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Posted on May 17, 2017 11:00pm

The Maku Maku tribe is back at camp on night 32 after voting out Sierra at Tribal Council. Aubry points out to Andrea, Cirie and Michaela that Sarah acted surprised when Sierra was voted out, even though Sarah voted for Sierra. She suspects that Sarah wanted Sierra to think that she had nothing to do with her being voted out, which would ensure that Sierra would not feel bitter towards her. Andrea admits, “Sarah’s lied to me before. Maybe it’s time to get someone like Sarah out.” Cirie suggests they keep their eyes on Sarah. She comments, “I’d like to take her to the end and all the people she’s screwed over will be sitting right there and decide who wins.”
The next morning, Sarah is pleased to find the Legacy Advantage that Sierra willed to her last night, when she was voted out. As her tribe mates suspected, Sarah did pretend to be shocked when Sierra was voted out, so Sierra would follow through on her promise to give it to Sarah. Sarah reads the advantage and sees that it gives her immunity when six people are left in the game. She is thrilled to now have two advantages in her possession. Sarah explains, “The first one is a steal a vote, which amounts to two votes and the second one is the legacy. So, this time with Game Changers, I’m shooting for the stars here.” She would like Andrea to go next, if the timing is right.
Jeff Probst, the host welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to an Immunity Challenge. He then explains the rules of this Immunity Challenge. With one hand they will steady a balancing board, while simultaneously building a house of cards with the other hand. The first person to build their house of cards high enough to reach the finish mark wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the thirteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury.
The challenge begins. Jeff tells everyone that this challenge is a SURVIVOR classic last won by Cochran who set a record of finishing it at 17 minutes. Aubry, Andrea and Michaela get off to the quickest starts, but Michaela is also the first to have her stack of cards fall. So, she has to build it all over again. Andrea is building her stack quickly, but then her stack falls. So, Aubry is now in the lead. Next, Brad and Sarah topple their stacks. Michaela has now restacked her cards and is catching up with Aubry. Cirie’s stack is pretty high, but then falls. So, Aubry and Michaela are now the ones to beat. Troyzan is building his stack slow and steady, but he still has a ways to go. Michaela’s stack falls once again. At only five minutes into the challenge, Aubry is still in the lead with no one close. Troyzan drops his stack. Aubry is now out of cards with more room to go to reach the top. So, she starts taking cards off to restack them differently. This gives the others a chance to catch up to her. Andrea is doing a good job rebuilding her stack, but it falls when a gust of wind comes up. In the end, Aubry pulls out her first Immunity Challenge win and beats Cochran’s record by finishing it in only six minutes. Andrea wants Sarah out next. She comments, “We want to get to her when she’s not expecting it and I think that the next vote would be the perfect time to do that.”
Aubry is thrilled to have won immunity. She admits, “It felt really, really good to have a high moment in a 33 day journey where I needed something to kind of start a resume.” Aubry sees Brad as a big threat in the game and wants him to be voted out tonight. So, Aubry talks to Cirie, Andrea and Michaela. Cirie agrees that they all want Brad out. Michaela wants Brad to go catch some fish before he leaves, so she goes searching for him. She also wants to make sure that he is not looking for an idol to keep him safe tonight. When Michaela finds Brad gathering coconuts, she suggests that he go fishing. Brad is not happy with Michaela telling him what to do. He vents, “Michaela is trying to be a princess and blackmail me into fishing for her. I’m not going to sit here and kowtow to some diva’s demands.” Meanwhile, Andrea shares her concerns about Sarah with Aubry. Aubry feels that it is more important to take out Brad now, when he does not have immunity. Andrea talks to Cirie next about voting out Sarah tonight. Cirie also suggests that they wait and vote Sarah out in the future. She comments, “I need Sarah to stay in order for me to make it further in the game.” Next, Cirie fills Sarah in on the fact that Andrea is trying to get her out tonight. She suggests that they vote Andrea out instead. Cirie weighs the pros and cons of voting out Brad versus Andrea. She admits, “It’s a real difficult position to be in, but timing is key here.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the jury members Sierra, Zeke, Debbie, Ozzy and Hali to Tribal Council. Aubry feels like stronger alliances are forming as the game progresses. Sarah feels that it is logical to stick with the majority. Troyzan hopes that the people at the bottom of the majority alliance will work with him to get a stronger position in the game. Cirie finds it odd that there was not a lot of scrambling back at camp before Tribal Council. Andrea feels uncomfortable for the same reason and wonders why the people on the bottom are not trying to align with others to save themselves. Brad admits that he did not strategize with Andrea today, because he has voted for her twice in the past. He just hopes that the other ladies will realize that this is their chance to make a move, if they want to get one of their own out. Sarah hopes that the jury will reward the person with the best game play this season and not let bitterness get in their way. Aubry feels that emotions will play a big part in judgments. Andrea feels that it is important how a people treat each other when they vote them out. Michaela plans on voting to keep her group safe and advance herself in the game. Brad once again points out to everyone that there are enough people in the game right now to make moves and get rid of the most dangerous players. Jeff then calls for the Maku Maku tribe to vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. None are played. He then reveals the first 7 votes. Brad gets 2 votes and Andrea gets 5 votes. So, Andrea Boehike from SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND is the thirteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the sixth member of the jury.
Cirie checks in with Aubry when the Maku Maku returns to camp after Tribal Council to make sure she is okay, since she was not expecting Andrea to get voted out. Aubry says she is fine. Cirie comments, “Although Aubry’s in our group, I can’t trust her that much.” Aubry was having such a good day after winning the Immunity Challenge and now she is upset about having her ally Andrea voted out. With tears in her eyes, she admits, “My pattern in SURVIVOR seems to be really high highs and really low lows.” Tai gives Aubry a hug and tries to comfort and encourage her. Cirie notices how close they appear to be. She comments, “Tai works people and he works on their emotional side. So, the way he is moving around with Aubry lets me know that there’s some kind of pair happening there.”
The next morning, Jeff calls the Maku Maku tribe into another Immunity Challenge. This time they will be perched on top of a pole in the ocean. They will use a bucket to retrieve water. They will pour the water down a shoot, which will raise a key on a pole. Once they have the key, they will swim back to shore and use that key to unlock a bundle of puzzle pieces. They will use those pieces to solve a block puzzle. The first person to finish wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. One of the losers will be the fourteenth person voted out and the seventh member of the jury.
The challenge begins. Cirie is uncomfortable being up so high on a narrow perch above the water that she kneels on the perch rather than stand on it. Everyone lowers their bucket, which has holes in it to make it more difficult, into the water below them. They then pull it up to them and dump the water into the shoot to lift their key closer to them. Michaela and Troyzan get off to the fastest start. Cirie’s bucket gets stuck at the bottom of her perch; so she has to climb down to free it. This costs her a lot of time. Michaela is the first to reach her key, so she grabs it and jumps in the water. Troyzan is close behind her. They both head to the beach to unlock their puzzle pieces and then start on their puzzles. Aubry and Brad are the next ones to get their keys. Michaela and Brad are first to start work on their puzzles. Tai, Sarah and Cirie finally have their keys and head back to the beach. Now everyone is working on their puzzles. It is anybody’s game. Michaela puts hers together first and calls Jeff over to see if it is correct. Unfortunately, Michaela’s pieces are in the wrong order, so she has to rework it. Meanwhile, Brad gets all her pieces together. He has them in the right order, so he wins immunity. Brad is all worked up with the victory and shouts and throws sand to celebrate. He is sure that he would go home tonight, if he had not won immunity. Cirie comments, “I’m ready to take out somebody that is a threat to me.”
As the Maku Maku tribe returns to camp from the challenge, Troyzan feels vulnerable tonight, since Brad is safe with the immunity necklace. He admits, “I’m going to Tribal with my idol and if I feel like I’m in trouble, I’ll play it.” Tai meets with Aubry and admits that he is ready to break away from the others and make a big move. He and Aubry agree that Sarah is a major threat and should be voted out. Tai admits, “A scary time, big boy time and little Tai needs to gain some confidence.” Aubry is ready to make a big move too, but she would like to vote out Tai instead of Sarah tonight. So, she tells Cirie that Tai is targeting Sarah. Cirie relays this information to Sarah. Sarah trusts Tai more than Aubry though. So, she gives Cirie her Legacy Advantage to show her how much she trusts that Tai will not vote her out. In addition, she tells Cirie that she can use it, if she does get voted out. Sarah admits, “If this doesn’t scream loyal, then I don’t know what does.” Cirie promises to give Sarah back her advantage, if they both return from Tribal Council tonight. Cirie is still worried that Tai is trying to get Sarah out tonight. She comments, “Do I play it tonight and save Sarah and risk Sarah being pissed off at me?” Cirie talks it over with Michaela. Michaela realizes that if Sarah gets voted out then it messes up her and Cirie’s game also. Cirie tells Michaela that she is going to use the advantage and take away Sarah’s vote and use it to vote out Tai instead. The only problem is that her plan could backfire, if Tai uses an immunity idol tonight. So, Cirie decides to talk to Tai and try to make him believe that she is going to use the advantage to save him tonight. Therefore, he will feels safe and not play an idol. Cirie makes a heartfelt plea to Tai not to reveal her plan to save him, so she will not be the one voted out tonight. Tai is surprised to hear that people are targeting him tonight. He wonders if he can really trust what Cirie is telling him or whether he should play one of his two idol. Tai comments, “I am terrified inside.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the jury members Andrea, Sierra, Zeke, Debbie, Ozzy and Hali to Tribal Council. Sarah points out that people were doing a lot of sneaking around and lying after the Immunity Challenge. She hopes that she knows the truth going into tonight’s vote. Cirie is confident that tonight will reveal the source of the deception. Michaela feels that only a couple people are lying, but some people that are telling the truth are not being believed, because they have lied in the past. Tai is concerned about the many levels of lies in the game, because he is a trusting person. Troyzan hopes that he will still be in the game tomorrow and have more control over his destiny. Michaela feels people have to decide if they want to make a big risky move or stick with their alliance and have a better chance of getting to the end of the game. Jeff then calls for the Maku Maku tribe to vote. Before the first person gets up to vote, Cirie tells Jeff that she would like to play an advantage that will expose a rat and save someone in the game. She explains that her advantage will allow her to take away someone’s vote, so she will be able to cast two votes. Cirie then announces that she will steal Sarah’s vote. Sarah quickly points out that the advantage she gave Cirie is nontransferable. Jeff asks Cirie to read the advantage. While doing do, she realizes what Sarah said is true and that only Sarah can use her advantage. Sarah asks Cirie for her advantage back and immediately gets up and whispers something in Tai’s ear. Cirie then whispers to Sarah that she was trying to use the advantage to help her by voting out Tai tonight. Michaela confirms this with Sarah. Michaela, Cirie and Sarah get upset when Troyzan tries to listen in on their conversation. Cirie assures Sarah that she is not lying to her. Brad tells Sarah not to believe Cirie. More whispering then takes place between Brad and Tai, Tai, Sarah and Cirie, Cirie and Michaela and finally Tai and Sarah. After all that, Sarah decides to use her advantage to steal Tai’s vote. So, Tai will not be able to vote and Sarah gets to vote twice. Jeff once again calls for the Maku Maku tribe to vote. Before revealing the votes, Jeff asks if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. None are played. He then reveals the all 7 votes. Aubry gets vote and Tai gets 2 votes. Michaela gets 4 votes. So, Michaela Bradshaw from SURVIVOR: MILLENIALS VS GEN-X is the fourteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the seventh member of the jury.