Season 34: Episode 12 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Posted on May 24, 2017 11:00pm

Immediately after the Maku Maku tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 35 after voting out Michaela, Sarah asks Cirie who the rat was that she referred to at Tribal Council. At the same time, Cirie asks Sarah why she chose Michaela as the one to be voted out tonight. Sarah admits, “I felt betrayed by Cirie at Tribal Council playing my steal-a-vote. So, I targeted Michaela, because Michaela is Cirie’s right hand man.” Sarah is not sure whom she can trust now and is happy that she still has the Legacy Advantage from Sierra to keep her safe. Cirie tries to explain to Sarah that she wanted to use her steal-a-vote to keep her safe, since Tai wanted to vote her out. Sarah does not believe Cirie and yells at her for making her use the steal-a-vote advantage sooner than she wanted. Cirie is frustrated that Sarah does not believe that she was trying to save her tonight at Tribal Council. She comments, “ Hopefully there’s something to be saved or salvaged. I don’t know.” Later when the entire tribe is around the fire, Sarah once again asks Cirie who the rat is. Cirie tells her that Tai is the rat because he wanted to get rid of her. Tai initially denies his plan to vote Sarah out, but finally admits it to her. Sarah immediately apologizes to Cirie for doubting her and yells at Tai for betraying her. Tai wanted to make a big move in the GAME CHANGERS season. He admits, “I felt I was doing everything, what everybody else was doing anyway, but I got caught. Now, I am Tai the liar.” He fears that he messed up his game and is glad that he still has two hidden immunity idols that nobody else knows about.. Tai comments, “I need to have someone to lean on.”
The next morning Tai tells Brad that he has two idols and would like to play the game with him. Brad tells Tai not to tell Sarah about the idols. Tai agrees, since Sarah is so mad at him right now. Tai welcomes Brad’s advice on what to do with his idols. Brad is not sure that he believes that Tai has two idols. Brad comments, “If he’s looking for a home, I can definitely use a number. I can help him get further in the game, but I’ve got to have collateral.” Brad tells Tai to keep their alliance quiet. Tai promises to do what Brad tells him. Brad plans to use Tai to further his own game. He reveals, “He’s lied to me numerous times. I’ve got no problem throwing him under the bus and voting him out with his own idols.”
The six remaining members of the Maku Maku tribe arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. They will race through a giant maze collecting three bags of puzzle pieces along the way. Once they have all their bags they will use the pieces inside to solve a compass rose puzzle. The first to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be the fifteenth person voted out and the eighth member of the jury. In addition, they are playing for a reward. The winner will enjoy a feast of chicken parmesan, spaghetti, garlic bread and key lime pie.
The challenge begins. Troyzan, Aubry and Cirie run to one side of the maze to collect their bags of puzzle pieces, while Brad, Tai and Sarah are other side of the maze doing the same. Troyzan, Brad and Tai are the first ones to reach their first bags of puzzle pieces. While they are searching for their second bags, Aubry, Cirie and Sarah are bringing back their first bags. Tai is following Brad through the maze. Troyzan, Brad and Tai have now found their second bags. Aubry now has her second bag. Troyzan loses time, when he mistakenly drops his bag at Aubry’s puzzle station and has to go back to move it. Cirie and Sarah now have their second bags. Aubry is now in the lead as she is the first one to get to her third bag. Brad and Cirie are close behind her. Now all three of them are working on their puzzles. Troyzan joins them. They each lay out the 41 pieces that it takes to solve their puzzles and try to figure out how they fit together to form the compass rose. Tai and Sarah are now working on their puzzles. Brad and Sarah take the lead in solving their puzzles. Brad realizes he is missing a piece and searches in his bags to find it. He does find it and solves his puzzle first, which wins him the immunity necklace and the food reward. Jeff lets him choose two others to join him in the reward. Brad chooses Troyzan and Sarah. Sarah comments, “I’ve got to find who’s willing to go to the end with me and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to solidify my spot.”
Brad, Troyzan and Sarah are now back at camp enjoying a delicious chicken parmesan feast. Troyzan remarks, “Brad and I we’re as solid as it gets. “ He is also feeling good about having a hidden immunity idol that he can play at this Tribal Council or the next. Troyzan hopes that he and Brad will make it to the end. Troyzan and Sarah thank Brad for sharing his reward with them. Sarah is happy to have the Legacy Advantage, which ensures that she is safe tonight. She admits, “I felt betrayed by Cirie at Tribal Council and Tai, I clearly can’t trust him. So, the only choice I have right now is to go with Brad and Troy.” Next, they decide to all vote for Aubry tonight at Tribal Council. Brad plans on making Tai play one of his idols tonight and then vote him out at the next Tribal Council. He is worried about Tai having two idols and having a history of flipping. Brad comments, “I need to get back to camp and make sure that everyone’s on the right page, because I don’t want any funky business with two idols tonight.”
Brad talks to Tai and tells him that Aubry is going home. He insists that Tai play an idol for himself tonight and give the other one to him for safekeeping. Brad does not want Tai to use that second idol to mess up any plans. Tai reveals, “Damn, I feel like a dog with someone leading me.” Brad warns Tai that he must meet all his demands, if he wants to make it to the end. Tai admits, “I worry if I give the idol to Brad, he will make a fool out of me.” Tai shows Brad and Troyzan his two idols to prove to them that they are real. He is not ready to give Brad one of his idols though. Brad tells Troyzan that he wants to get and keep Tai’s second idol and then vote Tai out next to make a fool of him.
Next, Tai asks Aubry to help him figure out what is best to do. He shows her his two idols and reveals Brad’s plans for tonight. When Aubry asks Tai if he is being honest with her, he swears that he is and starts to cry. Cirie joins their conversation and encourages Tai and Aubry to work with her tonight or they will all get picked off by Brad, Troyzan and Sarah. She swears to Tai that she will be loyal to him for this vote, even though she tried to vote him out at the last Tribal Council. Cirie is worried that Brad, Troyzan and Sarah are going to target her tonight. She admits, “So I tried to tell Tai that we need to put all our differences aside and come together and get one of those three.” Tai feels a lot of pressure and is not sure what to do. Knowing that she is on the chopping block tonight, Aubry hopes that she can rely on Tai to pull himself together and help her out. Troyzan tells Sarah that Tai has two idols and has not given one to Brad yet. Tai does not trust Cirie because she has lied to him in the past. He comments, “Nobody really care about me. They just want something from me and it’s painful.” Tai wants to do what is best for him.
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the seven jury members Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea and Michaela to Tribal Council. Aubry points out that the tribe got together after the last Tribal Council and found out that Tai was the rat or liar at the last Tribal Council. Tai reminds them that everyone lies on SURVIVOR and he should not have to take all the blame. Brad tells Tai that he has never lied to him. Sarah feels that Tai is getting such heat from everyone, because he does not own up to his lies. Sarah is not worried about the others thinking that Brad, Troyzan and her are a strong alliance, because they enjoyed the feast together. She is sure that five and not just three of them are working together against Tai tonight. Cirie admits that she has seen people in worse predicaments than Tai make it to the end. So, she is not ruling anything out. Tai confirms that people some people are still willing to work with him and made him offers even today. Brad warns others against working with Tai, because he is not trustworthy. Jeff calls for the Maku Maku tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Tai plays on idol for himself and the another one for Aubry. Sarah then plays her Legacy Advantage to keep her safe. Finally, Troyzan plays his idol. So, everyone except Cirie is safe from the vote tonight. Jeff informs Cirie that although she did not receive any votes, she is out by because no one else can be. Jeff points out that this is a historic Tribal Council because it is one in which the most idols were played, the most people were safe and because Cirie is the first person to be voted out because there are no other options. Cirie comments, “This is one of the most grand experiences of my life.” Everyone claps as her torch gets snuffed. So, Cirie Fields from SURVIVOR: EXILE ISLAND is the fifteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the eighth member of the jury.
The next day, Jeff welcomes the Maku Maku tribe to another Immunity Challenge. They will use paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. If the ball drops, they go back to the start and begin again. The first person to transfer three balls to the finish area wins immunity and is safe from the vote, which means they are guaranteed a spot in the final four. One of the losers will be the sixteenth person voted out at Tribal Council and the ninth member of the jury.
The challenge begins. Everyone takes a while to get used to using the paddles to move their balls along. Sarah, Tai and Brad are the first ones to get a ball through two obstacles. Aubry and Troyzan are still struggling at the first obstacle. Brad is the first one to get a ball to the end. Sarah and Tai dropped their balls along the way. Brad continues to dominate the challenge and gets all three balls to the end, before anyone else even gets one ball to the end. So, Brad wins his fourth individual immunity challenge and is safe tonight at Tribal Council. As Jeff puts the immunity necklace around Brad’s neck, he cries and says that he did if for Monica. As she leaves the challenge, Aubry feels vulnerable tonight.
The tribe congratulates Brad on his fourth immunity win as they return to the Maku Maku camp. Brad admits, “My eye is on the prize and I think I’m really close to being able to take the belt.” Brad, Sarah and Troyzan agree to vote for Aubry tonight. Troyzan explains, “When it comes to the final Tribal Council speeches, Tai is easier to beat.” Aubry meets with Sarah and Tai to make a case for voting out Troyzan instead of her at Tribal Council. She explains, “If Brad wins the Immunity Challenge tomorrow, he will be taking Troyzan to the finale with him. Then Sarah and Tai each have a 50% shot of vying for that final spot. If however, we make a move tonight together to take out Troyzan, that leaves two spots open.” Sarah feels that makes sense. Once again, she finds herself in the middle of the vote. Sarah comments, “I’ve got a decision to make tonight, but first I need to make sure that I can trust Tai.” So, Sarah talks to Tai and assures him that he is the one person that she has cared about the most in the game. Tai insists that she can trust him. He then tells Sarah that he would like to vote out Aubry tonight. Tai comments, “I love Aubry as a person, but she’s also a really good player.” He doesn’t think that he could beat Aubry in the end, so he is willing to vote her out. Sarah tells Tai that she will vote with him. Next, Brad talks to Tai and reminds him that he controls who goes to the final four. He insists that Tai not only vote Aubry tonight, but also promise to vote for whomever Brad wants him to at the following Tribal Council. Tai remarks, “It’s not an equal partnership. He has no respect for me.” Tai does not like being treated this way, so he tells Sarah that he now wants to vote out Troyzan tonight instead of Aubry. Sarah is frustrated that Tai is changing his mind again. She comments, “Tonight is actually the biggest vote of the game. It’s going to determine who will be in the final four.”
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the eight jury members Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea, Michaela and Cirie to Tribal Council. Jeff asks Troyzan how he feels about Brad winning his fourth Immunity Challenge and him having a chance to win his way to the end. Troyzan admits that he did better at challenges in his first season and hopes to win the next one. Aubry feels that she is on he chopping block tonight. Sarah and Troyzan both confirm that everyone is concentrating on how to get past this vote and make it to the final three. Aubry makes her pitch once again to vote out Troyzan to give the rest of them a better chance at getting to the final three. Sarah points out that she has to consider whom she would like to put on the jury versus sit next to in the end. Brad knows that he also has to consider all the options, especially if he doesn’t win the next Immunity Challenge. Jeff asks everyone if they feel there is still someone left in the game that can beat them in the end. Everyone feels there is except for Troyzan. He feels he can beat everyone left. Sarah admits that it is important to pick the right final three. Jeff calls for the Maku Maku tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. None are played. Jeff reveals the first four votes. Troyzan receives one vote and Aubry receives three. So, Aubry Bracco from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG is the sixteenth person to leave SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the ninth member of the jury.
Troyzan, Tai, Brad and Sarah arrive at the final Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. They will race through an obstacle and down a giant water slide collecting bags of puzzle pieces as they go. Once you three bags, they will use the pieces inside to solve a lighthouse puzzle. The first to finish is guaranteed a spot at the final Tribal Council. One of the losers will be the seventeenth person voted out at Tribal Council and the tenth and final member of the jury.
The challenge begins. Everyone runs to the first post where they untie their key and head through the obstacle to their first bag. They will use the key to unlock it. Sarah gets her bag first. The guys are not far behind her. Sarah climbs up the stairs to get her next key and takes it with her down the slide. She is still in the lead as she unlocks her second bag. Brad takes the lead as he gets his third bag before the others. Brad makes quick work of his lighthouse puzzle. Everyone is now working on their puzzle. Brad finishes his puzzle first and now unties his bag of number tiles. He uses the three numbers to unlock a combination lock and the final piece of his puzzle. No one else is close. So, Brad wins himself immunity once again. He joins an elite group of past Survivors who have won five individual immunity challenges within one season. He has guaranteed himself a spot at the final Tribal Council. Brad comments, “Tai has betrayed me this entire game, so he’s going home. And it’s good to be the king.”
Back at camp, Troyzan gives Brad a big hug and congratulates him for the win. Brad admits, “I’m going to the final three and it’s my decision as far as who’s going home and it comes down to who has done me wrong the most.” Brad feels it is time for Tai to go. He tells Troyzan that he and Sarah will be in the final three with him. Brad is confident that he can beat Troyzan and Sarah to be the Sole Survivor after winning five immunity challenges and using his lawyer skills to argue his case to the jury. Tai is pretty sure that Brad will target him tonight. So, Tai proposes to Sarah that they vote for Troyzan and therefore force a tie, which would come down to a fire making challenge. Sarah is not confident that she could win a fire building challenge. Tai thinks that she would do better than Troyzan. Sarah comments, “If I can win a fire making challenge I can decide who’s going to the final three.” Tai points out that he will not win in the end, because the jury hates him for lying so much. Sarah considers how the jury would perceive her versus Tai or Troyzan. She then asks Tai for advice on making fire. Sarah comments, “If I do this and win, I could rack up a ton of points with the jury, but I have to decide if this is a risk that I’m willing to take.
Jeff Probst welcomes the Maku Maku tribe and the nine jury members Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea, Michaela, Cirie and Aubry to Tribal Council. Jeff congratulates Brad for winning his fifth individual immunity challenge. Brad is glad to be guaranteed a spot in the final 3, but realizes how important tonight’s vote is to determine who goes to the jury and who stays in the game. Sarah and Tai feel sure that one of them and not Troyzan will be the ones voted out tonight. Tai reveals that he plans on joining forces with Sarah to vote for Troyzan to force a tie. Sarah admits that her decision is based on whom she wants to be with in the final three. Tai points out that Brad has been telling him what to do and treating him like a child. Brad fires back and reminds Tai that he was offering him safety, but that comes at a price. This is the first that Troyzan has heard of Tai wanting to force a tie vote, but he is getting used to surprises in the game. Jeff calls for the Maku Maku tribe to cast their votes. Jeff reveals the votes. Troyzan receives 1 vote. Tai receives 3 votes. So, Tai Trang from SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG is the seventeenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS and the tenth and final member of the jury.
The sun rises on day 39 and Troyzan is happy to put the 39th notch on the tree. He admits, “This is a dream that I put out there 16 years ago, when I watched the first episode. I’m like, I want to be the Sole Survivor.” Troyzan hopes that his social game and the trust that he earned will be what gives him the win. Brad, Sarah and Troyzan are delighted to find all the food and drink they need for a delicious final breakfast feast at tree mail. They open the champagne and toast the fact that they all made it to the final three. Sarah comments, “I worked my butt off to get here. I made moves that other people were scared to make.” As a police officer, Sarah does not like people to lie to her. She admits, “I’m the criminal tonight and those people on the jury are the police officers.” Sarah plans on answering the jury’s questions honestly. She hopes they reward her for that. Brad reveals, “I think I’m in a good position, because I’ve been a game changer and maneuvered my way to where I’ve controlled my destiny this entire game.” He is proud of the five immunity challenges that he has won. Brad does not need the money, but he wants the win. He reveals, “The game of SURVIVOR means everything to me.”
At the final Tribal Council, Brad, Sarah and Troyzan sit before the jury of Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea, Michaela, Cirie, Aubry and Tai. Jeff points out that this has been a season of firsts including the most idols ever played at one Tribal, the most people ever safe at one Tribal, first person voted out because there was no one else to vote for, and the first time a steal-a-vote was played effectively. In addition, Brad joined an elite group of people that have won five individual immunity challenges in one season and Ozzy and Cirie have both played SURVIVOR for over 120 days. Jeff then announces that Tribal Council will be different this season to allow a more open question and answer session between the jury and the final three. It will be centered on the three aspects of the game, which are outwit, outlast and outplay. The jury then addresses the final three, asking them vital questions to help make their decisions of who is the most worthy of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Jeff tells them to start with the outwit portion of the game, which is the social part of SURVIVOR. Zeke tells Sarah that he is her champion tonight. He admires the strong relationships she made including with Sierra, who gave Sarah her legacy advantage, even though Sarah voted Sierra out of the game. Andrea admits that she is conflicted. She praises Sarah’s brilliant game moves, but is bothered by how she played with their emotions. Sarah insists that the relationships she built with them are real. Debbie and Ozzy start laughing when they hear this. Ozzy questions why he should believe her. He feels the game can be played without going as low as she did. Sarah responds, “Yeah, I lied, but it’s what I had to do to sit here and I was willing to do whatever it took.” Ozzy praises Brad for staying in the game by winning so many immunities and says he is glad to be Brad’s champion. Cirie tells Brad that the jury feels that Sierra was the brains in the alliance with him and Troyzan. She challenges Brad to prove otherwise. Brad reminds everyone that he had built such a strong bond with JT that he revealed to him that Sierra was going to be voted out. Brad was able to save Sierra that night and get rid of Malcolm instead. Michaela asks Brad how much he knows about her, since this is a social game and it is important to get to know one another. Brad could only tell Michaela what state she is from, what college she went to and what career she is in. Andrea feels that Sarah had a better social game than Brad, even though Sarah hurt people along the way. Tai reveals that he felt his relationship with Sarah was sincere, at which point the rest of the jury laughs. Sarah tells everyone that she was herself in her first season and that got her nowhere. She also tells them that her support system at home gave her the permission to do whatever she needed to do to win. Sarah reveals that being a police officer has taught her how to shut off who she really is, in order to go undercover and pretend to be someone else like a drug user or prostitute. Debbie doesn’t feel the ends justified the means for Sarah. She puts her support behind Brad right next to Ozzy. Michaela asks Troyzan about his social game. He points out that he had personal relationships with everyone in the game. Ozzy, Cirie and Aubry question Troyzan about his lack of leadership and decision making in the game. Troyzan admits that he did not lead his alliance, but influenced them with suggestions and comments. Andrea calls Brad out for not trying to connect with people on the bottom like Michaela and on how he treated Tai. He admits that he and Michaela did not bond well in the game. He feels he must have been doing something right with Tai, since Tai revealed his two idols to him. Tai feels that Brad was too controlling and condescending to him. Debbie tells Brad that she understands with having three brothers and being in the military that he has especially high testosterone levels. Even though he is not the warmest and fuzziest person, Debbie tells Brad that she still loves him. Zeke reminds everyone that Sarah was directing all the votes in this game. Jeff changes the focus to the outplay portion of SURVIVOR where they have to make shelter, compete in challenges, maneuver through tribe switches and know how to best play idols. Ozzy feels Brad won the outplay portion of the game. Ozzy respects that Brad got himself to the end by winning challenges and he knows that is not easy to do. Debbie agrees with Ozzy and she adds that Troyzan and Sarah would not be in the final three if Brad had not helped get them there. Sarah reminds everyone that Brad is a professional athlete and therefore excels in physical things. She had to rely on her strengths in the outplay department. Sarah explains that she was able to get Sierra voted out, but still have her feel good enough to will her the Legacy Advantage. In addition, when everyone else was concentrating on the challenge, she was the only one who noticed an advantage attached to the bench that Michaela was sitting on and she was clever enough to get it without anyone noticing. Sarah feels it was that attention to detail that got her to the end. Michaela compliments Sarah for finding it and using it to vote her out. Jeff brings them to focus on the last portion of the game, which is the outlast portion of the game. The focus now is whether they put the right people on the jury that respect their outwit and outplay more than the other two. Brad doesn’t feel you have to lie and deceive everyone to win the game. He built strong relationships and led for a while, until things changed and he was on the bottom. At that point, he had to rely on winning challenges to get to the end. Brad tells everyone that it has been an honor and privilege to play with them. Sarah feels it was important to strike first. She voted the people on the jury out, because she felt they could beat her. Sarah hopes that they can respect her intense game play in this very difficult game changing season. She admits to using her police training that saves her life in the field to get to the end in SURVIVOR. Troyzan admits that he may not have been the best strategist or game player, but he appreciates them being a part of his dream to be on SURVIVOR and make it to the end. Jeff then calls for the vote. The ten jury members then cast their votes for the winner. Jeff Probst reads the votes live from Los Angeles, and with the majority of the ten votes cast for her, Sarah Lacina wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize for SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS.