Season 35: Episode 1 - I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident
Posted on Sep 27, 2017 11:00pm


Jeff Probst, the host, announces that Survivor, the greatest social experiment is back. Eighteen strangers are about to begin a 39 day adventure that will forever change their lives. They will be abandoned on an island and forced to work together while voting each other out. At the end, only one person will remain to claim the million dollar prize. The anchor is dropped on a beautiful white sailboat with the 18 contestants on board. Jeff welcomes them to the 35th season of Survivor. He tells them that for the first time they have been divided into three tribes based on the positive traits most associated with them by others. Jeff informs the first group of six that they are the Heroes tribe. This group is heralded for their courage, achievements and for the ideals for which they stand. The Heroes tribe is made up of:
Alan Ball, a 31-year old NFL player from Houston, TX
Ashley Nolan, a 26-year old Lifeguard from Satellite Beach, FL
Ben Driebergen, a 34-year old Marine from Boise, ID
Chrissy Hofbeck, a 46-year old Actuary from Lebanon, NJ
Katrina Radke, a 46-year old Olympian from Excelsior, MN
JP Hilsabeck, a 28-year old Firefighter from Los Angeles, CA

Ben insists that as a Marine, who has put his life on the line for his country, he is just doing his job. Chrissy is happy to be on the Heroes tribe. She admits, "I feel proud of having had a career and then stopped and stayed home to take care of my kids and then came back to an awesome career."

Jeff then introduces the Healers tribe. They receive gratitude for their acts of service in helping others heal their physical or emotional pain. The Healers tribe is made up of:
Cole Medders, a 24-year old Wilderness Therapy Guide from Little Rock, AR
Desiree Williams, a 27-year old Physical Therapist from Newport News, VA
Jessica Johnston, a 29-year old Nurse Practitioner from Louisville, KY
Joe Mena, a 34-year old Probation Officer from Tolland, CT
Mike Zahalsky, a 43-year old Urologist from Parkland, FL
Roark Luskin, a 27-year old Social Worker from Santa Monica, CA

Cole explains as a Wilderness Therapy Guide, he helps disadvantaged teens by teaching them how to survive in nature. This helps them build their self esteem. Mike admits his patients are happy when he helps them with sexual dysfunction and male infertility issues. He comments, "Winning Survivor is the biggest dream in my life."

The third tribe is the Hustlers tribe, whose members are respected for their hard work ethic. They get things done, no matter what it takes. The Hustlers tribe consists of:
Ali Elliot, a 24-year old Celebrity Assistant from Los Angeles, CA
Devon Pinto, a 23-year old Surf Instructor from Solana Beach, CA
Lauren Rimmer, a 35-year old Fisherman from Beaufort, NC
Patrick Bolton, a 24-year old Small Business Owner from Auburn, AL
Ryan Ulrich, a 23-year old Bellhop from North Arlington, NJ
Simone Nguyen, a 25-year old Diversity Advocate from New York, NY

Ali admits that as a Celebrity Assistant, she does a variety of tasks including being a make-up artist and a cook. Ryan is glad to see that his tribe is made up of big and strong people, who will be good at building a shelter and opening coconuts. He admits, "I'm just going to defer to them. I'm 125 pounds soaking wet."

Jeff passes out the tribe buffs. He then points out that the boat they are on is loaded with supplies. Their job is to get as many of these supplies from this boat to their tribe's boat. Jeff then tells them there is an even bigger reward at stake. On the beach nearby, each tribe has an urn which is on fire and is 15 feet in the air. When Jeff rings the bell on the boat, each tribe should stop gathering supplies and get all six tribe members on their boat and paddle to the beach. When they get to shore, they must lift one person high enough to light their torch. The first tribe to light their torch wins fire in the form of a massive fire making kit that will be waiting for them back at camp. The second tribe to light their torch wins a flint. The losers will go back to camp with no fire.

Jeff tells them that Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers has now begun. With that they all jump up and start throwing supplies overboard toward their boats. Fruits, vegetables, crates and people are just some of the things landing in the water. Ryan is thrilled to find a package label "Secret Advantage" among the supplies. He quickly hides it in his pants. Jeff then rings the bell and everyone scrambles to get the supplies and themselves into their tribe boats, so they can head towards the beach and get fire. The Healers arrive at the beach first. The Heroes tribe is close behind them. The Healers lift Roark up to light their torch from the urn of fire above. The Heroes lift up Chrissy to light their torch. Meanwhile, the Hustlers are having a hard time getting their boat to shore. The Healers get fire first and win the massive fire making kit. The Heroes get fire next and win the flint to make fire. The Hustlers are just now approaching the beach. They will go to their camp with no fire making equipment. Ali is disappointed in her Hustler tribe. She admits, "I'm hoping that our work ethic and our strength alone can push us to come together and get it done." Jeff sends everyone off in their boats with a map to their tribe camps.


As the Healers approach their beach, they see a huge bonfire waiting for them at their camp. They are so excited to have won the first challenge and the coveted fire reward. Roark comments, "Healers are definitely a team based group in terms of how we approach our careers, and in terms of how we approach our lives and I think that's a really distinct difference between us and the other two." The Healers arrive at camp and immediately unload the supplies from their boat. Joe feels that with three strong ladies like Roark, Desi, and Jessica and a guy like Cole who is very fit, they have a great tribe and should be successful in challenges. Jessica is also happy to be on the tribe with Cole, whom she finds very attractive. Joe is happy to see that his tribe is full of nice and caring people. He admits, "I came out here to win and I'm probably more strategic than everyone all together. So, they're just all my victims at this point."


Over at the Heroes' camp, JP is using the flint to make fire. The rest of the tribe is building their shelter. Ashley is ready to make alliances right away. She first approaches JP and suggests the two of them team up with Ben to form an alliance. JP agrees. After nine years of playing in the NFL, Alan is used to sizing up his competition quickly. He comments, "I'm definitely going to play the game, which for me is a full tilt sprint out of the gate." Ben asks Alan whom he would like to work with. Alan recommends they align with JP because he is strong and can help them win challenges. Ben agrees and suggests they make Ashley the fourth person in their alliance to give them a majority. Alan likes that plan. As he walks through camp, he notices how much time JP and Ashley are spending together. He admits, "This power couple or whatever they got going on is over." When Chrissy and Katrina leave camp to get water, Ben confirms with Alan, JP, and Ashley that the four of them are an alliance that will work together. Ben calls them the Core 4. He likes working with Alan, JP, and Ashley, since they are younger and more fit than the two moms. Meanwhile, Chrissy and Katrina agree to work together at the water well. They know they are older than the others and feel it is important to stick together. Ben comments, "Winning is the most important thing right now for this tribe."


The Hustlers are at their camp working on a shelter. Lauren is disappointed that they did not do well in the first challenge, but she knows that hustlers are typically hard workers. She comments, "If we play as a team, we'll be fine and if not, we're going to be screwed." Patrick is building the shelter, but takes a break to show the others a stick bug which is on his hand. Ali admits, "My priorities for day one are to make sure that I obviously connect with people." So, she decides to have a conversation with Patrick, since he is getting along well with the group. As Patrick and Ali gather materials for the shelter, they agree to have each other's backs in the game. Patrick likes Ali and hopes that he can trust her. He comments, "It's Survivor, you can't know for sure. So, I feel good, but I'm not certain." When they are all back at camp, Patrick tells everyone that he wonders who got a clue on the boat today. Ryan doesn't want to let his tribe know that he was the one who found an advantage on the boat, so he waits until he is away from the others to look at it. When Ryan opens his "Secret Advantage," he is thrilled to find out that he has a super immunity idol that can be played after the votes are read. This advantage can only be used at the first Tribal Council though. So, if his tribe does not go to the first Tribal Council, he must send it to someone on the losing tribe. The recipient will not know that Ryan gave it to them. Ryan comments, "That means that I have the most power right now in this game and nobody else has any clue whatsoever."


It's now day 2 at the Healers' Tribe and everyone is working to perfect their shelter and camp. Desi is happy to be on this tribe, which is working together well. She comments, "We know that first and foremost we can communicate. As long as we do that in camp life, everything runs smoothly." Mike remembers that his ten year old son told him to look for idols. So, he volunteers to go check the fire, which gives him time away from the others to search for one. Mike admits, "I am out here to win a million dollars and be the best Survivor player ever." Back at camp, Joe comments on how long Mike has been gone and suspects that he is looking for an idol. Joe says, "I have a great lie detector and I'm thinking that Mike is not a trustworthy guy." Later, Joe pulls Mike aside and asks if he is hiding an idol in his pants. Mike assures Joe that he has not found an idol. He does not appreciate the way that Joe interrogates and bullies him. Mike is worried about what his tribe thinks of him though. He comments, "Perception is 90% of reality."


Over at the Hustlers camp, Ryan, Devon, Patrick, and Ali are carrying a heavy log into camp. Ryan comments, "These first impressions are crucial and I really like having Devon in this group because he's different than me." As the tribe is sitting in the shelter, Patrick asks Devon what he does. Devon tells everyone that he teaches kids how to surf, which doesn't make him a lot of money, but gives him enough to pay his bills. Ryan sees Devon as a perfect person to align with. He feels he is better than Devon at strategy, so he can influence him in the game. So, Ryan takes Devon aside and tells him about the advantage he found on the boat yesterday and how he can use it to save them if their tribe goes to the first Tribal Council. Devon is thrilled that Ryan is willing to work with him and protect him with his advantage. Devon admits, "Ryan and I have the same mindset, the same ideas and our chemistry is perfect. So, we're going to cause chaos together." Ryan assures Devon that he trusts him and will not tell anyone else about the advantage.


It's night two at the Heroes tribe and everyone is gathered around the fire. Alan still does not like how well JP and Ashley are getting along. He comments, "I need to let everybody know those two are stronger together right now, than we are all as individuals." Alan takes JP aside and asks him if he has the idol. JP assures him that he does not, but Alan does not believe him. Alan asks JP to take everything out of his pockets to see if he has the idol in his pants. Ashley walks in on their conversation and is surprised that Alan is challenging JP, since they are supposed to be in an alliance together. She tries to calm Alan down. Alan admits, "I know I look like the crazy man, but now I got suspicion going and I just put a target on their back." JP and Ashley get frustrated with Alan for falsely accusing them of having an idol. JP vents, "His drama and everything that he causes, I think may be not worth his strength." Alan continues accusing JP of having the idol even after JP takes off his pants to prove that he is not hiding anything in them. Ashley is shocked at how paranoid Alan has become and also wonders if he is the right person to align with.


Jeff Probst welcomes the Heroes, Healers and Hustlers to the first immunity challenge. Jeff describes the challenge to them. They will race up a cargo net to the top of a tower. Each tribe will then pull a heavy cart up the tower, then hop in and quickly roll down to the bottom. At the bottom will be three different Survivor table mazes. The first tribe to reach the mazes will get first choice of which maze they want to tackle. The second tribe will get to choose between the remaining two mazes. The last tribe will be left with the maze that remains. Next, they will work together as a tribe to get their maze to the top of an even taller tower. Once at the top of the tower, two players from each tribe will maneuver three balls through their maze. The first two tribes to finish win immunity. Jeff uncovers the two Immunity Idols that are the coveted prizes. An Immunity Idol guarantees a tribe that they will be safe. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of them will be the first person voted out of this game. In addition, the Hustlers are still playing for fire in the form of flint. Jeff then informs everyone that tie votes at Tribal Council are allowed this season.

The challenge begins and all three tribes race to get up their cargo nets to the top of the first tower. Everyone gets to the top quickly and starts pulling a rope to bring their carts up the tower, so they can jump in them and get down to the bottom. The Heroes get to the mazes before the rest. So, they have first choice among the three mazes and choose the traditional maze. The Hustlers arrive next and they choose the obstacle maze. The Healers get there last, so they are left with the remaining rail maze. All three tribes work hard to get their heavy table mazes up a very tall tower, so they can begin to solve them. The Hustlers make it up first, then the Heroes, and then the Healers. Now they set up their mazes and begin maneuvering them to get their three balls to the end. Chrissy and Ben work the maze for the Heroes, while Devon and Ali work the Hustlers maze. Dr. Mike and Desi are the operators of the Healer maze and they are the first ones to get a ball to the finish. The Hustlers and then the Heroes land their first balls next. The Healers stay in the lead and are the first to land their second and final balls, which wins immunity for their tribe. Now it is a close race for second. Both the Heroes and Hustlers are trying to land their third and final balls in the last slot and they are both close. In the end, the Hustlers get the job done first and win immunity and flint. So, the Heroes come in last and will go to Tribal Council to vote someone out tonight. Before heading back to camp, Chrissy throws up from working so hard at the challenge. As he leaves the challenge, Ryan now knows that his tribe is not going to Tribal Council. So, he has to choose whom to give his advantage to on the losing Heroes tribe. Ryan comments, "I can give this to someone who is in the minority and save them tonight and they could take out someone who may be a threat and change the game."


As the Heroes tribe returns to camp, everyone feels terrible that they have to vote someone out of the game. Ashley is still feeling uncomfortable about Alan. She admits, "In less than 12 hours, everything went from 100% we're safe, solid 4 to there really is no trust." Ben meets with Alan, JP, and Ashley and suggests that they all vote for Katrina tonight. They all tell him they agree. Alan still does not trust Ashley and JP though. He comments, "Whatever they're trying to do, I'm blowing it up." So, Alan talks to Katrina and Chrissy. All three of them feel like they may be the ones voted out tonight. So, they decide to try and get Ben to join the three of them in voting out Ashley. Katrina admits, "I have to put faith in three people that I'm not sure totally have my back, hopefully it works." Ben assures Alan that they are on the same side. He wishes that Alan would have just stuck to the plan and voted with him, JP and Ashley to get out Katrina. Now Ben has to decide whether to vote for Katrina or for Ashley. Ben admits, "I'm a little worried about Ashley and JP having something going on, but as a tribe we have to stay strong and the two older women are probably the weakest link in our tribe." Ultimately, he wants to keep the people that he and Alan trust the most. As Chrissy is getting ready for Tribal Council, she notices an unfamiliar package in her bag. She gets away from the others and opens it up. She is thrilled to discover that someone has given her the advantage that can be used at Tribal Council to keep her safe. Chrissy comments, "I got the super immunity idol and it feels incredible.” She realizes how much power this gives her tonight. Chrissy admits, “I'm going to let the discussion at Tribal Council dictate whether I play it and for whom."


Jeff Probst welcomes the Heroes tribe to Tribal Council and instructs them to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Ben is amazed at how quickly the game of Survivor moves, but knows that is what he signed up for. Chrissy admits that from the first day of the game, she didn't feel that she belonged with this tribe. She thought it likely that the four physical threats of Ben, Alan, JP, and Ashley would get together. Katrina also feels on the outs for the same reason Chrissy does. Ashley brings up the fact that Alan feels that she and JP are hiding an idol from him, even though they have sworn to him that they aren't. Alan reveals that he still does not trust them and needed to warn the tribe about them being a power couple. Ben reminds his tribe that they are heroes and should stick with the plan to stay strong. Alan admits that the first discussion about whom to vote for decided on either Katrina or Chrissy. Chrissy tells her tribe it would be foolish to vote her off tonight and lose her skills. Katrina feels it would benefit her tribe to be more honest with each other and stay connected. Ben admits that he is not sure which way the vote will go tonight. Jeff then calls for the Heroes tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Ashley receives one vote. Katrina receives four votes, which is enough. So, Katrina Radke, a 46-year old Olympian from Excelsior, MN is the first person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.