Season 35: Episode 2 - I'm A Wild Banshee
Posted on Oct 4, 2017 11:00pm


It's night 3 and the Heroes tribe is returning from Tribal Council after just voting out Katrina. Chrissy admits, "Tribal Council was really heated and angry. Great for me." She felt like she was at the bottom of the tribe and now the tension between Alan, JP and Ashley has put her in a better spot. Chrissy is also happy that she did not have to use the super idol at Tribal Council. She hopes to use it in the future as a decoy idol. Chrissy comments, "It has no power, but it still has power." Alan hopes that his tribe does not have to go to Tribal Council anytime soon. He found it very intense. Alan is happy that he has accomplished his goal of getting the tribe to think that Ashley and JP may be a power couple. He boasts, "My plan worked." Ashley talks to Ben and Chrissy about how upset she is that Alan is falsely accusing JP and her of working together and hiding idols. She comments, "The whole spectacle that Alan created tonight at Tribal Council just kind of showed everyone how off the hinges he really is." Ashley no longer feels comfortable with Alan being in her Core 4 alliance and hopes that the target is now on his back. Ben assures Ashley that he believes her and that he also feels uncomfortable with Alan. Ben admits, "This group is like old paint. It's cracked and fractured everywhere." Now, he has to think about whom he can trust.


The next morning the Hustlers are busy collecting firewood, fishing and working around camp. Ryan admits, "The Hustler tribe is feeling pretty good about itself. We have some momentum now and I think I'm in a pretty good spot socially." Ryan has built a tight alliance with Devon. Both trust each other and feel they are playing the strongest game in their tribe. Ryan has made sure to try and connect with everyone in his tribe. He is having the most trouble connecting with Simone though. Ryan admits, "I don't think anybody really has a connection with Simone. She's weird." Simone comes back to camp from the beach and proudly tells everyone that she has finally done an aqua dump. She comments, "I'm not an outside person. The fact that I was relieving myself in the water was the biggest milestone." Simone admits to Devon that she hates the outside, but she is doing this to challenge herself. She reveals, "I'm a hustler because I am good under pressure." Next, Simone volunteers to gut a fish that Devon caught. She has never done it before, but she researched how and would like to prove to herself and her tribe that she can do it. Simone comments, "Survivor might push me to my limits, but I've been playing Survivor my entire life. I live on a tribe. I have ten brothers and sisters." She does a good job gutting the fish and happily wins the praise of her Hustler tribe. Later, Ali takes a walk with Simone. She compliments Simone on doing things to get past her discomfort with the outdoors. Ali is used to working with all types of people and hopes to get Simone on her side. She reveals, "I'm here to win. So, I mean I feel like Simone I could use as putty in my hands."


Over at the Healers' tribe, Cole and Jessica are enjoying each other's company. They are out in the ocean with the raft trying to catch fish. Cole admits, "She's a great person to be around. I'm digging the energy a lot." Back at camp, Joe and Mike find out that Desi was Miss Virginia. Joe teases Mike that the two of them are the wrong tribe, since they are ugly and the rest of their tribe is beautiful. Joe has grown to like Mike, but he still wonders if Mike has found the hidden immunity idol. Joe looks for the idol in the rare times when the others leave him alone. He only has this opportunity with Cole and Jessica on the raft, while Mike, Roark and Desi go to the well to get water. So, Joe runs back in the jungle and starts looking for an idol. He is thrilled when he sees a clue carved into the side of a tree. Joe admits, "I found a clue and it looks like a map to the idol." The map has a symbol on it that looks like the raft and an arrow that tells him the idol is 5 feet away from it. Joe wonders if Cole has found the idol, since he has been using the raft. So, when Cole returns to camp, Joe tells him about the clue and asks him if he has found the idol near the raft. Cole tells him he has not and asks to see the clue. When Joe shows Cole the clue, he recognizes the symbol on the tree as the water well and not the raft. So, now they know the idol is located 5 feet from the well. Cole comments, "Since Joe would have never found that out for himself, he probably sees me as like a really good resource now." Next, Joe and Cole head over to the well to look for the idol. Both of them start digging five feet away from it. Joe is the first one to find it. He is so happy. Cole goes back to the tree with the clue and removes it. Joe comments, "Now I know no one else has it, but I'm concerned because the fact that Cole knows I have the idol could absolutely backfire."


The next day at the Heroes' camp, JP goes fishing and catches a lobster for his tribe. JP admits, "You know I've never really been super big into drama or the confrontational type or anything like that." JP just wants to help out his tribe by being the provider to keep them fed and happy. He is bothered that he and Ashley were incorrectly labeled as a "power couple" at the last Tribal Council. JP admits, "I know that I need to clean my rep up a little bit and kind of straighten things out." So, he begins by talking to Chrissy. JP assures Chrissy that he does not have an idol and he is not a power couple with Ashley. Chrissy is happy to have made it past the first Tribal Council and have people talking to her. She comments, "I really do believe that I can go far in this game." Chrissy's goal now is to find someone she can trust to help her get farther in the game. Using the same analytical skills that she uses in her job, Chrissy carefully considers each of her tribe mates strengths and weaknesses to determine whom would be her best partner. She reveals, "At this point the data shows that Ben is a better option for me." Chrissy feels that Ben is very charming and good socially. She admits, "I can think several steps ahead strategically. Together we complement each other very well." So, Chrissy meets with Ben and suggests the two of them work together. Ben is open to this idea, since he respects Chrissy and is having doubts about Alan. He admits, "At this point Chrissy and I are in the driver's seat and whatever we decide to do is what's going to happen."


Over at the Hustlers' tribe, Patrick screams as he catches a crab and picks it up. His tribe mates are amused when they find out he is afraid of crabs. Patrick admits, "My strategy is to keep everyone having fun. When you do that, you don't have to worry about being the bullseye." Lauren finds Patrick's constant joking and loudness to be annoying. She is hesitant to ask him to stop though, because the others don't seem to be bothered by it. Since she is the oldest person in the tribe, she is trying hard to fit in. Lauren admits, "I don't want to be excluded, so I'm trying to build a relationship with Ali." She joins Ali at the beach and admits that she is losing patience with Patrick. Up to this point, Ali had been in an alliance with Patrick. She comments, "How am I supposed to work with him, if Patrick is getting on people's nerves." Ali plans on making it to the end of this game and is willing to vote out whomever she needs to in order to get there.

The three tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff Probst, the host, points out to the Healers and Hustlers that Katrina was voted out at the last Tribal Council from the Heroes tribe. Ryan is glad to see that Chrissy was not voted out and has no idea whether the immunity advantage he gave her was used at Tribal Council. He comments, "I hope she sticks around, so I can get an opportunity to use that connection down the road." Jeff describes the challenge to them. Three members of each tribe will swim out to a floating net ring. They will then dive down and maneuver a bundle of puzzle pieces through a cage. Once a tribe has collected all three bundles, the two remaining tribe members will use those pieces to solve a sign post puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. In addition, they are playing for a reward. The first tribe to finish wins the ultimate SURVIVOR fishing kit with traps, net, knife, line, lures and sinkers. The second tribe to finish will win a smaller but still effective fishing kit with lines and lures. The last tribe to finish wins no reward, but will go to Tribal Council where one of them will be the second person voted out of this game. The Healers have one extra member, so Joe sits out of the challenge. Lauren sits out for the Hustlers.  
The challenge begins and the swimmers jump in the water and head to their floating net ring. JP, Ashley and Ben are the swimmers for the Heroes. Roark, Jessica and Cole swim for the Healers. Ryan, Devon and Patrick swim for the Hustlers. The Hustlers get to their buoy first, so Devon is first to dive down to untie and retrieve a bundle of puzzle pieces. Ashley unties a bundle of puzzle pieces for the Heroes, then JP finishes the job by pushing the bundle to the end of the cage. Cole dives down for the Healers. Devon is first up with a bundle of puzzle pieces, which puts the Hustlers in the lead. Next, JP comes up with the first bundle for the Heroes. Cole gets the Healers first bundle untied and through a portion of the cage. Roark then goes down to finish the job. Devon keeps the Hustlers in the lead by quickly retrieving all three of their bundles. This gives Ali and Simone a big lead to work on the Hustlers' sign post puzzle. The Heroes are next to start on their puzzle with Alan and Chrissy. Finally, the Healers get all their puzzle bundles, so Mike and Desi can start solving their puzzle. The sign post has to be built carefully, so it can be spun and not hit any of the obstacles. It requires a lot of trial and error. The Healers accomplish a massive comeback and solve their puzzle first. So, they win immunity and the ultimate SURVIVOR fishing kit. Second place goes to the Heroes, which wins them immunity and the basic fishing kit. The Hustlers come in last after having a huge lead going into the puzzle. They will join Jeff tonight at Tribal Council, where they will have to vote someone in their tribe out of the game. Devon comments, "It's a bummer, but Simone's got to go." 
The Hustlers tribe returns to camp. Simone apologizes to everyone for not being able to solve the puzzle in time. She feels vulnerable tonight and wants to take the target off of herself and put it on Patrick. Simone admits, "Clearly Patrick is getting on Lauren's nerves and that's going to play to my advantage." Next, she meets with Lauren and Ali at the water well and recommends they vote for Patrick tonight. Lauren comments, "Patrick is unpredictable. I don't trust him and he doesn't follow directions. So, he could hurt us." So, Lauren tells Simone that she will vote for Patrick tonight. Meanwhile, Patrick and Ryan are talking back at the shelter. Patrick suggests they vote for Simone. Ryan agrees. Patrick explains, "The boys are already together and Ali is on my side. I've got a majority here." Next, Patrick meets with Ali and encourages her to vote for Simone with the guys. Ali comments, "Going into tonight, I definitely have options." She wonders whether to keep Simone around, because Simone listens to her and will follow her lead. On the other hand, Ali feels that Patrick trusts her more than anyone else in this game. Ali checks in with Ryan to see what he is thinking. Ryan tells Ali that he is voting for Simone. Ali tells Ryan that Simone is targeting Patrick. Ryan worries that their tribe will lose challenges if Patrick is not around, but he agrees with Ali that Patrick is unpredictable. At the same time, Ryan knows that Simone is really smart, which also worries him. He admits, "Tonight is about who can we trust more going forward." 
Jeff Probst welcomes the Hustlers tribe to Tribal Council and instructs them to light their torches. He tells them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Ryan tells Jeff that going to Tribal Council is like being forced to go to a birthday party for someone you don't like. He insists that the Hustlers don't want to be there because they all like each other and don't want anyone to be voted out tonight. Lauren feels more like she is going to a funeral tonight than a birthday party. She is used to working alone, but she knows she can work well with her tribe mates if they communicate with one another. Ali considers the merits of each person in her tribe as to how they can benefit the tribe and her game. Patrick feels it is important to keep the tribe strong and moving forward. Simone points out that it is important to value not only the people that are good in challenges, but also those that you can trust and will help you get further in the game. Patrick feels trust is very important in the game and that he can trust most of the people in his tribe. His tribe mates are surprised that he said "most" and not all. Patrick realizes that his statement made people feel uncomfortable, so he assures everyone that he trusts them all. Now, he is nervous that the tribe may vote him out. Everyone admits that they too are afraid of being the one voted out tonight. Ryan would be devastated to be sent home now when he feels his Survivor story is just beginning. Simone reveals that she feels uncomfortable and scared all the time being in the outdoors, but she would rather be sent back to the bugs than be sent home. Jeff then calls for the Hustlers' tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Patrick receives one vote. Simone receives four votes, which is enough. So, Simone Nguyen, a 25-year-old Diversity Advocate from New York, NY is the second person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.