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Season 35: Episode 3 - My Kisses Are Very Private
Posted on Oct 11, 2017 11:00pm


It's morning 7 at the Hustlers tribe and Ryan entertains his tribe by trying on the clothes and boots that Simone left behind after being voted out at last night's Tribal Council. When Ali and Lauren leave camp, Ryan and Patrick talk about which of the girls they like better. Patrick wants to keep Ali around longer, since she is his ally. Ryan comments, "I don't think anybody really has anything going on with Lauren. So, that's why she's probably the next one to go." Meanwhile, Lauren and Ali are talking about the tribe, while washing up in the ocean. Lauren admits to Ali that she was nervous at last night's Tribal Council. She comments, "I still feel like I'm on the outs, because I'm having a hard time trying to make sure that I'm included." Lauren is the oldest on the tribe and the only one with kids. Devon joins Ali and Lauren in the water. Lauren takes this chance to talk about Patrick saying he trusted "most" but not all of the people on the tribe at Tribal Council. Devon and Ali both admit that they did not like hearing that. Ali comments, "But if Patrick goes, we are not going to be as strong in challenges." Patrick and Ryan come down to the water to be with the rest of their tribe. Patrick tries to convince everyone that a rock in the water is really an octopus. Ali wishes that Patrick's social game was better. She admits, "At this point, I kind of need him and so I kind of need him not to say things that are going to rub people the wrong way."


Over at the Heroes' tribe, Chrissy and Ben are discussing their alliance. Chrissy feels they are in a great position, since the rest of the tribe needs the two of them for votes. Ben admits, "At this point you could say that Chrissy and I are driving this train." The two of them now need to decide whom to get rid of next. Alan realizes that living in nature is not easy. He is even having trouble opening coconuts. He comments, "I played in the NFL and I can't even get a coconut open." JP catches a fish and brings it back to camp. Ashley admits, "JP is becoming dreamier and dreamier as the days go on." The whole tribe praises JP for catching another fish. Ashley is frustrated that she can't talk to JP, since Alan accused them of being a power couple in the past. She comments, "So, now if Alan sees anything between me and JP, he going to point it out and he's going to blow it up." Ashley would like Alan to be the next one to go. So, she points out to Ben how valuable JP is becoming to the tribe by being a provider. Ben tells Ashley that he does not trust Alan or JP. He worries that JP will easily flip on them. Ben comments, "I can't fully trust Ashley at this point, because she keeps pulling for JP to stay in the game." He wonders whether Alan was correct in calling them a power couple.


Meanwhile, at the Healers tribe, Joe is feeling pretty good about his position in the game. He likes the fact that his is tribe is winning challenges and that Mike is on the chopping block, because he made everyone think Mike has an idol. Joe admits, "The only thing is Cole knows I have the idol. So, that's a concern of mine." He is most worried about Cole spending so much time with Jessica. Once again, Cole and Jessica have taken the raft out and to catch fish. Jessica admits, "The fishing experience is 100% a bonding experience for Cole and I, because it's really the only time we get to alone together and we're really forming a connection." She typically does not move quickly in relationships and in fact is still a virgin. After catching a few fish, Cole and Jessica head back to the beach. Cole tells Jessica that he can guarantee her that she is safe. He then reveals to her that Joe has the hidden immunity idol. Jessica gives Cole a big hug and kiss on the cheek for telling her. She admits, "It's to my benefit that I know Joe's secret. That's power."


The next morning at the Hustlers tribe, Patrick starts searching for the idol. Ryan notices Patrick searching around trees near camp and suspects he is searching for an idol. He comments, "You don't really search for the idol in front of everybody, because it's not good relationship building and it makes people paranoid." Devon notices Patrick searching too and tells Lauren that he may be looking for an idol. Patrick admits, "I do kind of have idol fever." He hopes the others don't mind, but as a hustler he is used to working hard to get what he wants and finding an idol is no different. Ali wants to work with Patrick, but worries about how he is being perceived by the rest of the group. She comments, "I think for my game, I have to help Patrick mesh better with the group." So, Ali takes Patrick aside and encourages him be more discreet when searching for idols. Patrick says, "She's looking out for my best interest and I'm looking out for hers as well." He is worried though, that he will not get people to like him, if he cannot be himself.


The Healers are having some potatoes that Roark cooked. Everyone is enjoying the meal except Joe. He complains that some of the potatoes are not cooked well enough. Roark tells Joe, she will eat any pieces he does not want. Joe doesn't listen and just throws them away. Desi is annoyed with Joe's behavior. She admits, "That can be a bit off-putting when truly food is scare." Cole does not like the fact that Joe has the power, because he has the idol. So, he decides to do something about it. First, he talks to Jessica about the idea of blindsiding Joe, if they lose the next immunity challenge and have to go to Tribal Council. Jessica admits that she was thinking the same thing. Cole comments, "The idol is unpredictable, especially in an unpredictable person's hands." He feels it is time for him to get Joe out and take the power away from him. Next, Cole meets with Roark and Jessica at the camp fire. He tells Roark that Joe has the idol and that he wants Joe to be voted out next. Jessica is shocked that Cole is telling Roark before they even know if they are going to the next Tribal Council. Roark likes the idea of getting rid of Joe and his idol. She admits, "Joe is an amazing blindside candidate because he is locked in on Mike." Desi then joins the group and Cole fills her in on the plan. She has no problem voting for Joe either. Jessica vents, "I'm ticked off at Cole for running his mouth. He lost a lot of power with me, by telling Roark and Desi." She worries with so many people knowing the plan, Joe is more likely to find out about it.


Jeff Probst, the host, points out to the Healers and Heroes that Simone was voted out at the last Tribal Council from the Hustlers tribe. Jeff then describes the challenge to them. They will race through a series of obstacles. They will then use sandbags to knock blocks off a ledge. Next, they will stack those blocks one on top of the other. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. In addition, they are playing for reward. The first tribe to finish wins four live chickens. The second tribe to finish wins a dozen eggs. The last tribe to finish wins no reward and a trip to Tribal Council where somebody will be the third person voted out of this game. The Healers have one extra person, so Mike sits out of the challenge.

The challenge begins and all three tribes take off towards the first obstacle, which is a series of wood beams that they must crawl over and under. All three tribes are even as they tackle the next obstacle which is a tall wall, that them must climb and run down the other side. The Heroes get over this second obstacle first, which gives Ben a head start in throwing the sandbags to knock their blocks off a ledge. Cole throws the sandbags for the Healers, while Patrick throws the sandbags for the Hustlers. Ben knocks down many blocks, before JP comes in to relieve him for the Heroes. Cole gets the Healers down to just four blocks to go when he lets Joe take over for him. Patrick has only seven blocks to go, but does not listen to Lauren when she offers to take over for him. The Healers knock over all their blocks first. So, them begin gathering them up and putting them into a tall stack. Not long after, JP knocks over their last block, which allows the Heroes to start on their stack. Patrick is getting tired, but does not want to give up trying to knock over the Hustlers' last block. Both the Healers and Heroes are done stacking half their blocks by the time Patrick knocks the last block off. So, the Hustlers must work hard to catch up. The Healers think they are done with their tower and have won the challenge, but Jeff tells them something is wrong. They realize they have left out one block. Meanwhile, the Heroes complete their tower and win first place, which includes immunity and the four chickens. The Healers win second place which includes immunity and a dozen eggs. So, the Hustlers come in last again and must go to Tribal Council to vote someone out tonight. Lauren comments, "I think everybody's pretty much over Patrick and the way he cost us today. I want to make sure that Patrick is going home."


As soon as the Hustlers tribe gets back to camp, Patrick apologizes for not throwing fast enough in the challenge. Patrick admits, "Lauren is not happy with me, but by looking at her I don't think that her coming in for me would have really changed much." When Lauren leaves camp, Patrick asks Devon, Ryan and Ali what the plan is for tonight. Devon tells Patrick that they will vote out Lauren. Patrick is pleased to hear this, but doesn't want Lauren to worry about the vote tonight. He comments, "I'm trying to make sure I'm continuing to have her be part of my conversation and you know making her enjoy herself here." So, Patrick joins Lauren in the water and tells her that he is upset about the challenge. She reminds Patrick that she offered to take over for him. Lauren then tells Patrick that she assumes that she is the one being voted out tonight. Patrick doesn't know how to answer her and just smiles. This confirms to Lauren that she is on the chopping block. She comments, "I know for a fact that Patrick will write my name down." So, Lauren takes action and talks over tonight's vote with Ali. Ali is disappointed in Patrick's performance at the challenge. She admits, "I need to figure out if Patrick being around is really an advantage anymore." Next Lauren talks to Ryan about voting out Patrick tonight. Ryan listens to Lauren and then talks over the vote with Devon. Devon is happy that everyone is coming to them to discuss the vote. Ryan comments, "Devon and I, we're sort of in positions where we can dictate the vote." They know their decision is whether to vote out Lauren or Patrick. As they walk out to Tribal Council, Lauren comments, "I promise you I'm not going home without a fight."


Jeff Probst welcomes the Hustlers tribe once again to Tribal Council. Lauren feels that the Hustlers could have won the challenge today had one person not tried to do it by themselves. Patrick knows she is talking about him and admits that he was wrong to not let someone else throw sandbags too. Lauren feels the tribe should lose together and win together instead of someone trying to be a one man show. Ali is not sure that anyone that would have taken over for Patrick would have done any better. She prefers not to dwell in the past and just wants to move on. Patrick is relieved that not everyone wants to judge him on his performance in one challenge. Lauren reminds everyone that they still need to play as a team and Patrick proved today that he is not a good team player. Next, Lauren points out that Patrick is constantly looking for idols and she hasn't looked for idols at all. Patrick is happy to hear that Lauren does not have an idol. Both Patrick and Lauren agree that someone will be blindsided tonight. Ryan is happy that his tribe is airing out their feelings, which will hopefully lead to a happier and more successful tribe. Devon and Lauren both feel their votes are to have a better chemistry in the tribe. Ryan and Patrick want a more cohesive tribe, so they can survive should there be a swap or merge in the near future. Patrick feels he makes friends easily and can encourage others to join their alliance. Ali wonders if Patrick gets along with people as easily as he thinks, since he and Lauren are not getting along in their tribe. Patrick tell everyone that he welcomes criticism, because it helps him grow and be a better person. Ryan feels that his tribe will have the advantage over the other tribes by being more unified after this Tribal Council. Jeff then calls for the Hustlers' tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Lauren receives one vote. Patrick receives three votes, which is enough. So, Patrick Bolton, a 24-year old Small Business Owner from Auburn, AL is the third person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.