Season 35: Episode 4 - I Don't Like Having Snakes Around
Posted on Oct 18, 2017 11:00pm


It's day 9 and all three tribes arrive at a Reward Challenge. The Healers and Heroes are shocked to see that Patrick was the one voted out last night at Tribal Council by the Hustlers. Jeff Probst, the host, then tells everyone to drop their buffs because they are switching tribes. The castaways did not expect this to happen so soon in the game. Chrissy comments, "It's day 9 and we were all starting to get a little bit comfortable." Now Chrissy feels like it is a new game as she randomly picks a buff wrapped up in a brown cloth from the trays that Jeff is passing around. Jeff tells everyone to open their buffs to find out which tribe they will be on now. Jessica is so glad to see that she has the same color buff as Cole. The new Levu tribe consists of two Heroes Ashley and Alan; two Healers Desi and Joe; and one Hustler Devon. Desi feels her tribe is physically strong. She says, "I don't think there's any reason we shouldn't dominate." The new Soko tribe consists of one Healer Roark; two Hustlers Ryan and Ali and two Heroes JP and Chrissy. Roark feels a little worried about being the only Healer on her new tribe. She says, "I hope we can all be friends." The new Yawa tribe has three Healers Jessica, Cole and Mike; one Hero Ben and one Hustler Lauren. Ben admits, "Being split up from Chrissy, that's a shot in the foot right there." He knows his odds of staying in the game are not as good as they were in his old Heroes' tribe, but he plans on working hard to turn things around.

Jeff then introduces the first Reward Challenge. Three members of each tribe will be attached to a braided rope. They will need to work together to untangle that rope. Once the three people are completely separated, they will use the rope to hook a sled and pull it back to them. The two remaining tribe members will use the pieces on the sled to solve an upright puzzle. The reward is a winner take all feast of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an individual bag of potato chips for each of the winners. Not only are there pre-made sandwiches to eat right away, but there is enough peanut butter, jelly and bread to make sandwiches for a while. Everyone is so anxious and motivated to win this reward. The challenge begins and each tribe works hard to untangle their ropes. Alan, Ashley and Joe are the three working the ropes for the Levu tribe. Ben, Cole and Lauren are untangling things for the Yawa tribe. JP, Ryan and Roark are trying to get it done for Soko. Ben, Lauren and Cole are the fastest to untangle their ropes, which puts their Yawa tribe in the lead. The Soko tribe is a close second. Alan, Ashley and Joe are the slowest, which puts their Levu tribe in third place. JP, Ryan and Roark put their Soko tribe in the lead by getting to the ring toss portion first. JP tosses the ring attached to his rope to try and hook the Soko sled, so they can pull it back to them. Ben is now tossing his ring for the Yawa tribe. The Levu tribe finally gets their ropes untangled. Joe is tossing the ring for them. Ben hooks his ring on the sled first, which allows Cole, Lauren and him to pull the sled towards their puzzle solvers. Jessica and Mike gather the pieces from the sled and start on the Yawa puzzle. JP and Alan are still trying to hook the sled for their respective tribes. JP hooks the Soko sled next, so he, Roark and Ryan work together to pull it toward their puzzle solvers of Chrissy and Ali. Alan is working hard to hook his ring around the Levu sled. Ashley asks if he wants to take a break and let someone else try. He declines. Meanwhile, Yawa and Soko are making good progress on their puzzles. In the end, Jessica and Mike solve their puzzle first. So, the Yawa tribe of Ben, Lauren, Cole, Jessica and Mike win the peanut butter and jelly reward. Ali comments, "The game has kind of stepped up a level and you've got to perform."


The Yawa tribe arrives at the old Hustlers camp and immediately start eating their peanut butter and jelly reward. Ben is happy that his new tribe works well together and won the first Reward Challenge, but he is still worried about his future. He comments, "Three Healers, one Hustler and a Hero that's a target pinned right on my tail." Ben plans on earning his new tribe mates respect and trust. As they enjoy their sandwiches and chips, the Yawa tribe gets to know one another. Jessica opens up her bag of chips and is stunned to see a paper inside with the words "Secret Advantage." She closes her bag and decides to read it later when she is alone. Later, when Mike, Ben, Cole and Lauren are talking at the beach, Jessica heads back to camp to see what her secret advantage is. She reads the paper and finds out that she has the power to block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. If her tribe does not go to the next Tribal Council, then she can anonymously give it to someone on the losing tribe to block their vote. Jessica admits, "I can only imagine what kind of chaos this could cause when it is actually used. So, I feel lucky that I found it." When Cole and Mike come back from the beach, Jessica tells them about her secret advantage. Cole comments, "Jessica just gave me a huge piece of knowledge and knowledge is power in Survivor." He decides to tell Ben and Lauren about Jessica's advantage to gain their trust. Cole explains, "Jessica's secret is kind of like my olive branch to give to people." Lauren is not sure why Cole shares this information with her and Ben. She admits, "I'd rather just put my fate in my own hands. So, I will be using your little secret to my advantage."


Ryan is very impressed with the Soko camp, which is at the Healers' old camp. JP, Ali, Chrissy and Ryan all settle into their new home. Roark comments, "I pretty much went from a tribe of six Healers, who were super tight to the lone Healer at Soko beach." She welcomes everyone to her old camp and hopes to fit in with them. Ryan is happy to be on the same tribe as Chrissy. He explains, "I awarded her the super immunity idol that I found on the boat day one and I insured her that she would not be the one going home that night." Ryan feels that Chrissy will be his ally because of this. So, Ryan takes a walk with Chrissy and reveals to her that he was the one who gave her the idol. He explains that he got a good vibe from her on the first day and hopes to work with her. Chrissy thanks Ryan and tells him that she felt very loved when she got the idol. Chrissy promises to pay Ryan back in some way for his generosity. She admits, "I feel very secure, because now I have one more person who can help me get further in this game."


Over at the old Heroes' camp, Alan, Desi, Ashley, Devon and Joe are getting to know one another as the new Levu tribe. With two Healers (Desi and Joe), two Heroes (Ashley and Alan) and only one Hustler (Devon), Desi considers whom the best people are to align with. She comments, "It would be easy for the four of us to just vote Devon out, but I'd rather work with him because he is potentially the swing vote." Ashley is not thrilled about being on the same tribe with Alan, since he caused her grief on the Heroes' tribe. Alan assures Ashley that he will not flip on her. Ashley comments, "Luckily, I think that Alan is as nervous as I am. So, even though I don't trust him, I do trust that he doesn't want to go home." Ashley recommends to Alan that they vote a Healer out first. Alan agrees since the Healers still have six people in the game. Joe and Desi meet with Devon. Joe admits, "Devon's a swing vote and I want him on my side." He lies to Devon and tells him that both Ashley and Alan talked to him and Desi about voting out Devon. Devon reveals, "I don't know that I can really trust Joe, but this is the first time I really felt like I might be going home next."


The next day, Lauren sees Jessica and Cole going out fishing together. She points out to Mike and Ben that Jessica and Cole seem to be a close pair. Lauren comments, "Ben and I are a little outnumbered here. The only way to really gain a little bit of control is to get Dr, Mike to join us." So, she decides to tell Mike about the advantage that Jessica found in her chip bag. Mike pretends that he does not know about it, but he is upset that someone told her. He comments, "It is clear to me it's Cole, because Cole sometimes can't keep his mouth closed." Next, Mike tells Jessica that Lauren and Ben know about her advantage. Jessica is shocked and angered to hear this. When Cole joins them, Mike tells Cole that Lauren knows about the advantage. Cole reveals, "In my head, I'm just like crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. Jessica is going to look at me and think Cole you betrayed me." Cole lies and tells Mike and Jessica that he did not let Lauren know about the advantage. Mike leaves the two of them alone to talk it out. Cole then apologizes and tells Jessica that he did talk to Ben about her advantage. Jessica vents, "Cole burned me bad. He can't even keep a secret for a day." She tells Cole that it was her choice whom to tell about the advantage and not his. Jessica does not want to show Cole how upset she is. She explains, "When I get hurt, I always wonder was it me and did I choose to form a relationship with someone that I just shouldn't have."


Jeff Probst welcomes the Yawa, Levu and Soko tribes to the Immunity Challenge. Each tribe will race out to a large crate of puzzle pieces. Next, they will maneuver their crate through a table obstacle and under a net. Once they reach the finish, they will unlock their second set of puzzle pieces. They will arrange all those puzzle pieces so each intersection is the same color. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the fourth person voted out of the game.

The challenge begins and all three tribes run to their crate of puzzle pieces. Those crates are heavy even with all five members of each tribe carrying them. All three tribes are even as they get their crates to the table maze. Now they have to work together to maneuver their crates through the maze. Levu gets their crate through first and now works to get it under and through the net, which is just above the ground. Yawa is right on their tail. Soko is not far behind. Yawa gets their crate through first, so they are now in the lead. Levu is in second and Soko last. Now the second set of puzzle pieces has to be unlocked, before they can start solving their puzzles. Lauren, Ashley and Chrissy try the various keys to open the locks for their respective tribes. Lauren opens the Yawa locks first, so her tribe can now start their puzzle. Chrissy gets the Soko locks open next. Ashley struggles with the Levu locks, but finally gets them open. Now all three tribes race to complete their puzzles. In the end, Yawa comes in first and Soko comes in second. So, Levu must go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. Jessica comments, "Tonight I have the opportunity to block a Levu player's vote at Tribal Council. The goal is to help the Healers. So, I'm going to disrupt the Levu tribe as much as I can."


The Levu tribe is very disappointed to have lost the Immunity Challenge. Alan comments, "No question Devon is the swing vote and whoever he goes with is going to come out on top." Ashley takes a walk with Devon and assures him that he is safe and encourages him to vote with her and Alan to get one of the Healers out. Devon tells Ashley that Joe told him that she and Alan were targeting him. Ashley tells Devon that Joe was lying, since they have no intention of voting him out. Devon feels Ashley is sincere. He admits, "Joe is a snake and I don't like having snakes around." Desi sees Ashley and Devon talking. She reports this to Joe. Joe suspects that Devon and Ashley are getting along, since she is a lifeguard and he is a surfer. Joe admits, "I'm going to have to play the idol tonight, but if I play it tonight and they vote out Desi, then I just wasted an idol." He wants to make sure that they vote for him, so that he can use his idol to get one of them out and not Desi. So, Joe decides to stir things up at camp by openly discussing the vote. Alan prefers not to discuss the vote and tells Joe simply that someone is going home tonight. Joe keeps pushing the topic though, which make everyone feel uncomfortable. He tells everyone that he is voting for Ashley because she is the weakest. Ashley comments, "This is total bull crap. I don't think I'm the weakest link by any means." Alan says that he is not voting for Ashley or Devon tonight. Now, Desi feels vulnerable. She vents, "Joe has lost his mind. He just blew up camp and in the process, he blew up both of our games." After Devon, Ashley and Alan leave camp. Joe promises Desi that the target is on his back and he will protect himself with the idol. Desi is not so sure that the others won't vote for her tonight, since they might suspect Joe has an idol based on his bold behavior. She asks Joe to play the idol for her tonight instead. Joe comments, "I wanted to start chaos and I did, but it kind of backfired a little bit, because now Desi's nervous they might vote for her." Meanwhile, Ashley, Alan and Devon are discussing the vote. Both Ashley and Alan are confident that their names are getting written down tonight by Joe and Desi. Alan admits, "If he pulls out the idol and we go for him, then one of us is going home." Later, Devon finds Jessica's "Secret Advantage" in his bag. He cannot open the advantage though to see what it is until Jeff calls for the vote at Tribal Council. Devon comments, "With that and being the swing vote, I have all the power in my hands."


The Levu tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst instructs Joe and Desi to grab a torch and get fire, since they have not been to Tribal Council before. He reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents their life and when their fire is gone, so are they. Alan points out that some people were anxious to get Tribal Council started when they got back to camp after losing the Immunity Challenge. Joe admits that he was the one that suggested they vote for Ashley tonight. Ashley does not feel that she should go tonight and she does not appreciate Joe saying she was the weakest on the tribe. Ashley warns Joe that his words might affect his fate tonight. Desi is not happy with Joe's behavior either and feels that it has made her vulnerable tonight. Alan admits that he is going to vote for either Joe or Desi. Joe appreciates Alan being honest and revealing whom his allies and enemies are. Devon feels he is the swing vote between the two Heroes and the two Healers. He wants to keep the people whom he feels he can trust the most. Jeff calls for the Levu tribe to cast their votes. Devon then tells Jeff about his Secret Advantage that he is supposed to read before the votes are cast. He then opens the advantage and finds out that it is not an advantage to him at all. Instead, it blocks him from casting his vote. Joe, Desi, Ashley and Alan then cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Joe plays his idol for himself. Joe receives two votes, which do not count. Alan receives two votes. So, Alan Ball, a 31-year old NFL player from Houston, TX is the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers v Hustlers. Joe tells Ashley that he played the idol for himself because he read her face.