Season 17: Episode 2 - Defeated Tribe Sends Next Survivor Home
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After losing "GC" as their leader and another immunity challenge, the Fang tribe's morale had reached a new low. At their second Tribal Council, the tribe came to the conclusion that they needed to get rid of the weaker players if they are to win any challenges. Although paranoia had risen around camp that Dan may have found the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island, it was Gillian who was sent home. The tribe agreed that she was the weakest player, with seven out of the eight votes cast against her. Gillian Larson, the 61-year-old nurse from Temecula, California leaves her final words. "There's a huge part of me that would've wished that I could've won Survivor Africa because I am still not done with wanting to play it. I guess it doesn't work to speak your mind when you know you really shouldn't. I should've just continued flying low under the radar and I didn't. It's been an absolutely fantastic experience and I wish the tribe good luck because I think they're gonna need it."


Fang returns from Tribal, excited to have Michelle gone from the tribe. Their new leader, "GC," immediately begins his role by making fire. The tribe seems to be united for the first time, as they cheer him on. "GC is the hero," Susie proclaims. "GC" dances around the campfire. "It's crackin'. The fire is crackin'. I'm feeling good."


The next morning at Kota, things are bright and beautiful after their back-to-back victories. Sugar exclaims, "I love our team. Our team rocks!" The tribe tends to their daily chores as Marcus brings out rice pudding. Things seem to be perfect. Charlie and Marcus leave camp and go out on a boat alone. Charlie admits to Marcus he feels safe being in an alliance with him. Marcus suggests bringing along Jacquie and Corinne into their alliance, and Charlie agrees.


Back at Fang, "GC" steps full-on into his role as tribe leader by delegating the workload for the day. His suggestions make the tribe question his judgment when he does not understand the most efficient way to cook the rice using lake water. Randy expresses his frustration. "[GC] is too young and he doesn't know squat about any of this." The tribe begins to fall apart as "GC's" orders are carried out. Crystal shouts at Susie to get leafs for the bed as "GC" asks why nobody is moving. Randy's disconnection to his tribe finally comes to a head. "My best plan right now is just to keep my mouth shut, sit on my ass and watch it self-destruct."


At Kota, Marcus, Charlie, Corinne and Jacquie meet in the jungle to discuss their new alliance. Corinne and Jacquie officially join the alliance of Marcus and Charlie. Corinne suggests loosely adding a fifth person, Bob, to their alliance to give them the majority. Everyone agrees that if they can convince Bob that going with Ace is not the right way to go, they will be set. Charlie is ecstatic. "It was like magic. It was like one brain working as one. It was amazing and I really think we're on the same page here."


In the dead of night, things continue to crumble at Fang when "GC" washes his clothes while the tribe sleeps. Things get worse when Ken joins him and they make a fire, adding to the noise. Soon enough, everyone is awake and talking before the sun is up. Gillian voices her opinion to "GC" to keep the "blah blah blah" down at night. "GC" sees this as a sign of aggression, and snaps at her. "I'm not about to let people talk to me anyway they want," he says. He takes this even further and shocks everyone by resigning as leader. "He's a leader who quit. Who quit this morning," says Dan. Although Dan is offered to take "GC's" place as leader, he refuses, stating that his management style would not be fitting for the tribe, although he would secretly like to be the "silent leader."

The tribe receives treemail, which hints at tribal immunity and the reward of fishing gear. Dan helps Fang prepare for battle by painting charcoal on their faces to boost their morale. "This is my go-to-war face! I'm about to tear it up!" shouts Crystal.


The two tribes arrive on their mats. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules. Both tribes will push a large boulder through a series of gates. Along the way, one tribe member must stand on the boulder to retrieve two sets of three keys, which are tied to the top of a pole. When the tribe reaches the final gate, they will use those keys to open three locks and then race to the finish. First tribe to the finish with their boulder securely on the pedestal wins tribal immunity and the reward of fishing gear, consisting of hooks, line, netting, worms, traps and a spear. In addition, the winning tribe will choose one person from the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. Waiting on Exile Island is the first clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. Kota has one extra member, and decides to sit Paloma out of the challenge.

The tribes dash off with their boulders. Gillian gets in Fang's way as she struggles to keep up. Kota makes it to their first set of keys, with Bob standing on top of the boulder to retrieve them. Fang slows down as they make it to their first set of keys with Ken standing on top of the boulder to retrieve them. Bob grabs the first set of keys for Kota, with Ken grabbing the first set of keys for Fang. Fang is right behind as both tribes make their way down to the second gate. There is a huge collision of boulders just before the second gate as both tribes head down a hill. The tribes are dead even at the second set of keys. Bob flies through the knots and grabs the second set of keys for Kota. Fang is right behind as both tribes race to their third and final gate. The tribes are neck-and-neck as they work to undo their three locks. Kota rapidly unlocks all three locks and darts off to the finish. Fang is right behind as they unlock their three locks. It is a race to the finish for both tribes. In the end, Kota is the first to place their boulder on the pedestal, winning tribal immunity and fishing gear. In addition, Kota decides to send Dan to Exile Island.


Kota returns to camp excited as ever as they carry their fishing gear back to camp. They instantly begin to catch an abundance of fish as Marcus, Bob and Ace cast the net and fishing line into the lake. The other tribe members cheer them on with each fish that is caught. With tribe morale high, Jacquie proclaims, "I don't envision us losing ever."


Dan arrives at Exile Island to find a surprising twist. He must choose between a clue to the hidden immunity idol or comfort in the form of food. He immediately chooses the clue and is off on an expedition to find the hidden immunity idol. The first clue hints at a sandy crater across the lake. Dan interprets the clue to mean that he should look in the lake, so he does, but finds nothing. He begins digging in various places on land, but to no avail. Frustrated and exhausted, Dan appears to be defeated. "Right now I'm just miserable. I'm tired, I'm thirsty, hungry. I've got cuts everywhere, all over my hands and I cannot find this immunity idol."


After losing yet another immunity challenge, Fang prepares for their second Tribal Council. Ken, Crystal and Matty are set on voting out Gillian due to her lack of performance at challenges. Meanwhile, Gillian attempts to sway Susie to vote out Ken so that the older people on the tribe can stay in the game longer. "It's the young ones that are ganging up against us," she says. "They'll get rid of me first, but you're next."

Starving and defeated, Fang decides that it is time for change. Randy makes a fishing hook out of the rim of his glasses, and Crystal catches worms for bait. "GC" uses his shoe strings for fishing line, and he and Ken make their way to the lake to catch some fish. "GC" is the hero when he catches five sardines for the tribe. Fang is finally eating protein after six days.

Dan returns from Exile Island and stirs up paranoia around camp that he may have found the immunity idol. He tries too hard to convince everybody that he was unable to find the idol. The tribe agrees that Dan has been acting suspicious, which places the target now on him. "He's definitely got the idol, dude, he's acting too weird," says Matty.


At Tribal Council, Dan reveals to the tribe that he does not have the immunity idol by standing up and emptying his bag, which eases their fears. Ultimately, everyone agrees that they are a tribe of individuals and need to start winning challenges. In the end, Fang spared Dan and voted out Gillian, the tribe's weakest player. With seven out of the eight votes cast against her, Gillian Larson becomes the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: GABON -- EARTH'S LAST EDEN.