Season 35: Episode 5 - The Past Will Eat You Alive
Posted on Oct 25, 2017 11:00pm


The Levu tribe returns from Tribal Council on night 11 where Alan was voted. Ashley remarks, "At Tribal Council, when Joe decided to play to play the idol for himself, my entire jaw just dropped." Ashley was not close with Alan, but he was the only other Hero on her tribe. She is amazed with how Joe tricked everyone by making himself a target and then played his idol to protect himself and send Alan home. Ashley comments, "Right now it's two versus two, so who knows what's going to happen." She compliments Joe for being both crazy and smart. Joe is so happy that his plan worked. He admits, "I had the idol. I'm not going home." Devon is glad that he survived that Tribal Council after having the Secret Advantage which took away his vote.


The next morning at Yawa, Ben enters camp after cleaning the dishes in the ocean. A piece of bamboo makes an explosive noise like a gunshot as it burns in the fire, which really bothers Ben. Everyone is surprised to see how big his reaction is to it and asks him if he is okay. Ben assures everyone he is fine. When the bamboo explodes again, Ben quickly leaves camp and heads to the ocean. Dr. Mike and Jessica realize that Ben is probably suffering from PTSD as a result of his active duty in the Marines. Lauren goes down to the water to check on Ben, but he says he just needs some alone time. Ben reveals, "When you go through combat and you come back, there's no way to adjust fully." He admits that veterans who have seen combat often feel lonely and misunderstood. Ben says, "My wife and kids have definitely saved me from my demons, my nightmares and the past." He wants to win the million-dollar prize for his family, but Ben also wants to send a message to fellow veterans. Ben explains, "It's about just being able to show vets, who have gone through battle and war and depression and PTSD that there's a way to life outside of all that hell and that's what I'm doing."


Jeff Probst, the host, welcomes the Levu, Soko and Yawa tribes to the Reward Challenge. The Soko and Yawa tribes are surprised to see that big, strong Alan was voted out of the Levu tribe. Jeff then explains the challenge. Their feet will be tied together. Their arms will be bound to their side. They will have to slither through the sand while pushing a ball relay style through the course. When they reach the finish, the remaining tribe member will shoot five balls into a very high and narrow basket. The first two tribes to finish will win reward. The tribe finishing in first place wins iced coffee, pastries plus extra coffee and tea to take back to camp. The second tribe to finish gets one jug of iced coffee. Soko has one extra member, so Chrissy sits out of the challenge. Lauren sits out of the Yawa tribe.

The challenge begins. Desi is the first one out for the Levu tribe. Roark is first out for the Soko tribe. Jessica starts the ball rolling for her Yawa tribe. Desi proves to be the fastest. She quickly gets the ball and her body to the first relay point and hands the ball over to Ashley. Jessica is next to get to the first relay point for Yawa. Mike now takes over. Roark finally gets to relay point one and transfers control of the ball to Ali. Ashley is keeping the lead for her Levu tribe and gets to the second relay point first. Joe takes over the ball for Levu to bring it home to Devon, so he can start shooting the balls into baskets. He gets it to Devon, before the other two tribes make it to their next relay point. So, the Levu tribe has a huge head start to land their five balls into the basket. Mike is having trouble on the course. Ali is making up time for her Soko tribe, so they are now in second. She gives the ball to Ryan. Mike is still struggling with Yawa's ball, but he is slowly making progress. As Ryan tries to get the Soko ball up a hill, he loses control of it and it rolls backwards into the Levu course. This gives Mike a chance to catch up and he finally gets the ball to Ben, who is the final leg of the Yawa relay. Devon lands the first ball in the basket for Levu. Ben has now made it to the finish for Yawa, so Cole starts shooting their balls towards the basket. Ryan is not making any progress getting the Soko ball up the hill, but his tribe is cheering him on. Devon has now landed three balls for Levu, before Cole lands his first one for Yawa. In the end, Levu comes in first and Yawa comes in second. Soko didn't even get a chance to shoot a ball at the basket. As she walks away from the challenge on the losing tribe, Ali is worried about her fellow Hustler, Ryan. She comments, "I need to do everything I can to have his back."


The Levu tribe returns to camp with their coffee and pastry reward. They immediately sit down together to enjoy the delicious food and drink. Desi comments, "After Tribal Council last night, we were clearly divided, but with this reward it's time for us to come together as a team." Devon feels revitalized after he has some coffee and pastries. He admits, "It makes me realize more and more how important it is to keep my mind in the game." Devon feels Joe is the biggest threat on his tribe and should be the next to go. So, Devon talks to Ashley and tells her that he trusts her and will work with her. Ashley feels the same way about Devon. They realize that the next vote will probably result in a two-two tie, because Joe and Desi will vote one way and they will vote another way. Ashley comments, "Me and Devon are still in this. It's still 50-50, there's just no middleman." Devon and Ashley hope to convince Desi to vote with them against Joe.


Over at the Soko tribe, Ryan apologizes to his tribe for his poor performance in the challenge. They all assure him that they are not upset, since it was only for reward. Ryan admits, "I just have to continue to cater to my specific skill set, which is my social game. My social game is everything." He plans on continuing to make his tribe laugh, so they want to keep him around. Roark is also thinking about her game. She is the only Healer on the Soko tribe and she hopes to be the swing vote between the two Hustlers and the two Heroes. Roark comments, "I want to start developing friendships with these people, where they feel safe with me to talk game with me." Ali and Roark head to the well together to refill their canteens. Ali tells Roark that she would like to work with her now and after the merge when they get back with their original tribe members. Roark is encouraged to hear this. Ali is worried about her fellow Hustler Ryan though, since he is the weakest member of the tribe but has a strong social game. She reveals, "If I can build this rapport with Roark, hopefully when the merge does come she will take me in as a part of their six or seven. Because in the beginning you are going to need a lot of numbers." Ali's plan is to vote out Chrissy and then JP, if they have to go to Tribal Council again. Ali checks in with Ryan and tells him about her conversation with Roark. She recommends to Ryan that they get rid of Chrissy next. Ryan tells Ali that he agrees. Ryan is glad that his tribe mates still want to work with him. He admits, "Unfortunately, my two closest alliance members Chrissy and Ali would never work with each other. So, I'm in the middle." Ryan realizes that he has to be careful not to mess things up.


Meanwhile at the Yawa camp, Lauren is getting annoyed with Cole, since he is eating right out of the jelly jar with his dirty hands. She vents, "Cole's eating habits are really bad. He's very inconsiderate. He's like a pig." Lauren hopes that Cole's actions help to take him out of favor with the tribe. Jessica heads over to the water well with all the canteens and Mike offers to go with her. Jessica originally felt good about being on the Yawa tribe with her fellow Healers, Mike and Cole, since the three of them are in the majority. She admits, "After seeing Cole tell secrets, I do believe that Mike is paranoid about Cole as a number." Jessica realizes that Mike is better at keeping secrets than Cole, so she feels Mike is important to her game. When they get to the well, Jessica encourages Mike to dig for an idol while she fills the canteens. Mike explains, "On our last island, Joe and Cole found an idol near the well." He hopes that he will find an idol near their Yawa well, so Mike starts digging. Much to his delight, Mike digs up the idol and shows it to Jessica. Mike boasts, "My kids are going to be so proud of me." He realizes that it is risky that Jessica knows about the idol, but he feels he can trust her. In fact, her tells her that the idol is for both of them, even though he really considers it his. Mike comments, "You can never underestimate Dr. Mike."


Jeff Probst welcomes the Yawa, Levu and Soko tribes to the Immunity Challenge. He then explains the challenge. They will swim out to a boat and retrieve three bags of rice. Next, they will push the rice through a hole and get it across a balance beam to the shore. Then, they will tear open each bag to retrieve three balls. Finally, they will maneuver those balls through a maze of holes to the top. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the fifth person voted out of the game. The Soko tribe has one extra person, so Ryan sits out of the challenge. Mike sits out for the Yawa tribe.

The challenge begins and all three tribes jump off the dock into the water towards their boats. Cole puts Yawa in the lead, when he quickly jumps on their boat and unloads the three bags of rice to his tribe mates in the water. The other two tribes are not far behind. Next, they have to push each bag of rice through a small hole in a wooden wall. Yawa and Soko get their bags through first and all their people up and over the wall. Levu is slowest in this portion of the challenge, because they are having a hard time getting their bags through the hole. The next step is to get the three heavy bags of rice across the balance beam. Devon and Desi make up time for their Levu tribe by easily carrying the bags across the beam. JP carries all three bags one at a time for his Soko tribe. Cole and Ben get the job done for Yawa. Levu is now in the lead as Joe opens up the rice bags searching for the three balls. Ben starts ripping open the Yawa rice bags to find their balls. JP is just now getting the third and final bag over the balance beam for Soko and then he starts ripping open their bags. Meanwhile, Ashley is now maneuvering Levu's first ball through the maze. Ben then starts to work on the maze for Yawa and is the first person to get a ball to the final resting place. So, Yawa is now in the lead. Chrissy starts working on the maze for Soko. Jessica works on getting the second ball through the maze for Yawa. Ashley ties the score with Yawa, when she lands the first ball for Levu. Chrissy is having a hard time maneuvering the Soko's ball through the maze while staying on the balance beam. Ali takes over for her and lands Soko's first ball. Jessica lands the second ball for Yawa, putting them in the lead. Devon lands Levu's second ball. So, now the race is between Cole and Desi, both trying to get their third and final balls through the maze for their tribes. Chrissy is back on the maze for Soko, but she is still having trouble staying on the balance beam. In the end, Yawa comes in first and Levu comes in second. So, those two tribes are safe from the vote. Soko comes in last and must go to Tribal Council to vote someone from their tribe out of the game. As Soko leaves the challenge, Roark is nervous about going to her first Tribal Council. She comments, "Chrissy definitely struggled in this challenge. She needs to go."


As the Soko tribe walks back into camp, Chrissy does not feel safe going to Tribal Council tonight and is having a hard time really trusting anyone. She admits, "You always are nervous in this game and I feel like if I'm going to play, I want to play big." So, Chrissy takes a walk with Roark. She tells Roark that she is the most strategic player in the game, so she would like to go through options with her. Roark is very surprised to hear this from Chrissy, since Chrissy has never talked strategy with her before. Roark plays along with Chrissy and listens to her thoughts. She reveals, "I want Chrissy to go home." Chrissy proposes that she joins with Roark and Ali to form an all-girl alliance. Roark tells Chrissy that she is not opposed to this. In reality, Chrissy neither trusts Roark nor wants to be in an alliance with her, but she gets Roark to say what she wanted her too. So now, Chrissy talks to JP and warns her that Roark wants an all-girl alliance. Upon hearing this, JP insists that Roark must be voted out. Next, Chrissy talks to Ryan. He is fine with voting out Roark tonight. Chrissy admits, "The plan right now is that JP, Ryan and myself will blindside Roark and send her home." Ali talks to Roark at the well and suggests that they vote Chrissy out, since her poor performance hurt them at the challenge. Roark is fine with getting rid of Chrissy, since that would mean one less Hero is left in the game. Next, Ali talks to Ryan and tells him that Roark is voting for Chrissy. Ryan agrees to vote for Chrissy with Ali and Roark. He comments, "I am in the swing vote position. I seemingly have the choice tonight on who to send home." Ryan knows that he will be disappointing either Chrissy and Ali depending on whom he votes for at Tribal Council. Ryan admits, "This is a huge decision, but I'm here to try and win this game."


The Soko tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst instructs Roark to grab a torch and get fire, since she has not been to Tribal Council before. He reminds her that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents her life and when her fire is gone, so is she. Ali brings up that fact that Chrissy was not willing to let someone else try the maze at the challenge today, when she was having trouble. Chrissy quickly reminds everyone that she kept asking if someone wanted to take her place, but everyone just encouraged her to keep going. Ali says she would have stepped down and let someone else give it a shot. Ryan feels they were all just trying to do their best. Chrissy admits that she discussed the vote with Roark today for the first time. Roark tells Chrissy that she would prefer to be included in strategy conversations more often than that. Chrissy points out that Roark never took the opportunity to talk strategy with her before either. JP is uncomfortable with the fact that he and Ryan are outnumbered by the three girls in the tribe. With two Hustlers and two Heroes as her tribe mates, Roark feels she is the swing vote and not the target. Ali feels that you really don't know who you can trust until you have come to Tribal Council and had someone vote with you to prove their trustworthiness. Chrissy feels relationships have formed in the tribe that may not be along the original tribe lines. Jeff calls for the Soko tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. None are played. Chrissy receives two votes. Roark receives three votes. So, Roark Luskin, a 27-year old Social Worker from Santa Monica, CA is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers.