Season 35: Episode 6 - This Is Why You Play Survivor
Posted on Nov 1, 2017 11:00pm


It's night 14 and the Soko tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council after just voting out Roark. Ali asks Ryan why he lied to her and voted for Roark instead of Chrissy or JP. Ryan tells Ali that he felt that she and Roark were getting too close. Chrissy is happy that Ryan voted with her and JP. She comments, "It showed me that Ryan believes that he can get further with me in this game, then he can get with Ali." Ali does not understand why Ryan did not trust her, since she has been on the same tribe with him since day one. She lets Ryan know that she is hurt and feels betrayed by him. Ryan tries to assure her that he does trust her, but he did not trust Roark. Ali comments, "It's a wakeup call because moving forward I've got to understand it's just me, because I don't think I'll ever trust Ryan again in this game." In front of everyone, Ali tells Ryan that she likes Chrissy and only wrote her name down because he wanted her to. Ryan admits, "Ali is infuriated with me because I didn't tell her and it stinks because I can't have enemies in this game." He feels he may have to get rid of Ali.

The next morning at the Yawa tribe, Mike is so proud of catching even a small fish with the spear gun. He boasts, "I can do anything that I put my heart and mind to." Mike cleans the fish and puts it on the end of a branch to cook over the campfire. As soon as he puts it over the fire, it falls into the fire. Ben and Jessica find it humorous, but Mike is determined to save his little fish. When he does finally retrieve it from the fire, it is burnt to a crisp. Ben remarks, "I'm proud of him. He's out of his element and he's doing good." Mike makes sure that everyone in the tribe gets a piece of his fish. Ben respects Mike for sharing. In the past, Cole has caught fish and ate them all himself. Ben comments, "Cole's showing his true colors and they ain't good." Next, Cole recommends that they cook some rice. Lauren feels they need to ration the rice since they don't have much left. The rest of the tribe is okay with waiting until later to have a meal. Cole is frustrated because he doesn't think that it is smart to skip a meal. He is starving but reluctantly agrees to wait until the others eat. Cole says, "I really need a bigger serving, because without me there wouldn't be any victory for the Yawa tribe." When Cole and Jessica head out of camp for the beach, Ben tells Lauren and Mike that he is losing his patience with Cole. Lauren is worried about how close Cole and Jessica are in the game. Mike feels that Cole is immature for his age. Lauren hopes that Mike will side with her and Ben to get rid of Cole. She admits, "The more Cole screws up, the more he acts like an idiot, the better off I am."


The Levu, Soko and Yawa tribes arrive on their respective mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. Two members from each tribe will race out to a set of poles. They will use those poles to transport a buoy across a balance beam. That buoy will release their tribe boat. The tribe will then pull their boat through the water to the finish. At the finish, they will use a giant slingshot to knock down two targets floating in the water. The first two tribes to finish win reward. The first tribe to finish wins ten pizzas and ice cold soft drinks. The second tribe to finish wins one pizza to share with the tribe. Yawa has one extra person, so they sit out Mike.

The challenge begins. Cole and Ben go through the obstacles and head towards the poles and buoy for Yawa. JP and Ali are running the course for Soko. Desi and Ashley head out for Levu. All three pairs are pretty even as they pick up their buoy with the poles and try to make it across the balance beam. JP and Ali get their buoy across the balance beam on their first try. Ryan and Chrissy now run through the course to join JP and Ali at the Soko boat. Cole and Ben drop their buoy, but quickly recover and are then joined by the rest of their Yawa tribe at their boat. It takes Desi and Ashley four attempts to successfully get their buoy over the balance beam, which puts Levu in last place. Yawa catches up with first place Soko, once they get in their boats and start pulling themselves towards the finish. Ben is the shooter for Yawa, while JP is the shooter for Soko. They each get off a shot before Levu arrives at their finish line. Joe works the slingshot for Levu. All three guys find it challenging to hit the floating targets, because they are moving in water. JP scores one for Soko. Ben answers that with scoring one for Yawa. Devon relieves Joe for Levu. In the end, JP brings home the win and the10 pizzas reward for his Soko tribe. JP boasts, "They need me 100%. Without me, there's no way they'd be able to get through any challenge." Yawa comes in second and wins one pizza. Levu loses the challenge after not being able to knock down even one target.

Ali, Ryan and Chrissy compliment JP on his performance in the challenge, as they enjoy their pizzas and sodas. Ryan appreciates JP being so strong in these tribe challenges, but he is worried about competing against him in the individual challenges after the merge. The tribe listens as JP describes his ideal first date. Ryan finds JP difficult to read, because he doesn't talk much about strategy. He admits, "If we go to Tribal Council, maybe taking out a big physical threat right before the merge should be priority number one."  
Over at the Levu camp, Devon and Ashley agree that they are still working together to get out Joe or Desi. They hope that they can talk Desi into flipping on Joe and voting with the two of them to get Joe out. Next, Devon and Joe leave camp to search for food. Devon admits, "I feel like there is a hidden immunity idol still out there and Joe's good at finding idols." So, Devon makes sure to keep a close eye on Joe. Meanwhile, Ashley talks to Desi back at camp. She asks Desi if she would be willing to vote out Joe, since he is such a strategic threat. Desi realizes that Joe is a good player and will only be loyal to her as long as it benefits his game. She reveals, "If the Levu tribe has to go back to Tribal Council, I am actually considering getting rid of Joe at this point in time." Joe and Devon are still in the jungle looking for food. Joe is also searching for clues to an idol. He has to be discreet though, since he knows Devon is watching him. Joe is so happy when he finally sees a tree with an idol clue carved in its trunk. He admits, "I finally found a clue very similar to the Healer camp." Joe sees that the idol is once again by the well, but this time it is only four feet away from it. He calmly walks away from the clue, so Devon does not suspect anything. Joe plans on getting rid of the clue later, because this time he doesn't want anyone else to know about it. Later, the sun goes down and Joe waits until his tribe mates are asleep, before he heads out to the well to find the idol. Joe comments, "Finding another idol represents moving further in the game and the further I get, the closer I get to that million dollars." He is determined to win the million dollars for his children. After a lot of digging, Joe is thrilled to find his second hidden immunity idol. He hopes to make it to the merge and find a third idol. 
The next morning over at the Yawa camp, Cole stands up and immediately passes out. Dr. Mike jumps into action and get Cole's feet elevated and some water for him to drink. Cole wakes up and doesn't even remember what happened. Jessica insists that Cole needs food and starts cooking rice for him. She comments, "I literally just wanted to hold him and in that moment, I realize that I really do care for him a lot more than I thought I did." Cole does not think he is bad enough to deserve all the attention, but he does feel better once he eats the rice and drinks the water. Mike admits, "Cole has become a liability. If you don't feel well enough on day 16, how are you going to feel on day 17 and 18 or 23?" Away from the others, Ben tells Mike that they shouldn't have to baby Cole. Ben comments, "When Cole fell over, he sealed his fate." He plans on voting with Lauren and Mike to get Cole out, the next time the Yawa tribe goes to Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Cole and Jessica are now resting on the beach. Cole tells Jessica that he cares about her and he is her ally in the game.  
Jeff Probst welcomes the three tribes to the Immunity Challenge. He then explains the challenge to them. They will each pull on a rope which suspends a disc located in the middle of their tribe. They will then work together to stack blocks on that disc to spell the word IMMUNITY. If at any point, they fall off their raised beam or their tribe stack drops, they will have to start again. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The losers will go to Tribal Council, where somebody will be the sixth person voted out of this game. The Yawa tribe has one extra member, so Lauren sits out of the challenge.  
The challenge begins and everyone pulls on their rope to suspend their tribe disc. One at a time, each tribe member carries a block with the correct letter to the disc and places it on the stack. The first letter to be placed on the disc is Y, since they are spelling the word IMMUNITY from the bottom up. Joe carries the first block to the disc for Levu, while at the same time keeping his rope tight. Ryan is the first one out for Soko. Ben places the first block for Yawa. Each tribe member takes their turn to place a letter. The Soko tribe has to start over when the three letters they have placed drop off their disc. Levu and Yawa are tied with five letters placed and only three more to go. Levu drops when Desi tries to place their seventh letter. So, Yawa has a big lead, if they can keep their stack steady. Soko has now rebuilt their stack to 4 letters, when Ryan causes them to drop again. Just after Cole places the final letter for Yawa and heads back to the start, their stack drops. So, they too have to start over. Levu and Soko have now piled five letter blocks onto their stacks. Yawa races to catch up and tries a different strategy to speed things up. Devon and JP are now carefully placing the final letter for their tribes. Yawa is only one letter behind. In the end, Yawa comes in first and Levu comes in second. So, Soko will go to Tribal Council tonight. Ali is worried that she may be the one voted out.  
The Soko tribe is disappointed with having to go to Tribal Council once again. JP reveals, "Ali is next and she has nothing she can do about it." Ryan knows that his fellow Hustler Ali is on the chopping block, but he wonders if now is the time to vote out JP instead. He sees JP as a dangerous physical threat. Ryan admits, "In order to vote out JP, I need to make up with Ali." So, Ryan apologizes to Ali for not telling her that he was voting for Roark at the last Tribal Council. He then assures Ali that he is on her side. Ali recommends to Ryan that they vote out JP tonight. She comments, "I still can't trust Ryan, but he definitely sees that JP is only a threat moving further." Next, Ali tries to convince Chrissy to vote with her and Ryan to get JP out. She starts by telling Chrissy that she is confident that Lauren and Devon will work with her after the merge. Ali tries to assure Chrissy that she is loyal. Chrissy feels this is one of the last votes before the merge. So, she wants to vote out her biggest threat now, while she can. Ali recommends they go after JP. Chrissy is not sure she can trust Ali, because she voted for her in the past. She admits, "The one person that I am most closely aligned with is Ryan and together we need to make the decision on which of the two goes home tonight." So, Chrissy meets with Ryan next. They are both happy to have each other as allies, since they both love Survivor so much. Ryan is pleased that both JP and Ali what to work with him and Chrissy. He says, "The closer you are to somebody, they can't really see you go behind their back and backstab them." 
The four remaining Soko tribe members arrive at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst asks Ryan what happened back at camp after the last Tribal Council. Ryan admits that Ali was not pleased that she was blindsided by the Roark vote. Ali reveals that she was upset that Ryan was not honest with her about the last vote, but they have since mended their relationship. Chrissy feels a merge is close and everyone in her tribe wants to make it there. JP feels vulnerable, since he knows his Soko tribe could consider him a challenge threat. Ali and Chrissy both tell Jeff that they have a hard time figuring out JP's game plan, since he does not reveal much to them. Ryan feels a person that plays a quiet game like JP can be dangerous. Ali tells Jeff she is nervous about being voted out tonight. Chrissy points out that you can't hide with only four people left in the tribe. She weighs how much each person left can help and hurt her game. Jeff calls for the Soko tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. None are played. JP receives one vote. Ali receives three votes. So, Ali Elliot, a 24-year old Celebrity Assistant from Los Angeles, CA is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.