Season 35: Episode 7 - Get To Gettin'
Posted on Nov 9, 2017 12:00am


On night 16, the remaining Soko tribe members discuss just voting off Ali at Tribal Council. Chrissy tells JP and Ryan that she is so happy that the three of them are still together and that Ali is gone. She reveals, "I think that I am dominating the social game on this tribe and both guys are closer with me than they are with each other." JP, Ryan and Chrissy stand around the fire feeling good that they are still in the game. Chrissy comments, "I think that where I am right now is setting me up for a nice future run."


The next morning at Yawa, the tribe talks about staying loyal to each other and working together even after a merge. Cole likes everyone on his Yawa tribe. He comments, "If this group just stays together, we could accomplish so much and I don't think anyone else is going to have that same unity." Cole tells Ben and Lauren that he, Mike and Jessica should be able to get Joe and Desi to join with them after the merge. Ben admits, "If we go into a merge guns a blazing, five strong, we'll do alright." He is worried about Cole and Jessica being true to their Yawa alliance though, since they are so close to one another.


Over at the Levu tribe, Devon, Ashley, Desi, and Joe are out of food. They are starving and weak. The only thing they have to eat for breakfast is a spoonful of sugar. In addition, Ashley is discouraged by the fact that her tribe is split with her and Devon on one side and Joe and Desi on the other. Ashley admits, "Survivor is no joke. I mean we're not joking when we say if we don't get food today, we might die." Devon slowly walks into camp. He comments, "My brain feels dead and every single one of my limbs feels like it weighs like a thousand pounds." Devon hopes that his tribe wins the Reward Challenge today, so they can finally have some food to eat.


The Levu, Soko and Yawa tribes arrive on their respective mats. Jeff Probst, the host, notices how much effort Desi put into walking to the challenge. Desi admits that her Levu tribe is out of food. Ben says that his tribe is also tired and hungry. Jeff then tells them to drop their buffs because they are merged. Everyone is so excited to have made it to this important point in the game. Ben comments, "The merge is the first step in getting to that million dollars." Jeff passes out the new buffs. Joe says, "I think I'm in a good spot. I have more numbers with the Healers." He is also feeling good that he is going into the merge with a hidden immunity idol. Everyone is ready to enjoy the traditional feast that comes with the merge, but they fear there is a catch, because they don't see any food. Jeff then surprises them with news of an Outback Steakhouse built especially for them. They are all thrilled to hear this. Jeff tells them they will each get a ribeye steak cooked to order, a baked potato, salad and the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under® cake. In addition, they will wash it down with beer and margaritas. Everyone rushes down the beach, when they hear that the Outback Steakhouse is just around the corner. Ryan comments, "So, making the merge, I mean that's what you dream of. This is the playoffs now."


At the Outback Steakhouse, the merged tribe is greeted by an Australian who invites them to grab a beer or margarita. They immediately pick up their drinks and toast to the fact that they have made the merge. Devon is so pleased to be part of the merge and to enjoy delicious food and drink. He admits, "I feel like a king, man. This is the life." They each place their order with the waitress. Joe immediately orders two steaks. Cole is so relieved to have delicious and abundant food after being so hungry. He comments, "If Survivor is a mountain right now, I feel like I'm above half way and that's how you conquer a mountain, one step at a time." Joe is especially loud at the Outback feast. Chrissy has never met Joe before and finds his behavior annoying. Seeing that he is talkative though, she decides to ask him about when his Levu went to Tribal Council. Joe boasts about the fact that he had an idol and used it to keep himself safe and get Alan out. Chrissy wonders if Joe found a second idol at Levu. Next, the merged tribe enjoys the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under® dessert. Jessica hopes that her Yawa tribe of Ben, Cole, Mike and Lauren stick with her now. She hopes to get her fellow Healers Joe and Desi to join them. Jessica admits, "As long as no one tries to break away from the alliance, we'll be good." Chrissy tells Ben that she is happy to be reunited with him. Ben admits he was worried about her. He warns her not to talk too much around the others, since they want to keep their alliance under wraps. Ben is playing for himself and his family. He comments, "Moving forward, there's not going to be all this camaraderie. It's going to be blindsides, lies, and I'm sure someone's going to cry."


After the feast, the newly merged tribe arrives at their camp. They are pleased to find that all the cooking supplies, tools and rewards from all three camps are there. They are surprised to see that no shelter is set up though. Cole admits, "It feels like we've been given new life, like a chance to start over." He is happy to see they have been given large nails to help them build a new shelter. As he helps Ben and the others build a shelter, Cole keeps his eyes out for a clue or advantage. Jessica checks in with Desi to see if she and Joe are willing to work with her. She is happy to find out that Desi and Joe are stilling working together and looking to reunite with the Healers. Jessica now feels like she has the majority alliance with her, Cole, Ben, Lauren, Mike, Desi and Joe. She admits, "I'm feeling like the queen bee at this moment." The Hustlers Ryan and Devon also reunite and rekindle their alliance. They discuss the advantages of bringing together the Heroes and Hustlers to go against the Healers. Ryan comments, "The merge vote is like the cream of the crop of Survivor. This decides who is going to dictate the rest of the game and a Hustler doesn't wait."


The next day the newly named Solewa tribe is on the beach enjoying the sunrise. Devon comments, "Looking at the twelve we have, I think the strongest people truly made it to the merge." He sees the Healers and the Heroes as rivals, while his Hustlers are flying under the radar. Devon takes a walk with his fellow Hustler Lauren and recommends that the Hustlers unite with the Heroes against the Healers. Lauren listens to Devon, but is not in favor of his plan. She reveals, "I'm sticking with the Healers. You know, I really like Dr. Mike and I've made a pact with the last Yawa tribe." Lauren reveals Devon's plan to take out the Healers to Dr. Mike. He appreciates her telling him and assures her that she can trust him. Dr. Mike comments, "The lines are being drawn in the sand and I expect a war." Next, Devon meets with Ben and Chrissy at the well and tells them his plan. He proposes that they work together to take out either Cole or Joe. Devon sees Joe as a strategic threat and Cole as a physical threat. Ben feels he has two options to either work with his fellow Heroes and Hustlers or to work with his old Yawa tribe. He is just not sure if he can trust Cole. Ben walks through camp and sees Cole helping himself to the cinnamon sticks. Ben remarks, "He's selfish and I don't think Cole respects anyone here. He just respects himself." Ben joins Jessica, JP and Lauren at the beach and complains about Cole eating the cinnamon sticks. Jessica is worried about Cole making mistakes with food and not being social enough. She admits, "Cole is my number one and I just feel a connection with him." So, when Cole joins Jessica and Lauren at the beach, they both warn him not to eat the cinnamon sticks anymore, because Ben complained. Meanwhile, Ben is talking over options with Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike discourages Ben from voting out Cole, since he is part of their Yawa alliance of five. Dr. Mike admits, "I imagined that I'm the only person playing this game, but it ends up that everybody's playing the game. That makes my life so much more difficult." Next, Dr. Mike warns Cole that he and Joe are the targets for this next vote. Cole is shocked to hear this and asks Dr. Mike if he is still his ally. Dr. Mike assures Cole that he is. Cole comments, "Now to have my name on the chopping block, I'm experiencing that Survivor paranoia." He hopes that his alliance keeps him safe.

Jeff Probst welcomes the merged Solewa tribe to their first individual Immunity Challenge. He takes back the tribe immunity idols and reveals the coveted individual immunity necklace. Whomever wins the necklace is safe. Jeff then explains the challenge. Each of them will stand on a narrow beam, while spinning a ball inside a narrow circular track. At regular intervals, they will move farther down the beam, which will make it more difficult. If their ball drops or they fall off their beam, they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. One of the losers will be the seventh person voted out of the game.

The challenge begins with all twelve castaways on their platform spinning their balls inside their circular wooden track. Within seconds, Ryan drops his ball and is the first one out of the challenge. Jeff then directs the players left in the challenge to move one foot from the platform to the narrow beam, while keeping their ball spinning. Shortly after stepping on the beam, Dr. Mike drops his ball and joins Ryan on the bench. Now it is time to take the next step farther down the beam. Shortly after the move, Jessica drops, which leaves only nine people left in the challenge. Jeff then has them move one foot down the beam to the narrowest portion. Ben, JP, Devon, Lauren and Joe drop next. So, Desi, Cole, Chrissy and Ashley are the only four remaining in the challenge. After 10 minutes, both Cole and Chrissy drop their balls and are out of the challenge. So, now it is a battle between Desi and Ashley. After 38 minutes have elapse in the challenge, Jeff has Desi and Ashley position both of their feet on the narrowest portion of the beam. In the end, Desi keeps her ball spinning the longest and wins individual immunity. Ryan comments, "Now is the time for this Hustler and Hero alliance to come together and try and take out the Healer tribe."


Upon returning to camp, the Solewa tribe congratulates Desi and Ashley on their performance in the challenge. Cole admits, "I'm very worried. My name's being thrown around big time. There's a solid chance I'm going home tonight." He tries to patch things up with Ben by apologizing to him for his eating habits. Ben appreciates Cole talking to him, but he still does not trust Cole. He admits, "I've got to think tactically and not emotionally." Ben is willing to work with Cole, if it helps him get further in the game. Next, Cole talks to Joe about both their names being brought up for the vote tonight. This does not surprise Joe. He comments, "You know I'm a strong player when it comes to strategy and you know I found the idols and people are terrified from that." Cole reveals to Joe that he made a pact with Jessica, Ben, Lauren and Mike from his old Yawa tribe to vote together. Joe wonders why Cole would trust Ben, since he is playing both sides. Joe now knows that he cannot count on his Healer tribe to stick together. He is prepared to use his idol for himself or someone else if he feels it's necessary. Cole meets with Desi, Mike and Lauren next. Mike feels they should vote for Chrissy, because she is smart and a big threat. Mike says, "Tonight we're going to be five Healers strong against Chrissy and I think I can trust Lauren to vote with us. So, now we have six people." Lauren talks to Ben next and suggests they join the Healers to get out Chrissy. Ben insists that a Healer be voted out first and wants Cole to be the one they target. Lauren feels it is more important to be true to their Yawa alliance. Later, Ryan, Ben, Chrissy, Devon, Ashley and Lauren discuss tonight's vote. They would like to get out Joe or Cole, but they are not sure if Joe will play his idol and if Cole has an idol. Chrissy suggests they have a plan B, with the next person in line to be voted out. Devon throws out Jessica's name. Chrissy thinks Jessica is a perfect target, because she is not likely to have an idol and she is in a close relationship with Cole. Chrissy admits, "I'm a student of this game enough to know that Tribal is live and people do change their votes. I just hope that I'm on the right side of it tonight." Ben has to decide whether he is going to vote for his ally Chrissy or vote out someone from his Yawa alliance. He comments, "Having to choose a side is the worst thing you can do in a million-dollar game." Ben feels things will get pretty heated at Tribal Council.


The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst instructs Mike, Jessica and Cole to grab a torch and get fire, since they have not been to Tribal Council before. He reminds them that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents their life and when their fire is gone, so are they. Jeff asks Ryan how much the original groupings of Healers, Heroes and Hustlers are still relevant in the game. Ryan admits that the tribes they swap into are just as important as the original groupings. Mike feels the obvious move is to reduce the number of the Healers, since they have the largest numbers in the game, but future moves must be considered too. Cole admits that he has been checking in with is alliances to make sure they are still with him. Lauren feels it is important to evaluate each person to see if they are a value or threat to your game. Chrissy points out that this season is unique in that they are looking at much more than just physical threats to vote out at this time in the game. Joe admits that he is a strategic and physical threat, but he is very trustworthy. He feels trust is very valuable in this game. Mike remembers when Joe was not on his side and lied about him finding an idol, when Joe was the one that found the idol. Joe jumps up at that point and put his hidden immunity idol around his neck to show everyone that he still has an idol. He enjoys making everyone wonder if he will use his idol and whom he will use it for. Cole feels uncomfortable now, since he knows his name is on the chopping block and he does not have an idol. Jessica points out that idols can change the whole game. She hopes that as a fellow Healer, Joe is still on her side. Cole reminds everyone that Joe has saved him in the past. Ben feels this vote will reveal the true alliances. Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Joe plays his idol for himself. Chrissy receives five votes. Jessica receives seven votes. So, Jessica Johnston, a 29-year old Nurse Practitioner from Louisville, KY is the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.