Season 35: Episode 8 - Playing With The Devil
Posted on Nov 16, 2017 12:00am


It's night 19 and the Solewa tribe is returning from Tribal Council where Jessica was just voted out. Mike congratulates Ben on orchestrating the big move at Tribal Council. He comments, "Jessica got completely blindsided by the Heroes and Hustlers. That was an amazing play." Ben is pleased that the plan he and Lauren came up with worked. He hopes the group of seven Heroes and Hustlers will stay together to vote out the remaining Healers. Ben admits, "I'm weary about the individual part, because an individual can mess this whole thing up."


The next morning the Solewa tribe is gathered around the fire. Lauren is off to the side hammering a nail into a tree. When she goes to grab another nail from the basket, she sees a rolled-up piece of paper among the nails. She quickly grabs it and hides it in her pants pocket. Lauren heads out of camp to see what the paper is away from the others. She unrolls the paper and is happy to see that she found a secret advantage that can be used at the next Tribal Council. The paper tells her to not write a name down on the parchment paper in the voting booth. Instead, she will put the secret advantage paper in the voting urn and take the blank voting paper to be use as a second vote in a future Tribal Council. Lauren admits, "The hard part is going to be getting this advantage in the urn in front of ten other people and hopefully nobody will even know there was someone who didn't vote."


Jeff welcomes the Solewa tribe to the Reward Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. They will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. At the top, they will use a giant sling shot to launch sandbags and attempt to hit five targets. The first team to finish wins reward. The reward is a trip to a private island where they will enjoy spaghetti, salad, bread and red wine. Jeff then tells them of a twist. They will randomly draw for teams. The odd person out will not compete in the challenge, but they will join the winning team on the reward.

The blue team consists of JP, Chrissy, Cole, Ryan and Devon. The red team consists of Desi, Ashley, Ben, Mike and Lauren. Joe was the lucky one that drew the white rock. So, he will not participate in the challenge, but will enjoy the reward. The challenge begins. Ryan and Ben are the first ones to race up the tower and through the obstacles for their teams. Once at the top, they both launch their first sandbags. Neither one hits a target. Ryan heads back down the tower, to give one of his other teammates a chance, while Ben stays at the top to launch more sandbags. Chrissy heads up the tower for her blue team. She uses the slingshot to send a sandbag towards the targets but misses. Ben hits the first target for his red team. JP is the next shooter for the blue team, while Mike is next up for the red team. Mike quickly hits a target, which puts his red team in the lead by two. Lauren takes her turn next for red. JP hits a blue target and is relieved by Cole. Lauren scores the third point for red and is relieved by Ashley. Cole gives up after a couple unsuccessful tries and is replaced by Devon for the blue team. Devon connects on his first try. So, the score is now 3-2 in the red teams favor. JP goes again for the red team. Ashley still has not scored yet for blue. JP ties the score at 3-3. Devon puts the blue team ahead by hitting another target. Ashley finally ties it up at 4-4 when she hits a red target. JP hits the final target and wins his blue team the reward. Before sending Joe, JP, Chrissy, Cole, Ryan and Devon to the private island for a feast, Jeff informs them of another twist. The feast will be served family style with one large portion to be shared. One person at a time will enjoy the feast in private. So, each person can decide how much to eat and how much to save for the next person. In addition, Joe will be the one to decide in what order everyone eats. Joe comments, "This is a great opportunity to establish better relationships and stronger alliances."


Cole, JP, Ryan, Devon, Chrissy and Joe arrive on the private island to enjoy their reward. Joe decides that Devon will be the first one to eat the spaghetti feast, since it is his birthday. He tells everyone that he will go last, since he sat out of the challenge and therefore did not help them win. Joe admits, "I put myself last, because I just didn't want an additional target on my back." He hopes that Devon will appreciate going first and be more open to working with him. Devon arrives at the private dining area and is elated to see a huge plate of spaghetti, large bowl of salad, loaf of bread and bottle of wine. He sits down at the table and enjoys the food. Devon admits, "I felt like I was fair. I mean I might have eaten a little more than my fair share, but when there's that much food it's hard to stop." Devon returns to the beach and JP takes his turn to eat next. He enjoys his portion and returns to the beach. Cole is up third. He comments, "I know I'm at the bottom. So, I'm going to get back at all these people who stabbed me in the back and eat as much as I want." Cole eats enough spaghetti to uncover a clue to a hidden immunity idol at the bottom of the plate. It tells him that a hidden immunity idol is buried underneath their flag back at camp. He doesn't want anyone else to see this clue. So, he takes the checkered cloth around the bread and puts it between the remaining spaghetti and the plate. Chrissy is the next one to sit at the table. She admits, "I'm a student of this game enough to know that there is generally a clue to be found at a reward." So, she closely examines all the items on the table and her surroundings. Chrissy is thrilled when she sees the clue at the bottom of the plate, when she lifts up the checkered cloth. She hopes that she is the first one to see the clue and hopes that Ryan will find it too. Ryan enjoys the feast next. Like Chrissy, he searches around for a clue and finds it. He says, "The less people who know about the plate, the better." Ryan removes the plate from the table and buries it by a tree. He then returns to the beach to relax with Cole, JP, Devon and Chrissy, while Joe takes his turn to eat the remaining food. Chrissy whispers to Ryan that she saw the clue. Ryan tells her that he hid the plate, so Joe will not see it. Cole hears them whisper to each other and is pretty sure they found the clue too. He comments, "I could definitely beat out Chrissy and Ryan in a digging challenge. So, if push comes to shove, I'm going to have the bigger push and shove there." Cole is determined to be the one to get that idol.


Joe, Ryan, Cole, Devon, Chrissy and JP arrive back at the Solewa camp after the feast. Desi, Ashley, Ben, Mike and Lauren ask them about the reward. Devon tells them there wasn't much food at the feast. Ryan comments, "Knowing that the immunity idol is right under the flag, my heart is beating out of my chest." When Cole leaves camp to relieve himself, Ryan sees this as the perfect opportunity to head to the flag and start digging. Chrissy sees Ryan digging, so leaves the shelter and heads towards him. Before she gets to the flag, Ryan finds the idol and puts it in his shorts. When Chrissy arrives, he tells her to cover up the hole as he walks the other way. She misunderstands Ryan and starts digging a bigger hole under the flag. Cole returns to camp and sees Chrissy digging. He runs towards the flag and immediately starts digging right next to Chrissy. Chrissy screams for JP to help her as she tries to stop Cole from digging. Everyone jumps out of the shelter when they hear the screams and head towards the flag. Ben, Devon and Joe realize they are probably digging for an idol, so they join in the hunt. Everybody else watches as the sand flies and the hole is getting bigger under the flag. Ryan comments, "I'm standing there with the idol in my little pink shorts and pandemonium is ensuing in front of me." The flag eventually falls down with no more sand to support it. Ben sees Cole stick something in his pants. So, Ben tells the others that Cole has it and everyone stops digging. Ben admits, "Cole's digging his own grave at this point. You don't want your enemies to know you have the idol." Cole tries to tell everyone that he doesn't have the idol, but they don't believe him. He realizes, "Bluffing that I have the idol is the only move I have left at this point, unless I can win immunity."
Jeff Probst welcomes the merged Solewa tribe to the Immunity Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each stand on a narrow beam, while balancing a statue with a very long pole. At regular intervals, they will move farther away from the statue making it more difficult. If at any point, they drop off their beam or their statue falls, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be the eighth person voted out at Tribal Council.

The challenge begins. Mike is the first one to drop his statue and be out of the challenge. Joe drops his statue next and Devon falls off the beam. So, those two are out of the challenge and join Mike on the bench. Lauren and Ryan are out next at just 5 minutes into the challenge. When 10 minutes have elapsed, the remaining 6 players move back one section on their beams. Ashley quickly drops her statue at this new distance. Chrissy drops next, which leaves only Ben, Desi, Cole and JP left in the challenge. Ben and Desi drop, which leaves only Cole and JP still competing. In the end, Cole wins the challenge and individual immunity. Chrissy is disappointed that the Hustlers and Heroes cannot vote out Cole tonight. She admits, "We still have three other Healers to choose from."


When the Solewa tribe gets back to camp, they congratulate Cole on the win. Cole is so happy to be safe at tonight's Tribal Council. He admits, "I do feel like the Healers are a sinking ship right now." Cole hopes that he and his fellow Healers can work together to make a big move and change their destiny. Ben tells JP and Ashley the plan for tonight's vote. They will split the vote, in case Joe has another idol. So, all the girls will vote for Joe, while all the guys vote for Desi. Ben wants to get rid of Joe because he is a gamer and wants to get rid of Desi, because she is a physical threat. Cole meets with fellow Healers Joe and Mike. He tells them that he does not have an idol. Joe admits, "With Cole off the chopping block, they are probably going to vote me out." He wants to try to influence the Hustlers to work with his Healers. Cole hopes that the Heroes and Hustlers still think he has an idol and that he can influence one of them to vote with him. Joe talks to Devon and Ryan and warns them that Ben should be the next one to go, because he will likely win if he makes it to the end. Ryan agrees that Ben is a big threat, but does not want to vote for him now. He explains, "If I vote off Ben, that would be betraying Chrissy, who really trusts me. So, now is not the right time." While Joe is talking to Ryan and Devon, Ben is hiding in the bushes near them. He comments, "Just like I thought, Joe is trying to put a target on my back." Later, in front of the tribe, Ben asks Joe if he is going to play another idol tonight. Joe says that there are bigger threats than him. He then accuses Ben of swearing on his Marine to people. Ben quickly denies this and is furious at Joe for lying about it. Joe admits, "I know I'm in trouble, so I decide to get under his skin and blow up his game." Ben continues to deny ever swearing on the Marine Corp. He comments, "Joe pushed the right button. I take what I did in the Marine Corp. very serious and I'm still dealing with it." Desi realizes that Joe is stirring things up again. She is worried, because as a Healer she knows that she is vulnerable tonight. She admits, "This could either work out really well or really badly for me." Later, Lauren takes Ben aside and tells him about the secret advantage that she found. She wants him to know that she will not be voting for someone tonight, which could affect their plan to split the votes. Lauren explains, "If I play it and don't vote, then it would be 3 votes Joe, 3 Desi and the Healers could use their 4 votes to vote out one of us." Lauren trusts Ben, but she is playing the game for herself and her daughter. So, she wants to make sure to use the advantage tonight to ensure that she will have two votes at a future Tribal Council. Ben realizes that without Lauren's vote, he needs to get a Healer to vote with them. He talks to Mike and hopes that he will betray his fellow Healers and work with them. Mike admits, "If I show my allegiance to Ben, this could be my moment to get off the bottom." Mike also wonders whether this is his chance to take out Ben instead. Ben says, "If this don't work, I might be screwed. It's a game of Russian roulette."


The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst asks Joe if he feels vulnerable after his actions at the last Tribal Council. Joe points out that he feels like a target at every Tribal. He claims that Ben is now running things. Ben disagrees and feels that everyone in his alliance is equal. He compares the members of his alliance to knights at the round table. Cole is positive that he and his fellow Healers are the targets of Ben's alliance. Joe blames Ben for causing chaos and weakening the Healers. Ben is annoyed by Joe and his lies and tells Jeff that Joe even falsely accused him of swearing on the Marines. When Joe tries to respond, both Ben and Chrissy tell him to stop talking. Desi feels that Joe's actions do affect her game, since they are both Healers. Mike is not sure whom to trust, since his Yawa alliance betrayed him at the last Tribal Council. Ben admits that as a veteran he is dealing with a lot of issues. He apologizes for allowing Joe to make him angry earlier at camp. Desi points out that although lying is part of the game, you have to live by your morals. Devon admits that this game has drained him and makes it hard for him to be his normal positive, joyful self. Jeff points out that they started Tribal with people attacking one another and then it got deeper and became personal. Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. During the vote, Lauren successfully plays her secret advantage instead of voting. She takes a blank voting parchment paper and hides it in her shirt, so she can use it to vote twice in a future Tribal Council. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. None are played. Ben and Lauren both receive one vote. Both Desi and Joe receive four votes. So, Jeff calls for a re-vote in which Desi and Joe will not vote, but everyone else will vote for either Desi or Joe to break the tie. This time when Lauren goes up to vote, she pretends to vote, but does not put a parchment paper in the urn. Jeff then reads the first six votes. This time Joe receives one vote and Desi receives five, which is enough. So, Desiree Williams, a 27-year old Physical Therapist from Newport News, VA is the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the first member of the jury. Desi wishes everyone good luck and starts to cry as she walks out of Tribal Council.