Season 35: Episode 9 - Fear of the Unknown
Posted on Nov 23, 2017 12:00am

Lauren, Ryan, Mike and Ben sit on the beach and watch the sunrise on day 22. Mike is not happy that he once again did not know whom the majority was voting for at last night's Tribal Council. He was told to vote for Joe, but Desi went home instead. Mike admits, "The group of seven looks like they're to just stay together and vote off the Healers. So, at this point, I need to throw the other Healers under the bus." Mike tells Lauren, Ryan and Ben that Cole stole peanut butter and revealed Jessica's secret advantage when they were at Yawa. Mike wants to encourage everyone to vote out Cole or Joe next. Lauren is happy that she played her secret advantage successfully last night and can now vote twice at one of the next Tribal Councils. Ben is also pleased that Lauren has this advantage. He encourages Lauren to stay focused on keeping their alliance of seven strong and continuing to vote out the Healers. Lauren comments, "The only person that knows about the secret advantage is Ben and so far, he's not let me down and I've not let him down." She feels that sharing her secret with Ben will ensure they stay loyal to one another. Later, Devon and Ryan take a walk and talk about their alliance of seven. Devon worries about what will happen when only the seven are left in the game. Ryan tells him they have nothing to worry about, since he has an idol. Devon is both shocked and delighted to hear this. Ryan says, "I know that Devon will never tell anybody that I have an immunity idol." He hopes this Devon now feels even more dependent on him to get further in the game. 
Jeff welcomes the Solewa tribe to the Reward Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into two teams. They will begin by swimming out to a tall ladder, climb it and them leap off of it into the water below. They will then retrieve a key, which is tied to a rope under water. Once they have all three keys, they will use them to open a chest that contains five balls. Finally, they shoot these balls into five floating baskets. The first team to finish wins a cruise on a luxury yacht, where they will tour the islands of Fiji. In addition, they will enjoy sandwiches, beer, wine and chocolate cake.  
The blue team consists of Ben, Devon, Ashley, Ryan and Lauren. The red team has Cole, Chrissy, JP, Mike and Joe. The challenge begins. Ben jumps in the water for the blue team, while Chrissy jumps for the red team. They both get to the tall ladder and climb it, to jump back in the water and retrieve the first keys. Chrissy wins this round, when she brings in the red key first. Cole and Ashley are next in the water. Ashley makes up a lot of time for the blue team, but Cole still gets the red key back first. The final duo in the water is Devon for blue and JP for red. JP does a great job and puts his red team further in the lead, which gives Joe and Mike a head start in unlocking the five balls from their chest. Ryan and Lauren unlock the blue team's chest. Joe starts shooting the balls towards the baskets for the red team. Ben shoots balls for his blue team. Joe scores three baskets for red, before Ben scores one for blue. In the end, Joe lands the final two red balls in the baskets first. So, the red team of Joe, Chrissy, JP, Cole and Mike win the luxury yacht reward. Joe comments, "This reward gives me a window of opportunity to make moves, that completely change the game." 
Joe, Chrissy, JP, Cole and Mike are now on the luxury yacht enjoying the tour of Fiji. Chrissy is so happy to be on the reward to see Fiji's beauty and to get some much needed food. She admits, "Even though I'm not with my friends, I'm glad I'm here and can control the conversation." Everyone enjoys sandwiches with the bread, cheese, meat and vegetables provided. Cole comments, "Now, with a full belly, I have a better chance than most to win the next Immunity." Next, the server brings out a huge chocolate cake. Joe is the first one to grab a piece. When he finishes his first piece, he starts slicing the cake up to check for a hidden immunity idol clue. Next, he searches for a clue underneath all the chairs, while everyone else watches. Joe admits, "I've been an aggressive player since day one and I'll continue doing that and it'll probably cost me the game, but that's me." Mike notices that they are now cruising past the Solewa beach. Just then, the captain blows the ship's horn. Devon, Ryan, Ben and Ashley see the yacht and run on the beach to greet them by mooning them with their pants down. Joe, Chrissy, JP, Cole and Mike are amused by this. 
Ryan wishes that he was on the yacht enjoying the food, but he decides to make the best of being back at camp. He reveals, "I now have the opportunity to talk to Ben, because I'm trying to build as many relationships and maximize the advantages that I have." So, Ryan takes a walk with Ben and tells him that he has the idol that Ben thought Cole had. Ben is very excited to hear this and now he feels more confident that his alliance of seven will be able to get out the three remaining Healers. Ben admits, "Information is key in this game. So, all this trust getting put into me is going to help me later on in the game too." He sees now that Ryan is a force to be reckoned with, but he wants to use him to get to the final seven with his alliance.  
The next day at Solewa finds Joe digging under the flag still trying to find an idol. Joe knows that he is being targeted by the alliance of seven, so he is willing to try anything to keep himself safe. He comments, "So, I'm going to start pushing buttons more and I'm going to get enough people so upset at me, that they're like 'Let's keep this dude around, because we could get rid of him at any point.'" So, Joe stops digging and heads back to the shelter, where Ashley, Mike and Chrissy are talking about him. Joe tells Ashley that he sees her as a goat in the game. Ashley is offended by this and asks Joe to quit talking. Joe tells Ashley that he is just telling her the truth. Ashley admits, "I'm so fed up with Joe's mouth." Chrissy tells Joe that she doesn't understand why he talks that way to others. Joe responds, "Who cares what you think." At this, Chrissy leaves the shelter to get away from him. Ashley wants her alliance of seven to vote out Joe next. 
The next morning, Devon and Ben take a walk in the jungle. Ben is worried about the power that Ryan has with his idol. He reveals, "I am going to need to trust someone to come on board with Lauren and I to help us." Devon asks Ben what his plans are once they are down to the final seven players in their alliance. Ben tells Devon that he wants him in his final three. Devon is pleased to hear this. Ben admits, "I chose Devon, because he's just got a good soul." He hopes that Devon will trust him and work with him. Ben then tells Devon that Ryan has an idol to gain his trust. Devon is shocked to hear Ben say this. He was sure that he could trust Ryan and that Ryan was not going to tell anyone else about his idol. Devon admits, "I wanted to go to the final three with Ryan, but I'm going to move on. I'm going to play this game with Ben." Ben and Devon agree to work with each other to the end of the game. 
Jeff Probst welcomes the merged Solewa tribe to a new Survivor Immunity Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each have bars resting on their shoulders forcing them into a very uncomfortable squatting position. If in their attempt to find relief, they go too low their flag will pop. If they go too high, their urn will drop and extinguish the bowl of fire below them. In either case, they are out of the challenge. The last person left squatting wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be the ninth person voted out at Tribal Council and become the second member of the jury.  
The challenge begins. Ashley is the first one out, when she slightly changes her squatting position. Mike and JP are out next. Ashley complements Chrissy on her stance. Devon and Joe look over at Chrissy, which causes their urns to drop. Now only Ben, Chrissy, Lauren, Ryan and Cole remain in the challenge. Ben drops next. Now, twenty minutes have elapsed in the challenge. Chrissy and Ryan are next to drop. So, only Cole and Lauren remain. In the end, Lauren lasts the longest and wins individual immunity. Ben and Devon are happy that Cole did not win. Cole feels vulnerable without the immunity necklace. He comments, "They don't like Joe. So, hopefully they'll all take Joe out." 
When the Solewa tribe gets back to camp, they congratulate Lauren on winning immunity. Ben admits, "It was very important that Cole did not win immunity today, because Cole is the biggest Immunity Challenge threat here." Ben meets with his alliance of seven and encourages them to split their votes between Cole and Mike in case an idol is played. He recommends four of them vote for Cole and the three remaining vote for Mike. Ashley prefers that they vote for Joe, because she sees him as a bigger threat. She comments, "He's very dangerous in many ways and we're all just sick of him and he needs to go." Ben insists that they vote for Cole and Mike. Ashley vents, "I'm getting super annoyed. I don't need to be told what to do right now." So, Ashley tries to convince Chrissy, Devon, Lauren and Ryan that they should vote for Joe. Meanwhile, Mike asks Ben about the vote. Ben tells Mike to vote for Cole. Mike is not sure if he can trust what Ben is telling him. He comments, "I'm not playing their game. I've got to do something to send one of these big threats home." Mike checks in with Joe. Joe predicts that they will vote for Cole tonight and go after him at the next vote. Mike tells Joe he wants Ben out. He hopes to cause chaos at Tribal Council by playing his idol tonight. Mike admits, "It's go big or go home time." Next, Chrissy meets with Ben and tells him that people are perceiving him as a dictator, who is not open to their ideas. She tries to convince Ben that Joe is a bigger threat than Cole, because he is very strategic and good at finding idols. Ben comments, "Unfortunately, some people are playing with their heart and their morals. In Survivor, heart and morals don't get you a million dollars." Ben tells Chrissy that it is safest to go after Cole and Mike. Chrissy reveals, "There are a lot of threats left in this game. Now, we have to decide what to do."  
The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst welcomes Desi as the first member of the jury. Joe admits that Cole, Mike and himself are on the wrong side of the numbers. He feels Ben and his "knights of the round table" are making all the decisions. Joe explains that the original Hustlers and Heroes have joined forces to take out his original Healers' tribe. Cole feels that he or Joe are most likely to get voted out. Chrissy points out that Joe offended her and Ashley yesterday with his comments about them. Mike says that he is disappointed in his tribe. He feels if his tribe had high moral character, then they would vote out Joe next, if Joe is truly offensive. Lauren agrees with what Mike says for life in the outside world, but not for the world of Survivor. Chrissy explains that tonight's vote is important to ensure success at the next Tribal Council. Joe complains that no one is truly playing the game, because they are all waiting until the Healers are gone and then they will start to play. Mike reminds them that there are four Heroes and three Hustlers, so the Hustlers will be next, if they don't wake up. Ashley points out that the game is more than numbers, because relationships, emotions and conversations also matter. Ben feels Joe alienates himself because of his mouth. Cole hopes that the target is now off of him and onto Mike or Joe, since the alliance of seven is whispering to one another. When the whispers settle down, Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Mike plays his idol for himself. So, any votes cast for Mike will not count. Jeff reveals the first 8 votes. Mike receives two votes, which do not count. Ben receives one vote. Coles receives five votes, which is enough. So, Cole Medders, a 24-year old Wilderness Therapy Guide from Little Rock, AR is the ninth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the second member of the jury.