Season 35: Episode 10 - Buy One, Get One Free Part 1
Posted on Nov 30, 2017 12:00am

It night 24 and the Solewa tribe returns to camp after just voting out Cole at Tribal Council. Chrissy is thrilled that Cole was voted out and Mike played an idol when he didn't need to. She comments, "At this point we have two Healers left to vote out. Joe and Mike are dead men walking." Joe is upset with Mike for playing his idol without consulting him first. Mike explains that he played his idol because he didn't want to get voted out. In addition, he wanted to make himself a target to protect his ally Joe. Joe appreciates Mike trying to save him, but he still thinks Mike wasted a valuable idol. He vents, "Now we're just two swing votes with no alliances, no power and no idol." Mike goes down to the beach to be alone. He is determined to start playing his game. Mike's goal is to find a crack in the alliance of seven. He admits, "It might appear that I'm on the bottom right now, but stay tuned. I think it's about to get really good." 
The next day, Jeff welcomes the Solewa tribe to the Reward Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. In this challenge, they will each use their feet only. They will begin by releasing a rope that will drop blocks into a bin. They will then stack those blocks in a circle and place a flag in the center. The first person to finish will win a tour of the Sacred Islands via seaplane and then enjoy cheeseburgers, French fries and beer.  
The challenge begins with each castaway seated on a stool. They use their feet to uncoil a rope which releases the wooden blocks they need to stack on a circle that spins. Next, they use their feet to grab the blocks and start arranging them in the circle. The castaways must stack the blocks three layers high and then place their flag in the middle of the stack without knocking over their blocks. Ashley, Lauren and Mike are the first ones to get their first level built and start on their second level. They keep their lead as they begin the third level of blocks. Mike completes his stack first and attempts to place his flag in the middle of the stack. He loses time though, when his drops a block and has to repair his stack. This gives Lauren a chance to finish her stack and try and place her flag. She is successful on her first attempt. So, Lauren wins the challenge. Jeff allows Lauren to pick three people to go with her on the seaplane reward. She picks Devon, Ben and Ashley to join her. Lauren admits, "I picked those people for a strategic reason. This reward will be a good opportunity to change the future of my game tremendously." She hopes to break apart the alliance of seven. 
Lauren, Devon, Ben and Ashley enjoy seeing the islands, reef and landscape during their seaplane flight. They even pass by the Solewa camp, where Joe runs out to moon them. Mike watches the plane pass by and wishes he was on it, instead of being stuck back at camp with Chrissy, JP and Ryan. He comments, "So like, it's a day for Joe and I to stir things up and bust some more jokes." When everyone is sitting around at camp, Mike asks Joe to get in another fight with Chrissy. Chrissy responds, "Mike, you're in rare form this afternoon again." Mike proposes that he and Joe be called the "coconuts." Joe is coco, because of his Jamaican roots and he is the nut, since he is a urologist. Ryan wishes he was on the reward, rather than having to put up with Mike and Joe. He comments, "It's just been so beneficial to have people like Mike and Joe on the outside, who nobody wants to work with." Ryan is confident that his alliance of seven will stay loyal to one another and vote out Mike and Joe. Next, Ryan and Chrissy meet to discuss strategy. Chrissy suggests they vote Joe out next and then Mike. Ryan agrees. He recommends they vote out Ben and then Lauren when they get to the seven. Chrissy likes that idea. Ryan comments, "Me and Chrissy are playing a bit more strategic game than everybody else. We're looking down the road and our focus at this point is on Ben." Both Chrissy and Ryan feel confident that their alliance of seven will stick together until the Healers are gone. 
The seaplane has landed and Lauren, Devon, Ben and Ashley are now enjoying their cheeseburgers, French fries and beer. Lauren lets everyone enjoy their food and then gets down to business by proposing that the four of them take control of the game. She comments, "JP, Chrissy and Ryan feel a little bit too comfortable right now. So, to me it's the perfect time to beat them to the punch and break up the numbers before it comes breaking up on us." Lauren encourages Ben, Devon and Ashley to share all the secrets they know. Devon tells them that Ryan has an idol. Lauren then tells them about her secret advantage. Ashley is thrilled to be learning these things and now feels more invested in the game. Lauren tells them they need to work with Joe and Mike to make this happen. She asks Ben and Ashley if they can put aside their differences with Joe. Ben is not a fan of Joe, because of all the negative and false comments that Joe has made about him. He comments, "But right now, if I need to keep Joe, I'll do it." Ashley, Devon, Lauren and Ben agree to work together until they are the final four left in the game. Devon admits, "Lauren has been surprising me." He did not expect her to be such a good Survivor player. As Devon picks up another hamburger bun, both he and Lauren realize that letters from their loved ones are hiding underneath. Everyone starts to scream with joy and then cry as they grab their letters and start reading them. Lauren gets emotional as she reads a letter from her daughter. She admits, "It's a really good reminder that I have to make big moves for her." Ben, Devon and Ashley thank Lauren for inviting them on this meaningful reward. Lauren feels confident that the four of them will be loyal to one another and make it to the final four.  
On the morning of day 27, Ben is sitting on a rock away from camp reading his letter from home. Reading letters from his wife and son, he feels like they are right there with him. Ben loves his wife and he is grateful to her for helping him heal from his combat experiences. As he finishes reading their letters, he admits, "My family just gave me the gas and the fuel to play this game." Ben heads back to camp and on the way spots writing on a rock. It is a large X with the word dig. So, he pulls up the rock from the ground and digs down to find a clue to a hidden immunity idol. It is a map of the island with a clue to where the hidden immunity idol can be found in a clay pot. Ben is so excited to find the clue and is determined to find the idol. Ben uses his military experience to stay calm and alert during his search for a clay pot. Suddenly he looks up a palm tree and spots the clay pot in the branches. So, he runs and gets a long stick and knocks the pot out of the tree. Down falls the hidden immunity idol. Ben is so proud to have found an idol on Survivor and doesn't plan on telling anyone else about it. He knows that others perceive him as a threat, so he is happy to have the idol to help keep him safe. Ben comments, "This gets me one step closer to the million and I believe that my wife helped me find this idol. So, thank you honey." 
Jeff Probst welcomes the Solewa tribe to the Immunity Challenge. He then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each need to balance on a triangular platform with their feet perched on very narrow footholds. At regular intervals, they will have to move up the platform, which will make it more difficult. If at any point, their hands touch the structure or they fall off, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote. One of the losers will be the tenth person voted out at Tribal Council and become the third member of the jury. Jeff then offers anyone that feels secure in the game, the option to opt out of the challenge and indulge in a tray of peanut butter and chocolate. Devon, Ben and Lauren take him up on that offer and give up their shot at immunity. Mike, Ashley, Ryan, Chrissy, Joe and JP choose to compete in the challenge. 
Jeff hands over the tray of peanut butter and chocolate to Devon, Ben and Lauren. They can eat until the challenge ends. Everyone else stands on their wooden triangles floating in the water and the challenge begins. Jeff tells them that they will be in this position for 20 minutes. JP is the first one to fall and be out of the challenge. Everyone else makes it 20 minutes. At this point, they move up their triangle to the top level, where they will be for the rest of the challenge. Chrissy falls off immediately after changing levels. Joe falls shortly after that. So, now only Mike, Ashley and Ryan are left. Ryan drops next leaving only Mike and Ashley to fight for immunity. In the end, Mike falls and Ashley wins immunity. Ashley reveals, "JP, Chrissy and Ryan didn't win and that just works perfectly for our plan."  
When everyone returns to camp, they congratulate Ashley and Mike on their performance in the challenge. Ryan is disappointed in his alliance members, Ben, Devon and Lauren for sitting out of the challenge and eating. He comments, "Luckily Ashley won and now we get to decide who's going to stay between Mike and Joe." Ryan, Ashley, Lauren, Devon, Chrissy and Ben meet to discuss the vote. Ben thinks Mike should be targeted because he is doing well at challenges. Devon points out the Joe is dangerous, because he is more likely to find an idol. Chrissy admits, "I feel very comfortable with our alliance of seven. We are definitely unified in wanting to get out Joe or Mike." Chrissy feels that Joe may expect to be the next one to go, so they should target Mike instead. Everyone agrees to vote out Mike, but also to split the votes, just in case one of them has an idol. So, the boys will vote for Mike and the girls will vote for Joe. Ben, Lauren, Ashley and Devon meet next to talk about what their new alliance of four plans on doing tonight. Lauren reveals, "Right now is the point in this game, that we have to take control and break up JP, Chrissy and Ryan. They are all threats in my opinion." Devon comes up with a clever plan to execute the blindside, but maintain control after the vote. He recommends that Ben vote for Mike according to Chrissy, Ryan and JP's plan. Devon explains, "Ben's with us, yet he's going to pretend that he's not with us. So, after Tribal Council, Chrissy, Ryan or JP, whoever's left will coming running to him." Devon knows the next step is to get Mike and Joe to vote with himself, Ashley and Lauren to have enough numbers. Ben likes that plan and he looks forward to being a spy to Chrissy, Ryan and JP's alliance. He comments, "Tribal Council is going to be fun to watch. We're going to pull the rug out from underneath them." Next, Lauren and Ashley meet with Mike and Joe. They ask Mike and Joe to join the two of them and Devon to vote out either Chrissy, Ryan or JP. Mike and Joe eagerly agree to join their alliance. Mike comments, "All of a sudden the court jester has become Merlin and I'm going to make them disappear." As they leave camp to go to Tribal Council, Lauren is excited to blindside Chrissy, Ryan and JP.  
The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst brings in jury members Desi and Cole. Jeff asks Mike how his actions at the last Tribal Council were received by his tribe mates. Mike admits that it looked like he was crazy at the last Tribal Council, but he just needed to reinvent the game. He feels he was trying to say the same thing that Joe has been saying, but maybe the others would listen to him because he is a doctor. Chrissy points out that Mike and Joe put on a comedy show for the tribe all day long. Mike reminds everyone that he and Joe are two votes. Ryan gives them credit for trying to change the game, but he doesn't feel it helps his game any to work with Mike and Joe. Joe feels that he and Mike may not fit with Ryan's game, but they can with someone else's game. Lauren wishes that there were seven seats at the end, but knows that there are only three. Chrissy feels they each need to manage their own ways to the end with the different relationships they have in their alliance of seven. Joe and Mike once again point out that they are not being considered by the alliance of seven to be two valuable votes. Lauren and Ryan admit that side conversations have occurred about whom will go first, once they are down on only seven people. JP reminds everyone that you can't get to the final seven, if you mess with the plan to get there. Chrissy feels this is why it's important to never stop playing the game or you will miss out on something and be left behind. Devon admits that it is important to find the people that you can really trust in the game and work with them to get to the end. Ben points out that it is very hard to find people you can really trust in Survivor. Chrissy is confident that she can trust the people in her closest alliance. Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals all 9 votes. Joe receives one vote. Mike receives three votes. JP receives five votes. So, JP Hilsabeck, a 28-year old firefighter from Los Angeles, CA is the tenth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the third member of the jury.