Season 35: Episode 11 - Buy One, Get One Free Part 2
Posted on Nov 30, 2017 12:00am

It night 27 and the Solewa tribe returns to camp after just voting out JP. Chrissy immediately asks someone to explain what happened at Tribal Council. Joe tells Chrissy that they will not reveal how the alliance of seven broke down and to just be happy she was not sent home. Chrissy remarks, "I'm upset about the blindside, but I'm more upset about the way that those five treated us three when we got back to camp." Ryan tries to stay on people's good side. So, he thanks Lauren, Ashley and Devon for not voting him out tonight. Ryan admits, "It's a very new feeling for me being on the bottom and I really need to think how I'm going to recover from this." Ben criticizes Joe for being a puppet and doing what the others told him to do. He admits, "Mike and Joe are pretty much in the dark of me working with Ashley, Devon and Lauren, but Joe's walking around like it was his damn idea to blindside JP." Ben is frustrated by Joe, but he is glad that nobody is suspecting that he is a double agent. Later, Lauren meets with her alliance of Ben, Devon and Ashley. She admits, "JP going home worked out as planned and it was perfect timing, because it gave us the upper hand." Lauren is delighted that Chrissy and Ryan are at the bottom. Ben tells his alliance that he will get Ryan to play his idol and find out for whom Ryan and Chrissy are planning on voting. Later, Ryan talks to Devon down on the beach. He tells Devon that he is not mad at him for betraying their alliance. Ryan comments, "I never thought I would have to repair my trust with Devon. Devon and I have been together since day one." Devon explains to Ryan that he did not tell him that JP was going to be voted out, because he did not fully trust him anymore, since he had told others about his idol. Devon admits, "We've had an alliance since day one, but it is a selfish game in the end. I have my own plan to get me to win that million and he's no longer a part of it." 
The next morning the Solewa tribe enjoys their breakfast of rice. Devon feels confident that his path to get to the end is now clear. He compliments Ben on doing a good job at fooling Ryan and Chrissy that he is on their side. Devon points out that they only need to vote out one more person and then their path to the final four is guaranteed. Ben reminds Devon that with Lauren's extra vote, they actually have the majority right now. Devon recommends they vote out Chrissy or Joe next. He comments, "For the first time in this game, I'm calling the shots and I don't think anyone knows that I'm as good at this game as I am. So, I'm sitting in the best possible seat in this game." 
The Solewa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the challenge. They will randomly divide into two teams of four. Each team will swim out to their boat and then paddle to shore, while collecting three bags of logs on the way. Once on shore, they will use those logs to push puzzle pieces through a tunnel. When all the pieces are out, they will use them to complete a Survivor puzzle. The first team to finish wins a Survivor Spa reward complete with shower, massage and a meal of chicken, veggie wraps, fruit, key lime pie and pecan pie.  
The red team is made up of Lauren, Ryan, Mike and Chrissy. The blue team consists of Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon. The challenge begins and everyone jumps in the water and swims towards their team's boat. Once they are all in the boat, they paddle towards the three bags of logs to pick them up and get them to shore. The blue and the red teams are even by the time they get to shore. Now they have to unload their three bags of logs and start using them to push their puzzle pieces through the tunnel. The blue team of Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon have more strength, so they get their bags unloaded from the boat and up the beach much faster. The blue team extends their lead, when Ben and Devon easily push the logs through the tunnel to release their puzzle pieces. Lauren ends up doing all the pushing for her weaker red team, which slows them down. Ben and Ashley are now working on the puzzle for the blue team, while the red team is still trying to release their puzzle pieces. Finally, Mike and Chrissy get to start on the puzzle for the red team. The blue team has had a big head start, but Mike and Chrissy do a great job at catching up to them. In the end, the blue team still finishes the puzzle first. So, Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon win the Spa reward. Joe admits, "It feels great, I'm no longer on the bottom and I finally have a true alliance. The tables have completely turned."  
Ben, Ashley, Joe and Devon are so excited to participate in the Spa reward. They begin by enjoying the food and drinks. Devon admits, "There is still strategy in mind, so Ben is still playing the role of the dethroned king and Joe is still eating it up." Ben asks them all how long they had planned to overthrow his original alliance. Joe and Devon tell him they still are not willing to share their secrets. Joe delights in the fact that Ben feels powerless. He comments, "Now he knows how I felt." Ashley is impressed with how well Ben is pretending to be on the outs. She admits, "He's playing a really good game and that's pretty scary." When Ben and Joe steps into the showers, Devon and Ashley take this opportunity to talk strategy. Devon assures Ashley that things are going well and they will make it to the end together. Ashley comments, "My game play has really evolved and I feel like I'm finally playing Survivor." 
Lauren, Ryan, Mike and Chrissy are back at camp eating coconut. Ryan admits, "I feel like nothing is going my way. I can't even win a veggie wrap. That's how bad things are going right now." He knows that his idol will only save him at one Tribal Council. So, Ryan decides to try and persuade Mike to work with him, Chrissy and Ben to get the numbers back on their side. Mike is happy to no longer be at the bottom, but he listens to Ryan plead his case. Mike remarks, "Now I have a nice alliance of five. We have a plan to work together and I'm sticking to that plan." He reminds Ryan that he has never wanted to work with him in the past, even though he gave Ryan many opportunities to do so. Therefore, Mike doesn't feel comfortable trusting Ryan now. Meanwhile, Chrissy is back at the shelter trying to talk Lauren into being in a final three with her and Ryan. Chrissy admits to Lauren that although she has never talked strategy with her before, there are advantages to each one of them, if they work together now. Lauren listens to Chrissy, but gives her no hope that they will ever be in an alliance together. Lauren admits, "I've jumped ship once. I'm not going to jump ship again. I'm staying in the same boat." Chrissy feels confident that Ben, Ryan or she will be voted out next. She comments, "This game is kicking my butt and it is a new feeling for me." 
The next morning is cold and rainy. Everyone is gathered around the fire watching the rice cook except Chrissy. She is laying in the shelter under a blanket. Mike checks in with her. Chrissy admits that 29 days of being on Survivor has caught up with her. She comments, "Being out here, being stripped down to nothing is way harder than I thought it would be, because in the real world I'm always in control of everything." Chrissy feels better after eating some rice. She has dreamed of being on Survivor for sixteen years and she is not ready to be voted out. Chrissy remarks, "I hope that I can have the last laugh." 
The next day, Jeff Probst welcomes the Solewa tribe to the Immunity Challenge. He takes back the immunity necklace from Ashley and then explains the rules of the challenge. They will each use a Survivor driving wheel to transport a key attached to a vase, through a series of obstacles. That key will unlock a set of block puzzle pieces. Using the driving wheel, they will transport the puzzle pieces to the finish and then use them to solve a word puzzle. The first person to finish wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in seven chance at getting to the end. One of the losers will be the eleventh person voted out at Tribal Council and become the fourth member of the jury.  
The challenge begins and everyone rushes to their driving wheel to start moving their key through the obstacles. If they drop the key along the way, they have to go back to the start. The first obstacle is a teeter totter. Ben, Devon, Joe and Chrissy get across the teeter totter without dropping their key. Ashley, Ryan, Mike and Lauren all drop their keys and head back to the start. The second obstacle is a balance beam with speed bumps. Ben, Devon, Joe, Ashley and Chrissy are the first ones through this obstacle. They can now use their keys to unlock their puzzle pieces and transport them to the finish. Ryan and Mike are still back at the first obstacle. Lauren has just gotten through the second obstacle. Devon, Ashley and Ben get all their puzzle pieces through the next obstacles first. So, they are first to begin work on their puzzles. Ryan and Mike are finally past the first obstacle, but not to their puzzle pieces yet. Joe, Chrissy and Lauren are still working on getting their final puzzle pieces to the finish. Devon, Ben and Ashley are still trying to figure out what word their puzzle pieces should spell, when Chrissy, Lauren and Joe start working on their puzzles. In the end, Chrissy pulls out the win, by coming up with the correct word INVULNERABLE to solve the puzzle. She is so happy to have Jeff put that immunity necklace around her neck. She says, "I've been waiting for this for sixteen years." 
When the Solewa tribe returns to camp, Ben is anxious to meet with his alliance and figure out whom they want out next. Chrissy is safe tonight, but Ryan, Mike and Joe are not and all three of them are not part of the final four alliance of Ben, Devon, Ashley and Lauren. So, Ben, Devon, Ashley and Lauren get together and decide that Joe is their next target. Devon then proposes that they tell Joe and Mike that they are going to use Lauren's extra vote and split their votes between Ryan and Ben. If Ryan plays his idol, then Ben goes home. Everyone agrees. So, they tell their fake plan to Mike and Joe. Mike and Joe agree to follow the plan. Mike admits, "I'm excited for Ben to go home, because Ben is the biggest threat out there at this point. He will do anything to win this game." Later, Chrissy, Ryan and Ben meet to talk strategy. Chrissy warns Ben that he is the most likely target tonight. She recommends that the three of them vote for Ashley or Devon, since they betrayed their alliance of seven. Ben encourages Ryan to play his idol tonight to keep himself safe. He comments, "I still have an idol, but I don't feel I need to play it." Ben looks forward to voting Joe out tonight. Next, Lauren meets with Ashley. They wonder if tonight is a good time to change their plan and vote out Ben instead, since he is such a likable guy and a big threat to win the game. Lauren remarks, "Why dump Joe and Mike right this second, when we could use their votes the way we need to use them?" Lauren recommends that Ashley talk it over with Devon. Ashley comments, "I've realized that in this game, you have to be aggressive and I'm starting to do that." So, Ashley meets with Devon and proposes that they vote out Ben instead of Joe. Devon sees the merit in getting a powerful player like Ben out of the game. He admits, "This vote, it's not an easy one." Devon wants to make big moves, but also be smart and make the right decision. 
The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst brings in jury members Desi, Cole and JP. Mike smiles and admits that things are going well for him in Survivor right now. Chrissy is happy to have won the Immunity Challenge in a game that she has been trying to play for sixteen years. Ben tells Jeff that he will likely be voted out tonight. Joe feels that Ben underestimated the people around him, when he thought his old alliance of seven would stay together. Ben warns Joe that he is on the bottom of his current alliance. Mike feels that he and Joe have equal value in their new alliance to the other members. Ryan reminds Mike and Joe that they once criticized the old alliance of seven for believing that they were all equal members. Mike responds, "Just because you guys didn't do it right, doesn't mean we're not going to do it right." He has confidence that his current alliance will succeed, where the alliance of seven did not. Devon and Ashley both feel that they have to constantly re-evaluate their game to make sure it will get them to the end. Ryan equates Tribal Council to going to prom with one person, but leaving with another one at the end of the night. Joe admits this is the first Tribal Council where he has felt comfortable, since he trusts his alliance of five. Ben feels every comfortable alliance gets blindsided. Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Ryan plays his idol for himself. Jeff reveals all 8 votes. Ryan receives two votes, which do not count. Ashley receives two votes. Joe receives four votes. So, Joe Mena, a 34-year old Probation Officer from Tolland, CT is the eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the fourth member of the jury.