Season 35: Episode 12 - Not Going To Roll Over And Die
Posted on Dec 7, 2017 12:00am


On night 30, the Solewa tribe returns to camp after just voting out Joe at Tribal Council. Mike remarks, "Again I got blindsided. I just believe people when they tell me something and each and every time I get screwed." Ryan complements those that blindsided him and got him to play his idol tonight. He comments, "I was just duped. Apparently, Ben was with Lauren, Devon and Ashley." With Chrissy as his only ally, Ryan is feeling very vulnerable. Chrissy asks Ben to explain what happened at Tribal Council. He tells her that Joe went home, because his plan was not the same as her plan. Chrissy is upset that Ben blindsided her, because she has worked with him from the beginning of the game. Ben shows no remorse and reminds her that Survivor is a game. Chrissy feels Ben is acting like a jerk and tells him so. She comments, "It looks like my days are numbered, but I'm not going to roll over and die." Chrissy hopes to pay Ben back for the way he treated her.


The next day, the Solewa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host informs them that this is a new challenge. Everyone is thrilled when they learn they will be competing in pairs with their loved ones. Each one is then reunited one by one with their loved ones, before the challenge begins. Ashley gets a big hug from her father Jim. Next, Ryan has a tearful reunion with his dad and fellow Survivor fan Steve. Mike is so happy to see his wife Bari and thanks her for letting him live out his dream of being on Survivor. Lauren's sister Sunny hugs both Lauren and Jeff. Chrissy melts into the arms of her husband Keith. Devon gets a big hug from his mother Sonya. Ben's wife Kelly is amazed at how skinny he is and assures him that their kids are doing well. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge. The castaways and their loved ones will each have a bag. Inside the bag are two marbles, one black and one white. They will each draw a marble. If the color of the marble drawn matches with that of their loved one, then they stay alive. If they don't match, then they are out of the challenge. The last couple left standing wins reward. The reward is enjoying a Survivor barbeque back at camp with their loved one.

Jeff passes out the bags of marbles to each person. The challenge begins. In the first round, only Ben and Chrissy match marble colors with their spouses. So, Lauren, Mike, Ashley, Devon and Mike are out. In the second round, only Chrissy and her husband Keith match marbles. So, Chrissy and Keith win the barbeque reward back at camp. Jeff allows Chrissy to pick three of her tribe mates and their loved ones to join her and her husband on reward. She quickly chooses Ryan and his father Steve, Mike and his wife Bari and Ashley and her father Jim. Chrissy comments, "Poor Ben picked the wrong time to pick a fight with me, because he did not get to see his sweet Kelly and now I'm going to make sure he regrets that he ever crossed me."


Chrissy, Ryan, Mike and Ashley are enjoying a big barbeque meal with their loved ones back at camp. In between bites, they talk about life on Survivor. Chrissy explains, "The reason why I picked Ashley to come on the reward with us was because I felt like Ashley would be the easiest of the four to break." She hopes that she can talk Ashley into joining her, Ryan, and Mike for the next vote. So, Chrissy and her husband Keith sit down with Ashley and her father Jim. Chrissy points out to Ashley that she is in an alliance with power players that are going to be hard to beat in the end. She encourages Ashley to use Mike, Ryan and herself to get out Ben. Ashley knows that Chrissy is trying to save herself, but she also knows that Ben is a huge threat and needs to go. She comments, "Do I just go ahead and initiate that right now to be able to say I made a big move? That's the question."


While the others are enjoying the barbeque reward, Lauren, Devon and Ben are making good use of their time. Ben feels strongly that another immunity idol has been hidden around camp, since Ryan played his idol at the last Tribal Council. So, Ben decides to make a fake immunity idol. He explains, "I'm going to plant that somewhere, while looking for the real idol." He shows Devon and Lauren how realistic his fake idol looks. Ben hopes that Chrissy, Mike or Ryan finds his fake idol and stops looking, therefore it will give the rest of them more time to find the real idol. Lauren recommends that they look for the real immunity idol, while the others are away. She is annoyed that Ben would like to have Chrissy find the fake idol and embarrass herself by using it. Lauren remarks, "That's my problem with Ben. He's taking all these factors to the personal level." While they are searching, Lauren finds a leather string with a note under a log with a purple mark on it. She shows Devon and Ben and reads them the note enclosed with it. The note tells them that she has found only half an immunity idol and the other half is a sea shell, which will be located near her platform at the next Immunity Challenge. Once she has both pieces, she will have the complete idol and can play it. Lauren is happy to be the one to have found the idol.

The Solewa tribe arrives on their mat at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Chrissy and explains the rules of the challenge. They will each have their arms stretched out with their fingertips pressed against two wooden disks. At any point, if their disks drop, then they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at getting to the end. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the fifth member of the jury.

The challenge begins. Everyone is standing up with their arms outstretched and their hands each pressed against wooden disks. Jeff warns them that this challenge will be painful. Chrissy admits that she is already hurting. Lauren looks down in front of her station and sees the shell needed to complete her immunity idol sitting in the dirt in front of her. Everyone is still in the game after 15 minutes have elapsed. Ben, Ryan and Chrissy are struggling to keep their disks in place. Ben is the first one to drop his disks and be out of the challenge. Chrissy and Ryan drop not long after. Devon, Ashley, Mike and Lauren are the four remaining in the challenge. Lauren is out next. She quickly sits down and retrieves the shell in front of her. Thirsty minutes have now elapsed. Mike drops, which leaves Devon and Ashley the only two left in the challenge. Devon asks Ashley if she wants to fight it out. When Jeff questions him, Devon admits that he and Ashley are strong allies and trust one another. Devon says, "Either one of us wearing that necklace is just as good in my eyes." Ashley offers a massage to the loser. Devon accepts and immediately drops out of the challenge. So, Ashley wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council. Lauren comments, "Picking up the shell completed the idol. So, with seven of us and four of us all voting the same way, case closed. It's either Mike, Chrissy or Ryan going home."


The Solewa tribe returns to camp after the challenge. Ashley is happy to have the immunity necklace and a strong majority alliance. She admits, "I may not have that many big moves on my resume and for me to win this game, I've got to get rid of the stronger players." So, Ashley meets with Lauren and Devon and proposes they vote out Ben tonight. Devon feels that Chrissy is more of a challenge threat than Ben. So, he prefers they vote her out first. Ben sneaks up on Ashley, Lauren and Devon talking at the well and tries to listen in on their conversation before he is noticed. He is pretty sure he hears them mention his name. When Ben joins them at the well, there is an awkward lull in the conversation. Lauren tells Ben they are targeting Chrissy. Ben is fine with that. He admits, "I feel like there's a chance that it's going to be me. So, I got to do whatever I have to do to keep myself in this game." Ben goes on a walk with Mike and asks him if he will make a big move with him. Mike welcomes the opportunity. Ben tells Mike that Lauren found the hidden immunity idol during the family visit. He asks Mike to join him in voting out Lauren, because now she has both an extra vote and an idol. Mike remarks, "All of a sudden, I feel like I'm back on top. So, never underestimate Dr. Mike." Next, Ben meets with Ryan and tells him the plan to get out Lauren. Ryan is happy to go along with any plan that ensures that he is not the one going home. He reveals, "The problem is for this to work, we need Chrissy, who hates Ben." Ben walks into camp and sees Chrissy talking to Devon. When Ben asks Chrissy what they were talking about. Chrissy tells Ben that she is not willing to share information with him, since he treated her so badly at the last Tribal Council. Ben is annoyed by Chrissy's attitude, but he knows that he needs her in order to get out Lauren and protect himself. So, Ben goes on a walk with Chrissy and apologizes for offending her. He tells her about Lauren's extra vote and idol. Chrissy was planning on voting for Ben. She admits, "If by voting out Lauren, that will keep me safe, I have to consider it." Chrissy is not sure that she can trust Ben, since he has betrayed her at the last two Tribal Councils. Mike encourages Chrissy to vote for Lauren. Chrissy tells him that she would still like Ben gone. Mike comments, "She's playing emotionally at this point and I don't know what's going to happen tonight." He decides to set up a backup plan. So, Mike meets with Ashley and Devon and reveals to them that Ben told him about Lauren's idol and advantage. Devon then tells Lauren that Ben is trying to blindside her. Lauren remarks, "I still have that extra vote, but first I want to see if I can get the numbers back on my side." She goes back to camp and gives Mike the shell that completes her immunity idol in order to win his trust. Mike comments, "It falls into those like stupidest moves ever in Survivor history. The only question is: Do the Survivor gods make her pay for it or not?


The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst brings in jury members Desi, Cole, JP and Joe. Jeff brings up today's Immunity Challenge where Devon stepped down for a massage from Ashley. Devon is quick to defend his actions by stating that he was just showing Lauren and Ashley how much he trusted them. Ben asks Devon why he did not include him in the list of trusted allies. Ashley feels some people are getting too paranoid, which puts them at risk tonight. Jeff guesses she is referring to Ben. Ashley tells him that he is correct. Ben now knows that Devon, Lauren and Ashley are no longer on his side. Lauren calls out Ben for telling everyone about her hidden immunity idol. Ben points out that it was part of his game plan. Lauren and Ashley scold Ben for not sticking with their alliance. Chrissy admits that Lauren is dangerous, because she also has an extra vote. She recommends that Lauren forfeit that vote and give it to Jeff. Lauren tells everyone that she does not have the advantage with her, so she can't play it tonight. Jeff is amazed that everyone seems to know everything and Lauren's idol and advantage. Mike shows Jeff the shell that Lauren gave him. Lauren feels that turnabout is fair play. So, she reveals that Ben made a fake idol in hopes that Chrissy would find it and then be embarrassed when she played it. Ben puts his fake idol around his neck to show that he did not hide it for someone to find. Mike then does something that he has always wanted to do, which is throw a real idol in the fire. So, he throws the shell in the fire to disable it. The jury is amused by this, but Lauren is not. Mike explains that an idol is both a blessing and a curse. Both Ryan and Ben feel it is foolish to reveal that you have an idol to anyone. Lauren wants to get rid of her curse and offers to give up her extra vote. Ben suggests they just vote Lauren out. Devon feels that Ben is more of a threat than Lauren. Side conversations start happening between various members of the tribe. Ben explains to Jeff that they are trying to decide whether to vote out him or Lauren. When everything settles, Jeff calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. Ben plays his idol for himself. Jeff reveals all 7 votes. Ben receives six votes, which do not count. Lauren receives one vote. So, Lauren Rimmer, a 35-year old Fisherman from Beaufort, NC is the twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the fifth member of the jury.