Season 35: Episode 13 - The Survivor Devil
Posted on Dec 14, 2017 12:00am

The Solewa tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council on night 33. Everyone except Ben is shocked that Lauren went home, because Ben played an idol that no one knew about. Ben comments, "Seeing six votes for yourself and then you pulling off the only vote and getting to choose solely on who gets to go home. I mean that's a good feeling." When Ben leaves camp to get water, the rest of the tribe agrees that Ben has to be the next one to go. They all feel that if he makes it to the end, he will win. Chrissy insists that someone besides Ben must win immunity. Devon admits, "Ben is still everyone's number one target, but this game is never as simple as you want it to be." When Ben returns to camp, Devon tells him that he will not let him win immunity. Ben remarks, "I have no alliances anymore. So, I've got a long hard road ahead of me now."  
The next morning, Ben wakes up first and gets the fire going. He comments, "Traditionally in Survivor, once an idol is played it gets introduced back into the game." While the others are still sleeping, Ben leaves camp to look for a hidden immunity idol. He looks under rocks, around trees, in the bushes to see if he can find one. Back at camp, Chrissy wakes up and sees that Ben is gone. She admits, "I'm a little nervous, because Ben is obviously looking for an idol." Since everyone is planning to vote Ben out at the next Tribal Council, Chrissy is hoping that Ben will not find an idol. Ben is now down by the beach searching. He remarks, "I need to find an idol or win immunity to keep me in the game." 
The Solewa tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst, the host explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will be divided into pairs. Each pair will be attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. Each pair will then race through the obstacles to the finish, where they will attempt to land five rings on a target. The first pair to finish wins a helicopter ride to a private resort on a private island for a feast and an overnight stay. They do a random draw for pairs. The resulting pairs are Ben with Ashley, Devon with Chrissy and Mike with Ryan.  
The challenge begins. The first obstacle the pairs need to get through is a series of wooden hurdles in the water that they must go up and over to keep their ropes from tangling. Ashley and Ben are the first ones to get through this obstacle. They now have to go over and under a hitching post on the sand. Chrissy and Devon are right behind them. Mike and Ryan are getting tangled up and are falling behind. Ben and Ashley maintain their lead as they tackle the third obstacle which is a low fence that their rope is weaved through. Mike and Ryan are finally done with the first obstacle. Chrissy and Devon are catching up to Ben and Ashley on the third obstacle. Ben and Ashley are now through all of the obstacles. Ben starts throwing the rings towards the target. Chrissy and Devon are still right behind them. Mike and Ryan made up a lot of time and are now right on their tail. Devon scores the first ring. Mike scores a ring for his team. Devon scores a second ring. Ben finally lands three rings in a row, putting his team in the lead. Devon ties it up by landing his third ring. Ryan scores a second ring for his team. In the end, Devon lands his last two rings before anyone else. So, Devon and Chrissy win the overnight reward. Jeff tells them that can take one other person with them. Chrissy recommends they take Ryan and Devon agrees. So, Chrissy, Devon and Ryan head out to their feast and overnight stay at the private island resort. Ben wanted to go on the reward to look for a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Ashley is upset that they chose Ryan instead of her. Ben comments, "Ashley's all hangry, which is perfect for me. That's going to be the only way I can start stirring stuff up." 
Ben, Ashley and Mike arrive back at camp. Ashley and Mike are upset that they are not on the reward. Mike thought Chrissy and Devon would have chosen him to go on reward with them, since he is the swing vote. He is now worried that Devon is trying to work with Ryan instead. Mike comments, "It's very scary to think that Devon could be the deciding factor of me winning a million dollars." Ben listens to Mike and Ashley's complaints. He hopes to take advantage of their disappointment in Chrissy, Devon and Ryan to try and get them to work with him instead. Ben asks Mike and Chrissy who they would like to vote out next. Mike responds, "I mean, besides you?" He goes on to confirm Ben's suspicion that everyone sees him as the biggest threat and plans on voting him out next. Ben reminds Mike and Ashley that he has a vote they can use. He admits, "I've got a lot of work to do to keep my butt in this game." Ben talks to Ashley next. He warns her not to trust Mike, because he is playing her and Devon. Ashley assures Ben that she is onto Mike. He then warns her that Chrissy and Ryan are not on her and Devon's side. Ashley admits, "At this point, Ben is saying that Devon and I don't really have an upper hand anymore and I think that's true to a very large extent, but coming from Ben I have to think about it like he's probably just saying that just to save himself." Ben realizes that he is not making any progress with Ashley either, so he heads out of camp to look for an idol. Mike knows that Ben will likely search for the idol. Since, Mike has already searched all around for an idol with no success, he is sure that Ben won't find one either. So, he sees no reason to follow him. Mike admits, "I feel pretty confident that Ben is going home."  
Chrissy, Devon and Ryan arrive at the private resort. They are amazed at how beautiful it is. As they walk around, they come upon a table full of food and immediately sit down to enjoy it. Ryan is so happy that Chrissy and Devon picked him to go on the reward with them. He admits, "It's without question, one of the best moments of my entire life." As they take a break from eating to let their food settle, Devon proposes that they vote out Ben next. They all agree Ben is next and that Mike is dangerous. Chrissy proposes that the three of them work together to be the final three in the game. Devon admits that he had been considering that. He also likes the idea of ending the game with Ryan, since they started the game together. Devon comments, "I'm just going with who I think I have the best shot of going to the final three with and who I think I could beat in the end." Ryan likes the idea of going to the end with Chrissy and Devon, even though he and Devon have had a rocky relationship. Chrissy admits, "Although I don't know him well, having Devon on the final three with me allows me to break up the Ashley Devon alliance." Chrissy knows that Ashley is not a fan of hers. She comments, "For my game, it may make more sense to vote off Ashley first and Ben next. Right now, I don't know which way is best to go." As the sun goes down, Chrissy, Devon and Ryan agree to go to the final three together. 
The next day, the Solewa tribe arrives on their mat at the Immunity Challenge. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Ashley and explains the rules of the challenge. They will each race through a series of obstacles to a sack of sandbags. They will toss one of these bags into a basket, which will release a set of ladder rungs. They will then climb up the ladder and use a ball to release another set of ladder rungs. When they get to the top, they will solve a cog puzzle. The first person to spin their cog puzzle and raise their flag wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at getting to the end. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council and become the sixth member of the jury.  
The challenge begins. They first must climb up a tall ladder and run down a net. Next, they must go over and under two wooden hurdles. Ben and Devon are the first to get through these and arrive at their bag of sandbags. They have to untie a knot and then start throwing the sandbags into a net to release their ladder rungs. Chrissy is the last to arrive at the sandbags. Ashley is the first one to land a sandbag into her basket. So, she is up the ladder first. Ben, Chrissy, Mike, Ryan and Devon all hit their baskets next and climb up their ladders. Now they have a ball attached to a rope that they need to throw into a lever to release their next ladder rungs. Ben is the first to do this. He climbs up his ladder to the top and starts working on his cog puzzle. Chrissy, Mike, Ryan and Ashley are not far behind him. Devon brings up the rear. Everybody is now working on their cog puzzle. When they put it together properly, the cogs will turn together and release their flag. It is a very complicated puzzle and Chrissy is the first one to solve it and release her flag. So, Chrissy wins her second individual immunity challenge. Chrissy is happy that Ben and Ashley do not have immunity tonight. She just needs to decide who gets voted out first. Chrissy remarks, "This is my time to be in control of the game." 
The Solewa tribe returns to camp after the challenge. Ben is disappointed that he did not win immunity. He admits, "I needed that one, because considering how last Tribal went, I'm 100% sure everyone is targeting me tonight." Ben is not ready to give up though. So, he heads out of camp to once again look for the hidden immunity idol. Instead of following him, the rest of the tribe stays behind to discuss the vote. They all agree to vote for Ben tonight. Ashley wonders who Ben will vote for. She admits, "I don't think Ben has an idol, but he's the most likely person to find one." When Ashley, Devon, Chrissy and Ryan are together in the water, Ashley recommends that they split the votes between Mike and Ben, in case Ben has an idol. Devon feels this is a good idea, since they won't expect that. Chrissy admits, "I would actually like to vote Ashley out first, because she is the one I trust the least." Later, Chrissy meets with Devon, Ryan and Mike and proposes that they vote out Ashley tonight. She feels if Ben has an idol, he will play it and then they will have two more Tribals to get him out before final three. Mike still feels that they should target Ben first, because he is more dangerous than Ashley. Ryan agrees with him. Chrissy is not convinced though and lets them know that she may make up her mind at the last minute at Tribal. Devon is not ready for Ashley to go. He comments, "If Ben is in the final three, none of us stand a chance." Meanwhile, Ben is still out looking for a hidden immunity idol. He is so excited when he finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol at the base of a tree. The clue tells him that the idol is tied to the underside of the shelter and includes a map to the exact location. Ben admits, "I'm pretty nervous, because it's in plain sight of everybody." He gets back to camp and sees Ryan, Devon and Mike sitting by the fire. So, Ben lays down in the shelter and discreetly puts his hand in between the bamboo to see if he can see or feel anything underneath. He does not want anybody to see him find the idol. Chrissy comes back to camp and walks by Ben in the shelter. He has still not found the idol and he knows that time is running out. Everyone else is now getting ready to go to Tribal Council. Ben comments, "I'm not going anywhere, until I get that idol." 
The Solewa tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff Probst brings in jury members Desi, Cole, JP, Joe and Lauren. Jeff asks Ben what happened back at camp after he played his idol at the last Tribal Council. Ben feels that everyone is planning on voting for him tonight. He knows Devon and Ashley are strong allies, just as Chrissy and Ryan are too. Ben feels Mike is the swing vote. With nobody on his side, Ben just hopes to still be in the game after tonight's Tribal Council. Ashley admits that she was disappointed that she was not chosen to go on the reward with Devon and Chrissy. Chrissy feels that Ashley was being a poor sport at the challenge, when she called her out for making the decision on who was going on the reward. Ashley insists that she did not mean it that way. Mike points out that Ben is a big threat, but not the only threat in the game. He feels it is important to take people to the end that you can beat. Ryan feels that you have to be careful about whom you make final three deals with. Jeff asks everyone if they have made final three deals yet. Everyone says they have, except for Ben. Ben insists that he is willing to work with anyone to get to the end. Mike feels that Ben has told many lies and is a very tricky player. Ben admits that he is frustrated that other people are not willing to work with him to make big moves in the game. He reminds everyone that they need to start working on their Survivor resumes. Devon and Chrissy feel they have made big moves that Ben does not know about, since they are not willing to reveal them to him. Devon warns Ben that he is going home tonight. Ben take his hidden immunity idol out of his boot and puts it around his neck. He says, "I'm not going home tonight." His tribe mates are very surprised to see that Ben has an idol. Ashley is especially flustered. Ben invites her to go back to camp with him and be safe, if she joins him in voting out Mike tonight. He makes the same offer to Devon. Devon is not sure that Ben will really play his idol tonight. So, Ben immediately hands over his idol to Jeff. Jeff confirms that the idol is legitimate. Ben is pleased to see his tribe mates feeling uncomfortable and wondering whom to vote for now. Jeff then calls for the Solewa tribe to cast their votes. After they vote, Jeff asks if anyone else would like to play a hidden immunity idol. No one does. Jeff reveals the first 5 votes. Mike receive one vote. Ashley receives four votes, which is enough. So, Ashley Nolan, a 26-year old Lifeguard from Satellite Beach, FL is the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and the sixth member of the jury.