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Season 36: Episode 2 - Can You Reverse the Curse?: Part 2
Posted on Mar 1, 2018 12:00am


Its night 3 in the Naviti camp. The tribe is asleep in the shelter except for Domenick. He feels uncomfortable with his position in the tribe. Domenick comments, "I need to make a move now." So, he leaves camp to search for a hidden immunity idol. He prefers searching at night, when the others are asleep and not watching him. After searching around many rocks and trees, Domenick is thrilled to find a hidden immunity idol in a tree trunk. He admits, "With an idol, I can take way bigger risks and I want to take risks in this game. I want to play this game really hard." There is not enough light for Domenick to read the note that came with the immunity idol. So, he decides to wait until the sun comes up. Finally, the sun rises on day 4 and Domenick reads the note. It tells him that this is the idol that Andrea was voted out with in SURVIVOR'S 26th season. She was the first female to be voted out with an idol in her pocket. Domenick now has to use the idol effectively to reverse the curse. He comments, "I'm starting to get a handle on the true essence of Ghost Island. It's all about past player's mistakes." Domenick is confident that he will use Andrea's idol to help himself in the game.


Later, Domenick, Bradley, Morgan and Sebastian are sitting on the beach talking about the possibility of idols on Ghost Island. Morgan comments, "This Ghost Island throws a wrench in things because who you send is going to impact the game." She is glad that her tribe sent Malolo's weakest player Jacob to Ghost Island since she finds a present from him in her bag. Morgan opens her bag and pulls out the authentic Legacy Advantage that Sierra found in SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS in 2017. She sees Jacob's name followed by her name on the cover, so she knows that Jacob willed it to her. Upon reading the note that came with it, she knows that this advantage guarantees her immunity when there are 13 or 6 people left in the game. Morgan admits, "If Sierra hadn't told people about this, she probably wouldn't have gotten voted out, but the problem is I have a really big mouth." She hopes to keep it a secret, so she can use it later in the game.


Over on Ghost Island, Jacob is creating a fake hidden immunity idol from a piece of twine, beads and some shells that he found. He is thinking about what he is going to tell his Malolo tribe about Ghost Island. Jacob reveals, "I'm not going to tell them that I got the Legacy Advantage out of this. I'm going to tell them that I got an idol out of this." He hopes that the idol will keep him safe at the next Tribal Council in case he finds himself on the chopping block. Jacob then packs up his bag and leaves Ghost Island.


The Malolo tribe is cooking up sea cucumbers when Jacob returns to camp. He immediately wants to know whom was voted out at Tribal Council. When the tribe tells him that it was Gonzalez, Jacob promises to tell them everything about Ghost Island, if they tell him everything about what has gone on while he's been away. Jacob admits, "Coming back to my tribe, I felt like I was in a lot of trouble. Fortunately, I have this fake immunity idol." The Malolo tribe gathers around the fire and Jacob tells them he smashed the urn at Ghost Island and got a hidden immunity idol. He promises to play the idol at the next Tribal Council, so he does not become a target. The tribe asks him if the idol came with a note. Jacob tells them that he forgot to bring the note back. They congratulate him for finding the idol. Jacob comments, "I believe my tribe believes that I have an idol and I believe that my tribe believes that I'm going to play an idol at the next Tribal Council. So, I should be okay." Later, Brendan, Donathan, Michael, Jenna, Libby and Stephanie meet at the beach. Brendan feels Jacob's idol is fake and that he should be the one voted out next. He explains, "There's no chance in the world that this SURVIVOR nerd forgot the note that came with the immunity idol back at Ghost Island." Brendan cautions the group that on the off chance that Jacob's idol is real, they need to protect themselves. Michael recommends that they make Jacob feel comfortable with his place in the tribe, so he doesn't feel the need to play an idol. Stephanie reveals, "When somebody knows that they're on the bottom, that can create opportunities for somebody like me." She hopes to use Jacob to get further in the game.


The next day at Naviti, Domenick is feeling much more confident in his game now that he has an immunity idol. He admits, "I feel like I'm really developing a good rapport with a substantial amount of people in this tribe, but I heard through the grapevine that Chris was gunning for me." Domenick decides to talk to Chris directly to try and get him on his side. Domenick tells Chris that he feels they misread each other and would like to work with him and not against him. Chris admits to Domenick that he felt Domenick was gunning for him. Domenick insists that this is not the case and promises to prove it to him. Chris asks Domenick if he has found an idol. Domenick is surprised by this question, but tells Chris that he doesn't think anyone has even looked for an idol. Chris tells Domenick that honesty is important if they are going to trust one another. Domenick comments, "I'm not going to play defense. I'm going to make sure I have Chris in my control." Feeling that Chris may somehow know that he does have an idol, Domenick makes a fake idol and wraps it up with the note from his real idol. He then shows Chris the fake idol and the note with the hopes that this will help Chris to trust him. Domenick reveals, "Seeing his reaction, I knew I had him hook, line and sinker." He even tells Chris that he will use it for him, if he feels he is in trouble. Chris thoroughly reads the paper that came with the idol and gives it back to Domenick. He admits, "I don't trust him and if my instinct tells me somethings off, I have to go with it. I will not get voted out of this game going against my instinct." Chris now focuses on getting rid of Domenick's idol.


Jeff Probst, the host points out to the Naviti tribe that Gonzalez was voted out of the Malolo tribe at the last Tribal Council. He then explains the rules of the water challenge. They will race through a series of obstacles and then release two sets of buoys. Next, they will gather all the marked buoys and get them to the finish. Then two of the remaining tribe members will attempt to shoot those buoys into a basket. The first tribe to get all eight buoys in their basket wins immunity and is safe from the vote. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: GHOST ISLAND. In addition, they are playing for a comfort reward which includes chairs, pillows, blankets and a hammock. Finally, the winning tribe will send someone from the losing tribe to Ghost Island. Naviti has one extra person, so Angela sits out of the challenge.

The challenge begins and two people from each tribe jump in the water to get through the obstacles, so they can release their first set of buoys. Michael and Libby are out on the course for Malolo. Morgan and Bradley are in the water for Naviti. Morgan and Bradley get Naviti's buoys released first, but Malolo is not far behind. Sebastian and Chelsea are the next pair out for Naviti. Donathan and James are out for Malolo. Sebastian and Chelsea extend the Naviti lead as they release the second set of buoys well before Malolo. Chris then jumps in the water and collects the eight marked buoys for Naviti. For Malolo, Donathan and James are through the obstacles. Now, James must swim down eight feet to release Malolo's second set of buoys. He cannot do it though. Meanwhile, Wendell and Desiree are tossing buoys into the Naviti basket. Donathan does not think he can release the buoys for Malolo, but Jeff and his Malolo tribe encourage him to try. Donathan becomes a hero for his tribe when he successfully releases their buoys. Now, Stephanie jumps in the water for Malolo to get through the obstacles and gather their marked buoys. Meanwhile, Naviti has scored seven of their eight buoys, by the time Malolo starts to shoot theirs. In the end, Naviti sinks their final buoy in the basket, before Malolo even scores one. So, Naviti wins immunity, the comfort reward and the right to send someone from Malolo to Ghost Island. Naviti sends Donathan to Ghost Island. He will return to Malolo tomorrow morning, therefore missing Tribal Council tonight. Jacob admits, "I was hoping that Naviti would send me back to Ghost Island." He is relieved at least to have his fake immunity idol, which he is sure that his tribe thinks is real.


Donathan arrives on Ghost Island and he is a little nervous about being by himself in this mysterious place He admits, "The biggest thing about SURVIVOR is you just have to adapt and go with the flow." Donathan smashes one of the urns and gets a rolled-up piece of paper that says, "NOPE. NOT TODAY. NO GAME FOR YOU." He didn't get the chance to play, but he hopes to prove to himself that he can survive alone on Ghost Island. Donathan is proud when he starts a fire. He is also pleased with his performance in today's challenge. Donathan comments, "Being out here is definitely opening my eyes and giving me confidence in myself that I can be the person that I always thought I could."


Over at Malolo, James apologizes to his tribe for costing them the challenge. James reveals, "I feel like hell and now people might be thinking let him go, because he's to blame." Brendan encourages his alliance to get out Jacob tonight, but put some votes on James, just in case Jacob has a legitimate idol. Michael and Stephanie agree that it would be best if Jacob did not suspect that he is their target. Stephanie volunteers to talk to Jacob and make him feel comfortable about the vote tonight. So, she takes a walk with Jacob and tells him she feels that nobody is really playing the game yet. Jacob admits to feeling the same way. Stephanie comments, "I'm using my little flirtatious ways trying to get to the truth about his idol." She tells Jacob that they should work together, since they are both super fans that know the game better than the others. They are both worried about a tribe swap. So, Jacob recommends they pool their allies and take out Michael tonight, since he is one of the stronger guys and therefore a threat. Jacob admits, "We're a little bit of an unlikely pair, but she knows what she's doing." He feels they can go pretty far together in the game. Jacob wants to solidify his bond with Stephanie, so he reveals to her that his idol is not real. He also tells her that he got the Legacy Advantage on Ghost Island and willed it to Morgan. Stephanie is delighted to hear all of this information and be the only other one to know it. She admits, "So, now I am really struggling with this Jacob vote." Stephanie knows how valuable it is to have someone that trusts you and confides in you in this game. Next, Stephanie tells Jenna about Jacob's idea of voting out Michael. Jenna is not sure if Jacob can be trusted in the long run and she finds him annoying. She comments, "However, Stephanie and I have been close friends since day one. So, I definitely want to stay loyal to her." Jacob talks to James and Lauren. He tells them that Stephanie recommend they vote for Michael tonight. Lauren admits, "So far, the strong and the beautiful have been running the show. They've formed a little bit of a clique without me and that worries me." She wonders if now is the time to work with the others on the bottom to flip the vote. Brendan, Libby and Michael hope that Stephanie and Jenna will vote with them to get out Jacob and not double cross them. Michael feels vulnerable tonight. He reveals, "If I get voted out by fricken' Jacob, I'm going to be pissed off."


Jeff Probst once again welcomes the Malolo tribe to Tribal Council. He instructs Jacob to light his torch, since this is his first Tribal Council. Jeff tells him that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents his life. When his fire is gone, so is he. James blames himself and his poor performance in the challenge for his tribe losing the challenge and having to be at Tribal Council tonight. Jeff asks Jacob about Ghost Island. Jacob admits that he shared the details of his experience on Ghost Island with his tribe mates, including his opportunity to get an advantage. Libby confirmed that he showed them an immunity idol that he got on Ghost Island. James points out that they hope they can trust what Jacob told them, since no one else has been to Ghost Island yet. Jacob is pleased with how his tribe welcomed him back after his stay on Ghost Island. He still feels that Malolo is the greatest tribe. Jacob admits that he talks a big game to fight all the fears that come with playing SURVIVOR, which is the game he loves so much. Jenna feels that tribe alliances have shifted a little now that they are at their second Tribal Council. Michael admits they have to do something different, since they now have lost two challenges in a row. Brendan and Michael both feel vulnerable tonight, even though they are two of the strongest people on the tribe. Jacob hopes that the tribe did not decide to get rid of him next while he was on Ghost Island. Jeff then calls for the Malolo tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the first seven votes. Michael receives one vote. James receives two votes. Jacob receives four votes, which is enough. So, Jacob Derwin, a 22-year old Music Teacher from Brooklyn, NY is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: GHOST ISLAND.