Season 36: Episode 3 - Only Time Will Tell
Posted on Mar 8, 2018 12:00am

Its night 6 and the Malolo tribe returns from Tribal Council where they just voted out Jacob. James was worried that he was going to be the one voted out and in fact received two votes tonight. Libby tells James not to beat himself up for doing poorly in the challenge. James admits, "Being raised in a Korean American household has taught me to take ownership of my failure, but I'm glad I'm still here and ready to fight for another day." The Malolo tribe is ready to start winning challenges and staying away from Tribal Council.
The next morning, the Malolo and Naviti tribes arrive for what they expect to be a challenge. Jeff Probst, the host welcomes Donathan back from Ghost Island. Jeff asks Libby how things are at Malolo. She responds, "I can say that we are still growing into that best tribe ever." Jeff asks Bradley about Naviti. Bradley feels Naviti is harmonious and strong. Jeff surprises them when he tells them to drop their buffs, because it is time for a tribe switch. Angela tears up and admits she feels sad because the tribe family that she loves is breaking up. She comments, "I'm absolutely nervous about this switch." Jeff goes by each castaway with two trays of wrapped up buffs. They each pick one. When everyone has one, they remove the wrapping and reveal their new buffs. The new Malolo tribe consists of: Jenna, Stephanie, Bradley, Brendan, Sebastian, Michael, Desiree, Kellyn and Chelsea. The new Naviti tribe consists of: Angela, Morgan, Donathan, Libby, Laurel, Domenick, Chris, James and Wendell. Domenick admits, "I still have to deal with Chris on this tribe, so it is critical to me that I build relationships with everyone out here in order to take him out." Both tribes consist of five old Naviti members and four old Malolo members. Kellyn tells Jeff that she is glad that her old Naviti members are in the majority, but she is also anxious to get to know the new people on her new Malolo tribe. She really hopes to keep her original Naviti tribe members together and knock out the old Malolo members.
Brendan, Jenna, Stephanie and Michael welcome Bradley, Sebastian, Desiree, Kellyn and Chelsea to the Malolo camp. Sebastian is so happy that his old Naviti members have the majority in this new Malolo tribe. He admits, "This is the perfect situation for me." As Brendan gives the new residents a tour of the camp, he admits that the shelter and camp are still a work in process and can probably be improved. The old Naviti members see that the Malolo camp is not as nice as their old Naviti camp. Kellyn comments, "The shelter is just tangled up and one big hot mess over here." Brendan and Bradley are standing by the shelter looking out to the ocean. Brendan points out how important it is to take the time to enjoy the beauty of Fiji. Bradley comments on how much better the Naviti camp is than this Malolo camp. Brendan is frustrated with the old Naviti members for being so negative about the Malolo camp. He comments, "On top of that, we're down four five. All in all, not a great spot for me."
Over at the Naviti camp, Wendell, Angela, Morgan, Domenick and Chris welcome Donathan, Libby, Laurel and James to Naviti. The old Malolo members are impressed with the Naviti camp. Donathan remarks, "They've really got it going on. They've got two fire pits. They've got a good shelter and sure enough they've got the most beautiful view that I have ever seen in my life." The new Naviti tribe feels good about their chances in challenges, since they have a lot of strength on their tribe. Chris comments, "We have the five to four advantage, but it's way more complex than that." His first priority is to get rid of Domenick and his idol. Chris talks strategy with Angela and encourages her to not play with her heart. He tells Angela that Domenick has an immunity idol, so they must get rid of him first. Angela listens to Chris but does not like being told what to do without being asked her opinion on things. She comments, "Even though I'm used to guys barking orders in the military, I don't like that kind of confrontation at all." Later, Chris and Angela collect coconuts with Libby and James. Chris tells them that Domenick has an idol and they need to get rid of him. Libby feels that Chris has a very dominant personality. She admits, "I'll play dumb, but I'm not going to be dumb about it."
The Malolo tribe watches the sun rise on day 8. While, Stephanie is enjoying the beauty of it, Bradley just complains about how cold and dirty it is at Malolo. Stephanie is annoyed with how much the old Naviti complain, but she knows she needs to work with them, since she is in the minority on the tribe. When Kellyn, Jenna and Stephanie are at the well filling their water bottles, Kellyn tells Jenna and Stephanie that the old Naviti are going to stay together. Jenna and Stephanie are discouraged to hear this but are not ready to give up. Jenna admits, "It's frustrating that with this kind of luck you can just all of a sudden go from the top of the food chain to the bottom." Stephanie and Jenna go searching for a hidden immunity idol to help keep them safe in the game. Stephanie admits, "If you want to take me out, you're going to have to take me out fighting and screaming, because I'm going to everything that I can to stay in this game." Back at camp, Bradley, Kellyn and Desiree celebrate being in the majority. Brendan and Michael are now also searching for an idol. Michael is so happy when he finds a package at the bottom of a tree. He opens the package and reads the note. It tells him that this is one of the two idols that James got voted out with in Survivor: China. Michael reveals, "At eight years old, the first season I watched was Survivor: China and James was one of my very favorite players." Brendan congratulates Michael for finding the idol. They both feel better about their chances of staying in the game.
Over at the Naviti camp, Domenick and Morgan feel that Chris and Angela are not going to stay loyal to the original Naviti. Morgan comments, "I get the sense that Chris doesn't really want to stay five strong, because he doesn't really seem to have a good connection with Dom. So, we might have to go for Chris." Domenick and Morgan make plans to work with the four original Malolo members in their tribe to get out Chris. Morgan takes a walk with Libby and tells her that she is glad that Libby is on the tribe. Morgan also tells Libby not worry about being voted out, because the old Naviti are not solid. Libby is relieved to hear this. She admits, "The good part about people coming up to you and wanting to trust you is that you can choose between which alliance you want to be with." At this point, Libby likes Morgan and feels she can trust her more than the other old Naviti members."
Jeff Probst explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. They will race through a series of ramp walls to a sand pit where they will dig up a ladder, climb it and retrieve a rope. They will use the rope to get them to the top of a tall tower where they will solve a puzzle. The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council. One of the losers will be the third person voted out. In addition, they are playing for a tarp which will protect them from the rain and sun. The winning tribe will also send somebody from the losing tribe to Ghost Island.
The challenge begins and one by one both tribes race through a series of ramp walls. Everyone gets through on their first attempt, except James, Desiree, Angela and Libby. Malolo is the first tribe to get everyone through this first obstacle, so they start digging up their ladder. Naviti is not far behind. Naviti catches up to Malolo and passes them as they use their ladder to retrieve their rope. Chris throws and hooks the rope to the tower, so that his tribe can use the rope to get up the tower. Sebastian does the same for his Malolo tribe. The tribes are dead even now. The last obstacle is to climb a slanted wall to get to the puzzles. Naviti gets to their puzzle a little before Malolo. Wendell and Laurel work on the puzzle for Naviti, while Bradley and Kellyn work on the Malolo puzzle. In the end, Malolo easily solves their puzzle first and wins immunity and the tarp reward. Malolo is unable to unanimously decide whom to send from Naviti to Ghost Island, so Naviti draws rocks. Chris picks the one white rock, so he goes to Ghost Island. The rest of Naviti will go to Tribal Council and vote someone out tonight. Domenick admits, "That son of a bitch Chris is lucky because I was really looking forward to getting rid of him at Tribal tonight." Morgan is worried now that without Chris, they are left with four old Malolo and four old Naviti going to Tribal. She comments, "I'm worried we're going to mess this up."
Chris is not happy to be on Ghost Island. He would rather be going to Tribal Council tonight to make sure Domenick was the one voted out. Chris breaks open an urn and gets a note that reads: NOPE. NOT TODAY. NO GAME FOR YOU. He is disappointed not to have the chance to win an idol or advantage. Now that Chris is by himself, he realizes the game is difficult and taking a toll on him. He admits, "My mom is my hero. When I hit a moment of weakness I think of her." Chris' mom has struggled with MS since before he was born. She has beat the odds and is still living. Chris comments, "It is crucial that I re-center myself because it's going to help my game going forward." He now appreciates his time on Ghost Island, so he can let out his emotions and work on his game plan.
Over at Naviti, the tribe is breaking up into groups to discuss tonight's vote. Angela feels the four original Malolo members will stick with Chris' plan and vote for Domenick. She prefers to stay loyal to her original Naviti instead of following Chris's plan and voting for Domenick. Angela explains, "I would rather have loyalty versus doing something that I'm controlled at and not having a choice in." Wendell checks in with Angela to see how she is voting. She tells Wendell that she is not voting for Domenick and is willing to go to rocks in the case of a tie at Tribal Council in order to stay loyal to old Naviti. Wendell recommends they vote for Libby. He tells Angela he will let her know if things change. Wendell is not sure if he can trust Angela since she has been working with Chris. He admits, "I don't want to draw rocks for Angela, so I'm gung ho about getting her out of here." Next, Wendell talks to Morgan. They agree to vote out Angela to lessen Chris' followers in the tribe. Morgan assures Wendell that Libby will vote with them. She comments, "I trust Libby way more than I would ever trust Angela." So, Wendell and Morgan encourage Libby, Laurel and James to join them in voting out Angela tonight. Domenick is worried that the former Malolo may still not trust him and suspect that he has an idol. So, he meets with Laurel, Libby and James and shows them the same fake idol that he showed Chris. This time, Domenick admits that it is a fake idol. He hopes the old Malolo will believe him and vote for Angela and not him tonight. James comments, "I see Domenick almost as a Russell Hantz 2.0. I truly think that he is capable of lying straight to my face." He worries that Domenick has a real idol and will play it tonight. Domenick swears on his children that he wants to work with the original Malolo members. James trusts Domenick even less when he swears on his children. He tells Donathan, Laurel and Libby that if Domenick is telling the truth and the three of them are voting for Angela, then whomever the four of them vote for will go home. He suggests they target Wendell or Morgan. Laurel feels they need Wendell, so Morgan should be the target. Libby admits, "I wasn't really keen on that idea because Morgan is someone I can trust." Libby tries to encourage James to vote for Angela versus Morgan. She comments, "This decision really turns the game. Every day the stakes keep getting bigger and bigger."
Jeff Probst welcomes the Naviti tribe to Tribal Council. He instructs those who have not been to Tribal before to grab a torch and light it. Jeff explains that this is part of the ritual of Tribal Council, because in this game fire represents their life. When their fire is gone, so are they. Morgan tells Jeff that both groups of four are staying loyal to their original tribes. Wendell hopes one of the original Malolo tribe will crack and vote with his original Naviti group. Domenick admits that he talked to the other side today, because he would prefer not to have a tie vote and go to rocks. Angela admits that she is on the fence tonight between going with the popular decision or the right decision for her. Domenick is uneasy with Angela's response. Both Morgan and Domenick say they feel comfortable with the new Naviti members that were originally on the Malolo tribe. Morgan feels that only time will tell if they can trust what people are telling them. Libby points out that lying is part of the game, even though it is not easy for her to do. Wendell hopes that after tonight Naviti will be a stronger tribe that wins challenges. Jeff then calls for the Naviti tribe to cast their votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, he asks if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. No idol is played. Jeff reveals the votes. Libby receives one vote. Angela receives three votes. Morgan receives four votes. So, Morgan Ricke, a 29-year old Marine Animal Trainer from Orlando, FL is the third person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island.