Season 17: Episode 6 - He's A Snake, But He's My Snake
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


The Fang Tribe return from Tribal Council after GC was voted out of the game. As the rest of Fang enjoy the fire that Matty has just ignited, Ace contemplates who he will lure into his alliance that will keep him safe until the merge: "I just don't know who will be my potential Benedict Arnold."

The next morning, Matty confesses that every night he dreams about food, his dog and his girlfriend, Jamie. To remind himself of Jamie, his driving force in the game, Matty carves a ring for her. Because of her, he is determined to finish out the game until the end: "If somebody approached me with a legitimate, logical, reasonable plan that might work, for sure I'm on board man. I'm jumping on board and I am flying with it." Matty then meets Ace away from camp in secret and the two make a pact that, until the merge, they will stick together and not betray each other or their alliance. Matty brings Ken into the alliance and Ace brings Sugar. Ace swears on his mother's life while Matty swears on his girlfriend, and a deal is struck. Matty expresses his dedication to his new pact with Ace: "I'm not gonna break that promise for a million dollars…not for five million dollars."


At Kota, everyone eats their equal portion of rice, corn and beans as they watch Dan shovel down fourth and fifth servings. Dan continues to help himself as he piles rice, corn and beans onto a large leaf of lettuce and gobbles it down. Corinne expresses her frustration with Dan: "So now we are going through food at an alarming rate and he takes multiple servings. I am sick about how much food is being wasted on him."


Meanwhile, the Fang Tribe continues to struggle with rationing out their rice so they will have enough until the merge. Ken feels that the tribe wasted a lot of rice by either eating too much of it in the beginning or throwing unused portions away. "We have about six days worth. If we don't have rice, we're dead. Basically, we're gone. It's hard for our tribe right now. It's like we're at rock bottom," says Ken.

Ace approaches Sugar in the hut and warns her that he is almost certain that everyone knows she is in possession of the immunity idol. Sugar then offers to give the idol to Ace for safe keeping. Ace accepts her offer, and is given the immunity idol. Sugar admits that she is aware that Ace is untrustworthy: "Ace is kind of a snake, but he's my snake, and I'm glad to have him." Ace, on the other hand, is ecstatic about his new power position in the game: "It's been a crazy couple of days. It went from me being in a position of no power to a position of supremacy, having the immunity idol in my pocket. I have Matty's word. I have Sugar. I feel like I put myself in a very good position coming from a tribe that I didn't have any alliance with."


Kota and Fang arrive on their mats, awaiting their next reward challenge. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each tribe will be tethered to a twenty foot long, two hundred pound snake. Tribes will start on opposite sides of the course. When Jeff yells, "Go!" the tribes will race around the course attempting to catch the other tribe. If, along the way, someone gets tired, they can opt out of the challenge by disconnecting from the snake. Each person who opts out leaves their portion of the 200 pound snake in the hands of their remaining tribe members. The first tribe to catch the other tribe and touch one tribe member wins pastries, croissants, fruit tarts, chocolate éclairs, coffee and tea. In addition, the winning tribe will send one member of the losing tribe to Exile Island. Because Kota has one extra member, Corinne is chosen to sit out of the challenge.

Jeff yells, "Go!" and the two tribes are off. Fang gets an early lead at the start. Kelly, at the front of the Fang snake, begins to slow down, allowing Kota to gain on them. Ace and Matty tell Sugar and Ken to go, and they both drop out. Susie drops out of Kota, and her departure seems to give them even more steam as they continue to gain on Fang. Kelly is the next to drop out of Fang and, down to only three members, they gain distance on Kota. Crystal, at the rear of Fang, suddenly slows down and Matty yells at her to drop out. Ace yells to Matty that he cannot take all of the extra weight with only the two of them, but Matty insists they need to keep at it. Kota, with five strong men, closes in on Fang. Matty and Ace nearly tire out as Marcus tags Matty, winning the challenge for Kota. With Crystal crying and the rest of Fang defeated, Jeff Probst hands over a tray of pastries to Kota, who proceed to devour them in front of starving Fang members. Crystal breaks down and says that she is tired of losing. Kota chooses Sugar for the fourth time in a row to go to Exile Island.


The Kota Tribe returns to their camp after winning an assortment of pastries. Marcus begins delegating how they should distribute fair, equal portions to everyone. Dan agrees with Charlie's suggestion that each tribe member should get their own portion so that he or she could eat as much of that portion as they want on their own terms. Corinne snaps that Dan is the sole reason for the tribe having to ration a reward like this in the first place. Randy catches on to this and decides to slowly distance himself from Dan as he brings himself closer to the original Kota.


Sugar is once again back in the gazebo of comfort on Exile Island. Although she is thankful for being there rather than at her camp where food is nearly non-existent, she feels bad for her other starving tribe members. She cries, "Why do I get to come back here and eat fruit when everybody is starving at my tribe and they're running out of food and they don't have anything but rice and I'm feeling really guilty." Sugar also reflects on giving Ace the idol, and wonders if he will need to use it if Fang has to go to Tribal Council.


After losing the reward challenge, Fang falls apart even further when Crystal becomes paranoid. "Don't view my tears at today's challenge as a sign of weakness," she tells Matty. Ace and Kelly walk off alone and talk about how Crystal's tears brought the whole tribe's morale to a new low. Crystal becomes aware that Kelly has not talked to her since the challenge, and decides to confront Kelly and Ace in the woods. Crystal tells Kelly, "At some point, we all get depressed. It's just that mine come out through my eyes." Kelly doesn't quite buy Crystal's defense, claiming "I definitely think that Crystal crying in front of the Kota Tribe and our tribe shows a sign of weakness. Like, you could take it either which way, you know. Like, she can explain it to us, but she can't explain it to the Kota Tribe."


Back at Kota, Marcus, Randy and Bob catch a large turtle in the lake and decide to cook it. With morale higher than ever, the Kota Tribe enjoys eating turtle soup. Marcus remarks on the state of the tribe: "Right now, the Kota Tribe is probably at our highest high and the fact that we caught a turtle just knocked us up ten notches, so Fang better watch out."


The Kota and Fang Tribes arrive on their mats. Sugar returns from Exile Island and rejoins the Fang Tribe. Jeff Probst explains the rules for the immunity challenge. Each tribe will divide into three pairs. Each pair will be tethered together by a rope. The first pair will crawl under a cargo net and race into the jungle, navigate an obstacle, and retrieve two sections of a flagpole, then race back to their mat. The next pair will then tackle the course. Each leg of the challenge adds another obstacle, making it more difficult. The first tribe to collect all three pairs of flagpole pieces and assemble the flagpole correctly wins immunity. Since Kota has one extra member, Susie sits out of the challenge.

Sugar and Kelly are up first for Fang, while Bob and Randy are up for Kota. Sugar and Kelly quickly make their way underneath the cargo net while Randy drags behind for Kota. At the first flagpole station, Sugar and Bob race to untie the knots to retrieve the first set of flagpole pieces. Bob does it first with Sugar right behind, and both pairs race back underneath the net. Bob and Randy make it first, and the next pair for Kota, Corinne and Charlie, are off. Sugar and Kelly get stuck underneath the cargo net, greatly slowing things down for Fang. They finally make it back to their tribe, and Ace and Crystal take to the course for Fang. They race through the second obstacle, which is made up of a tall bunch of numerous pipes, and catch up to Corinne and Charlie, who are already working the knots for the second set of flagpole pieces. Corinne and Charlie untie the knots first, and race back with the second set of flagpole pieces for Kota. Ace and Crystal make up a lot of time and gain on Kota as they make their way back to their tribes with the second set of flagpole pieces. Dan and Marcus are off for Kota competing against Matty and Ken for Fang. Matty and Ken throw themselves through the cargo net and dash to the final obstacle. As Dan and Marcus struggle through the final obstacle, Matty and Ken pass Kota by climbing up over the top of the obstacle. With Fang now in the lead, Matty and Ken race to untie the knots and make their way back. Kota is right behind as they use Fang's strategy of going on top of the obstacle. Both tribes are neck and neck as they make their way through the cargo net and deliver the final flagpole pieces to their tribes. As both tribes race to assemble the flagpole, Kota works together while Ace insists on doing it himself. He refuses help from anyone as he tries to force the pieces in. Kota quickly assembles and raises their flagpole, winning immunity and sending Fang to their fifth Tribal Council.


Fang returns from another immunity challenge loss and Ace is convinced that Kelly should be the next to go. Matty confronts him in the jungle and proposes flushing out the idol by voting off Sugar. Ace rejects Matty's plea, and assures him not to worry about the idol being played. "Although I don't want to tell him I have the idol, obviously I do," Ace explains. The two decide on voting out Kelly. Crystal and Matty chat by the dock and Crystal suggests blindsiding Sugar tonight. Matty says that they cannot do this because he already ran the idea by Ace and he is against it. Crystal then becomes agitated and wants Ace gone. Matty defends Ace by stating he is good to have for winning challenges, but Crystal does not buy it. "I don't know what's going through Matty's head. He's running and telling Ace everything and Ace ain't running and telling him anything," she says. Crystal brings this information to Ken, who becomes paranoid that Matty might flip on their alliance and go with Ace. Ken confronts Matty, and warns him that Ace is untrustworthy. Matty confesses that he made a serious pact with Ace and that they each swore on their loved ones that one will not turn against the other. With things not looking too good, Ken turns to his only hope: Sugar. To his surprise, Sugar admits to Ken that she gave the immunity idol to Ace. Ken warns Sugar that Ace is a snake and is manipulating her to do whatever he wants. After this conversation, Sugar decides to get the idol back from Ace. She lets Ace know that she took it back just in case she needs to use it, and does not want him to think that someone else may have stolen it. Ace remains confident that he is safe despite Sugar's decision to reclaim the idol.


At Tribal Council, Crystal calls out Ace for working alone on assembling the flagpole at the immunity challenge. Ace admits that he could have worked better as a team, and shoulders the blame for the loss. Crystal attacks Kelly for saying that her tears at the immunity challenge showed that she is weak. Crystal shouts, "It gets frustrating Kelly, it really does. We've been down and out since day one, but you wouldn't understand it because you came from a winning situation!" Kelly then attacks Ace for agreeing with Crystal, and soon he is yelling back at Kelly. In the end, Fang passed up the opportunity to blindside Sugar and flush out the immunity idol, opting instead to get rid of Kelly. With five out of the six votes cast against her, Kelly Czarnecki, the 22 year-old student from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GABON: EARTH'S LAST EDEN.