Season 17: Episode 8 - The Apple in the Garden of Eden
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

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In the dead of night, the Kota Tribe return from their second Tribal Council in which Dan was voted out. Randy comments on how tough Tribal Council was for him. Susie laughs at Randy's remark, mistaking it for sarcasm. Randy reveals that he voted for Susie, but ultimately his friend, Dan, was voted out instead. Marcus smells a tribe merge coming, and along with Randy, the two advise the Kota six to stick together and vote out the remaining four Fang members when the time comes. Susie's loyalty to the Kota six is questioned based on her actions at the previous Tribal Council, where she pointed out Corinne for being the tribe's weakest player. Corinne expresses her resentment for Susie: "The woman is 47 years-old. What could she possibly have over me?" Although Susie swears to not sell out any of the Kota six before the merge, she clearly has plans of her own: "Right now, they have me in their alliance of six. They may think they have all the power, but I'm feeling like my goal is that I have the power."


The Fang Tribe return to camp after blindsiding Ace at their Tribal Council. Matty is shocked over Ace's blindside, and now feels vulnerable since he was kept out of the loop and voted for Crystal. Crystal assures him that everything is fine, and Ken backs her up by assuring Matty that Ace was using him. Sugar is convinced that she, too, was being used by Ace, and is now devoted to her newfound ally, Ken. Fang then speculate that the merge will most likely happen tomorrow, and begin to strategize. Crystal is optimistic about her state in the game: "If there is going to be a merge, hopefully we can outwit, outlast and outplay the current remaining Kota members so that we can go as far as possible."


At the Kota camp, Corinne and Marcus discuss Susie's hostility toward Corinne as they grab treemail. Corinne now has a new enemy: "After what Susie said at last night's Tribal, I plan on burying her"¦alive. I'm an extremely vindictive person, and I will get my revenge." Marcus reads treemail to Kota, which tells everyone to pack up their belongings for a "brand new tribe, a brand new game, a new way of survival." Everyone is ecstatic about the possible merge. Randy emphasizes to his tribe that they must stick together and not be fooled by any Fang members. "Kota six to the end...Fang four, goodbye," says Randy.


Kota and Fang arrive on the beach and greet each other. They then turn to a giant table covered with a great abundance of food including meatloaf, fruit, wine, and baked goods. Also on the table is a box with a note on it, stating that they must not open the box until the feast is over. Everyone piles on the food and indulges in a glutinous celebration. Ken spots a note hidden underneath a bowl in front of him. He then whispers to Matty that he thinks he has found a clue to an immunity idol. Charlie immediately spots the clue and anxiously waits for Ken to read it, making the clue known to everyone at the table. Ken starts to read it, but Charlie grabs it and hands it over to Marcus. Marcus reads the clue, which hints at the idol being buried underneath the lowest limb of a tree on the beach. Randy asks, "I see it. Who wants it?" Marcus then decides that, since everyone is casually refusing to grab the hidden immunity idol, he will call all of their bluffs and force them to get rid of it. Randy offers to find the idol and set it adrift, and everyone is game. Randy digs up the idol and sets it on the table for whomever wishes to grab it. Ken becomes hungry for it but is aware that, if he were to grab it for himself, it would put a target on his back. "It's the apple in the Garden of Eden," says Bob. Randy then agrees with Marcus's idea of setting the idol adrift and soon convinces everyone that this must be done. Randy tosses the idol out to sea, proud of his ability to manipulate everyone in the game. Randy arrogantly proclaims, "I am the new King of Gabon. I am sorry, but I rule. This ocean is mine. All those Fang and Kota members"¦they work for me. I'm King. Cheers." Marcus is amazed that everyone bought his suggestion to toss the idol, and sees this as a way to keep the Kota six in control of the game. The tribes return to the table, and Randy proceeds to read the note that was attached to the box. In the box are two notes. Note number one states that, without looking, each tribe member must pick out one of ten numbered stones from a bag, then read note number two. After this is done, Randy reads the second note. To everyone's shock, note number two states that they have been divided into two new tribes. The new Kota Tribe consists of Bob, Marcus, Crystal, Susie and Ken. The new Fang Tribe consists of Randy, Charlie, Matty, Sugar and Corinne. Despite throwing away the idol, Marcus remains confident: "I know at the end of the day that no immunity idol gets me to the finals."

MARCUS'S NEW ALLY The new Kota Tribe arrives at camp. Ken and Crystal are in awe of their new home and are cordially welcomed by Bob, Marcus and Susie. Marcus finds out that one of his best friends back home is actually Crystal's cousin. Because of this revelation, Marcus comes to the realization that the game is changing: "Crystal is actually a really cool girl. This is a person I can be straight up with. This is a person I can talk to. This is me crumbling up my playbook and throwing it out the window." Crystal then gives her word that she will be loyal to Marcus, Bob and Ken. Marcus remains comfortable in his new alliance, but Crystal admits she has a hidden agenda: "Me telling Marcus that I won't write his name down... that's me playing the game because I also told Ace that I would not write his name down, and Ace got blindsided."


The new Fang Tribe arrives at their camp in shock from the new tribe switch. Charlie remains confident that the Kota six will keep their word and stick together since they have the majority in both tribes. Corinne and Charlie become paranoid that Randy is spilling information about Kota to Matty, and go off on a walk to discuss strategy. Charlie is convinced that Sugar has the immunity idol, and suggests voting off Matty since he is a threat for individual immunity challenges and to Marcus and the Kota six. On the other hand, Matty becomes aware that Randy's allegiance lies with Kota, and he scrambles to find someone to align with. Matty reprimands Sugar for blindsiding Ace, stating that Ace had no intensions of double-crossing her. Sugar retorts that she was backing Ken, since it was he that warned her of Ace's untrustworthiness. Matty fumes that Ken and Crystal did not trust Ace, and duped her into voting him out. After hearing this, Sugar feels like she was used by Ken and made a huge mistake in voting out Ace. She cries to Matty that she feels so bad for doing this to Ace, and admits that she now trusts Matty. The two align, and vow to watch each other's backs, making the idol readily available to Matty should he need to use it.


Back at Kota, Marcus becomes increasingly paranoid over Susie's loyalty to the Kota six, and approaches her. Susie admits that she is at the bottom of their alliance, and must protect herself for the time when they are down to the final six. She asks Marcus where that would put her when they are down to the final six since she is the weakest player. Susie divulges her plan: "Marcus is basically the king, but I have the power right now to just cut his head off. If I do switch, it's his own fault because he did not give me a clear statement."


At Fang, Matty's yell for Treemail echoes off in the distance as Randy, Corinne, and Charlie deviously strategize getting rid of Matty in order to save Marcus and the rest of the Kota six. Corinne speculates that Susie might flip on their alliance and get rid of Bob and Marcus. Randy estimates that there is a one in a billion chance that Sugar is hiding the idol for Matty. Matty returns with treemail, which hints at a last man standing challenge where the losers might be the first to join the jury. As the Fang Tribe contemplate treemail, Matty is aware that he must win this challenge if he is to last another day in the game.


Fang and Kota arrive at their mats while host Jeff Probst explains the rules. With arms outstretched, each castaway will use the tops of their hands to hold two poles against an overhead board. If they lower their arms even slightly, they will release the pressure on the poles, the poles will drop, and they will be out of the challenge. Each person has an individual station that has been adjusted based on their height to keep the game fair. The last person left standing wins immunity for their entire tribe.

The challenge is on and, only one second into it, Crystal drops her poles and is out of the challenge. Sugar is out after ten seconds. Susie is next out of the challenge, followed by Randy and Corinne. Ken is then next out of the challenge for Kota. Matty, Marcus, Charlie and Bob struggle to stay alive. Marcus finally drops his poles and is out of the challenge. Charlie is next for the Fang Tribe. It is then down to Matty, for Fang, and Bob, for Kota, to win the challenge. Matty taunts Bob by laughing and making funny noises, but Bob holds on. Matty's poles reach the edge of the board, but he remains in control. Marcus encourages Bob to hang in there, but his poles slip off. Matty wins immunity for the Fang Tribe, sending Kota to Tribal Council.


Kota returns to camp after their defeat at the immunity challenge. Marcus reveals that either Ken or Crystal will be the next to go, and that he would prefer that it be Ken due to his relationship with Crystal. Marcus then meets with Crystal and offers her the option to vote out Ken in order to save herself and replace Susie in the Kota six. This does not make Crystal happy. "When you start talking about knocking off my number one ally just so you can get further in the game, I'm not pleased at all," she fumes. Susie, on the other hand, tells Marcus she would like to vote out Crystal. Marcus sways Susie into voting out Ken instead in order to help get Susie into the top three. Susie is wary of Marcus, but admits that she feels comfortable in going with his plan because she believes he can get her further in the game. Crystal meets up with Ken and warns him of Marcus's plan to vote him out. Crystal then tries to bring Susie into her group to vote out Marcus. Susie is conflicted and tells Crystal about Marcus promising her he will take her to the final three. Crystal snaps that Marcus cannot make that kind of promise because there are several people in the game that do not like her and will vote her out. As the new Kota Tribe walk to Tribal Council, Susie remains undecided. TRIBAL COUNCIL At Tribal Council, the Kota Tribe admits they were shaken up when there was not a merge, but another tribe switch. Ken calls out Marcus for lying about not being worried if there would be a merge. Ken sternly states that a merge is exactly what Marcus wants so that he can get rid of the remaining original Fang members. Marcus apologizes for Ken's frustrations getting the best of him, and Ken lashes back at him for being "The Kota God." Bob affirms that tonight's vote is clear cut. However, to Bob's shock, when the votes were read, it became apparent that Susie stuck with Crystal and Ken and blindsided Marcus, who was voted out of the game with three out of the five votes cast against him. Marcus Lehman, the 28 year-old doctor from Atlanta, Georgia, became the ninth person voted out and the first member of the jury of SURVIVOR: GABON: EARTH'S LAST EDEN.