Season 17: Episode 10 - Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The newly merged tribe, Nobag, returns to camp from Tribal Council after they blindsided another member of the original Kota Tribe, Charlie. Proud of their efforts, the original Fang members boast about how they are systematically dismantling the former Kota tribe one vote at a time. Randy is aware that the power is shifting toward Ken and Crystal now, and that he and Corinne are on the outs. Paranoia begins to set in for Corinne: "I mean, Kenny and Crystal are taking out my entire alliance. My chances are very slim. You know, most likely, me, Bob and Randy, we're gonna go home and we don't know in what order, but we're gonna go home."


While Randy watches from a distance, Sugar and Bob sneak into the jungle for a chat. Sugar pleads with Bob to send Randy home next because of his poor attitude. Bob confesses that he does not have the hidden immunity idol, and reveals that he tirelessly looked for it while on Exile Island, but was unsuccessful. Unbeknownst to Bob, Sugar is in possession of the hidden immunity idol, but has kept her discovery a secret from Corinne, Randy and Bob. As Bob's story progresses, he reveals to Sugar that he has constructed a fake idol and shows it to Sugar. Sugar comments on Bob's devious plans: "I guess Bob might have some kind of strategy in showing me the fake immunity idol. Maybe he's an evil genius, I don't know."


Meanwhile, Corinne and Randy meet at treemail to discuss their current state in the game. Corinne hypothesizes that Susie, Ken and Crystal plan on being the final three, and are using Sugar and Matty as pawns. Randy feels vulnerable: "Corinne is still an ally, but what can you do with two people? We've got immunity idols; we've got huge physical threats like Matty. I'm planning on just continuing to be my same charming self." As Corinne and Randy admit to hating the other players, they realize that their only hope is that they can get someone to flip and join their alliance of two. Randy comes to the realization that he cannot change his attitude, because doing so would bring to light his plan. Randy and Corinne conclude that the person they should lure into their alliance is Matty.

Corinne and Randy arrive at the Nobag camp with treemail, which includes individual envelopes containing five hundred dollars in cash. The tribe concludes that the challenge will be an auction, and everyone cheers with excitement. As the reward challenge nears, Corinne is psyched about her ultimate goal: "Nothing tastes better than five hundred dollars except a million."


The Nobag Tribe takes a seat in the bleachers upon arrival at the auction. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each person has five hundred dollars. Bidding will be in increments of twenty dollars. You cannot pool money and you cannot share food. Jeff brings out the first item, beer and peanuts. Randy wins with the highest bid of one hundred and eighty dollars after a brief bidding war with Sugar. Sugar admits that she does not like beer that much but just wanted to up the price for Randy. The next item up for bid remains covered. Ken wins with the highest bid of three hundred forty dollars, after bidding in hundred dollar increments with Randy. Jeff reveals the item, which is a rolled-up piece of paper. Ken reads it aloud: "Send yourself or someone else to Exile Island. If you send someone else, you take all of their money." Ken picks Bob, winning his five hundred dollars and sending him immediately to Exile Island, where he will stay until the next immunity challenge. Jeff reveals the next item, which is covered. Ken and Randy battle it out, but in a last second bid, Sugar outbids Randy by twenty dollars. Jeff reveals the item, which Sugar bought for three hundred and forty dollars: chocolate and peanut butter. The next item up for bid is a hot bath in a tub that is located in front of the tribe. Randy bets all of his three hundred and twenty dollars, but Susie outbids him by twenty dollars. While Susie enjoys her bath, Jeff reveals the next item: a hamburger, French fries and soda. Everyone bids high, but Matty wins with a bid of four hundred dollars. Susie leaves her bath early to join her tribe in the bidding wars. The next item remains covered, and Randy and Ken fight for it. Ken finally decides to give it up to Randy, who won with a bid of two hundred and eighty dollars. The item is revealed to be spaghetti, garlic bread, and a glass of wine. The next item is a note sealed in a bottle that will give the winner a big advantage in the next immunity challenge. Ken gives it up again, this time to Corinne, for five hundred dollars. Jeff explains to Corinne that the bottle must remain sealed until she arrives at the next immunity challenge. The next item is covered. The first person to bid wins, and Randy wins with a simple bid of twenty dollars. Jeff explains that what he has just won is for the tribe. The item is revealed to be a plate of cookies. As Randy distributes the cookies to the tribe, Sugar refuses to take one. Randy offers a cookie and a half to Corinne, since Sugar refused a cookie. Randy asks Sugar again if she would like a cookie. She finally agrees, but defiantly gives it away to Matty. With that, the Survivor Auction is over.


As Nobag returns to camp, Matty thanks Sugar for the cookie. Randy snaps at Matty, and says that it was not hers to give out. Randy expresses his resentment for Sugar: "I left the auction broke, full, half-drunk and pissed off. So I am going to burn this house down in the next day or so." Sugar laughs at Randy's childlike fit over the cookie: "Oh my gosh, have you ever seen a grown man get so mad over a chocolate chip cookie? And the only reason I took his damn cookie is because he didn't want to give me a cookie. He wanted to give everybody a cookie but Sugar, because Sugar's evil." Randy continues to pout about being "treated like a dog" at the auction. Despite his tantrum, Randy remains focused on his goal and decides to begin laying the groundwork for an alliance with Matty. He begins by trying to manipulate Matty into feeling as if he is on the outs with the rest of the tribe. "Fifth place ain't bad," he tells Matty.


Bob chooses clue over comfort in order to try and find the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island again, but is still unsuccessful. Bob comes to the conclusion that, instead of wasting his time aimlessly looking around for a hidden immunity idol, he will take a hike around the land. Bob hikes to the top of a hill and admires the breathtaking view of Gabon from above. "I see why they call it the Garden of Eden," he says.


The alliance of five, consisting of Ken, Crystal, Sugar, Matty and Susie meet in the hut to discuss who to vote out next. Matty singles out Bob as next to go and suggests keeping Randy around since he has already angered a lot of people and thus would be an ideal person to bring along further. Sugar sees this strategic move as a threat. As Matty lays out the pecking order as being Bob, Randy and then Corinne, Randy arrives at the hut. He exchanges harsh looks with the fivesome.


The next day, Randy meets up with Corinne in the jungle to reveal his diabolical plan of crashing and burning for the remainder of the day in an effort to shake things up at camp. His plan is to put the target on himself so that he can convince Bob to give him the hidden immunity idol, if he has it, so that he can then use it to blindside Susie. Randy explains, "The reason that myself and Corinne and Bob are in the predicament that we're in is because Susie flipped. She went with Crystal and Kenny and they voted Marcus out. This would be sweet, sweet revenge." Randy begins wreaking havoc on the Nobag Tribe, causing everyone to become paranoid. "What's he want to do, like fight or something?" asks Sugar. Randy continues to insult the tribe about the cookie incident, and even goes as far as cursing at Susie to shut up. With everyone now turned against him, Randy feels comfortable that his plan is working: "They're all freaking out and that's a real good thing. The more they freak out, the more paranoia sets in, the more Operation Strong Arm can be effective. Man, we still got an immunity challenge to play."


The Nobag Tribe arrives on the mat as Bob returns from Exile Island to rejoin them. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules. In the first stage of the challenge, players will race across a series of balance beams carrying a bag of puzzle blocks. When a player reaches the finish, they will head back to the start and do it again. The first three people to get their three bags across the line will compete in the final round. In the final round, the players will empty their bags filled with puzzle blocks and arrange the blocks along a multi-angled platform while avoiding trip wires which could tip the blocks and force players to reassemble the puzzle. The goal is to arrange the puzzle blocks so that they will fall one into another like dominos, raising a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins immunity. Corinne opens her bottle that she won at the auction and reads it: "You will sit out for the first stage of this challenge and move directly into the final round." Corinne sits out for the first round, while everyone else begins battling for the two remaining spots in the final round.

Matty dominates the first round by getting all three bags of puzzle pieces quickly across the finish line. Ken is right up against Susie to claim the second spot in the final round. Ken is able to defeat Susie, and is up against Corinne and Matty in the final round. For the final round, Matty and Corinne start lining up their dominos in the front, while Ken makes his way under the trip wire, starting at the end. This proves to be a tricky strategy, as Ken's dominos go down when he shakes the trip wire. Matty takes an early lead, while Ken struggles to recover. Corinne continues to make progress while Ken catches up. Ken oversteps Corinne and is nearly finished setting up his dominos, neck and neck with Matty. Ken is the first to lay out all of his dominos and tries them out. They stop after only knocking over a few dominos and Ken regroups. Matty announces that he is ready to give it a try, but so are Ken and Corinne. The three players race to see whose dominos make it to the end. Corinne's dominos stop short, as do Matty's. Ken's dominos make their way to the end and raise his flag, which grants him individual immunity.


As the tribe congratulates Ken on his win, Randy is aware that the only way to save himself would be to convince Bob to give him his immunity idol. Meanwhile, Sugar tries to convince Bob that it would be hilarious if he gave Randy his fake immunity idol at Tribal Council. "The only way that I can save myself at another Tribal Council is by convincing somebody else to use it, and I think it should do the trick," says Bob. Unaware that Bob's idol is fake, Corinne approaches Bob about giving the idol to Randy. Bob agrees to give the idol to Randy, thereby aligning himself with Sugar. Bob then shows Randy the fake idol in the hut and assures him that since everyone is targeting Randy, he will give it to him. The two meet in the jungle for the pass off, and Randy pledges to vote for Bob to win the million dollars should he make it to the final three without him. Bob reports back to Sugar that it is a done deal, and Sugar calls Bob a genius. In the hut, Sugar assures Ken and Crystal that this will be the funniest night of their lives.


At Tribal Council, Randy bickers about the cookie incident with Sugar, citing her reaction as being harsh. Susie insults Randy, and says that she feels sorry for him now that he has shown his true colors. The rest of the tribe point out that Randy has been rude to Susie and the others, which has stirred up a lot of animosity toward him. Before the votes are read, Randy plays Bob's fake immunity idol, thinking that he has just blindsided Susie. Jeff reveals that it is not a true immunity idol, and Randy is humiliated as the rest of the tribe laugh at him. In the end, Randy was voted out with five of the eight votes cast against him. Randy Bailey, the 49 year-old wedding videographer from Eagle Rock, Missouri, became the eleventh person voted out and third member of the jury of SURVIVOR: GABON: EARTH'S LAST EDEN.