Season 17: Episode 12 - Episode 12
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the wake of Randy's blindside at Tribal Council, things heat up as the Nobag Tribe returns to camp. Bob immediately becomes agitated with Sugar for immaturely laughing hysterically at Randy after he played the fake immunity idol. He expresses his sorrow for lying to Randy, but scolds Sugar for taking things too far by humiliating him in front of everyone. Corinne joins the argument, calling Sugar a hypocrite for judging her when it is Sugar that should be judged. Sugar retaliates by stating that Corrine is guilty of constantly talking about people behind their back. The two erupt in an aggressive shouting match until Corinne bites her tongue. "I am now in a camp of mutants, none of whom I like," she says. "So it is very difficult for me to pretend to be nice to them. That's not something I'm used to and that's done." CATCH OF THE DAY The next morning, as Bob teaches Ken how to fish, the two pull up a giant catfish out of the net. They proudly bring it back to camp and show it off to their tribemates. Ken boasts on his latest catch of the day. Sugar points out how creative Bob can be as he hammers away at metal can to flatten out into a baking dish. Ken describes his feelings on Bob's strategy: "Well Bob doesn't look out for himself. He doesn't know how to play this game at all. He's just here to build things, and that's stupid, you know? You know he's taught me a lot out here, but as far as playing the game, he's not very good at it, so I don't mind getting rid of Bob." REWARD CHALLENGE: NOW OR NEVER The Nobag Tribe members arrive on their mats as host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. The tribe will divide into two teams of three. The teams will then race out into the swamp, tethered together, to retrieve sprocket-shaped puzzle pieces. Once they've collected all seven pieces, they must then arrange the pieces so they work together allowing them to raise a flag. The first team of three to raise their flag moves on to the final round where they will square off against each other to solve a slide puzzle. The first person to solve the slide puzzle wins reward. Before the competition commences, Jeff brings everyone to tears when he passes around a Samsung Instinct phone by Sprint that includes video messages from their loved ones. After everyone has seen their heartfelt messages, Jeff reveals that the winner of the challenge will receive pizza, beer, brownies and the opportunity to watch their loved ones' message in its entirety. Everyone draws stones for team captains and Crystal and Susie are the winners. Crystal picks Sugar and Bob, and Susie picks Matty and Ken. To her disappointment, Corinne is not chosen, and must sit out of the challenge. Both teams dash out into the swamp, making their way to the puzzle pieces. Crystal, Sugar and Bob are the first to make it, with Matty, Susie and Ken right behind. Both teams head out to retrieve their second set of sprocket pieces. Ken, Susie and Matty make it first, with Crystal, Sugar and Bob lagging behind. Ken, Susie and Matty extend their lead, and are the first ones to make it back to their final station. Crystal, Sugar and Bob finally grab their second set of sprocket pieces and make it to their final station. Matty, Susie, and Ken struggle to put together their sprocket pieces, and are defeated by Crystal, Sugar and Bob, who were quickly able to assemble their sprocket pieces and raise their flag. In the final round, Crystal, Sugar and Bob race to solve the slide puzzle. Bob solves the puzzle almost immediately, winning the reward. BOB'S REWARD In a remote picnic area, Bob sits on a bench and views the entire video phone message from his wife, Peggy. In the message, Peggy tells Bob that she wants to show him something and steps away off camera. Bob stares intently at the phone, pondering what she wanted to show him, as Peggy herself sneaks up behind Bob and surprises him. The two lovebirds embrace and erupt in uncontrollable laughter. Peggy comments on the food Bob won, and he jokingly offers her termites to eat. "I was completely convinced, as was everybody else, that the loved ones sent a video," Bob admits. A SPECIAL VISIT The Nobag Tribe screams in shock as Bob and his wife, Peggy, stroll into camp. Bob introduces everyone to Peggy, and then whistles loudly. Suddenly, everyone else's family members appear from around the corner and greet their fellow castaways. Soon everyone is weeping as they embrace with their loved ones. Corinne reflects on how she felt when her brother, Chad, arrived at camp. "Seeing my brother and seeing somebody who loves me and who knows me and who gets my sense of humor and who knows how mean I am and loves it was such a cool…like, I was overcome with emotion." After the initial greeting, the castaways and their loved ones scatter. Ken spills the beans with his sister, Jenny, telling her that he is the mastermind in the game, and boasts about orchestrating five recent blindsides. At the dock, Sugar and her sister, Rena, scatter some of their Dad's ashes across the lake as Sugar pays her respects. "I didn't speak at his funeral because I was a big mess, so it felt good to say a few words because I really needed him here and I feel like he's, I already felt like he was here but, I feel like, um, I brought him to Africa and he got to stay." Matty escorts his girlfriend, Jamie, down to the dock, where they hold each other and take in the beautiful scenery of Gabon. Matty gets down on one knee and asks Jamie to marry him, and gives her a necklace that he made for her while at camp. She immediately shouts, "Yes!" and the two tearfully confess their love for each other. At the end of the day, the loved ones say their goodbyes and depart from camp. THE DEVIOUS INVENTOR STRIKES BACK The next day, Corinne and Bob separate from the others as they get treemail. Bob suggests that this would be the perfect time to blindside Matty if he were to lose at the next immunity challenge. Back at camp, Sugar instills confidence in her fivesome alliance by stating the obvious fact that either Bob or Corinne should be voted out next. In the meantime, at treemail, Bob tells Corinne that during the tribe switch feast, when Marcus and Randy threw the immunity idol into the ocean, Marcus actually kept the idol for himself and hid it around camp and showed Bob where it was. Bob then holds out something wrapped in cloth, and Corinne asks if it is a legit idol. Bob laughs and tells her that it is not, but uses that story as his pitch to improve their positions in the game by fooling the fivesome alliance. Bob's plan is to instill fear into the others so that they will think twice before voting either of them out. Corinne points out that in order for the plan to work, one of them must win immunity at the upcoming challenge. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Q&A, BOMBS AWAY The Nobag Tribe arrives on their mat as host Jeff Probst explains the challenge. He will ask questions about Gabon. Each tribe member will receive one ball for each correct answer. They will then takes turns throwing their balls over a cliff toward a target divided by zones. The person who lands their ball closest to the center wins immunity. Jeff asks four questions about Gabon, and the castaways each take their best shot at answering them using their answer cubes. In the end, Sugar winds up leading with four balls, followed by Bob and Corinne, each with three balls, Ken and Matty with two balls, and Susie and Crystal with only one ball each. In the ball-throwing half of the challenge, Ken sets the first mark to beat, sixth zone from the center. Matty beats that by getting his ball into the fourth zone from the center. Sugar, Susie, and Corinne attempt to beat Matty's mark, but are unsuccessful. With his first toss, Bob beats Matty by getting into the third zone from the center. Crystal, Ken, Matty, Sugar and Corinne are unable to beat Bob's mark. Bob is up again, and is able to improve his mark by rolling his ball into the zone adjacent to the center. Corinne, Bob and Sugar all make attempts to beat the new high score. In the end, Sugar is the only one to come close, but fails at setting a higher mark. Bob wins immunity, thereby executing the first crucial step to his devious plan for keeping himself and Corinne in the game. THE IDOL CONSPIRACY After winning the immunity challenge, Bob brings Corinne into the jungle to work out the logistics of their plan to fool the other five Nobag members into thinking that they are in possession of a legitimate immunity idol. Corinne proposes that Bob puts out hints around camp that Corinne will use this idol at Tribal Council so that after hearing this, the other tribe members will not cast any votes against her. Their ultimate goal is to blindside Matty. Corinne executes her plan by manipulating Ken into thinking she has the idol that Marcus supposedly threw into the ocean. Ken buys it, and discusses taking out Matty. Bob asks Ken to bring Crystal into their alliance, and soon things are in motion. Bob gets to work constructing his second fake immunity idol. He then shows this idol to Crystal, who is shocked by Bob's story about the idol. Ken conspires with Crystal to vote for Corinne in order to flush out the idol, and use their other three votes from Ken, Bob and Corinne to vote for Matty. Ken's hope is that when Corinne uses the idol, it will flush it out and send Matty home. TRIBAL COUNCIL At Tribal Council, paranoia sets in for Corinne and Bob as they admit to being on the outs. When asked if she is paranoid, Sugar smugly claims that her only hope is that her alliance does not get duped by believing lies. Ken reveals that the vote tonight is very important, and that several people are going to be shocked, asking who voted for whom. In the end, Corinne does not play the fake idol as Ken expected, sending Corinne home instead of Matty. With four out of the seven votes cast against her, Corinne Kaplan, the 29 year-old sales rep from Los Angeles, California, became the twelfth person voted out and fourth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: GABON: EARTH'S LAST EDEN.