Season 18: Episode 3 - Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Timbira Tribe returns from their first Tribal Council where Candace was unanimously voted out due to her negative attitude. Candace's closest ally, Erinn, faces the wrath of her tribe when they return to camp. Erinn's weak attempts at masking her alliance with Candace do not settle well with her tribemates. Coach speaks for everyone in saying, "Not only did she align with the wrong person, Candace, she has completely insulted all of our intelligences [when] she said, ‘You know, I've just been hanging around Candace the last couple of days because I just wanted to see what she was up to because I didn't trust her.'" The more Erinn continues to lie about her ties to Candace, the more she distances herself from the rest of the tribe. "She's made her bed and she's gonna have to lie in it," says Coach.


As the glimmering light of dawn shines over the Timbira camp, it illuminates the worn out faces of its inhabitants. Now in her seventh day in the game, paranoia begins to set in for Erinn. "I think that the time that I spent with Candace in the last few days probably associated me a little bit with her more than I would have liked," Erinn sheepishly reveals. "Now I have to turn girl that maybe is kind of on the outs a little bit into something the absolutely the opposite of that."

In the meantime, Jerry complains of a stomach ache and refuses to eat any beans for breakfast. "But you didn't eat dinner either," Debbie comments. Jerry insists that the beans have caused his upset stomach. Jerry slugs around camp, making every attempt to hide the severity of his current ailment. "I never like to show weakness anywhere I go," Jerry proudly states. "I always want to be looked upon as one of the stronger ones."


Back at the Jalapao camp, JT teaches his tribe how to fish with the gear they recently won. JT and his students cast out the net, but are only able to catch minnows. JT decides to use the minnows as live bait and, after casting out their fishing lines enhanced with live bait, the tribe is successful. JT and the others bring back larger fish that they caught and cook them over the fire. "That fish tasted just like…victory," Joe proclaims. "I think it means that we're a force to be reckoned with right now."


Both tribes arrive on their respective mats. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Six members of each tribe will be blindfolded and tied together in pairs. The remaining tribe member will stand on a pedestal overlooking the course and will verbally guide them through a maze. The six blindfolded players will locate a bucket; make their way to a water tower where they must fill their bucket and then race back to the start. At the start, they must empty the water into a container, which will raise a flag. They will then repeat the process, this time collecting corn from another tower. The first tribe to fill both containers raising both flags wins pillows, blankets, a large umbrella, tarp, a hammock and chairs. In addition, the winning tribe will send one member of the losing tribe to Exile Island and that person will select somebody from the winning tribe to join him or her.

The caller for Jalapao is Joe and, for Timbira, Debbie. Jeff yells, "Go!" and the blindfolded Survivors are off through the maze. Debbie screams at the top of her lungs, but her tribe members still have trouble hearing her directions. Joe has much better luck in guiding his blindfolded tribe members successfully through the maze. Jalapao takes the lead when all tribe members find their buckets and stumble to the water tower. Debbie hollers as loud as she can to Jerry and Brendan, but they continue to go straight when Debbie tells them to go left. As Timbira lags behind, Jalapao demonstrates great team work as they fill their buckets with water and begin pouring it into the container. "Timbira is in slow motion in this challenge!" Jeff Probst exclaims. Meanwhile, the Jalapao Tribe fills up their container with enough water, which raises their flag. They make their way to the corn tower and begin filling up their buckets while the Timbira Tribe realize their greatest mistake: they have to go all the way back to their water tower because they did not gather enough water to raise their flag. Jalapao fills up their container with corn and raises their flag, winning the challenge. In the midst of losing, Coach lets out two primal yells and scowls at Jalapao. Jalapao chooses to send Brendan to Exile Island, and he, in turn, chooses Taj to join him.


The defeated Timbira Tribe returns to camp humiliated and angry at their performance in the challenge. Coach tries to live up to his nickname by giving his team a pep talk. He points out where things could've been better and begs everyone to not go off and bad-mouth each other because that would be, "one of the worst things we can do." Contradictory to his own advice, Coach meets Tyson by the water alone and bashes Sierra for panicking during the challenge. "Who's worse? Is it Erinn or Sierra? Obviously I want to get Erinn out immediately," Coach confides. "One word to describe Coach…I guess that's it, Coach," Tyson chuckles. "He's not always the best at what he's coaching, but he thinks he knows the most." Coach then bestows the title of "Assistant Coach" to Tyson, who wisely accepts the nickname. "If I just keep plugging away, I'll eventually make coach. He may promote me. I don't know if I will have my own team or will be co-coach," Tyson sarcastically remarks.


As Jalapao celebrate their second victory over Timbira, dark clouds begin to form overhead. Joe and the others make use of their newly-won tarp by throwing it over their shelter to protect them from the rain. When the sky finally opens up on Timbira, they are not nearly as prepared and, with the weight of losing the previous two challenges hanging over their psyches, they sit defeated as the rain beats down on them. "I don't care about comfort anymore, I don't care about anything else. All I care about is winning this game," Coach snaps.


On Exile Island, Taj and Brendan find another clue to the hidden immunity idol, which further clarifies that the idol is back at camp in a place "surrounded by wood." "When I get back to camp I'm going to look for the idol immediately, and the first place I am going to look is something that is surrounded by wood," says Brendan. "When I hear surrounded by wood I think of my shelter, I think of the treemail area. So that's probably where I'll take a peek."

That night, as the rumble of thunder grows nearer, Brendan and Taj devise a plan to bring Stephen and Sierra into their secret alliance so that they can send them to Exile Island next. "Going into the merge, we could have a four-way alliance that nobody knows about," says Taj.


"This is the first night I didn't get cold at all," says JT as he wakes up in the lap of luxury. The rest of Jalapao seem to be well-rested after sleeping on the blankets and pillows they recently won. "I know I'm a sex kitten this morning. There's no doubt in my mind," says Sandy in an awkward moment. "You know Jalapao is looking great," says JT. "I hope Timbira doesn't have it together because if we've got them on their heels, now's the time to put ‘em down."


Jalapao and Timbira arrive on their respective mats as host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Two members of each tribe will race to roll a large tribe-colored crate back to their mat. Once all six crates have been gathered, the tribe will stack them to build a staircase that spells out their tribe name. The first tribe to correctly stack the crates and get all of their tribe members to the top of the tower wins immunity.

The first pair of crate-rollers up for Jalapao are JT and Taj and, for Timbira, Brendan and Debbie. Both tribes bolt down the course to collect their giant crates, and race back to the start. The crates prove to be too heavy for Sydney and Stephen, who dramatically slow down Jalapao. Jerry appears to be winded when it is his turn to retrieve a crate. Both tribes finally collect all of their crates and begin assembling their staircase. Erinn leads Timbira while JT leads Jalapao as the tribes attempt to spell out their tribe name by arranging the crates correctly. Timbira starts to question Erinn's judgment, and decide to do things their own way. This slows them down as Jalapao gains on them. Both tribes come very close, but ultimately it is Jalapao that pulls through, winning immunity and sending Timbira to their second Tribal Council.


The Timbira Tribe returns to camp, once again battered by the unstoppable Jalapao Tribe. Jerry's stomach pains have taken a turn for the worse, and he decides to rest in the shelter. Facing another Tribal Council, Erinn is on the chopping block despite her attempts at helping her tribe during the immunity challenge. "I think we had a communication breakdown at some point today," Erinn explains to her tribe. Debbie brings up Jerry's illness and reveals that he might not be able to continue in the game. Coach cannot help but notice Erinn gleam with joy from the news that she might be safe. "It was the evilest look," Coach tells his newly appointed assistant coach, Tyson. Coach orders Tyson to stick with the plan and vote for Erinn, then tries to convince Debbie and Sierra to vote with him. "I am so true that existing around people who smile evilly when somebody else is on their knees kills me!" yells Coach. Tyson carries out Coach's wishes when he visits Jerry at the shelter and tells him to hang in there and look as strong as he can so that they can vote Erinn out. As Timbira bounces back and forth between voting off Jerry or Erinn, Brendan goes on a mission of his own to find the hidden immunity idol. He searches around the statue at treemail and there it is – the hidden immunity idol. With the Exile Alliance more powerful than ever, Brendan buries the idol underneath a rock near camp. As Tribal Council nears, Jerry tries to downplay his illness as much as possible. In the hopes of blindsiding Erinn, Tyson relishes in the thought of sending her home in tears. "I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreams," he says.


At Tribal Council, Erinn announces her frustration when her tribe members ignored her leadership during the immunity challenge, which caused them to lose. Jerry agrees that his tribe needs a leader in order to progress, and chooses Brendan. Coach immediately steps up and suggests that he would love to be the leader of the tribe because that is what he does for a living. Erinn cringes at Coach's arrogant remarks, saying that she feels that although Coach is used to being a leader, Brendan fills that role better. Coach snaps at Erinn's remark, citing that their personalities clash. "It sounds like what you're struggling with a little bit is ego," Jeff Probst replies. "It's not about ego because I would rather tow the line and be a good assistant coach than be a head coach and stroke my ego," Coach smugly responds. With this, the tribe members cast their votes. Ultimately, Erinn escaped the vote, and Jerry was voted out with six out of the seven votes cast against him. Jerry Sims, the 49 year-old U.S. Army Sergeant from Rock Hill, South Carolina, becomes the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS: THE BRAZILIAN HIGHLANDS.