Season 18: Episode 10 - It's Funny When People Cry
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Forza Tribe returns from Tribal Council after blindsiding Brendan.  Tyson boasts about the deviant move, while paranoia engulfs Sierra.  "It was probably the worst night I have ever had out here," says Sierra.  "I don't think I'm a bad person for writing Coach's name down, although it was a very hard choice to make," she continues.  Sierra then tries to redeem herself by apologizing to Coach for voting for him.  Coach lashes back at her, accusing Sierra of making poor decisions.  "I knew that Sierra would want to assuage her guilt, massage it, make herself feel rationalized and justified inside.  That's what we do when we make poor decisions in life," Coach comments.  He then openly declares to Sierra that she will be the next to go.  "You pitted yourself against me.  Brendan pitted himself against me.  Who deserves to go next?"

The next morning at Forza, Coach practices his morning Tai-Chi-like workout in the water to celebrate the victory over Brendan.  "To defeat a worthy opponent like that at this point in the game "“ the "˜Piece de Resistance.'  The Dragonslayer has vanquished the dragon once and for all," says Coach.  Coach then unleashes an ear-piercing war cry.  "Over!  The battle has already been won.  Victory is mine," he proudly proclaims.

Back on the mainland, JT feels secure in his "Warrior Alliance" with Coach, Stephen, Taj and Erinn.  "Steve and I, we're happy with the way things are going.  We're happy to see Sierra go next," JT declares.  Sierra scrambles to save herself by explaining her decisions to Tyson.  Tyson is not having it, and quickly snaps hateful remarks at Sierra.  "I'm not trying to scramble, Tyson, I'm trying to explain my side so that it doesn't look like I was the mastermind behind it," Sierra explains.  "I don't think you were the mastermind.   I don't think you're smart enough for it," Tyson retorts.  Tyson then delivers another menacing blow to Sierra "“ "You're gonna be the next to go, and you're not gonna be able to change that."    

The Forza Tribe arrives on their colored mat as host Jeff Probst explains the rules.  The tribe will be divided into two teams of four.  Two people from each team will race out to collect a large puzzle board that has various holes cut out, then race back.  The next two tribe members will then repeat this until all four boards have been collected.  After all four boards have been collected, the teams must arrange these boards in specific interlocking slots on the ground.  Then, by rotating and flipping the boards, the teams must line up the holes to reveal seven vowels, which are located on various lettered circles hanging directly in front of the boards.  Once all seven vowels have been revealed, teams must use those vowels and the consonants provided to form a four-word phrase in order to win reward.  The winning team will be treated to a performance of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art consisting of various dance-like moves.  They will also be treated to a feast.  In addition, the winning team will choose one member from the losing team to go to Exile Island.

The red team consists of Erinn, JT, Debbie and Tyson.  The black team consists of Coach, Stephen, Taj and Sierra.  Jeff yells, "Go!" and the teams race off to retrieve their four large puzzle pieces.  Both teams are neck-and-neck as they race back-and-forth, arranging the boards in floor slots as they bring them back to the start.  Once all four boards have been collected, the two teams attempt to line the boards up in the correct order to reveal vowels.  Both teams have no luck, and race to flip and rotate the boards.  The red team is the first successful team when Erinn verifies that all of the holes reveal vowels.  The red team then begins working on their word puzzle as the black team falls behind.  "Flip that and reverse it," Stephen directs his team as they struggle to line up their boards. The red team solves the words puzzle, which spells out, "You've won a feast."  The red team wins the reward and chooses Stephen once again to go to Exile Island at the suggestion of JT.  JT's plan is to keep his alliance in control of any possible additional hidden immunity idols.  Coach huffs that he is very disappointed to not have the opportunity to go on the reward as the elated red team leaves.

JT, Debbie, Erinn and Tyson arrive in a small Brazilian village where an enormous feast awaits them.  The foursome immediately devours the food in front of a group of stunned Capoeira practitioners.  Debbie reflects on her life as a school principal when she sees a group of children in the village.  The Capoeira practitioners then perform a dance-like martial art form as musicians accompany the performance with traditional Brazilian instruments.  Erinn and the others soon join in by doing cartwheels and kicks, mimicking the moves of the natives.  This proves to be a mistake for those whose stomachs are still full, as Erinn becomes sick from the combination of feast and physical exertion.  "Gross!  I just threw up on my shoe," she says.

While the majority of his alliance enjoys a feast, Stephen returns to Exile Island.  He opens the urn and pulls out a clue, only to find that it is an additional clue to the idol he already holds.  With the notion that he has no purpose on Exile but to sit and pass the time, Stephen does just that.  He sits and tends a fire, lies in the water, and finally lets out a frustrated scream, which echoes across the vast emptiness of the land surrounding him.

Back at the Forza camp, Sierra continues to scramble as she fights to defend her position in the game "“ this time, with Debbie.  "You chose the wrong action," says Debbie.  "Who goes if not you?" she asks.  Sierra becomes agitated with Debbie's reaction, and proceeds to tell her that the conversation is over.  "So you're done with me?" Debbie asks.  Sierra bursts into tears and professes that there are other people in the game that are lying to Debbie, which she will soon find out when it is too late.  Erinn interjects, "Who's the other liar?"  "No one is talking to you, Erinn," Sierra pouts.  After much bickering with Debbie and Erinn, Sierra finally storms off away from camp.  Erinn reflects on the incident, revealing that, despite her negative feelings towards Sierra, she has to agree with her statements about other liars in the game.  "Once Sierra is no longer with us, the game will change, and I am the one that is gonna turn all of this on its head.  Guilty as charged," admits Erinn.

At the Forza camp, Sierra continues to seek an ally.  "I was never gonna hurt anyone that I really cared about," Sierra insists to Coach.  "Given another chance I would prove that I am a good person, I am a loyal person," she continues as tears stream down her face.  "The Samurai Warrior, if he did dishonor to himself or his family, you know what he would do?" asks Coach.  "He would fall on his sword.  Death before dishonor," Coach preaches.  "Would I be "˜Strong Sierra' if I did not have this conversation with you?  No." Sierra replies.  "Would you give up, Coach, if you made the wrong choice?" Sierra implores.  Coach lowers his eyes, reflecting on the heartfelt speech.  "It kills me to have this kid here asking me to throw her a bone because she's going through so much trials," Coach says.  Sierra concludes that her only sure sign of hope is to win immunity in the next challenge.

The Forza Tribe walk in to the challenge and arrive on their colored mat as freezing heavy rain pours down on them.  Stephen returns from Exile Island and greets his tribemates.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is a Survivor version of shuffle board.  Each person will have three pucks, and will slide their pucks across the board.  The person whose puck ends up closest to the center of the X wins immunity.  If a person feels that he or she does not need immunity, they can opt out of the challenge and eat pizza.  Stephen, JT and Coach decide to eat for the duration of the challenge while the rest prepare to compete.

As everyone shivers from the cold of the rain, the challenge is on.  Tyson sets an early mark to beat, but is quickly bumped down by Erinn.  Sierra bumps Tyson closest to the X in the second round of puck shots.  Tyson then increases his lead.  Sierra then knocks Tyson out, putting herself in the lead.  With the last shot of the game, Debbie knocks Sierra out of the lead and gets her puck closest to the X.  To Sierra's shock and dismay, Debbie wins immunity.     

Upon returning from the immunity challenge, Tyson and JT cheer Debbie on for her first victory.  With Tribal Council on the horizon, the Forza Tribe appears to have their mind set on voting out Sierra.  "Tonight's Tribal Council is going to be awesome.  I hope Sierra will cry a lot," Tyson cynically remarks.

Seeing a window of opportunity, Stephen suggests blindsiding Tyson to Taj and Erinn.  The two women agree, and Stephen adds that this might be their only shot to take out Tyson since he does not have immunity.  Stephen spreads the word to JT, who is in total compliance.  Stephen cleverly points out that, every season, someone goes on a long immunity winning streak.  If they vote out Tyson, JT can be that person.  When the rest of the tribe members reconvene, Tyson, Coach and Debbie have no clue what is in store for their close ally.  Even more on the outs is Sierra, who is convinced that she is going home.  As the sun begins to set, Coach instills the concept of trust within his "Warrior Alliance" to JT.  "I don't know what I'm gonna do," JT concludes.

Brendan, the first member of the jury, arrives on the bench as Tribal Council begins.  Tyson confesses that he loves every member of his tribe except Sierra, whom he clearly is voting out.  With this, Sierra lashes out at Tyson for his constant badgering since the beginning.  Tyson arrogantly continues to make brash comments about Sierra's character, but she snaps back undaunted.  Coach defends his method of playing a trustworthy game by stating that his word is his bond.  When Jeff Probst asks Coach why he voted out Brendan, a noble warrior, Coach promptly replies that Brendan pitted himself against Coach, which was a direct cause for his immediate departure from the game.  Coach continues to define his philosophy of being a "ravenous wolf," in which he will vote an opponent out if he or she presents themselves as an enemy to him.  Coach's ultimate goal is to take the best of the best with him to the end and openly expresses his complete trust and faith in JT.  With this, the Forza Tribe casts their votes, and with five out of the eight votes cast against him, Tyson is voted out of the game.  Tyson Apostol, the 29 year-old professional cyclist from Lindon, Utah, became the eighth person voted out and second member of the jury of SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS: THE BRAZILIAN HIGHLANDS.