Season 18: Episode 12 - The Ultimate Sacrifice
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As the Forza Tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council, they breathe a collective sigh of relief that Sierra is gone.  One person, however, is not happy with two of the votes.  Coach pulls Debbie aside and rants about Taj's vote for Debbie and Erinn's vote for Stephen.  "I just wanted to tell you that I'm backing you up on the fact that they were cowardly lions," Coach pouts to Debbie.  Coach continues to criticize Taj and Erinn's decisions as being cowardly and completely against his "Warrior Alliance."  "I don't care about the million dollars.  I care about my integrity and honesty and changing this game from start to finish and I've said that from Day One and that will never change," vents Coach.

As a new day dawns at the Forza camp, Debbie begins to question her ties to her closest ally, Coach, and accuses him of being a negative force around the tribe.  Debbie approaches JT and Stephen and admits that she is having second thoughts about aligning herself with Coach and hints at ousting him next.  Stephen and JT sneak off alone near the river bank to discuss this suspicious turn of events when Debbie surprises them by showing up and asking if she can join their alliance.  She assures the duo that she is with them one hundred percent and is no longer loyal to Coach.  This information comes as a shock to Stephen and JT, who now view Debbie as a wily opponent, scrambling to stay in the game.  "Debbie is a very strategic player and I think people don't give her enough credit because she is sweet and because she is chattery, but she has definitely a lot going on underneath that persona and she worries me a little bit," says Stephen.

The Forza Tribe arrive at the Survivor Auction and take a seat on the bleachers across from host Jeff Probst, who is behind a podium with a gavel in hand.  Each tribe member has been given five hundred dollars in cash to bid on items that will be presented to them.  Bids must be in twenty dollar increments and sharing of money or items is not allowed.

Jeff presents the first item: a large bowl of French Fries, which is won by Debbie for one hundred twenty dollars.  The second item up for bid is chicken parmesan with garlic bread and a glass of red wine.  Coach bids the highest at an astounding three hundred twenty dollars.  The next item remains covered and is sold to JT for one hundred sixty dollars.  To JT's delight, Jeff reveals the item to be nachos with guacamole and salsa.  The next item also remains covered.  Stephen wins the item at one hundred dollars and Jeff reveals Stephen's prize to him "“ a skewer of chicken hearts.  Although it causes Erinn to scream, Stephen has no problem with it and proceeds to chow down.  The last item up for bid is a Samsung Instinct cell phone by Sprint, which holds video messages from the castaways' loved ones.  Although only one person can win the item, the castaways are allowed to pool money for this item.  JT starts a trend of giving all of his money to Taj, which catches on with the rest of the tribe.  Erinn explains that the tribe's generosity is due to the fact that Taj has a three-month-old baby at home.  Taj breaks down in tears at the kind gesture of her tribemates.  Jeff Probst officially puts the item up for bid and Taj runs up to the podium and offers up all of her money.  Jeff Probst reminds her that all it takes to win is twenty dollars, and Taj makes that her final bid.  With both herself and the rest of the tribe in tears, Taj watches her video message from her husband, Eddie George.  "See you back at the camp," says Eddie at the end of his message.  Taj completely breaks down bawling and Jeff reminds her of an important line in the message that she might have missed.  "There's one line on there, might have been a little hard to hear"¦" says Jeff as it finally dawns on Taj.  "SEE YOU BACK AT THE CAMP, OH MY GOD!" she shouts.  Jeff formally presents Taj with the news that she will indeed be joining her husband, Eddie, back at camp.  Jeff then gives Taj an alternative: she can opt to go to Exile Island with Eddie, which will enable all of her tribemates to visit their loved ones back at camp.  Without hesitation, Taj shouts, "I'll do it"¦I'll do it," as her tribemates burst into tears of joy.  "Can we go now?" Taj eagerly asks.  Soon Taj is off to Exile Island while the rest of her tribemates head back to camp to enjoy time with their loved ones.

On Exile Island, Taj is greeted by her husband, Eddie George.  They embrace, and Eddie gives Taj a once over, noting how much weight she has lost.  "There's something about the wild, you know, that makes you sexy, you know, it's kind of a turn on, you know?  It's alright!" Eddie laughs.

Back at camp, the remaining Forza members are warmly greeted by their loved ones.  Debbie wraps her arms around her husband, Bret.  JT cries and hugs his younger sister, Adrianna.  Erinn and her father, Brian greet one another with a warm embrace.  Coach's assistant soccer coach, Mitchell, gives the Dragonslayer a big bear hug.  Stephen is brought to tears when his brother, Dan, wraps his arms around him.  "I mean it was maybe one of the most biggest, sincerest, warmest hugs we have ever shared, if not the most," cries Stephen.  JT shares the individual immunity necklace with his sister while Erinn shows her father the shelter.  "Guess what they call me in this game?" Coach asks his assistant coach.  "Dragonslayer, "˜cause I'm slaying all the dragons, I'm running this freaking show, let me tell you that right now," he proudly answers.  Mitchell then helps Coach work out some kinks in his spine with a series of bizarre techniques.  Back at the shelter, JT gives his sister, Adrianna, a little taste of the Tocantins wild: jatoba.  Adrianna refuses simply based on the smell.  Erinn's father, Brian, is a bit braver and actually tastes the jatoba, much to his disgust.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Taj continue to bond on Exile Island as Taj warns her husband of the many dangerous animals that lurk in the wild.  Eddie impresses his wife by making fire.  As the two lovebirds enjoy their time together, Taj reflects on the visit as being rejuvenating.  "Nothing else hurt after that," she says.

As the day draws to an end, the loved ones say their heartfelt goodbyes.  "Somebody who's worried about you, somebody who is concerned about you is a really great thing.  Out here you kind of forget what that feels like and it's really nice," says Erinn.

The next morning, with the loved ones gone, Debbie is back at her game and presses JT to get rid of Coach.  "Debbie's opened up like white on rice the past few days and that leads me to believe that she's turning her game face on.  She's throwing Coach under the bus right now and they have been tight since day one," says JT.  "You gotta watch out for people like that," he continues. 

Coach, on the other hand, remains loyal to Debbie and pressures JT to get rid of Taj since she has the immunity idol.  "I just have a feeling about it man," says Coach.  JT, however, has the upper hand, and admits to being two steps ahead of Coach and telling him what he wants to hear.  Meanwhile, Debbie continues to gang up on Coach, pulling Erinn into the mix.  "It has to be every single one of us writing it down," demands Debbie.  "He's gonna be furious," she says.  Debbie assures JT and Stephen that she is with them until the end, even assuring them that if they do make it to the final three and she has immunity, she will give up immunity to Stephen or JT and gladly be voted out.  "I'm happy with third"¦swear to God," says Debbie.  This does not sit well with JT.  "With Debbie making a promise to Stephen and myself, it also makes me wonder what other promises she's made to other people," JT worries.  "Nobody wants third place in this game," says JT.   

The Forza Tribe arrives on their mat as Taj returns from Exile Island.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each player will make his or her way through a series of obstacles.  They will dig under a log, walk across a balance beam, under a rope crawl and out onto a field where they will find a series of ten spinning math symbols.  Each player will memorize the sequence of math symbols and race back to the answer board, and then write them down in the same sequence to solve a math equation.  The first person to get all of the symbols right and the correct answer to the equation wins immunity.

The castaways race out onto the field and begin digging a hole to crawl under an obstacle.  JT is the first person through, and he races across the balance beam and to the crawl through.  As he attempts to memorize the math symbols, Debbie is right behind him.  Stephen struggles in dead last as Coach makes his way to the symbols.  Stephen continues to struggle on the balance beam, falling off several times.  JT makes several trips to the math symbols, writing down a few each time he returns to the answer board.  Stephen spends a long time starting at the math symbols before heading back to the answer board.  As the rest of the castaways run back and forth between the math symbols and the answer board, Stephen and JT race to solve the equation.  After only one trip to the symbols, Stephen solves the equation, winning immunity.  When Jeff asks him how he solved the equation so quickly, Stephen reveals that he used numbers to represent each math symbol in his mind, allowing him to memorize them more efficiently.

As the tribe returns to camp, they praise Stephen for his amazing efforts in the immunity challenge.  With Tribal Council looming, Stephen and JT meet with Taj and reveal Debbie's promise to give up immunity if she makes it to the final three with Stephen and JT.  Taj laughs at the ludicrous statement, and all eyes are now on Debbie.  When Coach approaches Stephen and JT in the water, their thoughts begin to change.  Coach continues to hound the two about sticking to the plan of voting out Taj and assures them that they will be in the final three.  "Whether or not Debbie is scheming, whether or not Coach is delusional, right now it doesn't matter.  As long as we have a strong alliance, we can pick them off one by one," says Stephen.

At Tribal Council, Coach attempts to justify his reasons for being worthy to stay to the end.  As a "warrior," Coach believes in taking the best people to the end to battle it out for the million dollar prize.  Unbeknownst to Coach, Taj sarcastically takes his side and reiterates his "warrior" status to the tribe.  Debbie comments that Coach's Achilles heel might be that his honesty cannot withstand the remainder of the game.  In the end, Stephen and JT's original plan was carried out, and Debbie was voted out with four out of the six votes cast against her.  Debbie Beebe, the 46 year-old school principal from Auburn, Alabama, became the tenth person voted out and fourth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS: THE BRAZILIAN H