Season 19: Episode 4 - Hungry For a Win
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After an emotionally draining Tribal Council, Jaison begins regretting his decision to play Survivor.  "I came here to have an adventure, but frankly, I right now believe that coming here was the worst decision I have made in my entire life," he says.  The next morning, Jaison vents his frustrations with Russell, complaining that Tribal Council was too draining.  Russell tries to boost Jaison's spirits by reminding him that, if they win the next reward challenge, it gives Foa Foa hope and will make them stronger.  Jaison brushes off Russell's attempts to put him at ease, which prompts Russell to turn on him.  "Whoever I want to be gone, is gonna be gone.  I got it all under my thumb right now," Russell proclaims.


Back at the Galu camp, Shambo has begrudgingly rejoined her tribe.  "I feel ten times closer to Foa Foa than I do Galu because Galu, they just want to lay on the beach and gossip, so I'd have no problem going to Foa Foa because I already have a following there and if I can make it to the merge, I know damn well I got their vote, so I'm way ahead," says Shambo.  Erik meets with Shambo alone in the woods and seizes the opportunity to make a proposition.  "Wherever the immunity idol is on their beach is probably on our beach.  If I can find the immunity idol, I can give it to you if you're in danger," Erik offers.  Just as Erik is about to gather the final details of Shambo's clues, John hops over and interrogates Shambo for the whereabouts of the hidden immunity idol.  Shambo fearlessly gives away the clues to her fellow tribesmen in an effort to improve her status within her own tribe.  "That can do nothing but help me going forward…and maybe it won't.  Maybe it will hurt me, but we'll see," ponders Shambo.


Jaison arrives with treemail for Foa Foa, which instructs the leader of the tribe to choose two tribe members to join them in the next challenge.  Mick selects Russell, because of his brute strength and strategic nature, and Natalie, because of her puzzle-solving abilities.  "Let's do this," cheers Russell.


Russell, Dave and Shambo of the Galu tribe are the first to arrive on their mat on a desolate beach.  Russell, Mick and Natalie of the Foa Foa tribe soon join them, but one familiar person is missing: host Jeff Probst.  The two tribes immediately spot a cage full of chickens with a sign attached that reads, "REWARD," and an adjacent sealed chest.  "Oh, if you catch the chicken you get the pirate chest full of food," Shambo guesses aloud.  "I wonder if we're just supposed to jump – like just get over there and start doing stuff without even asking," Dave suggests.  Suddenly Russell of Foa Foa makes the first move towards the chest, which sets off a chain reaction with the other members of both tribes.  Shambo pulls two chickens out of the cage while Dave, Russell of Galu and Mick open the chest, which contains yellow and purple colored balls and a note.  After reading the note, the tribes realize that the contents of the chest are the game pieces and the chickens are the reward.  "Sham, put those chickens back and come on back!" yells Dave.  Dave then reads the rules of the challenge.  Inside the chest are a flag and three tribe-colored balls for each player.  One player will place the flag in the center of the beach.  One at a time, players will toss the ball toward the flag.  The object is to land the ball closest to the flag.  Once all of the balls have been thrown, the tribe with the ball that is closest to the flag will win the chickens.  

The tribe chiefs go first, the women go second, and the remaining men go last.  Foa Foa maintains a consistent lead throughout the challenge until the final showdown between Russell of Foa Foa and Dave of Galu.  Russell is able to beat the remaining marks, placing Foa Foa in a definite lead.  With the outcome of the challenge solely dependant upon Dave, he focuses for a moment, then tosses his final ball, which lands right up against the stick – winning the challenge for Galu.  Foa Foa is stunned at the loss.  "It's so ludicrous that we can't even pull off freakin' bocce ball," Mick pouts.


While Russell, Dave and Shambo are away from camp, Erik places the remaining tribe members on specific duties around camp, in an attempt to keep everyone busy while he hunts for the hidden immunity idol.  Since Shambo's clue hinted at the idol being somewhere inside of a tree, Erik thinks he has a pretty good idea of where it might be.  He begins search on the ground level, them climbs up on a leafy branch.  After digging around for a bit while John sleeps just below him, Erik's search is a success.  He immediately hides the immunity idol underneath, and vows never to tell a soul about it.  "I'm gonna use it down the road – maybe around day thirty, thirty-six ‘cause I plan on being here for a while and this is gonna be my ticket," says Erik.

Russell, Dave and Shambo return to camp with the chicken coop, much to the excitement of their tribe.  Shambo pledges to be the caretaker of the chickens due to her prior experience as a country girl.  She then proceeds to talk to and cluck at the chickens in an effort to "gain their trust."  "The Survivor chickens will know Shambo and they will give me eggs in turn because I will be kind to them," says Shambo.


As a storm rolls in, Russell of Foa Foa begins having doubts about having Jaison as his right-hand man, and turns to someone who he can easily manipulate: Natalie.  With Natalie on his side, Russell believes that he can go far in the game since she can easily be controlled.  "She's gonna ride my coattails the whole way.  She's too stupid to do it by herself.  She needs me," says Russell.  Russell immediately approaches Natalie to reaffirms their allegiance to each other.  Natalie agrees to be Russell's "wingman" because she feels that she could beat him in the end.  "I'm just trying to not ruffle feathers, steer clear, and build good relationships, which is what I'm good at," says Natalie.


Back at Galu, Shambo opens the top of the chicken coop and a chicken flies out.  "Escaped chicken!  Escaped chicken!" Shambo screams.  Her tribemates are naturally annoyed by this mishap, as food is scarce.  Erik runs after the chicken, tripping on the clothesline in the process.  When the chicken flies up on a tree branch, Shambo decides that clucking at the chicken will bring it back.  Erik climbs up the tree and attempts to grab it, but the chicken runs away.  "I didn't know they could freakin' fly," says Shambo.  Suddenly all of Galu is up in arms about Shambo losing the chicken.  "This tribe sucks," Erik fumes.


Later in the day, Kelly finds Yasmin annoying when she expects to receive coconut milk after Kelly had been working on opening the tough coconut for quite a while.  "I almost said, look, it's really kind of frustrating when I've been working an hour for this and you just come and sit down and wait for it," complains Kelly to Laura and Monica.  "She's not a team player.  She doesn't help around camp, and say we do lose a challenge, I think Yas would be the first to go," says Kelly.


Galu and Foa Foa arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Both tribes will race across a net run carrying wooden blocks.  When they reach a platform, they must stack the blocks one on top of the other.  Once they've completed the stack, they will make their way across a rope bridge to another platform where they will find more blocks.  This set of blocks will stack even higher.  The first tribe to get both stacks completed wins immunity.  Since Galu has four extra members, Russell chooses to sit out Shambo, Laura, Dave and himself.

Jeff yells, "Go!" and both tribes set off running across the net run.  Both tribes are dead even at the first platform.  Galu and Foa Foa use the same strategy of lifting up Monica and Natalie, respectively, to form a human pyramid in order to stack the blocks high above their heads.  Galu is the first tribe to stack their blocks with Foa Foa right behind.  Galu maintains a significant lead across the rope bridge until Monica blows it for her tribe.  She takes her time across the rope bridge, closing the gap between Galu and Foa Foa, making the tribes even again.  At the second and final platform, both tribes are dead even until the last second.  Kelly drops the final two blocks for Galu while Natalie is able to complete the stack for Foa Foa.  With this, Foa Foa wins their first immunity challenge, sending Galu to their first Tribal Council.


With Tribal Council looming, Galu's leader, Russell, lobbies for the tribe to vote out Monica due to her poor performance in the immunity challenge.  Erik concurs with Russell that the weakest should be the first to go.  Dave, Monica and Laura, however, have their heart set on voting out Yasmin for not contributing anything to the tribe.  Shambo has a chat with Yasmin about voting out Monica.  Yasmin gives Shambo a pep talk about the tribe preying on the fact that Shambo lost the chicken.  Back at the beach, Erik joins Kelly, Dave, John and Brett, and is stunned to find out that they want to oust Yasmin instead of Monica.  Erik sees Yasmin as a better performer in challenges than Monica, and pleads with his tribemates to reconsider.  In the final moments before Tribal Council, Russell becomes agitated when he finds out from Erik that the rest of the tribe wants to vote out Yasmin.  "So these people who are gonna vote for Yas, they basically already have an alliance, basically," Russell concludes.  This sets Russell off, as he sees this as a sign of his tribemates not trusting him.  


At Tribal Council, Brett takes aim at Yasmin for not doing her part around camp.  Yasmin strikes back by stating that she always does what she is told.  The tribe leader, Russell, instills his belief that performance in challenges should be the deciding factor in who to vote out.  Monica defends her poor performance in the immunity challenge, saying that it was a minor obstacle to overcome before she regained her baring.  Laura and Dave attribute their votes to who is helping out the least around camp.  With these diverse opinions, the Galu members cast their votes.  Yasmin is almost unanimously voted out with the exception of Shambo, who voted for Monica.  With eight out of the ten votes cast against her, Yasmin Giles, the 33 year-old hairstylist from Los Angeles, California, became the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.