Season 19: Episode 5 - Walking On Thin Ice
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Galu Tribe returns to camp after their first Tribal Council, where Yasmin was voted out.  Shambo begins to feel like a true outcast after realizing that she was the only member of her tribe who voted for Monica instead of Yasmin.  "I'm absolutely exhausted and hopefully I'll get some good sleep tonight and pick up the pieces tomorrow," says Shambo.  After realizing that Shambo voted for her at Tribal Council, Monica targets Shambo as the next to go.  "Shambo's the only person here who voted against me, so that kind of hangs over my head a little bit, and so I definitely want to continue and take Sham off.  She's my next choice," Monica affirms.


The next morning at Galu, as Erik is washing his face in the oacean, a large wave crashes down on his head.  "I've never seen an object, inanimate or animate, that was angry and fickle as this ocean," Erik vents.

At the Foa Foa beach, the tribe watches in awe as the rough tide rolls in.  "Oh my God, like is there a hurricane out there?" Ashley ponders.  Mick arrives with treemail, which hints that they will be competing in a food-eating challenge.  "We're gonna have to eat like gross stuff from the ocean!" says Liz.  Ashley, however, feels optimistic about the upcoming challenge.  "I'm a pretty experimental eater.  I'll try everything once, so hopefully [this] comes to my advantage and hopefully I'm one of the stronger people [on] my tribe today," she proclaims.  

Liz approaches Russell with the notion that she is worried about how Ashley will perform in the challenge since she is the pickiest eater in the tribe.  Russell feels threatened by Liz's comments, and takes this information to his allies, Jaison and Mick, warning them that Liz is trying to plant seeds in her tribemates' heads.  "As soon as I see somebody playing that mind game on some other people, they're a huge threat because that's what this game is all about is mind games.  And I've got to be the only mind game player here," says Russell.


Foa Foa and Galu arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst, who is standing behind a game wheel, explains the rules of the challenge.  Jeff will spin the roulette-style wheel while one member of each tribe rolls a ball.  The ball will land on different ingredients.  Jeff will then blend those ingredients to make a Samoa Smoothie.  Each time a player gulps the entire drink down, they score one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to accumulate five points wins an assortment of meats, including steaks and sausages.  In addition, the winning tribe will send one of its members over to the losing tribe for a spy expedition.  The person who is sent to the opposing tribe's camp will miss out on the reward.  Since Galu has three extra members, their leader, Russell, chooses Kelly, Laura and John to sit out of the challenge.  

For the first round, Shambo takes on Jaison.  The balls land on "Giant Clams" and "Jeff's Choice," for which Jeff Probst decides to add an octopus tentacle, sea snails, and some noni juice to blend it with.  He garnishes it with fresh seaweed and hands a smoothie to each castaway. Shambo and Jaison both get it down, scoring one point for each tribe.  The next round is a battle of the Russells.  Jeff blends up jellyfish and milk for both Russells, who each score another point for their respective tribes.  It's Brett versus Mick for the third round, and they both manage to get through a smoothie of sea cucumber and giant clams, tying the game three-to-three.  In the fourth round, Monica and Liz down a sea noodle and sea urchin blend, scoring another point for their tribes.  Dave takes on Ashley in the fifth round, and host Jeff Probst states that if each person scores a point for their tribe, the game will go to a tie-breaker.  They each get a glass of sea slug guts lightly blended with water.  Dave taunts Ashley with vomit sounds as he chugs the smoothie, scoring the fifth point for Galu.  With all eyes on Ashley, Foa Foa watches in disgust as she announces that she cannot finish the drink and runs off into a bush to vomit.  With this, Galu wins the barbeque reward, and Russell decides to send Shambo once again to the Foa Foa tribe.  Shambo begs and pleads with Russell, but Russell sticks to his guns.  Shambo receives another clue to the hidden immunity idol, and slumps away with the Foa Foa tribe.  


"Steak sucks anyway," Mick pouts as Foa Foa returns to camp after another reward challenge loss.  The tribe greets Shambo with open arms as they partake in a group hug.  Mick speaks for the rest of his tribe as he displays a sense of bitterness towards Ashley's performance at the challenge.  "It's nothing that's gonna hurt you, it just tastes bad," he says.  Ashley finds a shoulder to cry on when she vents her frustrations with Natalie.  Natalie tries to boost her spirits, reassuring her that anyone could have thrown up during that challenge.  Ashley, feeling defeated, shoulders the blame on herself.  "I'm very disappointed in myself.  I tried, but my body like literally couldn't take it," says Ashley.


Spirits and morale are higher than ever at Galu, as the tribe prepares to enjoy their recently won steaks and sausages.  Before partaking in the feast, Russell gives a speech to explain his reasons for sending Shambo to the Foa Foa tribe for the second time.  "It really sucked when she lost our chicken," Russell justifies.  "Let's eat!" Russell exclaims, but there is only one problem that stands in their way: Russell cannot make fire.  As he struggles with the flint, Dave offers a few suggestions, but Russell takes offense.  "I'm not in the mood for suggestions, I'm in the mood for help," Russell fumes.  After much bickering, Russell finally gives Dave the opportunity to start the fire, and he is successful.  As Galu enjoys their delicious feast, Dave feels a strong sense of security and longevity in the game.  "If I'm the only guy here that can make fire, it makes me pretty valuable," says Dave.  


Back at the Foa Foa camp, Shambo decides to share her new clue to the hidden immunity idol with the entire tribe.  The clue points to a spot inside of a hollow tree, so when Shambo searches the obvious tree without any luck, Shambo concludes that Ben must have found it and took it with him when he was voted out.  Liz, however, does not buy this idea one bit, and is on to Russell's schemes.  She meets up in private with Russell on the beach, and tells him that she suspects that he has already found the immunity idol.  "I'm telling you, you are lying to me," Liz threatens Russell.  Russell immediately defends himself and makes Liz feel that by accusing Russell, she has now placed herself on the chopping block.  "You're walking on thin ice "“ period!" Russell warns.


Torrential downpours engulf the camps late into the night, causing restless sleep and flooded shelters.  "I'm actually regretting the decision to choose blankets instead of the tarp right now," says Kelly in reference to Russell's decision to choose comfort over function at an early reward challenge.  The next morning, Dave carefully maneuvers himself around the flooded treemail area, but nearly trips in the process.  He returns to the shelter and reads it aloud to his unenthusiastic tribemates, who are much more concerned with staying dry.  "I'm hoping people will forget about their discomfort and just hit it hard today," says Brett in the moments before the immunity challenge.  


As the rain unleashes its fury over Samoa, Galu and Foa Foa arrive on their respective colored mats, shivering from the cold.  Shambo returns to Galu without any enthusiasm from her tribe.  Monica reassures her that this is a game and everyone is simply miserable from the weather.  After taking back the tribal immunity idol, host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  One man and one woman from each tribe will both hold on to a rope connected to a net while members of the opposing tribe will attempt to shoot coconuts into that net.  The more coconuts fall into the net, the heavier it will become until the tribe members can no longer hold on.  The tribe that holds on to their net the longest wins immunity.  Since Galu has three extra members, Russell sits out Dave, Shambo and Brett.

Holding the ropes for Foa Foa are Liz and Russell and, for Galu, its Russell and Laura.  The coconut tossing begins, with Galu in the lead.  Foa Foa struggles to make their first shot, while the members of Galu rarely miss the net.  After some time has passed, Foa Foa has made significant progress, but Galu remains in the lead.  Russell is the first member of Foa Foa to drop the net, leaving the fate of the tribe in the hands of Liz.  Russell of Galu struggles to hold on, but is able to outlast long enough for his tribemates to fill up Liz's net.  Liz drops the last net for Foa Foa, giving Galu their fourth immunity challenge win.  


With yet another immunity challenge loss, Foa Foa begins to lose all hope as they sit in the shelter, shivering from the cold rain.  With Tribal Council on the horizon, the tribe is not able to scramble for the first time due to the unrelenting weather.  Instead, they simply huddle together in the shelter and reflect to themselves who should be voted out.  "I'm gonna vote for Liz," says Ashley.  "I just don't trust her," she adds.  Mick is on the fence between Ashley and Natalie, while Jaison has no idea who he will vote for.  Russell ponders voting out Liz due to her recent threats towards him, but also considers Ashley since she is the weakest link.


At Tribal Council, the Foa Foa tribe embraces the fact that they are at Tribal Council simply because they are sheltered from the rain.   The tribe is in agreement that it is rather unorthodox to not have the opportunity to scramble before Tribal due to the bad weather.  Russell decides that trust is the biggest factor in the vote, while Mick and Jaison base their decisions on who performs better at challenges.  With everyone feeling vulnerable, the tribe members cast their votes.  In the end, the tribe was in agreement that Ashley was the weakest member, and she was voted out with five out of the six votes cast against her.  Ashley Trainer, the 22 year-old spa saleswoman from Maple Grove, Minnesota, became the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.