Season 19: Episode 7 - Houdini Magic
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Galu tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council for the first time without their leader, Russell.  The men of the tribe acknowledge the fact that they are even in the male-to-female ratio, and face a potential female dominance if they do not act fast.  Brett and Erik propose bringing Shambo into their male alliance.  "Even though she's a chick, Shambo doesn't fit in with the other girls, so we have to pull Shambo back over to our side and make sure that Shambo is like one of the dudes," Erik suggests.  All of the Galu males concur, and the plan is set in motion.  "When we're down to the final five, we can burn her no problem," says Dave.


In the early hours of Day 16, things are looking up for the Foa Foa tribe.  "We've got a good chance to win today.  No Russell," says Jaison as the tribe members anticipate the upcoming challenge.  Russell contemplates Liz's value to his tribe after her life in the game was spared when the Tribal Council vote was cancelled.  "I'd rather just win three in a row and then get rid of her," Russell decides.  


At the Galu camp, Erik pitches his idea for locking Shambo into their alliance.  "What do you guys think about electing Shambo chief?" he asks his male comrades.  Everyone is on board, and Erik continues with his plan of getting Shambo elected.  "I think we should take, like, an individual vote and it just so happened that the four of us all put down Shambo's name," Erik connives.  Erik approaches Shambo with the idea of bringing her on board as the chief of Galu, and she accepts with the condition that it is put to a tribe vote.  The entire Galu tribe then meets in the shelter to elect their chief, and Erik puts his plan into action.  "We could put our hands behind our back and assign a number to everybody and just put up the number and count the votes," Erik suggests.  The tribe complies, and before the women even know what hit them, Shambo is elected chief.  "I don't know how Shambo got elected leader and we were supposed to be sending Shambo home last night," says Monica.  Shambo immediately takes charge as leader by professing her devotion to her tribemates.  "I will honestly, honestly, honestly do my do diligence to not be bossy, cause you can't really be a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and not have an expectation when you say something things will happen," she explains. 


The Galu and Foa Foa tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Scattered out in the field are thirteen pairs of matching survival items that are covered.  One tribe member at a time will walk out and uncover two items.  If they match, that person scores one point for their tribe.  If at any point along the way the tribe leader decides to keep the items that were just matched, they can do so, but the tribe forfeits the point in the challenge.  To make things more difficult, four of the items are dummy items that do not have a match.  The tribe that has the most points at the end of the challenge wins an afternoon trip on a large ship accompanied by a meal.  In addition, the winning tribe will send one person from their tribe over to the losing tribe until the next immunity challenge.  Since the Galu tribe has three extra members, Shambo chooses to sit out herself, Kelly and Dave.  Shambo chooses Brett to make decisions about keeping items vs. points since she is sitting out.

During the challenge, Laura matches up a fire-starting kit wrapped in a tarp and, as stand-in chief for the challenge, Brett decides to keep the kit instead of the point.  Foa Foa struggles to remember the location of matching items, while Galu continues to rack up points.  In the end, Galu wins with seven points to Foa Foa's four.  Shambo chooses to send Laura over to Foa Foa, claiming that she wants to keep the men strong. After another devastating loss, Mick wonders if his tribe is cursed.  "I'm starting to get superstitious at this point," says Mick.


Laura arrives at the Foa Foa camp where she is greeted with open arms.  At the first chance he gets, Russell takes Laura on a walk away from the camp in the hopes of coaxing her into an alliance.  "I hope its final three, because you know what I hope?  I would hope that it would be you, me and Natalie in the final three," Russell aggressively states to Laura.  He continues to finesse Laura in the hopes of gaining numbers after the merge.  "I can spot a good Christian anytime," he says, taking advantage of Laura's faith.  "I'm gonna start working her, working her, working her, like a fine tool until she's sharpened enough into just where I want her," Russell laughs, revealing his cruel intentions.  As the two make their way back to camp, Russell assures Laura that the hidden immunity idol was discovered by Ben, who took it with him after he was voted out of the game.


The Galu tribe sets sail for an afternoon of adventure and excitement on an old ship in the middle of the ocean.  The crew members allow each of the tribe members to take their hand at the wheel and navigate the ship.  Everyone screams with joy as they relish in their reward.  A hearty beef stew and bread is soon brought out, and Galu chows down on the much-needed feast.  "What a nice change after sixteen days of hell," Shambo cheers.  Monica questions Shambo's decision to send Laura over to the Foa Foa camp, but Shambo defends her decision claiming that it was the best thing for the tribe.


Back at the Foa Foa camp, Liz struggles with tending the fire alone while Natalie and Laura have a non-stop chat behind her.  "I don't really need to hear her and Natalie talking about spiritual book of the months behind my back when I'm trying to get a fire started so that we can eat and drink," Liz fumes.  The longer the girls chat, the more infuriated Liz becomes, and she vents her frustrations to Russell, but Russell sees things a little differently.  "Liz is so stupid.  I don't even see how she can walk without falling down," says Russell.  Russell's plan is to keep Natalie around so that she can do his dirty work by infiltrating the Galu tribe after the merge via Laura.  By chatting it up with Laura, Natalie is fulfilling Russell's plans, unbeknownst to Liz.  "When it comes to this game, you better be street smart, and Liz has a mouth on her.  I don't think she knows when to shut up, so I'm gonna keep my eye on her," Russell proclaims.


The Galu and Foa Foa tribes arrive on their respective colored mats on a beach.  Laura rejoins her tribe, and host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Both tribes will paddle out to retrieve fish-shaped puzzle pieces by using a fishing pole and hook.  Once all six sets of puzzle pieces have been collected, both tribes will then paddle back where three tribe members will use those pieces to solve a puzzle.  The first tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity.  Since Galu has three extra members, Shambo chooses John, Monica and Laura to sit out of the challenge.  Before the challenge begins, Jeff Probst questions Mick about why he is not wearing the leadership necklace.  "We were halfway wondering if maybe it was bad luck," Mick replies.  Since the leadership necklace is merely symbolic, Mick confirms that he still is, in fact, the leader of Foa Foa.

In the beginning of the challenge, Foa Foa takes the lead as they push their boat out to the hooks with the puzzle pieces.  Meanwhile, on the Galu boat, Dave argues with Shambo when she cheers him on as he attempts to retrieve the puzzle pieces.  Liz and Natalie succeed at retrieving all six puzzle pieces for Foa Foa and are off to the finish with Galu lagging behind.  Foa Foa decides to push their boat back to shore, which soon backfires on them when the Shambo instructs the Galu tribe to paddle.  Jaison gives up as Galu passes Foa Foa on the way back to shore.  Jaison, Mick and Liz work on the puzzle for Foa Foa while Dave, Brett and Kelly work on Galu's puzzle.  Liz becomes agitated with Jaison, who has clearly given up on solving the puzzle.  Galu works as a team, and it pays off when they solve the puzzle and win immunity once again.


After another immunity challenge loss, Russell is faced with a catch-22: get rid of Liz as originally planned, or get rid of Jaison, who failed to perform at the immunity challenge.  Jaison acknowledges his poor performance at the challenge, and hopes that he can put the loss behind him.  Liz approaches Russell and the two opt to vote out Jaison.  Liz is elated at Russell's compliance, which takes her name off of the chopping block.  Russell, however, is on the fence about who to vote out.  "It's gonna have to be either Liz or Jaison," says Russell.  "We've gotta find some way to win.  Something has to give," he concludes.


At the start of Tribal Council, the Foa Foa tribe is greeted by Jeff Probst who informs them that they have had one of the worst performances of any tribe in the history of the game.  Russell claims that his only hope is for a merge.  "Them kids over there "“ there's no way in hell that they can outwit me," he says.  Liz and Mick confess that they feel that everyone on their tribe is trustworthy, which makes the vote much more difficult.  Jaison openly admits to failing to perform at the challenge, which gives his tribe an opportunity to justify voting him out.  With this, the remaining five Foa Foa members cast their votes, and with four out of the five votes cast against her, Liz is voted out.  Liz Kim, the 33 year-old attorney from New York, New York, became the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.