Season 19: Episode 9 - Tastes Like Chicken
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Aiga tribe returns to camp in the dead of night after blindsiding Erik, one of the most powerful players in the game.  Russell, fearful of losing the control that he once had, expresses deep regret for playing the immunity idol at Tribal Council when he did not need to.  "I'm really worried "˜cause I'm pretty sure I'm out next, I'm gone.  So I'm hoping for a miracle "˜cause I'm in deep trouble right now," says Russell.  Laura is elated that she was able to kill two birds with one stone.  "Not only did it get rid of Erik, it just flushed out that idol and then exposed who's gonna be coming up next," says Laura.  "Russell is gonna be gone next," she confirms. RAT CATCHER The next morning, Natalie stumbles upon a rat in the jungle and struggles with the task of killing it.  After numerous attempted strikes, Natalie finally does the rodent in and carries it back to camp in a coconut shell.  "It was really hard for me because he was looking at me and he was cute, but I knew how I'm starving.  I've never been this hungry in my entire life.  I feel like I'm just fading away," says Natalie.  Her tribemates marvel at Natalie's prowess and proceed to barbeque and eat the rat.  "Beef jerky," says Russell as he bites into the rodent.  "On so many levels I'm proud of Natalie out here.  You know, from what I knew about her coming in to where she is now, I think she's changed a lot over the last twenty-three days and I'm really happy for her," Jaison gushes. When Mick and Russell trudge off into the jungle to check treemail, Russell investigates the surrounding area.  "What else is in here?" ponders Russell, who is initially looking for the immunity idol.  "If there's another immunity idol that gets put into play, I'm gonna find it because I'm probably gone next time, so I have to believe there's one here," says Russell. REWARD CHALLENGE: COCONUT CODE The Aiga tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  The tribe will be divided into two teams of five.  When Jeff yells, "Go!" two people at a time will race out into a field to collect a series of poles threaded with white and black coconuts.  Once the poles have been retrieved, they must be arranged so that the white coconuts form a four-digit number.  Each team's number is different to prevent cheating.  Once the team has a number, a blindfolded tribe member will use their sense of touch to find the same number on a combination lock.  The first team to solve their combination lock and raise their flag wins a trip to a one-of-a-kind massive rockslide accompanied by a picnic lunch.  There is a random draw for the teams, and since there are eleven tribe members, one person must sit out of the challenge. The yellow team consists of Jaison, Brett, Laura, Mick and Russell.  The purple team consists of Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John and Monica, with Natalie being the person sitting out.  Since she won't be participating, Natalie must choose a team to support.  If the team she chooses ends up winning the challenge, she will join them on the reward.  Natalie chooses to support the yellow team.   The challenge begins with both teams racing out on the course to retrieve the poles.  The yellow team gains a slight advantage when Shambo slows down the purple team.  Shambo continues to drop the ball when the teams attempt to arrange the poles in the correct order.  Dave sees a pattern and figures out the code first for the purple team and tells Monica that the answer is 4673.  Monica races to enter the numbers into the combination lock for the purple team while blindfolded as the yellow team lags behind.  Russell catches on to the pattern for the yellow team and yells out 7346 to Laura, who begins to enter the digits.  Monica makes use of her head start by finishing first, but she is wrong.  She tries a second time and is correct, winning the reward for the purple team. ROCK SLIDE REWARD Dave, John, Kelly, Monica and Shambo scream with excitement as they enjoy an afternoon of fun at a massive rockslide.  "It was so fun just like going down.  It's fresh water and it's clean, it's clear.  It's just been beautiful here," says Kelly.  After taking turns sliding down the waterfall, the team indulges in their picnic lunch of fried chicken, fruit, doughnuts, sandwiches, and chocolate.  Monica finds a note on the table, and reads it aloud.  The note is a clue to a hidden immunity idol at camp, but does not reveal details of where it is located.  "Because there's no members of the old Foa Foa here, we're gonna keep that information strictly Galu right now," John reveals.  Kelly puts Shambo on the spot when she asks her which of the old Foa Foa members she would like to knock off first.  Shambo responds by defending Russell as one of the stronger people in challenges.  Kelly is turned off by her response and sees it as Shambo protecting a secret alliance with Russell.  "Russell's one of the most conniving players I feel like we have going in the game right now.  He needs to go," suggests Kelly.  "Russell didn't even have a clue," says Monica, backing up Kelly's statement.  Kelly becomes wary of the fact that Shambo could possibly flop and align herself with the old Foa Foa tribe.  "Whether Shambo is with us or not, we still have six to five if she goes with them, and we don't really need them," says Kelly. FINDER'S KEEPERS Back at the Aiga camp, Russell sets off on a mission to find the hidden immunity idol without a single clue.  Again.  He scours bushes, tree holes, and the treemail area to no avail.  Suddenly, while searching under the bridge, something catches his eye.  "No way," says Russell.  He reaches underneath the bridge and pulls out the immunity idol.  "That easy," Russell chuckles.  "I'm shaking.  This is crazy.  This might be worth one million dollars," says Russell as he shows off his idol.  "I missed fried chicken and brownies for the second hidden immunity idol.  Sounds like a good exchange to me," he says. THE PERFECT PLAN On the dawn of Day Twenty-Three, Russell pulls Shambo aside to the bridge for some early morning fishing.  "I think I want to share something with you," says Russell.  Russell realizes that, in order to continue to vote off more Galu members, he needs to bring Shambo over to his side.  To Shambo's surprise, Russell reaches into his pocket and pulls out the hidden immunity idol.  Shambo covers her mouth in total shock, and excitedly announces that Laura will be the next to go.  "You know I'm gonna need help to make sure my name is on the chopping block," suggests Russell.  "That plan's already been put into motion," Shambo reveals.  The two share an evil laugh as they prepare to set their plan in motion.  "This is gonna be unbelievable," says Shambo.  The only obstacle that stands in their way is if Laura were to win immunity at the upcoming challenge.  Shambo suggests that, if Laura wins immunity, it would be better to vote out Kelly over Monica.  "Nobody's got anything against Kelly, so Kelly's a bigger threat than Monica," says Shambo. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: SQUARE PEG, ROUND HOLE The Aiga tribe arrives on their mat on a lush tropical beach.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each tribe member will use a grappling hook to retrieve two bags, each containing a puzzle peg.  The first three people to get their bags will move on to the final round, where they must place one of those pegs in its' appropriate spot on the board.  Each time a peg is placed, another one drops down.  The first person to get all of their pegs in the correct spot will win immunity. At the start of the challenge, Mick makes quick progress, and is the first person to retrieve both bags.  Shambo is the second person the collect both bags, leaving one spot open in the final round.  Russell and Laura are neck-and-neck with one bag each.  Russell hooks his second bag, but the hook becomes detached close to the finish line, giving Laura the advantage.  Laura is able to hook and drag in her second bag, giving her the last spot in the final round.  At the start of the final round, Laura struggles while Mick and Shambo race to place their puzzle pieces.  Laura finally gets a rhythm going and eventually surpasses Shambo and Mick, who begin to struggle to fit the pegs in the correct spot on the board.  In the end, Russell and Shambo's worst-case scenario plays out when Laura wins immunity. PLAN B Upon returning to camp, Shambo is disgruntled over another immunity challenge win by Laura.  She then resorts to her back-up plan: vote off Kelly.  "Eliminate somebody that's close to Laura, cause a little dissension amongst the ranks.  That's the plan of attack," Shambo reveals.  Russell carries out this plan by revealing to his Foa Foa alliance that he has the hidden immunity idol and plans to use it to blindside Kelly.  "If Galu gets wind of what's going on, they're gonna change their vote and they're gonna take somebody on Foa Foa out that's not Russell and it's all a waste," Jaison worries.  Meanwhile, the original Galu members conspire in secret to vote out Russell, but question whether he could have found another immunity idol at camp.  As the group discusses the possible pecking order, Natalie's name comes up while Russell is walking past them.  "I think they made their mind up.  I think it might be Natalie," Russell informs Jaison.  With Tribal Council on the horizon, Russell becomes paranoid and questions whether or not he should play the idol.   TRIBAL COUNCIL At Tribal Council, Dave reveals that the former Galu tribe was polluted by Erik's unpredictable behavior, and is now stronger and more unified than ever without him.  Jaison admits that the Foa Foa four don't stand a chance against the tight-knit Galu seven, who, in Shambo's mind, seem pretty confident in their place in the game.  Monica displays a cocky attitude towards how slim Foa Foa's chances are for turning one of her tribe members over.  "I think the Foa Foas see how strong the seven of us are at this point.  If they're giving it a try, I give them respect for doing so, but I don't think its that hard of a try that they're giving," Monica states.  With this, the votes are cast, and just as the Foa Foa four and Shambo planned, Russell plays the hidden immunity idol to the disbelief of the former Galu tribe.  All votes cast for Russell are null and void, and with seven votes cast against him, Russell is safe.  The remaining four votes are cast against Kelly, who was voted out of the game.  Kelly Sharbaugh, the 25 year-old hairstylist from Los Angeles, California, became the eighth person voted out and second member of the jury of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.