Season 19: Episode 10 - The Day of Reckoning
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The remaining members of the former Galu tribe return to camp completely shell-shocked from Kelly's blindside at Tribal Council.  Meanwhile, Russell of the Foa Foa Four relaxes on the hammock, relishing in his recent victory.  "My work is done.  It's like a painting, like a Picasso," says Russell.  "They'll write me a check for a million dollars for this work," Russell chuckles.  While Dave praises Russell for his brilliant move at Tribal Council, the Galu women, led by Laura, are in total shock and disbelief.  "We really should have known better," says Laura.  Shambo praises Russell for angering Laura, and tells him that she overhead Laura saying that Russell had "ruined everything."  "I ruined everything?  What did she think I'm here for?  To bake her cookies and cakes?" Russell laughs.  Shambo then determines her next move: "I gotta find that immunity idol"¦give it to Russ again!" she exclaims.


The next morning, Russell snoops around camp, blindly searching for the hidden immunity idol.  "I will find it.  It'll be the third one.  They're like magnets to me.  I'm just drawn to them," Russell boasts.  Shambo, hungry to take out Laura as soon as possible, seeks out John to persuade him to be the sixth person to vote out Laura at the next Tribal Council.  Shambo insists that, since Laura has won the past two immunity challenges, she must be taken out at the first chance they get.  "I wanna know that if she doesn't win it, will you be the sixth vote to put her out?" Shambo asks John.  "I don't have an answer to that question right now," John replies.  John's plan is to use the knowledge that Shambo has flipped to the Foa Foa side to his advantage when the time is right.  "I gotta do what's right for me," John reveals.


The Aiga tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  The tribe will be divided into two teams of five.  One person from each team will lie face down in a cradle that is suspended in the air.  Attached to that cradle are four ropes.  The other four people will pull on the ropes to maneuver the person in the cradle as they gather fifteen flags, one at a time, in order, and place them in their appropriate numbered spot.  The first team to get all fifteen flags correctly placed wins a plane trip to the island of Savai'i, where they will enjoy a picnic lunch at a beautiful waterfall.  In addition, they will receive the Palm Pre phone by Sprint, which will enable them to take photos of the trip.  

The yellow team consists of Shambo, Jaison, Monica and Mick, with John in the cradle.  The purple team consists of Dave, Brett, Laura and Russell, with Natalie in the cradle.  The purple team takes an early lead, with Natalie nearly hanging out of the cradle in order to quickly retrieve the flags.  John knocks out one of the flags for the yellow team, which puts them behind.  Natalie hangs out of the cradle, using only her legs to keep her from falling out, and continues the purple team's lead.  The purple team of Russell, Brett, Dave, Laura and Natalie are able to maintain their lead and ultimately win the reward.


Russell, Dave, Brett, Laura and Natalie board a small plane and fly to the Samoan island of Savai'i.  Upon their arrival, they are rewarded with a large picnic lunch beneath a beautiful waterfall.  The castaways indulge themselves in the delicious feast consisting of pies, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and breads.  "I needed the food.  I literally was wasting away," says Natalie.


Back at the Aiga camp, Jaison and Mick try to sway Monica to their side by offering her protection in the game.  Jaison admits that one of the original Galu members flopped to their side, which gives them a guaranteed five votes to Galu's five.  To avoid a tie at the next Tribal Council, Jaison suggests that Monica be the sixth vote for Foa Foa.  Monica becomes suspicious that the traitor from her original tribe is Shambo, but declares to Mick and Jaison that she wants to vote out John.  "We can absolutely do that," Mick replies.


Back on Savai'i, Russell notices one of the photos on the Palm Pre phone, which instructs him to check the memo board on the phone for a clue to the hidden immunity idol.  The castaways gather around as Brett reads the clue.  "A rolling stone gathers no moss," Brett reads.  The phone also instructs them to go to the "videos" section to see a visual clue.  Laura goes first as the team members each take turns passing the phone around to look at the clue, which shows a moss-covered rock being removed behind a wall to reveal the hidden immunity idol.


When the challenge winners return to camp from Savai'i, they immediately begin searching for the idol.  Dave suspects that the rock is behind a mossy wall in the jungle but, when he removes a rock with moss, he does not find the idol.  Russell, firmly believing that the idol is behind that same wall, gives Dave a run for his money when he challenges him to a jog in the jungle.  "The party's on," says Russell.  Russell's plan works perfectly when Dave loses him during the run, and Russell doubles back to the wall.  He pulls back the same rock with moss on it, reaches deep into the hole, and discovers the hidden immunity idol.  "It's getting way too easy," boasts Russell.  


The next day, Monica reveals to Laura that Mick and Jaison hinted that a traitor was among them.  Monica suspects that the traitor is Shambo, who has been gunning to vote out Laura for a long time.  Laura sees Shambo's loyalties to the Foa Foa Four as a threat to her future in the game.  "Sham just completely despises me.  I need to be on the top of my game and I have to win this challenge," Laura proclaims.


The Aiga tribe arrives on the mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  For the first part of the challenge, each tribe member will have three tiles of the same color, arranged close together.  Each tribe member must throw one rock in an attempt to break as many of the tiles as possible.  For every tile that a tribe member breaks, they will earn one spear, which they will use in the second part of the challenge.  In the second part of the challenge, the tribe members will shoot their spears at a target.  The person whose spear lands closest to the bulls-eye wins immunity.

Jaison knocks out one tile.  Dave knocks out one of Monica's tiles, giving her one spear.  Mick breaks one tile.  Brett knocks out two tiles with one rock.  To Shambo and Russell's delight, Laura does not break any of her tiles.  In the second part of the challenge, Brett sets the mark to beat.  Jaison and Monica are unable to beat the mark set by Brett, and it all comes down to Mick and Brett.  Mick sets the new mark to beat when his spear lands just inside of Brett's.  Brett launches his final spear, but it hits too low.  With this, Mick wins immunity.


With Tribal Council looming, Russell is elated that Laura did not win immunity and is vulnerable now at Tribal Council.  "It's five to five because Shambo is voting Laura, there's no if, ands and buts about that," says Russell.  Shambo breaks the news to Brett that she is voting for Laura.  "There is no more Galu," she says. Dave and Monica devise a plan to vote out Natalie by tricking the Foa Foa Four to vote for John while Shambo votes for Laura.  With the remaining five Galu members voting for Natalie, Natalie will be voted out.  Monica begins campaigning to vote out John with the former Foa Foa members, but Russell is not buying it and decides to talk to John.  Before he can do this, Brett reveals Monica's plan to John, which does not sit well with him.  "Um, no, doesn't sound like a good plan when you're John," he says.  "I'm not risking my life to save Laura's," John reveals.  Russell then approaches John with the knowledge that he believes Monica is swindling him.  Fearful of a tie, John makes a deal with Russell that if there is a tie, he will change his vote to Laura in exchange for voting out a Foa Foa member at the following Tribal Council.


At Tribal Council, Shambo states that Galu is not a tightly knit tribe, which is challenged by Laura.  Host Jeff Probst brings to Laura's attention that if only one member of the original Galu tribe flipped sides, there could be a tie.  The rules of Survivor state that if there is a tie, there will be a re-vote by everyone except the two people that were voted for.  If there is a second tie, everyone will be forced to draw rocks, in which the person voted out will be left up to chance.  Dave admits that he is willing to risk leaving his fate in the game to chance in order to stay true to his original tribe.  "You've got to be willing to make big moves in this game in order to win.  I'd say there's nothing bigger than lady luck," he states.  With this, the vote ends in a five-five tie, in which Laura and Natalie were voted for.  After the re-vote, John flips to Foa Foa's side, and with five out of the remaining eight votes cast against her, Laura is voted out.  Laura Morett, the 39 year-old office manager from Salem, Oregon, became the ninth person voted out and the third member of the jury of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.