Season 19: Episode 12 - Off With Their Heads!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Aiga tribe returns to camp after Laura was voted out due to John changing his vote after a tie.  "The rules of Survivor state that if there is another tie after a second round of voting, the remaining members would choose rocks.  One of those rocks would be of a different color and that person would go home.  I'm not gonna go home because of ridiculous rocks," John states.  This move ultimately paints a target on John's back by his former tribe members.  "We all want to make it to the end, but at some point you need to show loyalty and integrity and respect for the people that you made promises to," says Monica.  "John has to go home," Monica concludes.


The next morning, Jaison and Russell return from treemail and present their tribemates with envelopes containing money.  After Jaison reads the treemail note, Monica immediately knows what is in store.  "Food Auction!" she exclaims.  The tribe is ecstatic as they anxiously await the opportunity to bid on food items.  "I'm literally starving, so I know definitely I'm eating off my muscle off my body, so today is a really good day," Shambo cheers.


The Aiga Tribe arrives at the challenge and sits on bleachers.  Host Jeff Probst welcomes them to the Survivor Auction as he stands behind a podium, gavel in hand.  Each of the castaways have been given $500.  Bidding will be in increments of $20.  Jeff Probst states that there will be no sharing of money or food.  He reminds the tribe that the Auction will end without warning, so prompt bidding is recommended.

The first item up for bid is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Natalie immediately bids a whopping $200 right off the bat, and wins the sandwich.  "Totally worth the 200," she says, taking a large bite.  The next item remains covered, and Shambo outbids her tribe with $240.  Jeff reveals the item, and to her tribe's disgust, the item is sea noodles with slug guts.  Jeff sprinkles a little bit of parmesan cheese to "bring out the flavor."  "Does it have like nutritional starch value?" Shambo asks.  "Let's just say it does," Probst jokingly replies.  The next item remains covered, and right off the bat, Dave starts the bidding at $300, but is outbid by Monica at $340.  Jeff uncovers the item, which is a whole roasted chicken, cooked to perfection.  The tribe roars with excitement as Monica returns to the bleachers to enjoy her meal.  The next item is revealed to be a significant advantage in the next immunity challenge.  Jaison wins the item after bidding all of his $500, denying him any chance for food.  Mick wins the next item, a large, juicy cheeseburger for $500.  John wins the next item for $200, which is a clue to the hidden immunity idol.  Natalie wins a shower for $120 after outbidding John.  "No one wants to see old John take a bath," John jokes.  John wins a piece of apple pie for $300, but is given a choice by Jeff.  He can keep the piece of pie for himself, or he can forfeit the piece and give his tribemates a whole pie.  "I'll eat the pie.  Everyone's nice and I'm confident that no one is going to vote me off because they didn't get a piece of apple pie," says John to the disapproval of his tribe.  With this, the Survivor Auction is over.


John returns to camp and begins his search for the hidden immunity idol with the clue that he won at the Auction.  The clue directs him to the moss-covered wall at camp where Russell had previously found the idol.  After meticulously searching the entire area, John becomes suspicious that Russell may have already found the hidden immunity idol.

Meanwhile, Shambo prepares for the killing of the chickens.  "The chickens were probably my single source of happiness the last twenty-nine days," says Shambo.  "I think that I brought them as much peace as they brought me and it was a win-win…then…off with their heads," Shambo whimpers.  Russell beheads the chickens as Shambo waits by the beach.  "Tell me when the chickens stop screaming," she yells. 

After the chickens meet their fate, Shambo takes charge of the cooking without keeping any of her tribemates' opinions in mind.  When Jaison asks her if they can rotisserie the chickens over the fire instead of boiling them, Shambo promptly lashes back at him.  "When it comes to cooking it's time to say shut up if you're me," Shambo coldly states.  This creates tension between Shambo and her tribemates, especially when Dave questions her on how the cooking is coming along.  "About another hour and a half," Shambo replies.  "You boil a chicken for two hours, it's gonna be ruined," says Dave.  Shambo snaps back at him by rudely accusing him of not knowing what he is talking about.  The rest of the tribe watches in shock as Dave quietly walks away.  "He has absolutely no idea of who he is picking a fight with today," Shambo fumes.

That night, Shambo has a vision in her sleep that she believes to be God's divine intervention.  "I had a dream last night that we voted Dave off," she says.  The next morning, Shambo shares her dream with Russell.  "I dreamt it, therefore it is.  Dave is the first to go," Shambo snaps.  Russell seizes this opportunity to get rid of another former Galu member and keep his numbers.  "Once Dave's gone, we have the numbers.  I'll run it all the way to the top," says Russell.


The Aiga tribe arrives on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each tribe member will have a rope and a very heavy log.  The object of the challenge is to hold on to that log for as long as they can.  To keep it fair, the logs weight as much as the person holding them.  Every three minutes they will switch hands and move one knot lower on the rope, which will dramatically increase the weight pulling on their arm.  When they can no longer hold onto the rope, the log will drop, and that person is out of the challenge.  The last person standing wins immunity.  At the Auction, Jaison won a significant advantage in the challenge.  Jeff Probst instructs him to open the bottle and read the note.  The note reveals that at any time during the challenge, Jaison can move up two knots on the rope, which will significantly reduce the tension and amount of weight he is holding.

At the start of the challenge, everyone appears to have everything under control.  After three minutes, they move down to the next knot.  "It is a hot day to be sitting out in the sun holding on to a heavy log," says Jeff.  After nine minutes, Jaison chooses to use his advantage and move up two knots on the rope.  This puts Jaison at only the second knot while everyone else is on the fourth knot.  After twenty-one minutes, the log is now extremely heavy.  Shambo is the first person to drop out of the challenge, followed by Russell.  "I got a Charlie Horse in my forearm and that was it," he says.  After twenty-four minutes, the castaways move down to their last position in which they have no knot to hold onto.  Jaison, on the other hand, does have a knot and will never feel all of the weight of the log.  Monica drops her log, immediately followed by John, who gives up.  Brett drops his log, followed by Mick and Natalie.  The final battle is between Dave and Jaison.  Jaison begins to slip, but ultimately beats out Dave, whose rope slips through his hands.  Jaison wins immunity, guaranteeing him a one in eight shot at the million-dollar prize.


With Tribal Council looming, the obvious person to go is Dave, after Shambo made a firm decision to vote him out.  "You don't think she'll flip, do you?" Mick asks Russell.  "I know she ain't flippin'," Russell replies.  John approaches Russell with a suggestion: vote off Mick to fulfill Russell's promise of voting off one of the Foa Foa members next.  John offers Russell protection by keeping an ear out for any possible blindsides.  "If we do find ourselves outgunned, we can see it coming, we can play the idol and then we're done," John suggests.  Russell tries to play off that he does not have the idol, but John is soon able to break him.  "You have it," says John.  Russell finally admits that he does, in fact, have the idol.  "It was my mistake, but sorry John, you gotta go home for it," Russell decides. 

Russell begins gunning to vote out John, starting with Dave.  "Is Monica close to John?  Can you tell her without her going to John and saying anything?" Russell asks.  Dave assures Russell that after John turned on his original tribemates by voting for Laura, it was only a matter of time before he got voted out.  With Dave and Monica on board, Russell brings Mick in the loop.  Jaison, however, feels uncomfortable with turning on Shambo, and suggests sticking with their original plan of voting off Dave.


At Tribal Council, Shambo expresses shock when Russell reveals that his entire day was purely strategic.  Jeff Probst calls her out for being naïve to the fact that people are constantly scrambling to stay in the game.  Shambo expresses the utmost confidence that the person she is voting out will in fact be going home.  Ultimately, Shambo is shocked when everyone but herself voted for John instead.  With seven out of the nine votes cast against him, John Fincher, the 25 year-old rocket scientist from Los Angeles, California, became the tenth person voted out and the fourth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.