Season 19: Episode 15 - This Game Ain't Over
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On the morning of Day 37, Russell calmly informs his sleepy tribemates that treemail has arrived.  As Jaison, Natalie, Brett and Mick lay in the shelter, Russell reads treemail.  "Use balance, speed and patience to fight to the final four," he reads.  Jaison complains of having stomach issues, which agitates Russell.  "We have to get rid of Brett.  It's a shame that I'm set up with these bunch of misfits because I should be here with superstars," says Russell.  Jaison has a chat with Mick by the ocean on the subject of ousting Brett.  "None of us really have a chance as long as Brett's here, so we have to keep going after him," says Jaison.  While Mick and Jaison contemplate voting out Natalie if Brett wins immunity again, Russell warns Natalie about what is happening in order to ensure that she will give it her all at the upcoming challenge.  "Unfortunately, they want to beat Brett so bad at the next immunity challenge that, you know, there's honestly probably no way that I could beat Brett," says Natalie.  As the Foa Foa Four prepare to take on Brett in the upcoming immunity challenge, Russell tells it like it is.  "He's not some superstar to me.  You start thinking that, you start getting weak in the mind thinking you can't beat him "“ like you're stepping in the ring with Mike Tyson.  He's no Mike Tyson.  He's Brett," says Russell.


The final five castaways arrive on their mat.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each tribe member will race across a series of obstacles, grab a bag of puzzle pieces and then race back.  They must then climb a very steep wall to a platform and use those pieces to solve a picture puzzle.  The first person to get it right wins immunity.

Jeff yells, "Go!" and the castaways dart off onto the net run section of the obstacle course.  Jaison and Mick fall off and have to start over while Russell dashes ahead of the rest.  Russell maintains his lead as he races up the steep wall to his puzzle station.  Brett is right behind him, and soon the remaining castaways are at their puzzle stations.  All five tribe members are neck-and-neck as they make quick work of putting their puzzles together.  Jaison lags behind as Russell, Mick and Brett rapidly assemble their puzzle pieces.  In the end, Brett assembles his puzzle first, winning immunity for the third time in a row.


After failing to beat Brett at the immunity challenge, the Foa Foa Four are forced to face the difficult task of ousting one of their own.  Russell reassures Natalie that he will be true to his word and keep her in the game.  "Who better to take to the final two than her?  There's no way she can beat me in votes," Russell reveals.  He enters the shelter where Jaison is resting in the shelter, defeated.  "Jaison checked out of this game a long time ago," says Russell.  The weakest link, according to Russell, is Jaison.  "The bad thing about keeping Jaison is that he can't beat Brett in the challenge," he continues.  Russell concludes that there are both pros and cons to getting rid of either Jaison or Mick, and begins scheming around camp.  He instructs Jaison to vote for Mick, while instructing Mick to vote for Jaison.  "It's up to me and Natalie if Mick goes home or if Jaison goes home.  We're the ones making the decision," says Russell.


At Tribal Council, the Foa Foa Four admit that the number one priority on their agenda is to keep the right people around that can beat Brett at the next immunity challenge.  "My mindset has been Brett in front of the jury equals a million bucks," says Mick.  Jaison has a different approach, stating that having all hands on deck could hinder his chances of winning the game.  Brett reveals that he prefers to play the game with a humble approach in order to win at the next immunity challenge.  Ultimately, Russell kept his word to Natalie and voted out the weakest link of the tribe, Jaison.  With four out of the five votes cast against him, Jaison Robinson, the 28 year-old law student from Chicago, Illinois, became the fourteenth person voted out and the eighth member of the jury of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.


The final four castaways return to camp after Tribal Council, praising themselves for nearly making it to the end.  Brett acknowledges the importance of winning at the next immunity challenge if he is to make it to the finals.  "If I don't win, I'm probably gonna be the next person to go home," says Brett.

The next morning, Russell questions Brett as to whether or not he thinks that he can beat Russell in the top three.  "I think it would be pretty close," Brett humbly replies.  When Brett states that he would rather take the best to the top, Russell persuades Brett to take him to the final three if he wins immunity.  "You gotta have some kind of insurance policy in this game.  If he keeps winning, I gotta save myself," Russell chuckles.  The final four then arrive at treemail, where Brett reads the note: "Follow the map to the cliffs on the coast.  There you will find the torches of your fallen comrades.  At each torch, you will collect a representative mask of those who were voted out before you.  At the end of your journey you will burn them, paying your respects, as they each had a part in getting you to this point.  You will then proceed to your final immunity challenge."

The final four make their way to each of the torches, remembering the castaways that were voted out before them.  At the end of the ceremony, they burn the representative masks in a bonfire on the rocky coast.


The final four arrive on their mat for the last immunity challenge.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Each person will place a wooden statue on the end of a pole.  Every two minutes they will add another section of pole, making it more difficult to keep stable.  When the statue falls off, that person is out of the challenge.  The last person standing wins immunity.

All four castaways keep their balance through several pole extensions.  Mick is the first person to out of the challenge, followed by Natalie.  The ultimate showdown is between Russell and Brett.  The wind begins to pick up affecting both castaways, but they are each able to hold their own.  With seven-foot poles, the challenge is still on.  Russell and Brett continue to carefully add sections of pole.  In the end, Brett drops his statue, leaving Russell as the last person standing.  Russell wins immunity, guaranteeing him a spot at the Final Tribal Council where he will plead his case for one million dollars.


With only one more person left to be voted out, Brett accepts his fate and keeps his head held high as Tribal Council approaches.  "The only thing I have to fall back on is Russell's deal that he made with me that if one of us were to win that he would take me to the finals," says Brett.  Mick, on the other hand, exhibits extreme paranoia, accusing everyone of giving him telling looks that he is going home instead of Brett.  Natalie assures Mick that Brett is going home.  Russell approaches Brett with his only option: if they both vote for Mick it would cause a tie, in which both of them would compete in a fire-making challenge to determine who leaves the game.  "All I can really do right now is hope that he's, you know, a man of his word and will fall back on his action," says Brett.  As the final four grab their torches, Russell contemplates making the difficult decision between Mick and Brett.  "I'm damned if I do, and I'm damned if I don't," he says.  


At Tribal Council, Russell admits that he put more effort into the final immunity challenge than any other in order to guarantee himself a spot in the final three.  Mick's paranoia continues after Russell praises Brett as an outstanding competitor and a fair person to take to the end.  Ultimately, Russell stayed true to his original tribemates, and Brett was voted out with three out of the four votes cast against him.  Brett Clouser, the 23 year-old T-Shirt Designer from Los Angeles, California, became the thirteenth person voted out and ninth and final member of the jury of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.

DAY 39

On the morning of Day 39, the final three castaways immediately check treemail.  To their delight, a basket of food and drink consisting of sausages, onions, orange juice and champagne awaits them.  Russell toasts to the final three: "May the best man win."  Russell's confidence reaches new heights when he proceeds to drill Natalie over her lack of preparation for her opening statement at the final Tribal Council.  "If you want second place, you're gonna have to do better than that," Russell snaps after Natalie claimed that she set up the alliance between herself and Russell.  Russell then goes on a tirade, bashing both Mick and Natalie for their poor performance in the game.  "Don't make me make you look stupid on the jury," Russell lashes out at Natalie.  "I'll put you in the jury," he fumes.  Russell swings in the hammock, doing everything in his power to make Mick and Natalie feel like they don't have a chance at winning.  "I am another millionaire," Russell declares.  At the end of the day, the final three burn their shelter and grab their torches.  "I feel like I'm gonna go into this, make a great speech, and take it," says Russell.


At the start of the Final Tribal Council, the final three castaways give their opening statements to the jury.  Mick makes a point that he played the game initially in a losing tribe, but always maintained his dignity by refusing to use people as pawns.  Natalie states that she overcame tremendous odds based on her physical and emotional ability, and is truly grateful to everyone on the jury for getting her to the finals.  Russell, however, presents an entirely different approach to his opening statement, claiming that he made huge strategic moves from the beginning of the game and had a large hand in voting everyone out.

The members of the jury then take turns questioning the final three castaways in an effort to determine who is the most deserving of the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.  Jaison questions each of the final three about what they truly do for a living in the hopes of exposing that Russell is secretly the owner of a multi-million dollar oil company.  "I'm a business man," Russell vaguely states.  Shambo attacks Mick for playing a "feckless" game, and accuses Natalie of being a coattail rider.  "Natalie, Mick"¦no way on God's green Earth you're getting my vote tonight!" Shambo declares.  Brett stumps Mick with a bizarre request to describe what a "bro date" with him would entail to see how invested he was in Brett as an individual.  Kelly lashes out at Natalie for always calling for help at every turn.  She then drills Russell for being a dishonest person, to which he replies that, in his real life, honor, integrity and loyalty are the most important things to him.  The questions continue as Monica, Dave, Laura and John examine the final castaways.  Erik delivers an emotional speech, tearing into Mick's lack of leadership skills and Russell's unethical game.  He brings Natalie to tears when he praises her ability to make it to the top, naming her the most deserving of his vote.

With this, the nine members of the jury cast their votes, and with 7 out of the nine votes cast in her favor, Natalie White, the 26-year-old pharmaceutical representative from Van Buren, Arkansas wins the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize of SURVIVOR: SAMOA.