Season 20: Episode 1 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Deep in the heart of the South Pacific, twenty former castaways return to compete in the greatest Survivor competition yet.  Ten heroes, known for their strength, integrity, and honor, will face off against ten of the most notorious villains in Survivor history.  Four military helicopters align in perfect formation as they carry these twenty legendary castaways to the island of Samoa.  The Villains Tribe, wearing red buffs, consists of Coach, Courtney, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Randy, Russell, Rob, Sandra and Tyson.  The Heroes Tribe, wearing blue buffs, consists of Amanda, Colby, Cirie, Candice, James, Sugar, J.T., Rupert, Stephenie and Tom.  "In my world I've always tried to show that good will win," says Rupert Boneham, winner of America's Tribal Council.  Russell Hantz, one of the most sinister and conniving villains, assesses the advantages of his tribe.  "I think villains are smarter than heroes because they don't mind stabbing somebody in the back to get where they want to get," says Russell.   "If these people were smart, they'd get rid of me right away.  It's the smartest thing they could do, but they won't.  They never do," says Rob Mariano of the Villains Tribe.

Two choppers carrying the Heroes tribe land on the beach, where host Jeff Probst awaits.  The Heroes arrive on their blue mat as a second set of military helicopters storm the beach.  The Villains exit the chopper and arrive on their red mat.  "You see Boston Rob, and he's already got [the walk] and the swagger and the attitude, and then you see Coach and then Jerri.  I mean they really are villains," says Stephenie LaGrossa.  Probst officially welcomes them to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and informs the castaways that they will be competing in their first challenge.


Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Two members of each tribe will race down the beach to dig up one bag.  Once a player has a bag, they must race back to their tribe's finish mat.  However, all four people will be battling to get to the mat with the one bag that is on their course. To score a point for the tribe, the player must be touching the bag and their finish mat at the same time.  The first tribe to score three points wins fire in the form of flint.

For the first match-up, Stephenie and Cirie take on Parvati and Danielle.  Cirie retrieves the bag and Danielle immediately tackles her, stealing the bag for her tribe.  A battle between the four women ensues as the bag is tossed from person to person.  Parvati gets Stephenie in a hold, which excites Courtney.  "Break her shoulder!" Courtney screams from the sidelines.  Danielle finally re-gains possession of the bag and dashes to the finish, scoring the first point for the villains.  Stephenie moans in pain, complaining of a dislocated shoulder.  A medic from the Survivor Medical Team is called in to examine the extent of her injury, and is fortunately able to pop her shoulder back into place.  "The Villains are brutal.  They've dislocated my shoulder the first challenge.  I mean really?  Like, you're already on the Villain tribe.  Do you have to act like a total, like, jerk?" Stephenie complains.

For the next round, Amanda and J.T. face off against Randy and Jerri.  Jerri finds the bag but, before she can finish pulling it out of the sand, she is attacked by Amanda and J.T.  After another brutal round, J.T. is able to elude the Villains and score the first point for the Heroes.  Colby and Tom face off against Coach and Russell in the next round.  Russell finds the bag, which sets off the other three castaways, who pile on top of each other.  Russell loses the bag, which is soon retrieved by Colby.  Coach grabs Colby by the waist and drags him to the Villains' mat, scoring another point for his tribe.  In the next match-up, Sugar and Candice battle against Sandra and Courtney.  The moment Courtney retrieves the bag, Candice attacks her.  Candice tosses the bag to Sugar, who is tackled by Sandra.  Sandra takes things a step further by undoing Sugar's bra.  This tactic does not phase Sugar and she wiggles her way free, grabs the bag, and runs topless to the Heroes' mat, scoring a point for her tribe.  For the final round, James and Rupert take on Tyson and Boston Rob.  Before Tyson can pull up the bag, James and Rupert pulverize him.  Boston Rob attacks Rupert, while James breaks free of Tyson.  He races back to the finish mat with bag in hand, winning the challenge for the Heroes.  Rupert, unfortunately, does not come out unscathed.  "My toe, instead of going straight up and down went like a ‘J,'" says Rupert.  He is visited by a Survivor medic, who determines that Rupert's toe is broken and tapes it up.  "I'm not getting put out of this game over a damn toe," says Rupert.


The Villains arrive at their camp to discover a basket full of supplies, including fins and a spear for fishing.  The tribe then sets off on their first task at hand: erecting a shelter.  As they begin collecting materials, Russell gets down to business, and tries to take control of the game. He starts with Danielle by using the same tactics as he did in his own season, promising to take her to the final two.  "You have to trust me, no matter what," Russell declares to Danielle.  "We're gonna be better of a pair than you can possibly imagine," he says.  Russell's next stop is with Parvati, one of the most manipulative and deceptive femme fatales in the history of the game.  Although he assures the same level of trust with her as he did with Danielle, Parvati clearly is not buying it.  "I clearly know that Russell is running around talking to everyone and telling everyone the same thing," she says.  "With Russell, I definitely feel like I am making a deal with the Devil, but I want the Devil on my side," Parvati concludes.  


Upon their arrival at camp, the Heroes are elated to discover that they, too, have the same basket full of supplies as the Villains.  A light rain storm rolls in, and the tribe ventures off to take a dip in the ocean.  "You just don't remember what it feels like to be stranded and know that you're just at the tip, you're just at the beginning of a long journey if you're lucky," says Colby.  J.T. reminisces over the tribe's first challenge victory, laughing at winning despite their various injuries.  They return to the beach and begin working as a tribe to build a shelter.  Tom spots a rooster and three hens off in the distance and alerts his tribemates.  They devise a plan to use their fishing net to capture the hens, and it works – the Heroes now have a valuable food source.  "Watching these guys working together, I'm ecstatic coming back into Survivor," says Rupert.  "It's good to be a hero."


On the first night at the Villains camp, Coach develops a fondness for Jerri when the two lovebirds nest next to each other under the stars.  "One thing that appeals to me about Jerri is that she's a different kind of girl, and that interests me because I'm a different kind of guy," says Coach.

The next morning, as the Villains continue to work on their shelter, Russell heckles Coach about his recent love interest.  "You don't step away from love.  If it's hitting you in the face, you go for it," laughs Russell.  Coach appears to be flattered that others have taken notice to this, and is smitten.  Jerri gets heckled by Courtney, who pokes fun at her flirtatious demeanor towards Coach.  "[Jerri] is, I think in spite of herself, a little bit in love with the Dragon Slayer," Courtney snickers.  Jerri then brings to Coach's attention the fact that the others have drawn conclusions that they are romantically involved after witnessing them cuddling the previous night.  The two ultimately decide to align with each other because, according to Jerri, being alone in the game is the worst feeling in the world.  "You're with the Dragon Slayer," says Coach.  


Back at the Heroes camp, J.T. takes a move straight out of Russell's playbook when he forms alliances with anyone he can.  In separate agreements, he allies with James and Tom, telling them both that he's on their side no matter what.  Colby and Candice begin to feel on the outs when they draw their own conclusions that people who've previously played the game together are already aligned with each other.  "I don't really have anyone that I have a solid history with going into the game," worries Candice.  Meanwhile, Amanda and Cirie are feeling the same sort of paranoia when they suspect that being too "chummy" will put targets on their backs.  Tom and Stephenie reconnect, and become instant allies, but Tom has secret plans of taking a former winner with him to the end: J.T.  "You have to be willing to sacrifice some of your integrity to make it far in this game," J.T. reveals.  


At the Villains camp, Boston Rob becomes agitated over his tribe's lack of progress.  "They don't want to build a shelter.  They don't want to try to get a fire going," Rob complains.  "It's like ripping at my every fiber," he fumes.  Rob takes it upon himself to make a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together over a piece of coconut husk, much to the discouragement of his tribe.  Rob presses on regardless, and to his tribe's disbelief, he is successful in making fire.  "Amazing!" shouts Parvati.  Coach is infatuated with Rob after his miraculous success at fire making, and expresses his gratitude.  "I'm romancing on my idol, what can I say?" Coach praises Rob.  Russell watches in disgust as Coach puts Boston Rob up on a pedestal.  "Rob, he thinks he's the boss of the camp.  He thinks he's in control," says Russell.  "This is my mountain, and I'm still the king of the hill," Russell declares.


Rupert tries to overcome his broken toe by venturing off into the ocean in an attempt to catch fish.  After emerging unsuccessful, he decides to help out his tribe by making a fire using the flint that was won at the reward challenge.  The Heroes watch as Rupert repeatedly tries to make fire with no luck.  J.T. steps in and is immediately successful.  "The only thing that I'm worried about is my darn broken toe," says Rupert.  "If it starts coming up more and more about how much pain I'm really in and what I really can bring to this tribe – because I haven't really done a whole lot yet.  That really worries me," says Rupert.  


At the Villains camp, Boston Rob discovers coconuts atop a high tree that leans over the ocean, but opts out of the dangerous mission and gives it to someone with something to prove: Coach.  Coach accepts the dangerous task and proceeds to climb the tree.  "I think I need somebody that's able to sharpen me as iron sharpens iron," says Coach.  "At least he'll land in the water," laughs Sandra.  Rob bets Sandra one dollar that Coach will make it to the top, while Sandra bets the opposite.  "Sometimes you gotta go retrieve dragon eggs in the tree," Russell snickers.  Coach slowly climbs up the coconut tree, but chickens out when he makes it halfway up.  "I bowed out, swallowed my pride, tucked my tail and went back down," says Coach.  "Could I make it up there?  Yes.  But if I fall off, I mean why risk that?" Coach explains.


On night two at the Heroes camp, Sugar is unable to sleep and seeks out a "protector" to make her feel comfortable while she rests.  Although everyone in her tribe is asleep, Sugar decides to wake up Colby and flirt with him, despite his obvious rejections.  "I couldn't even roll over without her rolling over and putting her arms on me, or then when I would just lay there still, like I was in a coffin, she'd grab my hands and put them on her," Colby fumes.  "She's becoming a bit annoying," he vents.


With an immunity challenge on the horizon, the Heroes decide to sacrifice their rooster to fill up on protein.  J.T. volunteers to do the honors, and to his tribemates' horror, he swings the rooster around by the neck to do it in.  The Heroes cook and eat the poor fowl, excited to have an advantage over the Villains.  "Without fire, without the small victories, it's only a matter of time before that tribe self-destructs," says Colby.

Meanwhile, the Villains sit around the fire while Danielle reads treemail.  As the Villains high-five each other, Coach feels optimistic.  "Hopefully we will not only defeat them, but we will beat them as well mentally and turn things around for the better," Coach proclaims as his tribemates head into their first immunity challenge.


The Heroes and Villains arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Six tribe members will race to assemble a boat.  They must then use seven planks to keep the boat together.  They will paddle out, grab a torch, paddle back where they will remove the seven planks and bring them back to the start.  The four remaining tribe members must then solve a puzzle.  Once the puzzle is completed, they will use those planks to build a ladder to allow them to place the puzzle in its appropriate spot.  The first tribe to get all of their tribe members to the top and light their fire barrel wins immunity.

Both tribes race out into the water with their boat pieces and proceed to put them together.  The Heroes establish a lead over the Villains by paddling out and retrieving their torch before the Villains can finish assembling their boat.  The Heroes return to the beach with their planks while the Villains lag behind paddling back to shore.  Sugar and Amanda struggle to assemble the Heroes' puzzle, allowing the Villains to make up some time.  Sugar and Amanda opt to start their puzzle over from the beginning as the Villains quickly assemble