Season 20: Episode 2 - It's Getting the Best of Me
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


On night three, the Villains are confronted by a torrential downpour.  The rain seeps through the roof of their shelter, which prevents the tribe from getting some much-needed sleep.  "The luckiest person in Survivor 20 got voted out," Randy quips.  As the tribe continues to whine about their current situation, Boston Rob loses his patience.  "Nobody wants to step up and they want to sit in the rain night after night, and it's making me physically sick," says Rob.  The tribe's lack of motivation to improve the shelter continues to eat at Rob, who becomes fed up with everyone.  "Again, I'm on the buffoon tribe," Rob vents.


On the dawn of day four, Coach and Jerri comment on the significant amount of complaining that plagued their tribe last night.  "It's gonna get worse," says Coach.  The Villains then proceed to tear down their shelter in preparation of a new construction.  "Each subsequent shelter gets worse and worse and worse and now we're doing it again," says Randy.  Boston Rob takes the helm at constructing the new shelter, but Parvati instantly questions his judgment.  Russell advises Parvati not to complain, but it is already too late.  Boston Rob is infuriated, and storms off to work on his own.  Courtney, on the other hand, clearly acknowledges Rob's value to his tribe.  "I hope he doesn't drop dead in the next few days because we'll all die," she says.  As the tribe struggles to find a clear direction in building a solid shelter, Sandra makes a good point.  "I feel like instead of taking two steps forward, we keep taking four steps backwards," she says.

Back at the Heroes' camp, it's a whole different story.  The tribe works cohesively to improve their shelter as they gather materials from around camp.  "We're with some of the best Survivors ever.  The greatest," says James.  Just as things seem to be working smoothly for the Heroes, Rupert begins picking on Stephenie, criticizing her method of cooking coconut "popcorn."  "For my game, it is a very good idea for me to get rid of Steph," says Rupert.  "In the game, I think Stephenie would side with anyone that got her one day further," he continues.  As the coconut becomes black around the edges, Rupert grunts in disapproval..  "Rupert is starting to get a little bit annoying," says Stephenie.  "Every time I turn around he's got an opinion about everything," she complains.


At the Villains' camp, Boston Rob's patience is pushed to the limit when his tribe's lack of motivation forces him to quit building the shelter on his own.  "It's over.  It's done," says Rob.  Rob admits to feeling ill, and takes a stroll into the woods.  Rob treks through the jungle and suddenly collapses to the ground.  Jerri witnesses the fall and approaches Rob, who is semi-conscious on the ground.  She pleads with him to say something, and after numerous attempts, she goes to get help.  Jeff Probst and the Survivor Medical Team arrive on the scene and asses Rob.  When a medic gives Rob drinking water, he nearly spills it on himself.  Rob finally comes to, and is visibly shaken up from the incident.  He breaks down into tears, telling Probst, "I feel like it's getting the best of me."  The medical team's official assessment is that Rob looks worse than he is, and simply came down with a case of the flu, accompanied by dehydration.  They release him back into the game with a renewed outlook.  "Because I'm trying to be so good I physically made myself sick.  Just do what everyone wants you to do and be the villain," Rob tells himself.  "What are you gonna do?  It's not easy.  It's been six years," he continues.  Rob returns to camp, and is welcomed back by his tribemates.  Sinister as they may seem, the Villains still have a heart and care for the well being of their fellow competitor, as Russell points out.  "Even though I'm the villain, I still worry about stuff like that.  Besides, he's strong.  It gives us a better shot to win the challenge," says Russell.


The next day, the Heroes and Villains arrive on their respective mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Two members of each tribe will race to roll a large, tribe-colored crate back to their platform.  Teams of two will continue fetching the large crates until all six crates have been collected for their tribe.  The crates must then be stacked to build a staircase that will spell their tribe name on both sides.  The first tribe to stack their crates correctly and get all of its members to the top of the platform wins immunity.  In addition, the winning tribe will also receive tarp, rope and nails.  Because the challenge runs in pairs, the Villains choose to sit out Randy and Courtney.  The Heroes sit out Rupert, who is feared that his broken toe might hinder his performance.  The tribes strategize before the start of the challenge, and Amanda and Stephenie both announce that since J.T. has experience doing the challenge from his previous season, he should be the one to delegate how to build the staircase.  "One voice," says Tom.

At the start of the challenge, the Heroes make amazing progress as they roll the heavy crates back to their mat, ahead of the Villains by one crate.  The Heroes finish first while maintaining their one crate lead, and begin working on building their staircase.  By the time the Villains collect all of their crates, the Heroes have made little progress.  Boston Rob hollers instructions at his tribe as they begin to assemble the staircase puzzle, while J.T. delegates with his tribe.  Stephenie steps in with commentary, which annoys James.  As the Villains come closer to victory, Stephenie continues to talk over J.T., which causes confusion amongst the Heroes.  "Shut up!" James yells at Stephenie.  The overlapping dialogue causes the Heroes to move a crate that they had correctly placed originally, simply because Stephenie thought it was in the wrong spot.  This lack of tribe cohesion seals their fate, and the Villains emerge victorious when they complete their staircase and gather all of their members to the top of the platform.  The Villains win their second immunity challenge in a row, sending the Heroes back to Tribal Council once again.


The Heroes return to camp, agitated more than ever over their recent immunity challenge loss.  "It would have been a lot easier had people just been listening instead of telling me what to do," says J.T.  Despite his true feelings, J.T. humbly accepts responsibility for the loss in front of his tribe.  James quickly steps in and verbally tears his tribemates apart, screaming and cursing for jumping in and talking while J.T. was trying to lead his tribe during the puzzle.  "One voice next time, ya'll.  That's the only way to get to the top!" he yells.  After James storms off, he leaves a bad vibe with Tom.  "I'd love to tell him what a winner is and what a loser is, and where he fits into that equation," says Tom.  "That I've gotta hold my tongue and not respond to that "“ that kills me out here," he fumes.


The Villains rejoice as they celebrate their victory over the Heroes.  Boston Rob shows off a giant clam that he caught to Jerri and the others, which catches Russell's eye.  "Boston Rob thinks that he's in charge.  I'm starting to think this just ain't working out," says Russell.  "I am King Russell from Samoa," he boasts.  To one-up Boston Rob, Russell chases after and successfully catches a chicken, garnering the attention of his tribemates.  "They trying to catch fish.  You've gotta catch real food," says Russell as he holds up his prized chicken.


Back at the Heroes camp, James parades around camp, campaigning to get Stephenie voted out next.  "Think about it.  She's made it to the end by herself.  She was the only person left on her entire tribe.  You mean to tell me that's good luck?  Obviously not!" James points out to Candice.  Tom observes what is unfolding, and warns his closest ally, Stephenie.  "You're in a bad spot, my friend," he says.  James continues to gather as many people against Stephenie as possible, making things difficult for J.T.  "After tonight, I'm in one alliance in this game," says J.T., referring to his conflicting alliances with both James and Tom.  While J.T. strategizes with Rupert, Tom, Colby and Stephenie listen back in the shelter.  "We're the three on the outs," says Tom.  Tom turns to his only option left to keep his alliance intact.  "If I can get Cirie and Candice to switch over with our threesome to send Amanda home, then we're controlling this game," he reveals.


Stephenie sets Tom's plan in motion by trying to convince Cirie to join her alliance and vote Amanda off.  "It's gonna be you or Candice next.  I can promise you that," Stephenie warns Cirie.  Meanwhile, Tom works at Candice, telling her that she is next after Stephenie and Cirie are voted out.  "I feel like I'm on the bottom of either alliance.  So I'm like, which way do I go?  Which way is it worse?  I don't know," Candice ponders.  Candice and Cirie finally contemplate how they should play their cards, noting the pros and cons of going with either alliance.  "So who goes first?" asks Candice.  "Honestly, as long as it's not us, it don't much matter to me," Cirie replies.


At Tribal Council, James argues with Stephenie for telling people what to do during the challenge when J.T. was the only person who should have been giving orders.  The argument heats up when Stephenie takes offense to James's abrasiveness towards her, and her allies, Colby and Tom, each take a stab at James.  "Just let it be, bro," says Colby.  Colby is shocked to see that his tribe has shifted from a cohesive team to a tribe of individuals so early in the game.  When Jeff questions the tribe about their concerns regarding alliances from previous seasons, Cirie claims that she does not have an alliance with Amanda due to her past experience with her during Survivor: Micronesia, because Amanda betrayed Cirie in the end.  Ultimately, Candice and Cirie stuck with J.T.'s alliance, and with six out of the nine votes cast against her, Stephenie was voted out.  Stephenie LaGrossa, the 29 year-old from Survivor: Palau, became the second person voted off of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.