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Season 20: Episode 3 - That Girl is Like a Virus
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


The Heroes return from Tribal Council, where Tom and Colby's ally, Stephenie, was voted out.  Despite James's brutish bullying towards Stephenie, Tom makes amends with James while giving him some advice.  "You could've been gentler, that's all," says Tom.  J.T. apologizes to Tom for going against his alliance, which put Tom on the outs.  While Tom verbally assures J.T. that he understands his position, he clearly feels differently.  "I feel betrayed by J.T., but if he really does feel bad about it, he might be the guy to keep me alive a little longer and buy me some extra time if I need it," says Tom.  While the rest of the tribe sleeps, Tom and Colby have a chat by the fire, weary of what their next move should be.  "It's hard to play nice after a scene like that, but that's exactly what we need to do," says Tom.


In the late hours of the night, Russell and Parvati's constant giggling keeps the Villains awake.  "Whoever's sleeping next to who, and I'm even guilty of it, will tell you who's aligned with who," reveals Boston Rob.  As Russell and Parvati's loud, flirtatious laughter continues, Coach gently strokes Jerri's hair.  Rob observes this familiar behavior as a major threat.  "I don't trust Russell's ass at all," he says.  "Coach and Jerri are trying to do the same thing.  That can be dangerous," Rob states.


The next morning, Rupert worries that his tribe's lack of cohesion will hinder their chances of winning challenges.  When James and J.T. tend to the chicken coop, two of the hens escape.  Rupert tackles and captures one of them with his bare hands, while the other remains on the loose.  James, Colby and Rupert surround the hen, which runs past them and hides in the shelter.  "Surround the shelter and let's do the same thing," Rupert directs his tribe.  The hen makes a run for it, but Tom grabs it before it can escape again.  The Heroes cheer, exchanging high-fives amongst each other.  "It was a neat experience wrangling the chickens as a tribe," Rupert reflects.  "It was supposed to happen to help us bond," says Rupert.


Back at the Villains camp, Coach warns Russell that his nightly flirting with Parvati is putting a target on his back.  "Parvati, in my opinion, is the most dangerous player on our tribe," says Coach.  Russell defends his actions by stating that Parvati is a great asset to their tribe.  Coach does not buy this, and observes that his entire tribe easily succumbs to Parvati's charm.  "It's not that people don't see it, it's just that they are allured by her charm, and they're taken by it.  They're smitten by it.  It's unbelievable," says Coach.  Boston Rob joins in and gives Russell the benefit on the doubt.  "We see you marching around with her, so you have to understand our concern," warns Rob.  After the three part ways, Russell comes to the conclusion that Boston Rob does not know who he is messing with.  "The thing with Rob is he thinks he's the boss of the camp, like that's my daddy.  Well I'm the daddy around here," says Russell.  "He don't know who he's messing with.  Nobody knows who they're messing with around here.  It's Russell Hantz!  Give me a break!" Russell chuckles.

Russell ventures down to the beach and warns Parvati of what went down with Coach and Rob.  "Why do they always want to vote me out?  I don't know.  I'm just a sweet, innocent little girl," Parvati laughs.  "Who else am I gonna be with right now besides Russell?  I don't trust anyone," says Parvati.


On night seven, Russell sneaks away from camp while Coach tells one of his adventure stories to the rest of the Villains tribe.  "Rob thinks he's running the show and Coach thinks he's running the show, but I'm gonna take control of that," Russell states.  Russell then proceeds to dig a hole and bury the machete.  "Getting rid of the machete will cause conflict in this camp.  Rob's gonna go crazy," says Russell.  

The next morning, Randy makes an attempt to bond with his tribe by offering to share a giant clam that he caught.  While Tyson flat out refuses to eat the clam, Courtney doesn't even acknowledge Randy's presence.  On the beach, Randy shares his catch with Sandra and Parvati.  "Survivor, in so many ways, is like the real world.  You don't get ahead by being smart, clever, hard working.  You get ahead, unfortunately, with a pretty smile and being able to schmooze people and Parvati is the queen," says Randy.  While collecting firewood in the jungle, Randy complains to Coach about Parvati's inability to do things for herself.  Coach agrees with Randy.  "I personally can't stand it when I see people that are loafers, and people that are weak.  It's not fair," says Coach.


At the Heroes camp, J.T. becomes worried when Candice begins to heavily strategize with him.  "If somebody is not talking to me strategy, they're talking to somebody else, and when you come talking to somebody on the day we're going to Tribal Council, that doesn't count," Candice warns J.T.  J.T., feeling threatened by Candice, lies to Cirie, telling her that Candice does not trust her.  "I can tell a story when I need to," says J.T.  This sets off Cirie who, in turn, tells Candice that she heard that she does not trust her.  Candice is perplexed by this, and attempts to find out who lied to Cirie.  She asks Tom, Amanda and James, who are all stumped.  "It's pointless to even worry about all that.  I just want to get to challenges and win," says James.


The Heroes and Villains tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  The tribes will square off one-on-one sumo-style.  Using a large, heavy bag, each person will attempt to knock their opponent off of the platform and into a pit of mud.  Each person must keep their hands on the bag at all times and cannot use their legs as a weapon.  The first tribe to score eight points will win immunity and luxury items that each of the castaways brought from home to remind them of the love they left behind.  In addition, the winning tribe will receive coffee, sugar, and one week's supply of rice.  To even up the tribes, the Villains sit out Courtney and Sandra.

In the first round, Tom annihilates Russell right off the bat.  In the next round, Candice pushes Parvati into the mud.  Coach knocks Rupert into the mud, but Probst cries fowl when Coach used his arm instead of the bag.  In the rematch, Rupert is victorious, knocking Coach into the mud.  The Villains continue to get destroyed as Cirie defeats Jerri, J.T. beats Tyson, and Amanda tosses Danielle into the mud.  In a long, drawn-out battle, Colby emerges the winner when he splashes Boston Rob into the mud.  In an awkward match-up between Randy and James, James effortlessly throws Randy into the mud, followed by his heavy bag, which hits Randy in the head.  "Real classy," says Randy, who gets a mouthful of cursing in return from James.  "I told you you're on the wrong team, James," shouts Courtney.  With an astonishing eight to zero score, the Heroes win their first immunity challenge, sending the Villains to their first Tribal Council.


The Villains return to camp after a humiliating loss against the Heroes.  "Yeah, those Heroes were waiting to wallop on us a bit.  I guess they must have all eaten steroid sandwiches right before the uh, the challenge," says Tyson.  As the Villains wash off the mud in the ocean, Randy senses that he is on the chopping block.  "I'm the oldest guy on this tribe, and Russell and Boston Rob and probably Tyson are falling for the oldest trick in the book since cave man days that these girls can get what they want if they bat their eyes and flirt," says Randy.  With Tribal Council on the horizon, Randy sees this as more of an opportunity to eliminate one of the greatest threats in the game: Parvati.  "If we overlook her because she's got a pretty smile and a nice wiggle, she's gonna be trouble when she meets up with her old friends James, Cirie and Amanda, and we could all pay dearly," he concludes.

Parvati aggressively questions Coach as to who he is gunning to vote out.  She uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants, but Coach claims to be immune to Parvati's charm.  "That stuff doesn't work on me.  I've been coaching college soccer for women for thirteen years and I've never had one of those girls bat their eyes at me and have it make a difference in their playing time," says Coach.  Meanwhile, Tyson tries to convince Boston Rob and Sandra to vote out Parvati instead of Randy.  Rob and Sandra state that they would rather get rid of the weakest link over a looming threat.  When Jerri pleads with Danielle to have Parvati voted out, Parvati shows up and puts Jerri on the spot by demanding that she admit who she is gunning for.  "I know she's running around behind my back talking about me.  She's just like a bitter old cougar and I think her days are numbered too," says Parvati.  Randy scrambles with Coach to try and convince him that Parvati poses a large threat, especially after the merge when she can join up with her former allies from Survivor: Micronesia.   "The last thing we have in life or in this game is hope that the impossible happens, that we dare to dream that Randy is gonna wake up in this camp tomorrow," says Coach.  "I will fight for him," he pledges.


At Tribal Council, Sandra brings up the fact that Parvati is more prone to flipping alliances after a merge due to her alliance in her previous season.  Sandra insults Coach when she accuses him of not being around camp when he is needed.  Coach takes great offense to this, and proclaims that he is the one who is always out collecting firewood for hours.  "You made it sound like I'm an ass that sits there that wants to be a leader and then doesn't do any work," Coach fumes.  Sandra vents that the tribe has been without a machete all day.  "It grew legs and walked off," says Sandra.  The tribe's dysfunction becomes more and more apparent as each member reveals that a weak shelter and lack of cohesion amongst the members have plagued them since day one.  The Villains cast their votes, and with nine out of the ten votes cast against him, Randy was voted out.  Randy Bailey, the 50 year-old from Survivor: Gabon became the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.