Season 20: Episode 4 - Tonight, We Make Our Move
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

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In the aftermath of the Villains' first Tribal Council, Coach takes a comment directed towards him very personally.  "Sandra tried to call me out at Tribal tonight, and it was just very disheartening," says Coach.  Coach vents to Tyson over the comment.  "I did noble things out here and I look ignoble," Coach fumes.  Coach becomes choked up, eventually weeping over Sandra's comments.  Tyson tries to console him, but Coach appears to be ready to quit the game.  "Why doesn't anybody ever say anything good about me?  Am I that bad of a person, man?" cries Coach.  Tyson offers to coach Coach through his difficulties, which prompts Coach to question what he means.  "Don't wear feathers in your hair at Tribal.  Don't tell your stories.  People don't believe your stories.  They mock you.  There's no reason to tell them.  Do your Tai Chi in private where nobody can see you," Tyson advises.  "I can't do it man.  My heart's not in it.  I might just leave tonight," says Coach.  Tyson is stunned at Coach's reaction.  "The Villains do need Coach in the game.  I mean he's much much stronger than the last time he played, physically, and that's what we need right now," says Tyson.  


The next morning, a somber Coach stumbles out of the shelter and excuses himself from camp.  When his concerned tribemates question Coach's mood, Tyson replies, "He talked to me last night and said he was really thinking about just going home.  He cried.  He was like sobbing."  "I can't believe he would quit," says Boston Rob.  Rob ventures out into the jungle, where Coach is sulking.  Rob advises Coach to pick his head up and trust him.  "You're not on the outs," says Rob.  Coach takes the pep talk from his idol, Rob, extremely well.  "I'm different than most people.  One of a kind.  Last of the Mohicans.  King Arthur.  Legend.  Nobody out here has got what I have," boasts Coach.  "You've got to be weak to be strong, and there's power in weakness.  Today's challenge, you'll see an even fiercer warrior from me," Coach pledges.


At the Heroes camp, Amanda reads treemail, which is accompanied by a Sears catalog.  The castaways must choose two sets of items from the catalog, which they will receive if their tribe wins the upcoming reward challenge.  The Heroes check off the Cooking Set and Fishing Kit, and leave camp for the challenge.  "If the Villains walk away with the Sears stuff, I am going to be mad because I don't want to lose momentum," says Amanda.


The Heroes and Villains arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  One member of each tribe will race head-to-head, sliding down a slippery course to retrieve a numbered ball that Jeff will randomly assign each round.  Once a player has their ball, they must toss it in their basket.  The first person to get their ball in their basket scores one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score four points wins the reward that they previously chose from the Sears catalog.  The Heroes chose a well-equipped tackle box and fishing pole and the cooking set.  The Villains chose a tool kit along with tarp, twine and a multi-function tool.  To even up the tribes, the Villains sit out Parvati.

In the first round, Coach takes on Tom, and scores for the Villains.  Russell scores another point for the Villains when he is up against Cirie.  Candice scores the first point for the Heroes, defeating Courtney.  In the next round, Jerri versus Amanda, Jerri scores another point for the Villains.  James makes a comeback for the Heroes when he surpasses Sandra on the slippery course and instantly scores.  Rupert ties the game when he defeats Danielle of the Villains.  In the final round, Tyson versus Colby, the Villains are once again victorious when Tyson scores the fourth and final point.


The Villains return to camp with their Sears reward, and open the toolkit.  Coach expresses a renewed spirit after the recent win.  "Will I change? No. Will I be the Dragon Slayer and slay everybody? Yes. Will I wear my heart on my sleeve everyday?  Absolutely, unequivocally, yes," says Coach.  As Russell unpacks the tool kit and pulls a serrated blade out of its sleeve, a rolled-up note falls out and hits the ground, getting the attention of Boston Rob.  "I thought that it was something that holds the blade in place.  I wasn't thinking, and I'm like, ‘Man, I just blew it,'" says Russell.  Boston Rob reads the note, which is a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol.  The clue hints that the idol is hidden somewhere at camp near a "double tree."  Sandra and Rob decide that whoever looks for or finds the hidden immunity idol will be voted out.  "Alright, let's go build a shelter, Coach," says Rob.  Russell, however, does not give up easily.  "Man, if I could find that hidden immunity idol, I will become powerful in this game," says Russell.  As the rest of the tribe builds the new tent-like shelter, Russell tells Rob that he is going for a walk.  Rob becomes suspicious, thinking that Russell may be in search of the hidden immunity idol.  "Sandra.  Go find out what Russell's doing," instructs Rob.  Sandra treks down to the beach, where Russell is digging for the idol.  "He just sealed his own fate," says Sandra.  She returns to camp with the news, and Rob vows to get rid of Russell next.  "Russell's a bonehead.  He's like The Hobbit on crack, and you know what?  I don't trust Russell's ass at all, and safest thing to do with someone like that is to just get rid of them right away" says Rob.

Meanwhile, at the Heroes camp, Tom spots a similar note hidden inside their jar of coffee.  J.T. reads the note in front of the entire tribe, which is indeed a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol at their camp.  Tom immediately sees this as a great opportunity to keep both he and Colby in the game, and the search is on.  Soon the entire tribe is spread out searching for the idol.  Tom spots a tree that fits the description in the clue and, while he proceeds to dig at its base, Amanda and James join him.  Tom spots a loose area of dirt, digs and finds the idol.  He carefully hides the idol in his sock, but it is too late – Amanda has already spotted him.  "He was acting a little funny, and when I came up on him, I saw him put something into his sock and then he went behind a tree, so I knew he had it," says Amanda.  While Amanda spreads the word around camp that Tom has the idol, Tom approaches Colby with the good news.  "The hidden immunity idol changed the whole playing field, and that's all we needed.  We needed an opening," says Colby.


The Heroes and Villains arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  One person will be strapped inside of a giant ball.  That person must then guide two other blindfolded tribe members as they push the ball down a long, winding course to a table maze.  The person inside the ball must then guide four other tribe members, who are also blindfolded, as they maneuver a small ball through the table maze to the finish hole.  The first tribe to finish wins immunity.  To even up the tribes, Courtney and Sandra sit out for the Villains, while Cirie sits out for the Heroes.

In the ball for the Villains is Rob, with Tom for the Heroes.  The Villains take the lead, and are the first to make it to their table maze.  The Heroes soon follow, and all ears are on Tom and Rob.  Both castaways successfully direct their tribemates through the table maze, but Villains emerge victorious yet again.  The Villains win immunity for the third time, sending the Heroes back to Tribal Council once again.


The Heroes return to camp with morale even lower after a third immunity challenge loss.  Tom, feeling on the outs and a target for being in possession of the hidden immunity idol, ponders his next move.  "My game right now is biding my time and looking for the cracks in their alliance that [Colby and I] can use to save our necks," says Tom.  Candice proposes to Cirie that everyone minus Tom and Colby should split the votes three-three between Tom and Colby.  If Tom plays the idol, Colby goes home.  If Tom gives the idol to Colby, Tom goes home.  When Amanda approaches J.T. to feel him out on the vote, J.T. pitches an entirely different scenario: vote out Candice.  "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her," says J.T.   Tom approaches Amanda and J.T. with the assurance that he will give them the idol or use it to their advantage whenever they need him.  "He was ready to give us the idol, and there's a part of him that I think is honest," Amanda reveals.  Amanda, J.T. and Tom bring James in the loop, lobbying to vote out Candice.  All seems well until Amanda brings this information to Cirie as J.T. lurks unseen, listening in on their exchange.  "Amanda, these are the same people that wanted you gone desperately.  Desperately!  And now you're gonna save them?" says Cirie.  Cirie makes a big fuss over the situation, which prompts J.T. to warn Tom.  Tom toys with the idea of blindsiding Cirie by having J.T. switch his vote.  With Tribal Council drawing nearer, J.T. finds himself at odds with whom to vote for.  "I know where everybody over here is voting…except me," he says.


At Tribal Council, Tom and Colby reveal that members of their tribe are being voted out solely because they are on the wrong side of the numbers and not due to their ability to win challenges.  Rupert stumps Jeff Probst when he admits that he would rather keep his word rather than vote for the person he thinks deserves to go.  After the vote, Tom plays the hidden immunity idol, and J.T. kept his word with Tom and voted for Cirie.  With the three votes cast against Tom being null and void, Cirie is voted out with three out of the remaining five votes cast against her.  Cirie Fields, the 39 year-old from Survivor: Exile Island became the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.