Season 20: Episode 5 - Knights of the Round Table
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Heroes return to camp after a surprising Tribal Council, where Cirie was blindsided due to J.T. flipping his vote.  J.T. apologizes to his tribemates for his devious move.  "Cirie's game's always been she stays loyal until things get rough after the merge, and the way things are going it's gonna get rough for us and I hope everybody realizes I did it for the team and not for me," says J.T.  The tribe, however, is leery of J.T.'s loyalty.  "Don't know about J.T. as much as I did a few hours ago," says Rupert.

The next morning, J.T. has a chat with Amanda in which he reassures her of his trustworthiness.  Amanda's concern is that by J.T.'s vote for Cirie indicates that he has solidified an alliance with Tom and Colby.  Despite numerous pleas to trust him, Amanda's trust in J.T. has faded.  "If he wants to play this game, game on.  Bring it on," says Amanda.


In the early hours of day twelve, Coach leads his tribe through a rendition of tai chi, which he deems, "Dragon Slayer Chi."  "It just basically tells your mind and your body to get on the same page," Coach explains.  Despite Coach's total devotion and commitment to his art, the rest of the tribe mocks his actions.  While the rest of the tribe is preoccupied with Coach, Russell makes a run to find the hidden immunity idol on the beach.  Russell scours the beach until coming upon a familiar spot where he finally digs up the hidden immunity idol.  "Now here it goes again," says Russell.


Both tribes arrive on their respective colored mats in front of a giant netted course.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Three members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls in the pit.  They will toss these balls to tribemates who are up on a platform who will attempt to shoot these balls into a basket.  Each time a player gets a ball into a basket, they score one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score two points wins a trip to a beautiful watering hole, where they will feast on various kinds of chocolate.  Jeff Probst then passes around a tray of chocolate samples to each tribe, but the Heroes sternly refuse.  "Don't need it.  Let's go," says Colby.  "We'll go when I'm ready," says Probst.  Rupert explains that his tribemates only care about winning the challenge.  To even up the tribes the Villains sit out Sandra, Courtney and Parvati.  The Heroes sit out Colby.

Danielle, Tyson and Russell are in the pit for the Villains, with Candice, James and Tom for the Heroes.  On the platform are Jerri, Coach and Rob for the Villains, with J.T., Amanda, and Rupert for the Heroes.  At the start of the battle, James injures his knee after trying to catch a ball.  Jeff Probst calls in the medics after James fails to stand up on his own.  The medics determine that James needs to sit out of the challenge.  After restarting the challenge, Amanda scores a point for the Heroes.  Tyson scores a point for the Heroes after a massive back-and-forth battle between the two tribes.  Rupert accidentally slams Jerri into a fence post, and Jeff has to stop the challenge once again.  Jerri angrily claims that she is fine, and the challenge is back on.  For the game point, there is a big scramble for the balls but, ultimately, Jerri scores, winning the reward for the Villains.  Jeff Probst asks James to stick around to have medical look at his knee.  The medic wraps James' knee and determines that if James cannot walk after this, he should be pulled out of the game.


The Villains lounge underneath a grass canopy as they congratulate each other and clink glasses filled with chocolate milk.  On the table is an abundant spread of various chocolates.  "I'm like in a mix of chocolate euphoria and sickness," says Jerri.  The Villains soon move to the watering hole, where they soak in the day and discuss what to do with Russell, who is back in the canopy with Parvati.  "When I played Survivor, there were no hidden immunity idols, so this is all new to me.  I'm just trying to adjust as I go along, but at the end of the day, we have to flush it out, and the only way to do that is to vote for him," says Boston Rob.  At the same time, Russell tells Parvati that the two of them are safe because Russell is in possession of the hidden immunity idol.  "He's a great ally for me," Parvati says of Russell.  Russell's next step is to bring Coach in to his alliance, since both Russell and Parvati believe that he can be easily manipulated.  Russell reveals to Coach that he has the hidden immunity idol, which will enable them to blindside whomever they wish.  Coach is mesmerized at the news, and vows to be loyal to Russell.  "I'm the kind of person that if you give me your loyalty, it's almost impossible for me to betray that trust," says Coach.  Feeling that this is a monumental event, Coach bows down to and has Russell "knight" him.  Little does Coach know, Russell is secretly laughing at him.  "As the king that I am, I knight the Dragon Slayer to be part of my kingdom," laughs Russell.  Russell then vows to get rid of his arch nemesis, Boston Rob.  "He thinks he's tough? Alright. May the best man win," says Russell.


A feeling of sadness lingers at the Heroes camp as the tribe awaits the news of James's fate.  Amanda hopes that her friend and ally is okay, and will be able to return to the game, which brings her to tears.  "I just hope that tonight I see him walk down the beach.  I really do," Amanda cries.  After much time has passed, the tribe begins to lose hope.  "I don't think James is coming back," says J.T.  Just when all hope seems to have been lost, Tom spots James walking back to camp.  "Oh my God!" Amanda screams.  She embraces her friend, and is again brought to tears.  "James is back!  I'm so happy!" Amanda cheers.  James rests up in the shelter and assures his tribemates that, despite all appearances, he is fine.  Candice, however, is not buying it.  "You can't lug around dead weight, and James is a lot of dead weight," says Candice.


The Heroes and Villains arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  One person will be the caller for the tribe.  The other tribe members will be blindfolded and paired up.  Using only verbal command, the caller must direct their other tribe members to collect ten large puzzle pieces scattered on the field.  Once all pieces have been collected, the tribe can take off their blindfolds and must solve the puzzle.  The first tribe to get it right wins immunity.  To even up the tribes, the Villains choose to sit out Tyson and Danielle.

The caller for the Villains is Jerri, with James for the Heroes, due to his limited mobility.  James and Jerri both scream at the top of their lungs, directing their tribemates to their puzzle pieces.  Many players collide with barrels that are staggered around the field, but ultimately the Heroes make it back with all ten puzzle pieces first.  The Villains soon follow, and both tribes race to complete their puzzle.  Despite their late start, the Villains prevail, solving their puzzle first and winning immunity.


With Tribal Council looming, the Heroes are faced with a difficult decision: Get rid of their friend and ally, James, who is injured, or get rid of Tom, who is on the outside of the majority.  Rupert lobbies to get rid of Tom, and J.T. agrees.  Candice is at odds with the decision, feeling that James should go due to his injury.  J.T. tells Candice, Colby and Tom that he will vote out James, while assuring Amanda, James and Rupert that he will vote out Tom.  After his actions in the previous Tribal Council, J.T. has become a wildcard.  "I don't know what he's telling everybody else, but if he's making deals with everyone in this posse, I can guarantee that will come back to bite him," says Colby.


At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst points out the obvious fact that James presents a huge liability to his tribe due to his injury.  His tribemates stand up for James with the exception of Tom, Colby and Candice, who contend that he is only being kept for a loyal vote for his allies.  James accuses Tom of being the sole reason why their tribe continues to lose challenges, and proclaims that he is much stronger with a bum knee than Tom is without any ailments.  With this, the Heroes cast their votes, and with five out of the seven votes cast against him, Tom was voted out.  Tom Westman, the 45 year-old from Survivor: Palau became the fifth person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.