Season 20: Episode 6 - Banana Etiquette
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Heroes return to camp after a surprising Tribal Council, where Tom was voted out instead of an injured James.  Candice slumps her head over the loss of one of her greatest allies in the game.  "Tom went home and I voted for him because there was no reason to throw a vote away and make the people who are gonna be coming home tonight mad at me," says Candice.  In light of Candice's attempts to sway everyone to vote James out before Tribal Council, Amanda becomes annoyed with her and opts to vote Candice out next.  "Candice has to go," says Amanda.

At the Villains camp, Russell meets up with Boston Rob in the dead of night and attempts to earn his trust and make amends.  "A lot of people are mad though that you went looking for that idol," Rob explains.  Rob continues to stir up paranoia within Russell in an attempt to bring him down.  "Watch your back, man," threatens Rob.  "Well same thing for you, man.  Watch your back," says Russell.


The next morning, the Heroes awaken to find treemail.  "When things look desperate, never lose hope.  Never throw in the towel, you just have to cope.  And never, ever give up, even when you're at the end of your rope," J.T. reads.  Colby finds it difficult to interpret the cryptic treemail, and ponders what the upcoming challenge, whether it is for reward or immunity, means for James.  "I would put a whole lot of money on the fact that there will be challenges in our future that James simply will not be able to do," says Colby.


The two tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  In a surprising twist, host Jeff Probst reveals that everyone will be competing as individuals against members of their own tribe for individual immunity.  Both tribes will be going to Tribal Council, and the winner from each tribe will be safe from the vote.  Probst then explains the rules of the challenge.  Each person will be attached to a long rope that is threaded through a series of obstacles.  Players will climb over, crawl under and maneuver around these obstacles as they make their way to the finish.  The first person to the finish wins individual immunity.  After both tribes have run the challenge, the two winners, one from each tribe, will square off in showdown, where the winner of that challenge wins for their tribe hot dogs, condiments, and soft drinks which they will enjoy as they sit in on the opposing tribe's Tribal Council.

After a rock, paper, scissors, the Villains win and decide to let the Heroes compete first.  James takes the lead right off the bat, despite his injury.  Amanda, J.T. and Candice race through the first section at amazing speed, and are neck-and-neck through the second set of obstacles.  They flip, crawl under, and twist through the course.  With breakneck speed, Candice emerges as the winner for the Heroes and is granted individual immunity.

Next up are the Villains, who gained an advantage by watching the Heroes navigate through the challenge first, make mixed progress.  While Tyson, Rob, Russell and Parvati seem to have no trouble, the others have great difficulty navigating through the obstacles.  Rob takes the lead through the second part of the course, with Tyson and Russell only steps behind.  Boston Rob wins immunity for the Villains.

In the final showdown, Boston Rob and Candice navigate through a three-story version of the same challenge.  Both castaways hold their own through the challenge, but in the end, Boston Rob becomes the victor.  With this, Boston Rob wins immunity and his tribe of Villains win the hot dog reward.


The Villains return to camp and cheer on Rob for his victory at the challenge.  With Tribal Council on the way, Rob constructs a foolproof plan to vote out either Russell or Parvati by flushing out the hidden immunity idol.  He sets his plan in motion by scaring Russell into thinking that the tribe is dead-set on voting him out, so if he is in possession of the hidden immunity idol, he should play it.  "So you're telling me that if I don't find the idol, they'll vote for me tonight?" asks Russell.  "You're either with me or against me," says Rob.  This abrasive comment sets Russell off.  "I believe I'm gonna get him to eat them words," says Russell.  Russell prepares to launch a counterattack against Rob by having Tyson change his vote from Russell to Parvati.  Russell tells Parvati that with more votes cast towards her than himself, he will then give her the idol and himself, Parvati and Danielle will vote for Tyson.


At the Heroes camp, Colby admits defeat after a poor performance in the challenge, where James clearly outperformed him.  He pleads with his tribe to not scramble and strategize to vote him off behind his back because he already accepts the fact that he is the next to go.  Colby has a conversation in the shelter with James, where James openly admits that "The Great Colby" has not been performing up to par in challenges.  "It's like my Superman sucks," says James.

J.T., Amanda, Rupert and Candice weigh the pros and cons of keeping James over Colby and vice versa.  Amanda decides that James is going to have to prove to his tribemates that he can run, and even goes as far as to teach him "banana etiquette."  "When you get a banana you like get one for everyone else.  It's like an etiquette," says Amanda.  James's worth is put to the test when he is pitted against J.T. in a sprinting match.  Although he is ultimately defeated, it is not by much, and the tribe is still at odds over who to vote out.  "James is a one hundred percent ally on my side.  Colby is not," says Rupert.


In the moments before Tribal Council, Boston Rob makes absolutely certain that everyone in his tribe understands his plan for the vote.  "Three of us vote for Parvati, three of us vote for Russell.  The three of them are gonna put somebody up," says Rob.  "I'm telling you, if we vote three and three and there's a tie, then there's a re-vote.  That means either one of those two are going home.  If he plays the idol, then she's going home.  If he gives her the idol, he's going home," Rob explains.  Russell takes an opportunity to pull Tyson aside and persuades him to flop his vote from Russell to Parvati.  Russell assures Tyson that he has come to terms with voting out Parvati, and suggests that Tyson does the same in order to prevent a tie.  Tyson buys it, and Russell's next big decision is whether or not he should give his idol to Parvati.


At the Villains' Tribal Council, Sandra spills the beans that Russell has the hidden immunity idol, which he denies.  "If you ain't got it, you can't play it," says Russell.  Parvati calls out Tyson for being a huge threat since he has strong ties with Rob, while Courtney claims that, with Rob, either you love him or hate him.  With this, the Villains cast their votes, and Russell gives his hidden immunity idol to Parvati, making her immune from any votes cast against her.  In the end, Russell's plan worked, as Tyson changed his vote from Russell to Parvati.  With three out of the remaining five votes cast against him, Tyson was voted out.  Tyson Apostol, the 30 year-old from Survivor: Tocantins became the sixth person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.


At the Heroes' Tribal Council, the debate is on as to whether Colby or James is the better tribemate to keep in the game.  While the Villains chow down on hot dogs "with all the fixins," as host Jeff Probst says, they observe the dynamics of the Heroes tribe.  Colby describes being called "Superman wearing a fat suit" by James as deserving.  "Up to this point, I have not performed as well as I would have hoped to," says Colby.  With this, the Villains are sent back to camp, and the Heroes cast their votes.  With five out of the six votes cast against him, James is voted out.  James Clement, the 32 year-old from Survivor: China became the seventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.