Season 20: Episode 7 - I'm Not A Good Villain
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As the sun peers over the horizon on the dawn of Day 16, Boston Rob sits at camp, dumbfounded from the events that transpired at Tribal Council.  "I've played Survivor three times now, and for the first time in all of those times, I was shocked last night.  I completely didn't know what happened.  The more and more I think about it, something doesn't feel right," says Rob.  Rob interrogates his allies as to why Tyson switched his vote to Parvati instead of Russell, which ultimately lead to his demise when Russell gave Parvati the hidden immunity idol.  Sandra claims that Tyson did not want a tie, so he thought that he could secure Parvati's fate by voting for her.  As Russell, Parvati and Danielle boast over their brilliant move, Rob ponders why an alliance of three would be so proud when they're still up against his alliance of five.  "I don't know if they were just excited because they pulled over a big, stupid move, or if they think that they have numbers on the other side and the merge is coming soon, or possibly if two of those people that are sitting with me in the tent, pretending to be mad at the other three, are actually with them and the joke's on me," says Rob.


Later that morning, Jerri joins Russell, Parvati and Danielle on the beach, where they attempt to persuade her to join their alliance.  "If you have a tight alliance with four people, five people, you can get all the way down to the end," says Danielle.  As Jerri contemplates committing to their threesome alliance, Russell boasts about his ability to bring enemies together.  "Jerri hated Parvati.  I brought them together, but I'm that good where I can bring people together in this game for my good," says Russell.  As Jerri struggles with committing to their alliance, Parvati feels confident that she will eventually come around.  "I think Jerri is leaning more towards coming with us because she saw what Russell did for me and I think, I think Jerri's a little bit jealous that a man hasn't done that for her so I think she wants to take a chance with Russell.  Maybe he'll save her life and she can have a hero," says Parvati.


At the Heroes camp, the remaining five members struggle to come to terms with the loss of their strongest member, James, who was voted out after an injury to his knee proved to be too great of a liability.  "I don't know exactly if that was the right decision or not, but we've got to keep strong.  We cannot let the villains keep winning," says Rupert.  Meanwhile, Colby, who admits to being on borrowed time, knows that this is the time to redeem himself by stepping up his performance in the upcoming challenge.  "It's put up or shut up time for Colby," says Colby.


Both tribes arrive on their respective colored mats on the shoreline.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Three members of each tribe will race through the water to get a ball.  They must then work together until someone can shoot their ball in their tribe's basket while members of the other tribe attempt to stop them any way they can.  Each time a ball enters the basket, the shooter scores one point for their tribe.  The first tribe to score three points wins a trip to an outdoor waterfall where they will feast on beef, chicken, tuna and fruit.  To even up the tribes, the Villains choose to sit out Courtney, Sandra and Parvati.

In the first round, J.T., Colby and Rupert take on Russell, Rob and Coach.  Colby attempts two shots at the basket, and ends up being just short.  Coach attempts two shots, but misses by a lot.  Colby scores for the Heroes on his third throw at the basket.  In the next round, Amanda, Candice and Colby take on Coach, Danielle and Jerri.  Candice eludes her opponents and scores the second point for the Heroes.  In the next round, Rupert, J.T. and Colby take on Rob, Coach and Russell.  Russell takes down Rupert and Colby becomes the hero of the day when he shoots and scores the winning point for his tribe.  With this, the Heroes win the reward, leaving the Villains empty-handed.


The Heroes relish in victory as they enjoy their feast in front of a beautiful waterfall.  "It just proves that we are a family.  We're together.  We're a much stronger team than they are right now," says J.T.  As the tribe devours the food, Candice discovers a rolled-up note, which is revealed to be a clue to a hidden immunity idol.  "We had such a good time, such a good thing going for a few minutes, and the game still creeps back in," says Rupert.  Amanda becomes impatient and decides to read the clue in front of the entire tribe.  "Another immunity idol is hidden at your camp.  Stroll down your beach to the river's bed atop the second bridge you'll see a tree rooted where two currents meet.  Behind it in a shallow grave it shall be," Amanda reads.  J.T. decides that the immunity idol should be found and kept as a tribe, only to be used as a weapon against the Villains after the merge.  "The most positive thing to come from today was realizing that we are now a tribe of five that is very ready to take on the Villains," says Colby.


Back at the Villains camp, Russell and Jerri attempt to lure Coach into their alliance, with much difficulty.  "Russell is empowered by this game because with all the gullible people out here, he thinks he can out-talk anybody," says Coach.  "Russell is just spinning a pure line of gold and Jerri is just hook, line and sinker," he continues.  Jerri opens up to Coach, pleading for him to join her alliance with Russell.  "If it's just Russell and not you, then I'm not gonna feel comfortable because I've been with you since day one," says Jerri.  After Russell leaves, Coach tells Jerri that he is very disappointed in her for taking Russell's side and throwing Boston Rob under the bus.  Coach believes that Boston Rob is playing an honorable game, where as Russell is not, therefore Coach decides to remain loyal to Boston Rob over Russell.  "He's almost dead-set against manipulating anybody.  He wants to be the good guy to everyone, and you can't.  You can't be the good guy to everyone and win this game," says Jerri.


The Heroes and Villains tribes arrive on their respective colored mats.  Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge.  Three members of each tribe will race relay-style up a platform and across a net.  They will then climb up a large roped web to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces.  Once all six bags have been collected, the two remaining tribe members must use those pieces to solve a puzzle.  The first tribe to get it right wins immunity.  To even up the tribes, the Villains choose to sit out Jerri, Danielle and Russell.

Running the course for the Heroes are Rupert, Colby and Candice, with J.T. and Amanda on the puzzle.   Running the course for the Villains are Parvati, Courtney and Coach, with Boston Rob and Sandra on the puzzle.  Both tribes are dead even throughout the obstacle course until Courtney slows things down for the Villains in her second time up.  She jumps off the rope web and lands on her feet instead of her back, costing a lot of time for the Villains.  The Heroes maintain their lead throughout the solving of the puzzle, while Rob and Sandra of the Villains continue to fall behind.  After a long losing streak, the Heroes finally win immunity, sending the Villains to Tribal Council.  


Facing Tribal Council, the Villains, split into two alliances, must now decide who should be the next to go.  With Boston Rob's alliance of Courtney and Sandra and Russell's alliance of Parvati and Danielle, all eyes are on Coach and Jerri.  When Rob asks Russell who should be voted out, Russell points to Sandra and Courtney and replies, "One of these two," with Sandra and Courtney sitting right in front of him.  Boston Rob is stunned that Russell would say such a thing in front of Sandra and Courtney, and decides that Russell is not too smart.  Russell, on the other hand, smells fear.  "He knows once Courtney leaves, he's at my mercy," says Russell.

Coach presses Rob to vote off Courtney instead of Russell due to her poor performance in challenges, but Rob is dead-set against it.  Rob drills Coach hard until he finally agrees to vote off Russell, and the two shake hands on it.  "You're saying you're giving your word and that you're the most loyal.  You better do what you say you do, or it'll be known you're a liar," Rob says of Coach's promise.  Meanwhile, Coach makes another promise to Russell and his allies that he will vote for Boston Rob, after strongly disagreeing with them at first.  "I don't want Boston Rob to go home," says Coach.  "I can't go back on my word, I mean I just gave those guys my word because Russell crammed it down our throat's and Jerri's for being gullible and just saying, "Okay, whatever," and then I'm sitting there like a fish out of water.  What am I gonna do?  So now if I go against him, then, you know, I broke my word," say Coach.


At Tribal Council, Coach reveals that he believes with Tyson gone, there is now a divide in his tribe.  Russell, Danielle and Parvati disagree, and state that with Tyson gone, they have a stronger tribe.  Russell's feud with Rob comes to a head when Russell threatens him.  "If you're gunning for me, you're not gonna get what you want.  Not with me.  You're gonna have to go," says Russell.  Coach begs Russell's alliance to make the right decision and not vote out Rob to keep the tribe strong.  In the end, Russell was able to convince Jerri to join his side, and Boston Rob was voted out with four out of the eight votes cast against him, with the remaining votes cast for Russell and one for Courtney.  Rob Mariano, the 33 year-old from Survivor: Marquesas became the eighth person voted out of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.